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Buy Real Mens Men Nike Free Run 3 Black Silver White,Women Nike Free Run 3 Grainte Fireberry Sail Frbrry If my email stream is any indication, there's a solid line of thinking out there that our economic woes are solely based on uncertainty about taxes and regulation. Businesses, the theory goes, won't hire because they're afraid the Obama administration will shackle them with punitive regulations and crippling taxes, in part from health care reform. Gary Burtless, a labor market policy researcher with the Brookings Institution, disputes that notion. Corporate profits relative to national income is at a 60 year high, and taxes on corporate earnings are at a 60 year low. Why, then, he wonders, would concerns about future taxes and regulation delay hiring now? The "tax uncertainty" and "regulatory uncertainty" arguments would make more sense if, say, taxes were already high and might be going higher or regulatory burdens were heavy and might be getting heavier. But when taxes are at a 60 year low and the regulations are pretty much the same as they were in the 1990s boom, the argument makes no sense at all. As we used to say down on the farm, you should "make hay while the sun shines." In other words, if you think it's going to rain later in the week, it strengthens the case for cutting and baling right now. According to the "uncertainty" argument, businesses are fearful they might face high taxes and extra health costs in 2016 or 2018. Shouldn't they expand hiring right now and scale back employment when they actually face higher costs (if they ever do)? Yet they aren't. Not only was unemployment flat from June to July, stuck at a painfully high 9.1 percent, but just this morning initial jobless claims rose to a higher than expected 414,000. The odds are increasing that we are headed for a double dip recession, and the threat of taxes and regulation seems more remote as a cause. Job growth now resembles the sort of anemic gains we see at the beginning of an economic downturn, not a recovery, and it has slowed significantly since early 2010. . When businesses are asked why they're not expanding, "high taxes" and "heavy regulatory burdens" and "tax uncertainty" don't feature as prominent answers. They mostly say they don't see good prospects for extra sales. Most business owners I talk with, especially those outside of the energy industry, tend to reflect that. They're more worried about consumer demand and access to capital than taxes and regulation. Energy, of course, is a different story, but despite the fears of higher taxes and tighter regulations, oil companies are among the most active job creators at the moment. In other words, the stagnating recovery may have more fundamental and persistent causes than simply fear of taxes and regulation. It's a convenient political meme, but it ignores the bigger and much more difficult problem facing the economy. As we look at various proposals to balance the budget, taxation plays a key role. What is the truth? I assume there are different ways to measure taxation can you give us some numbers and how they were derived? Overall, the corporate tax rate is high at 35% it is amongst the highest in the developed world (I think only Japan has a higher rate). But the tax code is riddled with loopholes and exemptions, and these have all manner of negative consequences, such as economic distortion of business decisions, perverse incentives with regard to payroll and investments, and an overly generous treatment of foreign taxes paid, such that Exxon can write off royalties paid to pump Nigerian oil from their US tax bill. The result is that high powered companies can hire an army of accountants to minimize their tax burden (hence the press about GE, Exxon, and how some companies pay less in taxes than their CEOs), while the burden falls on small and medium companies that cannot do this. So, perversely, we have both a high corporate tax rate and low tax receipts. A good tax code, which we probably have zero chance of enacting, would have a lower rate with few to no loopholes and exemptions. Of course, this would have the effect of increasing unemployment, but I doubt too many people will shed tears for tax attorneys. John, I agree with you in principle, but I like to correct you on one area of fact and one of opinion. 1: According to CNN Money, in 2009, while Exxon paid no income taxes, they put $15 billion to the US treasury, mostly in duties and excise taxes. 2: The foreign tax credit is necessary to prevent double taxation. We tax businesses on profit, not income, so forcing them to pay taxes on money that they paid to other governments is ridiculous. Besides, In the case of oil companies, the total raw tax rates quite often can add up to over 100%, which is positively ridiculous if you don allow deductions. Really, ? no comments? Is it because all that factual information is hard to counter? Most Black Americans who still have a prospective more like a foreigner looking at America from the outside still firmly and I submit correctly believe that the right wingnuts have no problem crashing the US economy to get President Obama out of office. Why is it so hard for the right to understand that a strong middle class will only make the rich even richer. Then I am dying to meet the guy who convinced the Tea Puppets that federal budgets and not the concentration of wealth into the top1 2% of Americans coupled with the wholesale exportation of entry level jobs offshore is directly responsible for their inability to make a good living. Although I don have the knowledge about business that you have, Mr. Steffy, I can see clearly that this is part of the political game that we all been overwhelmed with watching. As silly as it sounds, these are pure and simple bully tactics. The same elected people that played with the debt ceiling are the ones playing with this. They made a calculated guess that most ordinary voters will be so misinformed and confused that they never see what hit them. And it looking like they may be right in that assessment. I hear everybody blaming Obama. He their target. It political and it will hurt all of us in the end. The companies, other than energy, thay you are referring to are right. They need customers, not tax cuts and empty rhetoric. The only businesses that are profitable are the ones that the working class are forced to support, such as fuel to get to their pitiful job that they are forced to hang onto for food to feed their family and medical insurance that is way too expensive. A wing and a prayer This has been the plan all along. This is the problem, more worried about consumer demand and access to capital than taxes and regulation This is the traditional American short term thinking against the back drop of long term investment (Capital). Since it is vogue, what investor can complain that their money is sitting in the company coffers rather than investing? From the consumer perspective access to (capital) translates to access to credit which is frozen by banks or so high since the collapse no one want to borrow for the future Christmas Bonus that will retire the debt. The consumer does not know if he/she will have a job Christmas. Blogged previously the multiplier [[[[1/(1 Fed Reserve Rate)]]] does not work because it presumed that the money would circulate (be loaned). It is not. And this, "Businesses, the theory goes, won't hire because they're afraid the Obama administration will shackle them with punitive regulations and crippling taxes, in part from health care reform." is why America will fail. Boards promote politicians rather than the technically competent. Ninety to ten the persons that believes this is politically active or has a superior up the ladder that is. It is a turf war, "I am an incompetent president that has political connections (Florence Nightingale Syndrome [FNS])." FNS the "only" two values I bring to a company are my political connections and Perry Gleem white teeth ( one brushing two brushings and the veneer wears away faster. You are partially right. Companies are holding their expansion (read: demand) plans in abeyance because they don trust the Obama administration, particularly for future rules (the regulation component). It easy for you and the liberal Brookings Institution guy to say make hay now, and then, lay off when future Obamacare costs hit. With the National Labor Relations Board we have now (and more Obama appointees in the second term), that might not be possible. With card check and the NLRB, Right To Work states might not exist and you could be hit with punitive severance costs. Better to let the Obama smoke clear and see what is in store after 2012. Final notes: 1. The American corporate tax is higher than most other countries. 2. The company profits are why Americans (individuals, state and local pension funds, employee pension funds, and union and federal pension funds) invest in the stock market. 3. It called free market capitalism and there have to be both profits and retained earnings for the system to work. Amen John Miller. Companies don hire employees just to say gee it nice we have 856 people on our payroll, they should hire strictly based on need and that everyone of them is going to make the company money or don do it. But Obama wouldn come close to understanding that he never run a company. He like the professor in Back to School that said a company makes widgets it doesn matter what it is and that companies automatically make money. Ha try that in the housing business now, it brutal out there. Unfortunately economists have a history of mistaken projections. At the moment there is a possibility that income taxes will be sharply increased. Meanwhile, administration gurus are proposing onerous new environmental regulations on the energy and manufacturing sectors. The national debt is statospheric and headed higher. Economists are already pointing out that the only way out of our enormous debt load is inflation. Under the circumstances,rational industrialists are hunkering down, letting equipment wear out, reducing maintenance, and cutting manpower to the bone. I would too, if I were running a company. Men Nike Free Run 3 Black Silver White This is a time when the shoes have become very fashionable and are one of the most important accessories a woman's shop. 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