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Some of these items may have aged for a hundred years and are very delicate and prone to damages. a family owned storage company that is here to solve your problem for space and storage. We keep those extra belonging of yours and place them in a safe place where you can be 100% assured of their safety. Our self storage company owns a large land area and put up hundreds of storage room for our customers usage. Our El Centro storage company is much like any other type of apartment or renting facility, where you need only make a small monthly payment for your storage room. At our facility you can store anything from your vintage shoes, furniture, and any other priceless possessions. Another thing that we are working on is providing a fail proof security system, with an on site security guard in our establishment to prevent any possible burglary that may happen. Some pests which they often exterminate are termites which destroy any wooden or paper items in your storage and mice that bite off holes into your belongings. Next >Last Updated on Sunday, 17 April 2011 01:24Who's OnlineWe have 412 guests and 2 members online Adamanels Site StatisticMembers : 51011 Content : 87441 Web Links : 1423 Content View Hits : 15248437 Remember me Forgot login? RegisterLatest ArticlesMoncler Sito UfficialeSet Of Compact Disk Braking Mechanism CalipersImportant Facts You Need To Know About Tail LightMoncler DonnaBuy Plasti Dip Spray Online To Give A New Look To Your Vehicle Nike Roshe Run Men Obsidian Volt ,Men Nike Free Run 2 Black Gym Red Quilted Men Nike Free Run 2 Shield Grey Black Turquoise Grey Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women Grey Pink Quilted Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Cool Grey Reflective Silver Black Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Prism Blue Volt Men Nike Free Run 2 Drench Blue Orange White Men Nike Free Run 2 Bright Loyal Blue Pure Platinum White Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Anthracite Teal Quilted Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Gym Red Reflect Silver Stealth Quilted Are you wondering what happened to those loving feelings? You are still spending time with your partner, still doing things together, still sexually active, but just don't feel the intensity of love and passion that you used to. What happened to it? Did something go wrong in your relationship? Do you have the wrong partner? Although those are often the conclusions that people have, they are usually not the right answers. If you stop to think about it, you might realize that you have experienced this same decrease in passion in other areas of your life. Relationships with other people, hobbies, sports, and even your religion were probably all more exciting for you at first than they were after a while. Usually with hobbies, people end up giving them up when the passion is gone. Are we forced into either enduring our relationships or giving them up? Or is there another possibility? 1. SLEEP ONE MORE HOUR PER NIGHT. You will live longer (making up for the extra sleep time), be healthier, achieve more, and be able to focus on your partner. Fatigue damages sexuality, romance, and intimacy and takes the fun out of everything except sleeping. 2. MAKE LISTS. We live in a busy world with a lot of demands. Waiting for the demands to go away, or for the schedule to let up is not going to be your best strategy. Unclutter your mind by making lists. Shopping lists, chore lists, gift lists, whatever. Just like a backpack full or rocks takes the fun out of a stroll, so a mind full of demands and obligations takes the fun out of time with our partner. 3. SCHEDULE. The belief that things need to be spontaneous to be good is an example of a belief which limits your enjoyment. Change it. You and your partner can schedule a regular date night each week. . .?"). Schedule a regular time to be together each day as well, but don't make it too long. 4. HAVE SOME QUIET TIME. Everybody needs some time for themselves, not just to do what has to be done, but for solitary play, enjoyment, peace, and reflection. When we don't have those things, we tend to become more and more scattered and tired. 5. DO SOMETHING THAT EXCITES YOU. Having something that excites you in life besides your partner can make you more excited about your partner. It also will make you more exciting to your partner. Don't use your partner as an excuse to not do what you want to do in life. Relationships are for sharing our lives with our partner not for giving them up to our partner. What would that kind of freedom add to your relationship? 6. VARY YOUR ROUTINE. No matter how scenic the highway, it will become boring if you can only drive at 30 mph. Create a different kind of challenge in your relationship such as learning as a couple to dance, surf, camp, cook, or even start a business together. Don't wait for retirement to have fun. Time makes us regret not having done more with others while we still could. 7. INTENSIFY IT. Normally give your partner a quick kiss goodbye? How about intensifying it? Get the rest of your body involved, kiss longer, more deeply. Ask your partner what would make his or her toes curl if you did it. Why not do it? You can have the same passion with your spouse that you could have in an affair without the guilt and damage. Waiting for your relationship to be more fun is like waiting for your shoes to jump onto your feet in the morning. "I can't go out my shoes haven't jumped onto my feet yet." Absurd, isn't it? If your relationship is not fun, passionate, or intimate, make it that way. Have fun. Be creative. Shake it up. Enjoy your relationship. Just because you are in a long term relationship doesn't mean that you have to act that way. Change the common idea that affairs are exciting and that marriages are dull into its opposite marriages are fun and affairs are dull. We limit our behaviors more by our ideas than by any real world constraints. Learning to think in a different way means that we can learn to live in a different way. If you are tired of your routine, there is a good chance that your partner is too. "I would like to make our relationship more fun and exciting, how about you?" is a good way to start that conversation. If that just won't work with your partner, a relationship coach, like the AAA, can get you on the road and where you want to go. Nike Roshe Run Men Obsidian Volt,Fast food, the quick service restaurant (QSR), this is a special opportunity for some special people these jobs are also filled by high school students, college students, stranded tourists, housewives, people who are strapped for cash, refugees, and retirees. Most of these jobs require black shoes or black sneakers. This is the most important part of your uniform, as you will be standing up all day during this job. Some employers offer you a new pair of shoes or sneakers as part of the uniform package. You will need to wear shoes that fit right, shoes that are sturdy, durable, and comfortable for you to wear. If you cannot find shoes, you may need to consult with Dress for Success, an organization that helps clothe people that do not have a lot of money for clothing, or Goodwill, or Saint Vincent de Paul, or The Salvation Army. You will be able to receive an outfit from one of these organizations that will impress your interviewer. Fast food restaurants are "down" or downscale retail storefronts. If you are neat, clean, well groomed, and are able to be friendly without saying a whole lot of words, you will do fantastically well at the fast food restaurant, or QSR (quick service restaurant). If you are looking for a company to help pay for your college, many of these companies offer scholarships, or programs that will help pay for your tuition, and/or books, if you have reasonably good grades. If you are able to keep a 3.0 GPA, or even a 2.5 GPA, your tuition burden will be lightened by the company you work for. Most QSR, or fast food companies will provide you with one or two workshirts, and one or two pair of trousers to wear to work. There is no need to worry about uniforms, although, you may need to write a request every week politely and patiently in order to obtain two workshirts in your size. Washing your uniform daily going to the laundromat is difficult at times if you do not have a machine in your house. I use cheap shampoo (V05, Suave, Lander), the $1.00 per bottle shampoo, and wash my shirt off in the sink. The shampoo is cheaper than laundry detergent, and the stains usually are removed from the dark uniform shirt enough to look right, and smell pleasantly for the next day of work. If the shirt does not dry overnight, .25 cents will dry it at the local laundromat. What if I have a white shirt? Be certain to spot treat the shirt at work, before you go home, even if it is with a dilute cleaning solution from the janitorial spray bottle. You need to be careful with the bleaching of your white uniform shirt. Fill a clean bucket (not a little sand bucket, a gallon sized bucket at the very smallest) 1/2 full with water, then add 1/2 cup of bleach, then add your shirt. Let the shirt soak for at least three (3) hours in the diluted bleach solution. If you did not notice this stain until you arrived back to your pad/crib/place, you should still be allright. Check on the stain, it should be completely gone three hours later. Take the shirt out, place in the sink, (check the bucket for any undies that might have wafted into the bucket, and remove if found in the bucket), then, dump the water/bleach into the toilet. Then, you can wash your shirt in the sink with that cheap perfumed shampoo, so it has that pleasant qsr smell that will help you to fit in with your co workers. Leave the nice doodads at home. You can buy jewelry from a gumball machine and wear it to this job order. You can make hair ornaments yourself, or necklaces, and your coworkers will appreciate it. You can wear those trinkets to work that you could not wear to your office job. Key words to use: Hello, good day, greetings customer! May I take your order please?, May I help you? Is there anything else you would like? Would you like to supersize that? Thank you for your order always be polite to the customer. Keep your eye on the cash, double count the cash, make sure that your drawer contains exactly the money that your cash register receipts say that it contains. Make sure that you are an accurate cash handler. Please note this is not a career, unless you are planning to become the restaurant manager. Training people to work at the shop: you can have your phone ringing off the hook, have every employer in town calling you, if you interview well. Your entire house can be employed just by using these simple tips. Remember, there are only so many restaurants in a given town, if your housemates get the bright idea of starting a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) employment agency, the whole place could go belly up in weeks. If you are going to be employing friends, let your friends swim, or let them quit. Just try to relax, be peaceful, and enjoy your day at work, while working.

Shop With Discount Nike Roshe Run Men Obsidian Volt,Nike Roshe PRM Women Aubergine Sail White Electric Green 1. Marquette named Founding National Partner in Cristo Rey initiative The Cristo Rey Network recently launched its University Partner Initiative, with Marquette University as one of seven Founding National Partners. The initiative seeks to formalize and deepen Cristo Rey strategic relationships with colleges and universities committed to ensuring college success for Cristo Rey Network students. Partners have committed to assisting the Cristo Rey Network expand its levels of support for its graduates and schools through scholarship programs, job sponsorship, pre college summer enrichment programs, academic support programs and more. has been recruiting Cristo Rey graduates since the first Cristo Rey school opened its doors in 1998, and now has 20 Cristo Rey graduates enrolled, said Robert A. always impressed me about Cristo Rey high schools is that the education is so focused on helping students achieve a college degree in preparation for lives of leadership and service. This university partner program will help students and the Cristo Rey Network reach that goal. Fourteen additional colleges and universities from around the country joined the initiative as National University Partners. The Cristo Rey Network provides college prep education to economically challenged young men and women in urban communities across the United States. 2. Law School to run Foreclosure Mediation Program Marquette University Law School will receive $310,000 to implement the , which will provide mediation between lenders and residential borrowers facing foreclosure. The funding results from the proceeds of the successful Countrywide Financial Corporation lawsuit. The City of Milwaukee earlier approved $100,000 in funding for the same effort. The Milwaukee Foreclosure Mediation program will be a voluntary, court based independent mediation option for lenders and borrowers. The program, located at the Milwaukee County Courthouse, will seek to alleviate the current backlog of foreclosure cases in the county court system by offering the option of mediation to residential homeowners who reside in owner occupied properties. The Law School will hire a trained chief mediator to lead mediation efforts, in addition to another full time position providing administrative support. The chief mediator and Law School faculty, together with an advisory board, will recruit other qualified attorneys to volunteer their time toward the effort. Law students will provide supervised volunteer assistance in the form of research, case management and other mediation related activities. 4. Criminal Appeals Conference to address appellate process The Law School will host a on Monday and Tuesday, June 15 and 16, in Sensenbrenner Hall. More than a dozen leading scholars of criminal law and judicial process from across the nation will gather for an in depth discussion of emerging issues and new research relating to the appellate review of convictions and sentences. The participants will present papers dealing with both state and federal systems, examining the appellate process from a variety of perspectives. Scholars will also be joined by a panel of state supreme court justices and other distinguished appellate jurists from around the United States. Marquette students can attend for free. The cost is $25 for individual sessions or $60 for all three sessions for the public. Breakfast and lunch are included with sessions I and III. 6. College of Professional Studies holding information session Register online. For more information, call the College of Professional Studies at 8 3153. News Briefs is published for Marquette students, faculty and staff every Monday and Thursday, except during summer and academic breaks when only the Monday edition is published. The deadline for the Monday edition is noon Friday. The deadline for the Thursday edition is noon Wednesday. Highest priority notices as determined by university leadership are also sent periodically. To comment, ask a question or submit news to share, e mail, call 8 6712 or send your note in campus mail to News Briefs, Office of Marketing and Communication. Please review the submission guidelines before sending news items. Past issues of News Briefs are available online. Nike Roshe Run Men Obsidian Volt While some of us have been blessed with the ability to easily adapt to dance steps with grace and flow, there are still those who cower at the idea of dancing. If you're one of those who have little or no experience in dancing, fear not because we will provide you one of the most basic ballroom dance anybody can show off. And the best part here is that you can learn it with minimal effort. Before you jump into your dancing shoes, let's have a brief background on the dance that is called Cha Cha. The dance picked up the feet movements of Swing and the beat of Mambo; later on, they realized that their feet made peculiar sounds that sounded like "cha cha cha" and thus cha cha was born. Today, the cha cha is danced with music with 4/4 time with a tempo usually ranging from 110 112 BPM (beats per minute). This is the ideal speed but you could groove to slower Latin tunes for a more seductive effect or a more upbeat music that's fun and energetic. Now enough of the preliminaries, let's Cha cha! If you've seen any instructional videos, you'd be familiar to how they put counts to the basic steps or if you remember your high school teacher saying "one two three and one two" which would later be specified as quick quick slow quick slow, meaning quicker steps and slower enunciation of the steps. If you're having trouble as to how the counting works, you can try saying it in time with a cha cha song it'll give you clues with its tunes on how fast or slow you should count. 1. Get a hold of cha cha music. As you progress, you will realize that you can adapt cha cha to any tune with 4/4 time. But for now, it's best to start with the classic cha cha songs until you can figure out the steps with the timing. Ask your local music store for suggestions. 2. The count often used for the cha cha is 1,2,3,4 for the pacing, it goes a little something like "Slow, slow, slow, quick, quick, slow, slow, slow, quick, quick." some also refer to it at one, two, three, cha, cha, cha (this refers to brisk steps or when your feet tap on the ground with slightly quicker movements similar to tap tap tap or left right left). Sounds confusing? No worries, you do not need to understand this right away as this counting will fall into place as you learn the basic dance moves. Our starting position. Stand up straight feet parallel or your normal standing position. Remember the beats we were talking about before? Each step would be equivalent to a beat. STEP 1. Step your right foot forward, not too much as you might lose your balance if you step too far. Bend your left knee like it was mimicking the movement of your right knee but keep your left foot intact. STEP 2. Transfer your weight to your left foot this will straighten your left knee and step your right foot back to its original place, giving you a more fluid transition to step three STEP 3. Then step your left foot backwards, this is just an inverted version of your STEP 1. STEP 4. A quick reminder: steps 1 3 correspond to the slow slow slow. This one, as you may have guessed, falls on the quick pace or the cha cha cha. For beginners, finish the sequence off by pulling your left foot back to place and tap your feet in place as right left right. Voila! That's your first sequence. You can continue the dance by going back to step one. Once you're comfortable with this basic routine, you may add variations like which foot goes forward first and so on. When you partner up and you're a girl, your first step would be the reverse the steps of your partner or simply sing the order STEP 3, 2, 1 then connect it to STEP 4. And that's how you do the Cha Cha!

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