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Most of them may be trying to curve niches for themselves. embrace institutional issues as they are or whether they should change them in order to create a new value system. (Bonard et al, 2001) This sociological theory asserts that such persons may be trying to experiment with a social role so as to determine which one suits them. Additionally, some of these girls may be trying to look for mechanisms that will propagate thrill seeking activities or they may also be trying to reject their parent's identities if they come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. By shoplifting, such youth may be trying to develop an alternative value system that differs tremendously from their parents'. Consequently, this could be the reason why some of them may choose to shoplift. One psychological theory that can be applied in shoplifting is the social deviant theory. Here, persons who commit crimes regardless of the age or sex are usually pushed into doing this due to the lack of certain psychological controls. For instance, it is possible to find that most of these individuals lack impulse control or they lack mechanisms for regulating their behavior based on society's expectations. Another psychological theory that may be applicable in shoplifting is the lifespan theory. While the lifespan theory may be a combination of sociological and psychological aspects, some of the Explanations can be regarded as psychological ones. For instance, most young people tend to feel that there is a gap between the ideal definition of what they are supposed to be and what they really are. Consequently, this creates a situation in which they may have to resort to drastic measures in order to fit into the shoes of the ideal adolescent. (Loeber Birmaher, 2002) Another sociological theory that explains crime is the routine activities theory. This theory can allow one to understand why certain adolescents may find shoplifting particularly seductive. Some of them may assume that so many others do it so they may get away with it too. A sociological theory that can be applied in this case is the strain theory. According to the strain theory, adolescents may be catapulted into this crime when they weigh the costs of committing the crime and its consequences. If the latter are less than the former, then they will commit it. Breaking and entering usually does not solicit a lot of attention from the juvenile correctional system. Consequently, this may prompt some of them to engage in the act. A psychological theory that can explain breaking and entering is the cognitive theory. Some individuals may come from neighborhoods where the act of breaking and entering is quite a common one. Consequently, such adolescents may have been taught to ignore effects of their actions. Another psychological theory that can be used to explain this crime is the theory of extraversion. Certain individuals may have personalities that put them in a position where they are likely to disregard the consequences of crime. According to this theory, extroverts tend to be thrill seekers or persons who focus on the short term. In this case, they are likely to break and enter into a home if they are looking for some temporary pleasure. (Kelley, Homant Kennedy, 2003) One sociological theory that is applicable in the issue of breaking and entering is the routine activities theory. According to this theory, persons may engage in a crime after the realization that the crime is the norm in their respective neighborhoods. Such neighborhoods are usually characterized by few guards and little vigilance by the police. A sociological theory used to explain why certain person commit carjacking is the Marxist theory. According to this theory, some people my feel that they are being oppressed by the holders of wealth within the society or the upper class. Consequently, such persons may be prompted to commit crimes in order to bridge the gap between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. Usually, such adolescents may aim for seemingly wealthy people who appear to have exactly what they desire. Cars are usually a common target because they allow the offenders a chance to catapult into that class quickly. This is a false consciousness because it makes the adolescent assume that they are entitled to that car. (Lamontagne et al, 2001) Another sociological reason that can be applied in this scenario is called the strain theory. When young persons choose to car jack, they may simply be depicting the kind of strain that they are undergoing in their current situation in life. Some of them may be struggling to gain autonomy from their parents; others may be looking for some extra cash that will assist them in meeting expenses. This is usually the case when that adolescent is not satisfied with their current situation. One psychological theory that can be applied in this scenario is the choice theory. According to this theory, young people may choose to commit crimes after examining the pros and cons of the act and then proceed with it. In this case an individual will be exercising their free wiling in choosing between the ownership of a car or finances that proceed from its sale and the punishment that might result from the crime in case those two individuals get caught in the process. (Kendall, 2003) One psychological theory that can be applied in understanding carjacking is the behaviorism theory. In this theory, behavior is adopted from certain individuals that are surrounding them. In the case of juvenile acts such as a carjacking, it is possible to find that the person who commits a carjacking may have observed this behavior among his peers; an aspect that is quite likely if that person comes from a neighborhood with such high cases of carjacking, then they may follow suit. Additionally, if crime is a routine in the area under consideration, then it is likely that one may be prompted to commit it..

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Phoenix will play Slough Jets in the semi finals on Saturday for the right to compete in Sunday's final. If you feel we have made an error in a report, or have fallen below our usual high standards, please write in the first instance to: Rob Irvine, editor, Manchester Evening News, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 8EP. Free morning newspaper, The Metro, published every weekday, is also part of our portfolio, delivering more than 200,000 readers in Greater Manchester. Greater Manchester Business Week is the region's number one provider of business news andfeatures, targeting a bespoke business audience with 12,687 copies every Thursday. Nike Roshe Run Men Grey Yellow Analyzing your competition should be the second step taken during the SEO process (right after and sometimes even during keyword selection). Looking at what and how your competition have positioned their website where you want yours to be placed will lend great insight into how to get yours there. The above statement should not be taken as meaning that early in the campaign is the only time that competition analysis is important. Once you are holding a top position your competition will undoubtedly renew their efforts to take back what you have replaced. Competition analysis is a step that must be taken to find out what you need to do to take a top position but which also should be performed periodically to detect your competitor efforts to take back "their" former positions. In this article we will cover onsite factors which must be considered and in part two we will cover external factor analysis including incoming links, anchor text, PageRank, etc. Onsite factors of your website are the easiest to address as they are factors which are under your complete control. You have the power to change anything within your site from the content, internal linking structure, and even the design structure itself. Key onsite factors that must be considered in competition analysis are: Titles and meta tags Keyword density and content Special formats and positioning There are many tools that are available to help you determine what the optimal levels are. Generally these are knows as KDA (Keyword Density Analysis) tools. Of all of them there is one that we use at Beanstalk that we have found provides better, more accurate information than the others and that is Total Optimizer Pro by TopNet Solutions. The reason we chose this one above the others is twofold. First, it provides very easy to read and thorough information that can be analyzed quickly and second, they have built in tools to analyze offsite factors to a level that don exist in other software. Essentially this means for you that a single tool can basically give you the recipe you will need to take and hold your position in the top ten. While meta tags definitely don hold the weight they once did they are certainly worth adding to your site given that they take seconds to add. Titles on the other hand hold significant weight and must be created carefully to insure that they hold maximum SEO effectiveness and also that they appeal to the searchers. In analyzing the titles and meta tags essentially you are looking for the optimal keyword density of those tags. A KDA tool will let you know what percentage of your competitions tags are made up of the targeted keywords. A good KDA tool will also display the range or average of percentages. Due to their low weight, meta tags don have to be given quite the attention that titles do. When you are optimizing your titles you will want to insure that you fall somewhere near the middle of the pack. Hopefully in your industry, the top ten sites have relatively close percentages in which case it is easy to determine what the optimal percentage is, however assuming that they don you will want to gear your title tag to something that falls in the upper end of the range (though not over) of densities and also keep that title interesting to the searcher who will see it as the link to your site in the search results. Google at least and probably the other major engines as well have or will be adding into the ranking algorithm a function that records the number of times a specific link is clicked when it appears in the results. If your site appears in the top of the results but is not click at a rate that is acceptable for that position your website will slip. Like any other marketing tool, your title tag is the gateway from the search engine results to your website: insure you created an attractive welcome mat. There has been much discussion over the years as to whether there even is an optimal keyword density or whether density even matters. While there are intelligent SEO out there who would disagree, the entire debate seems obvious to us at least. If the search engines are looking at onsite factors at all (which they are) and looking for relevancy then it naturally follows that there is a percentage of your content that can consist of the targeted keywords and indicate to the engines that your site is relevant for a given phrase. That said, and like the titles, it is not about cramming in keywords anywhere to boost the density in your content. Using a KDA tool to find the optimal density for your industry will give you a good idea of any content changes you may need to make. From here you will want to look at two additional areas of your competitors sites. One which you can get from an advances KDA tool such as Total Optimizer Pro and the other you can get right from the engines themselves. Which brings us to . Special Formats And Positioning Special formats will be considered content elements such as bold, colors, anchor text, or any other content characteristics that sets specific text out as different when a search engine is spidering your site. Positioning refers to the position of the keywords in relation to the entire content on a given page. Aside from this type of positioning there is also the consideration of how the content and keywords are positioned relative to the code of the page (and sometimes these can be two very different things). This topic was touched on in a past article on table structures and will be covered in a future mini series on W3C complaint and search engine friendly design, to be published in September. Special formats such as bold, colors, italics, highlights, etc. set specific content aside as more important than the rest. The use of these formats, provided that it is done correctly, can not only help improve that rankings of your website for specific phrases but can also enhance the usability of your website in general by drawing the human eye to key content. This is not to say that you should bold, highlight and color every instance of your targeted phrase but rather use these elements to draw the eye to the key content you are most interested in getting read. With positioning the job is a bit more difficult to assess. One of the best ways to quickly isolate how your competitors have used special formats and where they have positioned there keywords in relation to the entire page is to simply run a search for the phrases on Google and view the cache of the page. The keywords will be highlighted in a variety of colors and will allow you to quickly glance through their page and isolate what special elements they are using and where they have positioned their keywords on the page. You will want to do this for the top 10 competitors. As with any competition, if you understand what those who have what you want are doing it becomes a matter of doing the same and then adding 10% to your efforts. In the case of onsite optimization you simply want to duplicate the best of the top ten, in part two on external factors you will be doing the 10% more. Dave Davies is the CEO of Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning Inc. Beanstalk is a guaranteed SEO firm that insures top positioning on the major search engines. Beanstalk would like to thank Shawn and all the folks at TopNet Solutions for seeking and taking our advice when adding their newest onsite factor analysis enhancements to Total Optimizer Pro. Dave Davies and Beanstalk offer guaranteed search engine positioning. He has been optimizing and ranking websites for over three years and has a solid history of success. Dave is available to answer any questions that you may have about your website and how to get it into the top positions on the major search engines. Read Dave other search engine positioning articles.

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