Save Up To 70 Off Discount Nike Roshe Run Men Black Grey Volt Clearance Sale 2014 Get 64 Discount. Women Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Light Bone Reflect Silver Iguana Quilted Shop For Authentic Nike Roshe Run Men Black Grey Volt Outlet Store Waiting For You There are some things that you just shouldn't need to be told. For example, if you're taking over one of the most sensitive secret service positions in the country, try to keep personal information about yourself from being posted on the Internet. Would be assassins will have a lot harder time locating you that way, what with no address to plug into Google Maps and all. Sir John Sawer, soon to be Chief of the British MI6 almost certainly understood this. Unfortunately, his wife didn't. After finding out that John had been given the position of "C" (the real life equivalent of "M" from James Bond), Lady Sawer decided to post the good news on her Facebook account. Her Facebook account that, remarkably, had almost no privacy features enabled. This meant that basically any Facebook user could log on and find Sawer's address, favorite vacation spots and, most chillingly, photos of John rocking a Speedo. To be fair, John looks quite sophisticated in a suit. All of this information could then be passed along to the entire spectrum of Bond villains, even the shitty ones from the Timothy Dalton movies. To make matters worse, the page also revealed that Sawer's brother was a researcher for David Irving, a prominent Holocaust denier, which puts the MI6's top man approximately three degrees of separation from the crazy rascal who runs Iran. 3. Bob Quick Reveals Secret Raids We can come up with killer robots programmed using technology that won't be available for decades; armored vehicles that repel the strongest of missiles; firewall protection that can block the nastiest of viruses; and a thousand different ways to avoid embarrassing security leaks. But it isn't often that you can say a simple manila folder would have would have sufficed. A sombrero would have worked too. Anything opaque, really. Bob Quick, the now resigned English Assistant Commissioner, was less than careful when he approached the Prime Minister's office with secret plans for several raids in plain sight of the press. The plans, which could be seen clearly resting on top of two folders, detailed raids to take place against several Pakistani terror suspects, and were snapped up by photographers who apparently sit around waiting for shit like this to happen. The company that owned the rights to the photo, Getty Images, decided this shit looked serious, and probably compromised national security. Then, they promptly published the images on their website, because that's just how the Internet do. "Come on, guys. Honor system." It's pretty clear how this could have been a problem. Imagine you're a terrorist, and you wake up and find your picture on the front page of the newspaper under the heading "12 Terror Suspects to be Caught In Surprise Raids. Sometime Later This Month." Chances are you're not going to stick around just to act surprised like it's some kind of poorly planned surprise party. No, chances are you're going to flee the country and conduct your terrorist activities elsewhere, which is exactly why police had to conduct their raids much earlier than they had planned. While the government issued a notice preventing any British media from publishing the images, this did not prevent foreign media outlets from publishing it. Cracked, speaking on behalf of all non British media outlets, would like to make it clear that we are responsible. We take national security very seriously. After asking around, we've come to the conclusion that British based terrorists don't read Cracked (commenters, please don't prove us wrong) so yes, we would have published the images and turned them into a hilarious list without a second thought. The 9 Best Secret Hiding Spots (That are 'Bout to Get Raided). 2. Canadian Prime Minister Almost Murdered by Random Crazy Person We understand that the Canadian Prime Minister doesn't need the constant protection from suicidal bombers, gun wielding mad men and shoe wielding journalists that the US President has; but when , then we are inclined to believe that there may have been a slight screw up in national security. Historians call it the most interesting thing to ever happen in Canada. Now, we could forgive the security for failing to see an aspiring murderer on the front lawn of the Gorffwysfa for 20 minutes, or even the fact that he spent 30 minutes in the basement of the house without anyone noticing. But when he finally got the nerve to go and kill the Prime Minister, the first officer on the scene forgot his key, leaving the most powerful man in Canada to fend off a nutbag for another seven minutes. Perhaps if the Mounties weren't all moose, this could have been avoided. You know who also had no key? The schizophrenic guy who broke a window to get in. Also, we take it back, there is no reason for a crazy guy to be allowed to frolic around the Gorffwysfa unabated for 20 minutes. That's golf course security type shit. In it, you have all the launch codes you could possibly need to send America into nuclear war. The President doesn't actually carry the Football, a military aide accompanies him at all times with the briefcase chained to his wrist. But when you consider all of the insane security the President gets, and that little case of Mutually Assured Destructive goodness is practically untouchable. So what could possibly go wrong? Well, how about this: After a NATO Summit in 1999, Clinton decided he was finished 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time and left in a speeding motorcade, presumably to get somewhere Hillary wasn't and horny interns were. He had somewhere important to be. Unbeknownst to him, his aide and the Football had been left behind at the summit shifting nervously from side to side while eying foreign delegates and mouthing the words "give me a reason." I'll burn this motherfucker to the ground. Deciding that the President wasn't coming back to get him, nor were they going to send a car out to pick him up, he walked back half a mile, roughly four and a half blocks, alone to the White House carrying the most explosive briefcase in the history of mankind. Entire seasons of 24 have been launched on less implausible scenarios than this. The White House later remarked that the suitcase made it back safely and, seemingly shrugging off the incident, that "These things happen," which couldn't be more true. Aside from Clinton, nuclear bomb codes have been misplaced by Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan (to be fair, he was being shot at the time) and Jimmy Carter, who once left the doomsday codes in his dry cleaning. Comforting!.

Some young local filmmaker will be getting a six figure boost later this year thanks to a new grant program launched Friday by Capilano Universitys film school. The initiative, dubbed the Launchpad Fund, will award $100,000 annually starting this year to a single promising film project proposed by a graduate of the schools Motion Picture Arts degree program. The money, which can be used to make either a low budget feature or a high quality short pitch film for a larger project, is intended to help give the lucky recipient a head start in an industry that is notoriously difficult to break into. Its a really big deal, said Capilanos film centre director Bill Thumm. There are a lot of very successful low budget horror movies, for instance, that have made a lot of money and have been made for less than a $100,000 budget. Thumm announced the fund Friday evening at the official opening of the universitys Nat and Flora Bosa Centre for Film and Animation, a large, newly built teaching facility that boasts an 8,000 square foot soundstage, a 200 seat movie theatre, editing suites and other big ticket tools. Each years Launchpad recipient will have free run of the new facility as part of the prize a significant consideration What were offering them is really more than $100,000, because its a $100,000 cash budget plus at least double that in facilities, equipment and services, said Thumm. The money for the program came from donors within the Lower Mainland film industry, he said. Each contributor was asked to pledge $5,000 annually for five years. At the time of writing, the school had reached at least the $80,000 mark. Thumm said he hoped to make up the remaining $20,000 quickly in the wake of Fridays announcement. The general response (from the industry) has been: What a great idea, and we would love to come on board, he said. It really is an idea that in many ways sells itself. North Shore Studios president Peter Leitch, whose company was among the donors, said he believed the plan could help boost the domestic industry as a whole. I think thats where it gets exciting for us. . . . We dont want people to get a degree and thats the end of it, we want them to be an integral part of the industry. The school says that in the long term the fund should become self sustaining. Although any recipient whose project fails to make money will owe the school nothing, any who make a profit will be required to direct a portion of the windfall back into the fund for use in later years. The contest will be open to all graduates of the universitys four year degree program, regardless of how long it has been since they completed their studies, said Thumm. Entries will be judged each year by a panel drawn from the local industry. Nike Roshe Run Men Black Grey Volt ,Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green Quilted Nike Roshe Run Men Black Volt Women Nike Free Run 3 Grainte Fireberry Sail Frbrry Nike Free 3.0 Light Bone Reflective Silver Iguana Green Men Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Anthracite Teal Quilted Women Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Total Orange Neon Reflective Silver Wolf Grey Roshe Run PRM Women Peppermint Candy Sail Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Dark Grey Reflect Silver Black Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Anthracite Quilted Hi, I'm Stacey Grant, owner of Fabulously Healthy You, Wellness and Nutrition Agency. Today, we're going to be talking about products that help to strengthen your hands after a stroke. Typically, a stroke will cause paralysis or semi paralysis in the limbs of the body. If your hand is affected by a stroke, the physical therapist has probably told you that you need to work on both strength and mobility of your hand. What they really mean is that you need to strengthen your forearm muscles to give your hand the strength it requires. You can work on that by gripping soft pliable objects to work on the strength of your hand or you can use a product like the Grip Master. You put it in one hand, thumb on one end and the remaining fingers on the other and you grip in tightly and release for two counts. Repeat that five times. This not only strengthens your hand in general but it also strengthens the muscles of your forearms. That allows you to open your medicine and be more mobile and functional in your regular day to day life. I'm Stacey Grant, and thank you for watching. Nike Roshe Run Men Black Grey Volt,In this video, we learn how to train legs to avoid failure using post exhaust training. First you will do a hack squat, which is where you will hold dumbbells and place your heels on a step, then squat down through the heels. Keep your chest up while doing this and you will work your butt, hamstrings and lower back. The next exercise you can do is a front lunge, which includes you lunging to make a 90 degree angle alternating between legs. The last exercise you can do is to hold a bar and squat down, tapping your butt down on a folding chair. These can help build the strength in your legs and. Stretching the hamstrings is important when weight training the legs or before exercising or sports. Learn how to do standing hamstring exercises in this stretching and flexibility video. Take action: cross right foot in front of left leg, bend down in front and exhale, switch feet and repeat for other leg, remembering to keep knees straight. Tom Clifford, the instructor in this how to video, has a degree in physical education, fitness and health from Eastern Michigan University, where he ran track and cross country. Tom has worked as a personal trainer for two years. He also has a separate. Do you play an intensive sport, like soccer or football, that requires you to be able to not only run quickly towards a target area far away, but also to be able to catch a flying ball with precision that far away? Then you benefit from the speed and quickness training methods presented in this video. When you think about being quick and increasing your reaction time you probably think of jumps, agility drills, jumping and running. But you also need to integrate cardio and strength training fusion workouts to improve reaction time. Watch this video to learn a very effective method for.

2014 Online Sale! 40 80 Off Nike Roshe Run Men Black Grey Volt,Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Purple Quilted According to Seattle police, witnesses said they saw the SUV, driven by a man in his 20's, weaving and speeding down Rainier Avenue when he lost control while turning onto South Holly Street and smashed into the victim's driver side door.Brouse is being held on $100,000 bail. Arraignment is scheduled for April 15 at the King County Courthouse. If convicted as charged, the defendant could face up to 68 months in prison.From Our News PartnersCarolina Panthers Newton repeatedly refers to Lion's DT as 'Donkey Kong Suh'Army officer barred from entering daughter's school in uniformPanthers owner weeps while addressing domestic violence issueNew witnesses to Michael Brown shooting say teen had hands upPhotos: Remembering the Sept. 11, 2001, attacksKIRO 7 Eyewitness News headlinesPedestrian injured in Bellevue hit and run, police arrest driverPedestrian struck by Sodo bound sounder train in critical conditionKing County prosecutors say HIV positive man 'continues to endanger public health'Arrests made as minimum wage battle moves to BellevueTroopers: Driver reading magazine leads to road rage incident on I 5 MoreKIRO 7 WeatherWeatherKIRO 7 Interactive Doppler Radar5 Day ForecastAdvertisers and SponsorsFree ClassifiedsCars at AutotraderLocal Services at KudzuCoupons at Valpak. Nike Roshe Run Men Black Grey Volt Wood flooring is a classic addition to our houses which we should always take care of to prevent future damages which would be very hard to repair. Reclaimed wood as defined to be old, used wood, is known to be very durable and robust and resistant to pests, molds, etcetera, if given the proper care. However, the cold, brought about by the winter season can have its damaging effect on the wood, no matter how durable it is. Listed below are some helpful tips that you could do to protect reclaimed wood flooring. Be careful with walking on the reclaimed wood The cold can damage reclaimed wood especially during winter season. What you can do to protect your reclaimed hardwood flooring is to put insulations on top. These insulations are carpets, rugs and other types of mats. Moreover, it is advisable to use soft slippers, as these will prevent the reclaimed wood from getting scratched and obtaining dirt. Knowing that the cold can damage the reclaimed wood flooring, do what you can to provide warmth to the wood. You can block every entrance and cover cracks found on doors and windows to prevent the cold from going in, providing more insulation. One way moisture can accumulate in the wood flooring is if people who have snow on their coats and boots, walk on the wood, letting the snow drop to the wood. Furthermore, scratches due to shoes, boots and other things can degrade the appeal of the wood flooring. To prevent these damaging effects to the wood, you can opt to enter a different way or prepare rugs and mats in which people can rub their footwear on to prevent dirt and snow from getting on the reclaimed wood flooring. Good humidity levels inside the house will assure a long lasting solid hardwood flooring Wood has the property of compression and expansion due to the drop and rise of the environmental temperature. Rapid changes in the temperature can hamper the wood's longevity. Keeping a stabilized and constant level of humidity or hear is a good way in maintaining the wood flooring and helping it last longer. Even the simple act of boiling water can raise the warmth and humidity of the room preventing the wood from further damage. These are some of the tips that can be of good use during the winter season to maintain the appeal of reclaimed wood flooring, as well as helping its durability last longer.

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