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In recent years, fashion and shoe swap parties have become quite popular in some circles. Swapping old, hardly worn footwear for that of someone else means that you get to save money on a pair of shoes that you really want. However, there are many other benefits to making use of shoe swap sites. Let's look at some of the more traditional ways of getting rid of older and unworn shoes: 1. Giving shoes to charity is a great idea. When a school or organization collects for ashoe drive, it's always good to donate unworn shoes you may have. However, packing up your shoes and paying the fees to ship them off to donate can get expensive. 2. You could take the shoes to a consignment store. Unfortunately, not all consignment stores have a market for your more expensive Christian Louboutins because they only sell to the local area. 3. You could have a yard sale. While this is a quick way to get rid of unwanted items, you don't really want strangers clawing at your precious Stella McCartneys and haggling over the price of your Givenchys. 4. Of course you could give it to your sister or your best friend, but she may not wear your size or have your style and will therefore not appreciate it. It will simply move from the back of your closet to the back of hers. All options considered, making use of a shoe swap site is best In this way you get to exchange your hardly used pair of Anna Suis for an amazing pair of Barbara Bui heels. If you can't find an equally amazing pair to swap, you can always sell it and buy a pair that you really want with the profits. Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green Quilted ,Women Nike Free Run 3 Black Silver White Men Nike Free Run 4.0 Dark Grey Reflect Silver Total Orange Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Purple Quilted Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Gym Red Reflective Silver Pro Platinum Women Nike Free Run 3 Grainte Fireberry Sail Frbrry Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Grey Gym Red Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Gym Red Reflective Silver Pro Platinum Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women Black Pink Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Light Charcoal Silver Chrome Yellow Looking to stretch your visual merchandising budget by buying a used mannequin? Or trying to find mannequin parts on Ebay to attach to your mannequin that is missing an arm or a hand? . The price you can pay for a used mannequin can vary widely depending upon who you purchase the mannequin from. People who sell used mannequins range from mannequin liquidators, boutique owners who are closing their doors and selling their store fixtures, thrift stores and people holding a garage sale to unload stuff from their grandma's attic. 1) Virtually New a mannequin that is technically not brand new, but its condition is so flawless it might as well be new. This type of mannequin was perhaps seldom used or in some cases never taken out the box because the retailer went out of business or changed their merchandising strategy soon after the mannequin arrived in the store. Or it may be a mannequin that was used only for photo shoots. 2) Gently Used a mannequin with some dirt, slight discoloration or minor scratching. A gently used mannequin may have previously been in the store window of a high end retailer and was well maintained and handled with care. 3) Used a mannequin with signs of normal wear and tear such as scuff marks and paint chips and cracks. There might also be some minor structural damage, say a broken or missing finger or crack on the arm. This mannequin might be the type that was displayed on the sales floor of a retailer and the continued handling of the mannequin caused it to show signs of "age." This mannequin might also have hair, make up or a body style that is not contemporary looking because it was manufactured in the 1970's a golden era for mannequins. 4) Distressed a mannequin with one or more missing limbs and/or with structural damage on its body which can occur when a mannequin falls or is dropped on a hard surface. Some distressed mannequins can be repaired and restored to almost new condition by a skilled mannequin refurburbisher and other distressed mannequins are useful for their parts such as for an art project or Halloween display. In general, the better the condition the mannequin is in, the higher the price you will pay for it. Vintage mannequins, the ones with heads made from carved wood, molded papier mch or wax and heads with glass eyes are in a category all by themselves. They are considered collector's pieces and typically their fragility makes them impractical for online sellers. Why do some used mannequins cost so much? Just because a mannequin is used, does not always mean that it will be cheap regardless of where you purchase it from. Similar to buying automobiles, some mannequin brands hold their value because of their superior craftsmanship, unique design and established brand name. Just as a used Rolls Royce or Mercedes will cost more than a brand new Toyota, there are some brands of mannequins that are expensive even though they are used. A brand name mannequin with realistic features can cost between $750 $1300 new. If a used one is 50% off, it will still cost more than some of the new no name mannequins imported from Asia which retail between $250 $400. Brand name mannequins cost more because they are actually fiberglass sculptures of real life humans and many of the steps involved in creating them are done by hand. Sculptors usually begin with a metal skeleton, bend it into a pose and build it up with clay. The clay figure is then cast as a mold to hundreds of identical fiberglass mannequins. The mannequin is passed through the hands of at least a dozen artisans, from sculptors to sanders to painters and this level of detail is why high end mannequins look so lifelike and their solid construction makes them more durable. Less expensive knock offs, made in Taiwan, China, Korea and Vietnam are made by machines and resemble life size dolls and have stiffer looking poses. If you are looking to buy a Rolls Royce or Mercedes caliber mannequin on the used market, here are some brand names to look for: Adel Rootstein, Patina V, New John Nissan, Hindsgaul, Ralph Pucci, Greneker and Goldsmith. Usually but not always mannequins produced by these companies will have their company name stamped somewhere on the mannequin bottom of the foot, or on the butt or back, even on the head. Adel Rootstein mannequin with name model number stamped on the head There are a few other factors that can drive up the price of a used mannequin. Since the majority of mannequins in retail stores are in a standing position, a mannequin that is in a seated, reclining or athletic pose is highly sought after and the demand outstrips the supply. When these mannequins are no longer in production it increases the value of used ones. Another mannequin company, Ralph Pucci, commissions well known artists and designers such as Maira Kalman, Jeffrey Fulvimari and Anna Sui to design a line of mannequins for them. Since these mannequins are popular as art pieces in addition to being a vehicle to display clothing, they can sell close to their original price of $1,100. by Anna Sui Is it worth buying a used mannequin with broken or missing parts? If a used mannequin has all its parts, but they are broken or damaged, a skilled mannequin refurbisher can bring them back to life. If there isn't a mannequin refurbisher in your city, you can find one online and then ship the mannequin part to them. Even if all the fingers on the hand are broken as long as there is at least a stub attached to the wrist there is a good chance that the hand can be repaired by the mannequin refurbisher. But if there are no hands at all, it is extremely difficult to find a replacement hand online. If you are lucky enough to know the name of the manufacturer of the mannequin, you might be able to purchase a hand from them directly if the mannequin is still in production. The reason why it is so hard to find replacement hands is because there is not a universal standard in the device that attaches the hands attach to the arms. Some hands have a round fitting, some are square, some have a keyhole shape and each of these shapes come in different sizes. If you are desperate to for a hand you could saw off the fitting on the hand and then use liquid glue to permanently affix it to the arm. But then you will be unable to remove the hand should you need to put a garment on the mannequin with a tight fitting sleeve. Also keep in mind when looking for a mannequin hand that a mannequin with her hand on her hip will require a different hand position than a mannequin with her arms straight down. I If your mannequin is missing arms you can buy the canvas bendable arms that attach to the mannequin via elastic bands. These arms do not have hands but some customers simulate hands by putting gloves on the arms and stuffing the gloves with paper. Mannequin without arms with bendable arms attached Sometimes the toes of mannequins might be chopped off this is done deliberately to make it easier to put shoes on the mannequin. Frequently the feet on male mannequins are chopped in half for this reason. Many times used mannequins are discounted if they do not have a stand to support them standing upright. Since most female mannequins have their feet in a high heeled position, they cannot stand upright on their own. Even if the mannequin has a flat foot pose and can stand upright on its own, it runs the risk of falling down. If the mannequin has a hole in the bottom of their foot you can have a metal fabricator make one like this one Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green Quilted,This episode also gives us the story of how Alice and Cyrus fell in love. After stumbling into Cyrus' bottle (an introduction we saw in last week's ep), Cyrus explains the rules of wish making to Alice before she makes any of the three wishes she gets for finding the bottle. As they wander Wonderland, they talk about the people who have left them behind. For Cyrus, it is every master he has ever know. For Alice, it is her mother who died in childbirth and her father who has been sad ever since. Cyrus charms Alice with magical paper he can shape into origami shapes that change color and reform at the blink of an eye and, upon Alice's request, teaches her swordplay. Everything is going swimmingly until Cyrus tells Alice to use her wishes. Alice is hurt, but Cyrus explains that he is falling in love with her and, if they spend more time together, he won't be able to stand her moving on. Alice agrees never to move on from him if he agrees never to move on from her. They kiss, and all is right with the world. They agree to bury Cyrus' bottle where only they can find it. In present day Wonderland, there's decidedly less kissing and more turning of people into ash. Alice and the Knave of Hearts (Michael Socha) continue their quest to find and free Cyrus. Alice has a squeaky new plan. Retrieve the bottle, which she claims is by the TumTum Tree. Use all of her wishes (on small things "like a cupcake," so as not to screw anything up). Have the Knave rub the bottle so that Cyrus will be drawn back into it. Go about trying to find a way to free Cyrus forever. Easy as pie! Too bad the White Rabbit (aka the Red Queen's spy) is listening in behind a nearby treeThe Red Queen passes the TumTum Tree location onto Jafar, but not before he has turned a roomful of her subjects into ash. He then makes a show of proving to The Queen just how much power he has over her, magically freezing the red loving royal and implying that she could share her subjects' fates if she keeps testing his limits. Meanwhile, across Wonderland, Alice and the Knave have hit a snag in their plan: a big, fat lake between them and the Towering TumTum Tree. Alice suggests that they swim, but the Knave never learned. He's been busy doing other things, like "being afraid of water" and, apparently, not calling dates back. When Alice settles for calling "the fairy" aka an actual fairy called Silvermist whose job it is to fly people across the lake Silvermist immediately sets about slapping the Knave for breaking her heart. But, because she's a professional, she agrees to take them across the lake to the TumTum Tree. Or not. Halfway across, she drops the Knave into the water. Rather than continue the flight without him, Alice falls in too, pulling them both to safety on a small, rocky island in the middle of the lake. The Knave apologizes for his part in stranding them there, but continues to question Alice on how she can be sure that what she shared with Cyrus was real. After all, Cyrus hasn't tried to find her. Alice refuses to doubt Cyrus, instead asking the Knave what happened to make him so distrustful of others. The Knave says he just chooses not to fall in love, and we wonder what heartbreaking sob story he's hiding. A flashback for another time, however! Alice has more pressing problems, like getting off the rock. Frustrated, she stomps her foot, sending the ground beneath them into some kind of quake. Turns out the "rock" is really a giant Mock Turtle/their ride out of there. Alice mounts the turtle's neck and steers him, sword to his neck, towards their destination. Once ashore, they run into Silvermist again. She has returned to capture the Knave so she can collect the bounty on his head. It turns out he is in deep with the Caterpillar, which even to us non Wonderland residents sounds pretty not good. The Knave convinces Silvermist to let him go so he can help Alice because, even if he isn't a good person, she is and she deserves to be reunited with her long lost love. Apparently Silvermist is a romantic, so she agrees, but not before mentioning something about an Anastasia who broke the Knave's heart. Alice and the Knave finally make it to the Towering TumTum Tree but Jafar has beat them to it. The Knave laments the fact that the villain will soon dig up the bottle, but Alice disagrees. Our wily protagonist had actually been lying about the location of the bottle for their entire trek, assuming that if she told enough people in Wonderland about their destination, it would get back to their nemesis. The purpose of the ruse: to discover who they are up against. She recognizes Jafar from Cyrus' warnings about the serpent staffed man, and now knows he is on their trail. Clever girl! Alice and the Knave happily make their way to the true location of the buried botte, but when they arrive, the bottle has already been dug up. They are too late. Meanwhile, in Jafar's super secret lair, Cyrus hangs in a silver ensconced cage (genies and silver apparently don't mix) in the middle of a mountain tower. An older man hangs in a nearby cage, asking Cyrus to continue the chess game they have going. Cyrus has other things on the to do list for today. He writes a message for Alice on some of the same magical paper he used to make an origami flower when they first met. He folds the paper into a crane and sends it to find Alice. Just in time, too, as Jafar storms into his lair and brings Cyrus' cage to him. He threatens to kill Alice if Cyrus does not disclose the location of his bottle. Before Cyrus can respond, the Red Queen arrives. She informs Jafar that she has the bottle and holds all the keys. Alice is feeling hopeless when the origami crane arrives from Cyrus, proving that their love is true. In his note, Cyrus asks Alice to leave Wonderland so she will be safe. But she ignores Cyrus' request, sending her own note in reply: she is coming to save him.

Find The Latest Style Of Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green Quilted,Nike Free Run 3 Anthracite Gray Reflect Silver New Green Women Rory McIlroy's official unveiling with sports giant Nike took on Academy Award presentation proportions but with the world number one denying his reputed $200m (150m) deal is about the money. Nearly two dozen TV cameras and some 200 invited guests and media waited at the Fairmont Hotel for confirmation of golf's worst kept secret. With Abu Dhabi's 80 dome Grand Mosque lit up in the distance, McIlroy finally stepped onto a platform leading from the edge of one of the many Arabian Gulf fed waterways in the UAE capital to a stage where he was introduced by Cindy Davis, president of Nike Golf. "Today marks a significant moment for our brand and our golf business, and for the career of an extraordinary young athlete," said Davis. "We could not be more thrilled with tonight's announcement. The beginning of 2013 for us is one of the most exciting times since Tiger Woods joined the 'Swoosh'." "It's a monumental deal, for several reasons," explained Bob Dorfman, an athlete compensation expert and executive creative director at Baker Street Advertising in San Francisco. "It may very well be the largest endorsement deal in history for an active athlete." Derrick Rose's current pact with Adidas is believed to be $183 million over 13 years, while LeBron James's Nike contract weighs in at an estimated $120 million for 10 years. According to Dorfman, Woods signed a five year, $200 million extension with Nike in 2005, but those figures might have changed. "I have heard that that may have been negotiated down by as much as 50% in the last couple years, due to the scandal and poor sales. I expect he's currently making between $10m to $20m annually with them." When Woods signed on as Nike's first ever staff golfer in late 1996 he signed a deal reported to be worth $43m while McIlroy's sign on deal appears to be in the region of $200m. It is one of the biggest ever in sport but with Nike and McIlroy declining to comment on terms and with the 23 year old, who grew up in humble surrounds in suburban Belfast, bluntly declaring it wasn't about the money." "I don't play golf for the money as I am well past that," he said. "I am a Major champion and I am World No. 1, as I have always dreamed of being, and really Nike is a company that can help me sustain that. "So I play for Major titles, not the money." However, while former sponsor, Oakley is reported to be suing for breach of contract, McIlroy has kept one former sponsor on his golf bag in Santander and the Spanish bank he signed a deal with just prior to joining Horizon Sports. Also on his bag is the logo of the first of six charities McIlroy will carry on his bag, up to and including the Masters in a move to help under privileged children. To officially welcome him into the Nike family guests were shown a video clip from fellow 'Swoosh' stars Wayne Rooney, Roger Federer and Tiger Woods. Federer commented: "Hey Rory. How you doing? I am very excited that you are joining Nike. I talked to you in Sao Paulo and we know you can do great things. You are a wonderful golfer and maybe if you can teach me some golf tricks I can give you some tennis lessons and advice on the men's tour. Do you know what I mean?" Woods and McIlroy also will feature in a new Nike ad screening worldwide from Wednesday that has the duo trying to outdo each other with trick shots. But at the end of the ad it's the 14 time Major winning Woods who still comes up trumps. McIlroy has been testing his next clubs since late last year when he 'secretly' visited 'The Oven' as Nike affectionately refer to their test and equipment headquarters in Forth Worth, Texas. Included in his bag is the new Nike Crimson 'Covert' driver that Scotland's Scott Jamieson has used to finish third, first and second in his first three events of the 2013 Race to Dubai. "I went down to 'The Oven' just before Christmas and I was just blown away by research and the development that goes into the clubs," he said. "I knew also that as soon as I hit the new Covert driver that it would be going straight into my bag for this week. It's just an awesome driver and I couldn't be more happy about what's in the bag. "The driver just blew me away as my ball speed was up and my spin rate was better and I am hitting the ball further and well over 300 yards. This new driver has taken my game to a new level, so that's great. McIlroy confirmed also he will use the Nike 'Method' putter and declined to entertain comment when he asked if the putter didn't work to his favour would he return to his double Major winning Scotty Cameron putter. However there's one item remaining in McIlroy's bag that was a permanent feature since he turned pro with Titleist clubs and bag and that is his now ragged looking old dog head cover. And long time caddie JP Fitzgerald was in the audience wearing Nike attire. McIlroy will take his news clubs into battle for a first time this year facing Woods in this week's Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship. McIlroy free to use bag for non Nike endorsements Do not be surprised by the appearance of a pre Nike sponsor on the new bag Rory McIlroy was sporting at the announcement of his multi million dollar endorsement deal with the American sports giant. While the reported 150 million, 10 year agreement for the Irishman to wear the swoosh and swing the US company's clubs has been sports marketing's worst kept secret for many months, it had been widely assumed Nike would want a totally exclusive deal, with all previous sponsors cut out. Such an agreement never existed with Nike's 16 year relationship with Tiger Woods, with the 14 time Major winner endorsing a variety of products, at least until revelations about his private life hit the headlines in 2009. Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green Quilted Cousins Wyatt Duca, 2, and Gavin Bilodeau, 2, both of Hinesburg, happily shared an undersized plastic slide inside Hinesburg Town Hall last week. The two met with about 25 other children at a weekly playgroup. Toddlers perused books in pint sized bean bag chairs, crafted butterflies out of vibrant water colored coffee filters, and cooked up some faux grub in a play kitchen as moms, dads, grandparents and nannies chatted away about summer's end, town happenings, and what's for dinner. Playgroup co coordinator Brandy Thorpe of Hinesburg said the playgroup is funded by Building Bright Futures, and the Town of Hinesburg, through the Friends of Families program, a community resource for families that sponsors programs and events throughout the year, free and open to the public. Robin Miller of Hinesburg also serves as playgroup co coordinator. "Winter months are hard," Thorpe said. "Instead of being cooped up inside, families can come here to connect with each other." Each week offers a new theme, and it's always a peanut free zone. There is plenty of parking and it's open to all towns. Kristy Bilodeau and Lindsay Duca, Wyatt and Gavin's mothers, agreed that the huge hall is the perfect morning escape from the house. "It's someplace different to play, and explore for the kids," Duca said. Other Friends of Families programming includes, Parent Education Programs, Welcome Babies, and Children's Clothing and Book Giveaway. on Nov. 3. on Nov. 2. Peanut collectingJerry Russin on A passion for Mr. Peanut collectingAviation and Aerospace Careers Class mvu after school on Highgate center provides kids options in aviationnike free run 3 on Milton teen swims across the lakeArchives

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