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Never under estimate the value and importance of proper aerobic shoes. There is so much talk about doing the exercises correctly, planning your routine and regime correctly, setting your expectations correctly, hydrating appropriately, and all kinds of other workout tips, but people don't frequently concentrate on or even consider good gym shoes. Of course if you are taking an aerobics class, then the shoes may not matter since you will perform most of your aerobics exercise on a padded mat where the wearing of shoes is discouraged or even disallowed. But for many other aerobics exercises (except for swimming and maybe a few others), the appropriate and proper aerobic shoes are a must have so that you can protect your feet as you workout. The exact type of aerobic shoes you need will depend on what you are doing for your workout. If for example you are a serious runner, you need to focus on running shoes. Running shoes are typically lighter than other types, and they focus the shoe padding on the areas of the runner's foot where it will be needed most. But these types of shoes are not good, for example, for playing tennis since they provide very little lateral ankle support, which is required for a good tennis game. These two types of shoes are basically the same thing, a modern version of the classic gym shoe, but with padding focused on where it is needed most, and a low top to allow some flexibility and movement at the wearer's ankles. Now for other types of sports such as basketball, a high top aerobic shoe would be the preference so that you will have adequate support to protect your ankle. In this sport, you are constantly jumping high, spurting off to run in different directions, and doing other things that could potentially wreak havoc on your ankle. They protect you from injuries much better than any other kind of aerobic shoe, and you will note that almost all professional basketball players wear them. But they are not good for the different types of movement you have in other sports like tennis, so you will rarely see a tennis player wearing them. Then again, for a cross country runner, you need yet a different kind of aerobic shoe, which will be kind of like a cross between a tennis shoe and light hiking boots, with a light build and lots of traction on the bottom. The bottom line is to make sure that in order to protect your feet while you are getting fit and trim, be sure to use the right kind of aerobic shoe so that you don't do damage to your feet while you are strengthening other parts of your body. 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Walk through the terminal looking for objects that spell out the letters of your departure city. If you're leaving from Chicago, for example, look for an item that starts with C, such as coffee, and so on. Possible items to track down: a statue on the far side of the park (documented by cell phone photo), a hot dog vendor's autograph, two items that begin with the letter L, and so on. Knock time off your walk How? Use a pedometer to count the steps you take while playing one (or more) of the games in this article. Then convert your total steps into miles (2,000 steps equal about 1 mile). Here's how. Your pal says Your Healthy Idea "Let's join a book club." Begin an audiobook club instead. Walk with friends while tuning in to the same audiobook (on an MP3 or portable CD player). When you complete the book, take a walk to discuss it. "How about a couples' dinner out?" Organize a progressive dinner with three friends who live within walking distance of you. Stride to each house for one course maybe your place for cocktails, the next house for salad, the main dish at the third and dessert at the fourth. "Let's hit the mall." Head to a huge, outdoor antiques or crafts fair instead. Troll every aisle and then back track to the car. Here's a gift from us to you: a much needed break in your walking routine. After all, you've earned it. Here you'll find simplified versions of our walking plans, which will help you fit your training into your schedule. Another bonus? Substitute the miles you rack up each week playing the activities in this article for the miles required on your longer walks. On the cardio days, choose a fun activity such as swimming or tennis. Finally, take 2 days off to relax. Men Nike Free Run 3 Gym Red White Reflect Silver Volt,These days it's easy to cull photographs. You just delete the ones that make you look fat and keep the rest on your computer. But what about old photographs, the ones from the dark mists of time when people used to actually print them out on paper? Every household inhabited by people born before 1995 still has at least one box of unsorted photos that no one can throw away because, hell, it's history, man! You can't throw it out!So instead we keep the photos in boxes and tell ourselves we're going to do something with them one day. Maybe we'll even put them into scrapbooks. In a hundred years' time, people will find our organized photos and be impressed with our historical record keeping and our awesome scrapbook with its two page spread on Cousin Ellie's First Food Poisoning.Much like books, photographs were way more valuable when nobody had many of them. For a long time, photographs were so inconvenient that people just didn't take that many. Just a few generations ago, you might inherit less than half a dozen pictures of your beloved deceased grandmother. Nowadays, Grandma takes more photos just to document her trip through the airport in New Jersey."And here's the sink after the nice lady cleaned up Grandpa Elmer's accident with the Mexican food."Sure, keep the 90,000 pictures your great grandparents left behind if you want: They're not hard to store. Just don't expect anyone else to be interested in most of them, not unless you pull off some mighty fine scrapbooking.1. Stuff That Might Be UsefulWe live in a horribly wasteful society, and it's hard to shake the guilt of casually tossing Earth's precious resources into a landfill. So if we see a family member or roommate throwing away unused plastic forks or spare buttons or empty boxes, many of us respond with "Don't throw that out! Someone could use that!" and then squirrel the item away in a drawer somewhere."Yes, you can throw away the rest of the body, but who knows when we'll need a kidney?"Recently, I helped clean out the house of an elderly couple who grew up during the Great Depression. These people weren't hoarders, but they were certainly knocking on the hoarding door: The place was so stuffed that a well fed individual could not move through some of the rooms without knocking over furniture. Now, these people weren't slobs. They had a complicated organization system for all their absolutely useless shit. We found, among other things, a box of pen lids, a bag of old shoe insoles, a whole shelving system for different flavors of expired gelatin powder, and a huge, teetering pile of carefully washed takeout containers.If the couple had thrown out this shit before, a lot of it could have avoided ending up in a dumpster. Much of the household goods could have been donated if they'd done it 30 years ago. Unfortunately, they held on to the stuff instead, and very few people want to inherit ancient burnt orange salad bowls or dusty '90s jeans."Here's some dead batteries and a partially used box of Depends. Nothing is too good for the poor."And it gets worse. When you're clearing out a house, you've got a limited amount of time to get rid of all the shit in there. When you have entire rooms of crap packed to the ceiling, you can't take a year off work while carefully separating everything that might be recyclable. Most recycling centers also have fees and limits to how much stuff you can dump, so a lot of recyclable stuff also ended up in a dumpster, just because nobody had the time or money to sort it properly. This couple's desire not to waste anything led to a lot of shit unnecessarily going to waste.Obviously, not many of us are at the elderly quasi hoarder stage yet. But the lesson remains: If you're too guilt ridden from watching Captain Planet as child to be able to toss your household crap outright, you should at least set aside the time to take it to a thrift store or a recycling depot or something. Don't keep it in your house, or one day all that shit will be on a one way train to Landfill City. Plus, if you die tomorrow in a freak pug puppy pile suffocation accident, your relatives will appreciate it.

Welcome To Official Web Site Of The Men Nike Free Run 3 Gym Red White Reflect Silver Volt,Men Nike Free Run 3 Dark Grey Prism Blue At some time or another, chances are your dog will vomit. The occasional episode of vomit in dogs is normal, and generally is nature's way of ridding the body of an unwanted food or foreign objects the dog may have ingested. While vomiting occasionally may not be an indication of a serious illness, any occurrence of repeated vomiting, especially if accompanied by lethargy, diarrhea or other behavioral changes, should receive prompt medical attention. Just as diarrhea is a result of irritation in the lining of the small and large intestine, vomiting is the result of irritation in the stomach. Unlike regurgitation, the act of spitting up undigested food soon after a meal, vomiting occurs when stomach contractions forcefully expel stomach contents. Vomiting can be split up into two major categories acute vomiting has a sudden onset, usually a one time occurrence. However, in some cases acute, repeated vomiting can be a sign of a life threatening emergency. A sudden change in the type of food, giving an unfamiliar treat, or feeding table scraps can cause a bout of diarrhea or vomiting. An upset stomach caused by food changes can often be resolved at home, so long as the vomiting (and often diarrhea as well) is not severe, and the dog continues to act and feel normally. Withholding food for 24 hours will allow the dogs digestive system to settle down (while continuing to encourage water consumption). After 24 hours, small amounts of a bland diet, such as white rice and chicken, can be offered. If the upset subsides, you can gradually place the dog back on their original diet. Eating too fast, especially dry food, can often result in vomiting or regurgitation shortly after a meal. Feeding smaller, more frequent meals may help to relieve this problem. Small dogs and puppies on a primarily dry food diet that vomit shortly after eating may simply be eating too much in one meal. When ingested, dry food will absorb the moisture in the dogs stomach, expanding in size, causing the dog to regurgitate. Soaking dry food before feeding it to your dog, or mixing dry with canned food, may help to solve this problem. Parasites can play a part in vomiting in dogs, and especially puppies. Roundworms can be ingested from the soil, and puppies are passed the worm from their mothers. As the eggs hatch in the intestine, the larva is then carried to the lungs via the bloodstream. From the lungs, the worms crawl up the windpipe and cause gagging and coughing, before returning to the intestine to grow into adults. Roundworms can grow to up to seven inches long and appear spaghetti like, long and thin. A pot bellied appearance, poor growth and a rough, dull hair coat are signs of a worm infestation. Although diarrhea is the most common sign, in severe cases puppies may actually vomit large quantities of live worms. If allowed to continue unchecked, the worms can cause pneumonia, intestinal obstructions and death. While not a worm, Giardia is an intestinal parasite caused by a single celled organism that lives in the intestines of infected animals. Recent research has shown that Giardia is present in up to 11% of the general population of pets, and as many as 50% of puppies. Giardia can be transmitted from pet to pet, through contaminated feed or water, and through the soil. Pets who attend dog park, doggy day care or are kenneled are at higher risk for infection. The most common symptom of Giardia is diarrhea of varying severity, and vomiting. However, many animals who are infected with Giardia can show no symptoms for extended periods of time, which makes routine testing even more important. Coccidia is another single celled organism that infects the small intestine of dogs. Dogs with coccidia may show know signs of illness, and some may have severe bouts of watery stools and bloody diarrhea, vomiting, depression and fever, and even death as a result of severe dehydration. These severe side effects of coccidia are most common in puppies and adult dogs suffering from other illnesses. Sudden, repeated vomiting a medical emergency Unfortunately, dogs are well known for getting into things that they shouldn't, lead by their noses and stomachs. Dietary indiscretion, in the form of eating things out of the garbage, in the yard, plants, etc, can be the cause of vomiting. Most times, withholding food and letting the dog naturally expel the unwanted substances will be curative. However, eating something that may cause an obstruction in the gut is a threat, and any dog that has eaten a large amount of something, even if it is seemingly harmless, should be monitored for abdominal pain, lethargy or increasing episodes of vomiting. As many dog owners will attest, dogs will eat just about anything. Unfortunately, this can mean an array of items that never meant to be in the body, winding up in your dogs stomach. Tennis balls, coins, socks, rocks, toys there really is no limit to the dogs imaginative thinking when it comes to ingesting foreign objects. Once the dog has swallowed the item, it may prove too large to pass through the rest of the increasingly smaller intestinal tract, and can at some point become stuck. This intestinal blockage quickly becomes an emergency situation. A partial blockage in the intestines may produce vomiting, diarrhea and cramping of the abdominal muscles. A complete blockage will cause severe abdominal pain, abdominal bloating, and repeated, frantic, projectile vomiting. Depending on the location of the blockage, fecal like mater may be vomited, while in other situations the vomit may be only bile. If the obstruction is allowed to continue, the gut surrounding the blockage will begin to loose blood supply, and start to die. This process can happen in as little as an hour of a complete obstruction. As the intestines begin to rot, the gut may leak or even rupture, causing a severe systemic infection. Abdominal X rays are the best way to diagnose an obstruction, and immediate surgical intervention is usually the only form of treatment. The blockage will be located and removed, and if the surrounding bowel has been compromised, it must be cut out (resected) and the healthy ends of the gut sewn together to reconnect the intestinal tract. Bloat, also known as Gastric dialation volvulus, or torsion, is a serious, life threatening condition affecting large breed dogs. The most commonly affected breeds are those with a large, deep chest, such as the Akita, Great Dane, German Shepherd and Doberman Pincher, though all dogs are at risk for developing this condition. Bloat is caused by a variety of factors, which when combined lead to a recipe for disaster. Dogs fed a large meal once daily, especially those that eat their meals rapidly, are at greatest risk. As their stomach fills, gastric distention occurs. Increased activity shortly after a meal can cause the stomach to twist, closing off the esophagus, and leaving them unable to expel gas or excess food in the stomach by vomiting or belching. Signs of bloat include a distended abdomen, pain, salivation, and repeated, unproductive attempts to vomit. As the bloat continues unrelieved, many of the dogs body systems may become involved. Blood flow to the spleen can be cut off, and the blood return to the heart can decrease, causing cardiac arrhythmias. The lack of blood supply reaching the stomach will cause the lining of the stomach to begin to die, releasing toxins into the bloodstream. The liver, pancreas and other portions of the intestine can become involved, and low blood pressure, shock and endotoxemia quickly develop. The stomach, now weakened, can rupture, leaving to a severe infection within the abdomen. Bloat is serious medical emergency, and if you suspect your dog is suffering from torsion, time is of the essence to save his or her life. At the hospital, medicines to stabilize your dog, such as intravenous fluids, steroids and antibiotics will be started, and the veterinarian may attempt to decompress the stomach by passing a tube directly into it. In some cases, this is successful, and a gastric lavage will be performed to empty the contents of the stomach, and allow it to return to its normal place. Unfortunately, this medical treatment may not be sufficient to relieve the torsion, and surgery may become the only way to save the dog. Because the dogs body is often severely compromised at this point, the surgery may have a high risk, but still be the dogs only chance for survival. In surgery, the stomach twist will be corrected, and the dogs intestinal tract thoroughly inspected for damage. If damaged tissue is found, it may be removed, and if infection is present, a lavage of the entire abdomen may be performed to remove bacteria. The outcome of surgery depends on how quickly the bloat was discovered and corrected, and how much damage was done to the intestinal tract and other major organs. Recovery is often difficult, with intestinal complications and infecting being the most common cause of problems. Prevention of bloat is aimed at reducing the occurrence of extreme gastric dilation. Feeding two or three smaller meals throughout the day, instead of one large meal, as well as waiting two hours before allowing exercise after a meal, can help to prevent bloat. In addition, dogs that have had surgery for bloat may have a procedure called gastroplexy done to anchor the stomach to the wall of the abdomen, reducing the chances of a future occurrence of torsion. Treating Dog Vomiting Treatment of acute vomiting in dogs is aimed at diagnosing the underlying problem, and correcting that. Your veterinarian will first take a full history on your dogs condition, when the diarrhea first started, were there any precipitating factors, etc. After a comprehensive physical exam, your veterinarian may recommend: Fecal testing a sample of stool will be obtained, and checked for evidence of parasites such as roundworms and coccidia. In addition, an antigen test may be run on the fecal sample to check for the presence of Giardia. Blood work Blood chemistries look at a variety of body systems, and will give your vet a reading as to the basic health of your dogs major organs such as the kidneys and liver. The CBC evaluates the components of your dogs blood, including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. The CBC will help to diagnose or rule out infection as a potential cause of your dogs diarrhea. X rays Radiographs of your dogs abdomen may be recommended to rule out potential intestinal obstructions, or foreign bodies that your dog may have ingested. If radiographs suggest a possible problem, surgery may be recommended, or follow up X rays at several intervals may be taken to ensure a foreign object is successfully moving through the intestinal tract. Hospitalization Depending on the results of the above tests, and your dogs physical condition, your veterinarian may recommend hospitalizing your dog to diagnose and treat the cause of vomiting. IV fluids may be administered to correct fluid imbalances and dehydration as a result of vomiting. Vomiting that occurs on a seemingly otherwise health dogs more than once a week is considered chronic. Because chronic vomiting can lead to poor digestion and absorption of nutrients, often dogs will be finicky eaters, have a low energy level and poor quality hair coat. Men Nike Free Run 3 Gym Red White Reflect Silver Volt Tonight Steven said, "every time I hear you sing I forget where I am. But American doesn't forget you slay it every time. You not only had the nerve to sing with a beautiful melody, but you had the never to wear Jennifers shoes." See the photos and video performance to the left. Tonight Jessica Sanchez sang "Stuttering" by Jazmine Sullivan. The song is not well known, but the judges knew she sang it well. When it comes to the judges comments, the contestants hold their breath espcially when it is Steven Tyler's judgment and discourse. The camera quickly panned to Jessica standing next to Ryan Seacrest. The shoes are great. Jennifer comments on how she has "great taste." See a photo of the high heels in the box to the left. Then watch the performance in the video box. We checked Kohl's, which carries the JLo fashion line, but did not locate the shoes there. Charlie Sheen open to being in 'Two And A Half Men' finaleThe hit series 'Two And A Half Men' is drawing to a close, and fans have been clammering for the return of Charlie Sheen. While many fans would be delighted to see him appear in the finale, there.

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