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Today we opening the doors to a new Squidoo Forum for lensmasters. It lives right here on SquidooHQ. He there to help everyone keep the rules of engagement in mind, whenever necessary. If each one of you is helpful and positive and kind to your fellow lensmasters, the forum will thrive. As a result, so will your lenses. The old SquidU forum, a longtime haven for community chatter,will be archived and all existing posts will be preserved there. So where do I find the forum. Now it sitting at HQ, but do we always have to go to HQ to get to the forum? Will there be a button to hit on that says or something? Is this an ongoing endless new topics forum? No anymore for different kind of questions? All I see up till now is a constant promoting your own lenses or those of others. Oh well, maybe I should get some sleep first, at the moment I not too exiceted yet about the new concept, maybe I just sit and watch which direction it is going. No you to the lensmasters who have run the old forum the best way they could? or did I miss that. Why wouldn we just stick with the Squidoo lensmasters Facebook page, instead of one that monitored. Squidoo does many things right, but we should maintain a place where we can comment freely without the HQ controls. Squidoo HQ, as many of us know, is simply unwilling to address certain issues. We need to talk about them independently as well as alternatives. This does not read to me like an effort on Squidoo part to address the problems that some of us have been bringing up without response for a long time. One thing I like to say: THANK YOU to the SquidU forum moderators who took on a tough volunteer job and carried it off with patience, aplomb, impartiality, and a lively sense of humor for well over a year. Some had doubts about HQ removing itself from our lensmaster lounge, but our mods were there every day removing spam, giving help to new members and old, defusing problems, and making SquidU a haven and home for many of us who have relied on it for social connection (and lens promotion, and getting or giving Squidoo help) among our fellow lensmasters, some of us for five years or more. I may have been scarce in the forums lately, but I still snuck over to SquidU to see how Squidoo members were doing. I could do that because the mods were there looking after the forum, even when the rest of us members take time off and get busy with other projects. That a labor of love from unpaid volunteers. They succeeded in maintaining a vibrant and treasured community. And they worked their buns off. Let pause and give them a hand, eh? A massive thanks to the moderators at squidu, it was a huge shock this morning when I went to squidu and found it closed. I think there should have been more notice and a big notice to thank the moderators, lets face it, they were using their own time, and I sure emotions, and energy, on keeping that place free from spam, and trying to answer every ones questions. I will miss the squidu forum, but will try to join in with the new one. It a bit un settling when things are suddenly closed and stopped, with no notice. Thank you for the kind words re moderation of the ex forums. It been a pleasant task, in the main, apart from having to delete way too many Chinese spammers and having to be polite to you know who :) Change is often upsetting and, while it would have been good to see the replacement working properly and users imported before pulling the SquidU plug, I sure these faults will be ironed out and you soon have a functioning and vibrant new medium here. Best wishes to Tom who will, we told, be the only moderator henceforth. Let hope he has a smooth ride and that the spammers share a timezone with him! Let hope also that he doesn have too much moderating to do, interfering with the work he does eliminating much of the bad and illegal from lenses. Nonetheless, it be good to have a communication channel with HQ again. Would have been nice to have a link to this on the old forum so we know why this is happening. Yes, the why is important for many of us, not just the what. Also, this explanation or a link to it should be in the new forum. As always, information flow is critical to empowerment. I generally have a nagging feeling with Squidoo that someone doesn want to reveal all the facts. (For example, the lack of transparency about the whole Flickr thing.) Also, with the SquidUtils plug in for the forum, the notice is not visible. I saw it on mobile but not on desktop. That is yet another reason to plaster this link liberally. I do not subscribe to this blog because the vast majority of it is not pertinent to me, an established lensmaster. I wish we could subscribe ONLY to the official news feed, the items that broadcast important changes. This is great news! I always thought it odd that the SquidU forum was completely separate. Having it here at HQ is much better. One question though we need to have our posts moderated before they show up? I just typed out a long post critiquing a new lens and it did not show up! It just disappeared into thin air! Luckily I copied it though before posting just to be safe as I am familiar with losing forum posts this way! But I do not want to keep trying to post it if it just needs to be checked first. Please let me know so that my advice can get through. Cheers : ) Nike Roshe Run Men Royal Volt ,Nike Roshe Run Men Anthracite Volt Quilted Nike Roshe Run Men Black Red Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Green Men Nike Free Run 2 Black Gym Red Quilted Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women Black Pink Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Green Men Nike Free Run 2 Turquoise White Orange Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Dark Obsidian Silver Soar Blue Men Nike Free Run 2 Sail White Red Grey Quilted Iron Skull or "Absolutely No Checkpoints, ever" This is one of my least favorite skulls. It also, without a doubt, earns the most ire whenever i play a level using it. Say for instance, you decide to play "The Covenant" on legendary, a level which, if you don't die(remember this, it's improtant), takes a good 45 minutes to complete. Now say you've just gotten to the part where The Arbiter kills The Prophet of Truth(SPOILER ALERT!!! sorry for any girl or person from 2007 reading this) which is about 30 minutes in. You've killed a ton of Brutes, at least three Wraith Tanks, three or four Ghosts, two Choppers, three standing turrets, and two Hunters (not to mention enough Grunts and Jackals to fill an olympi swimming pool with their blood alone) and had to get in three or four vehicles and avoid being exploded just to get to this point. Then, someone sticks you with a grenade and you die. Usually, this is a minor, irritating setback. However, if you have the Iron Skull on, you have to start the level over completely, and DO ALL THOSE THINGS AGAIN! If you're like me, a suave billionaire who double teams supermodels witht he ghost of Teddy Roosevelt and plays Halo 3 when he's bored, this causes you to pull your hair out and scream, "REALLY? ONE GREANDE DESTROYS ALL MY PAST ACCOMPLISHMENTS?" This is like having to redo your term paper because you had a typo or a grammar error, completely fucking rediculous. The only good thing about playing with skull is you get really good at not dying after a while. That being said, do not use this skull unless you have incredible patience or are a ninja. This skull isn't so much annoying as it is cumbersome. This makes it so that your sheilds will not rechrage until you melee attack an enemy. Now i'm all for plasma pistol whipping a Grunt so hard their face mask falls off but when i'm fighting a literal Shitton (or two metric assloads for you europeans out there) of enemies and coming under constant fire, i have little opportunity to go out of my way to smack a bitch, no matter how much i want to. This skull, as many other skulls, causes a lot more dying on your part than anything else. Tough Luck or "Dodgeball" This skulls makes all the enemies really good at dodging things. Grenades, Needler Rounds, Fuel Rod Gun Shots, shoes thrown at them during press conferences, you name it, they dodge it. Remember how satisfying it felt to lob a plasma grenade into a phalanx of Grunts and watch them go flying because they were too stupid to know what a shiny ball of death looks like? Well now, they will all dive away from anything resembling a grenade, rendering explosives pretty much useless unless you stick them. This isn't a bad skull to use, it makes the game legitimately more challenging without ging so far as to make it aggravating. Catch or "Halo 3 as directed by Michael Bay" This is also one of the more annoying skulls in the game. It turns your game into a Michael Bay movie, minus the skanky chicks. It increases the number of explosions by about 1000%. Basically, everyone in the game but you gets an unlimited supply of grenades, which they use to solve all their problems. Remember the first part of the Crow's Nest Level, where that Warthog gets blown up by a single plasma grenade? Well now it gets blown up by 20. Then when you go down that corridor to kill all the grunts, they thriw about thirty more at you, EACH! Brutes do this too. one good thing about this skull is that your allies, retards as they are also get unlimited grenades, which they use a lot. However, they aren't too careful about where they aim, so you're just as likely to die by their hands as you are by the Covenant's. Also, when an enemy dies, their grenades are scattered around them, if any grenades go off near this ordinance pile, every grenade goes off, making every room a minefield and toss a risk. Also, every greandes thrown by an enemy goes directly at you, even if they are throwing from across the map. They could throw a grenade from Pluto, and it would travel at a constant speed, maintaining the perfect arc, to land right on top of you, in your exact position, at the bottom of the Mariana Trench on Earth. Because of this, you die, A LOT! You can only imagine how frustrating it is to play with Iron and Catch activated. Fog or "No Help for You" There's not much to be said about this skull. It just takes away your radar. Famine or "Make Your Shots Count" This skull really makes the game challenging. it makes all your weapons spawn with half as much ammo as they normally would, drastically limiting the number of shots you can fire and making it much harder to kill enemies. Interstingly enough, weapons that come in crates are unaffected by this skull but they are few and far between on some levels. Also, it makes energy swords and gravity hammers have less charge in them, which really pisses me off. Thunderstorm or "Everyone's A General" This skull is pretty interesting. It makes every enemy go up in rank. Rank is determined by shiled capacity, difficulty to kill, and armor color. This makes just about every Grunt a red or green Grunt instead of an orange one, every Brute a red or gold Brute instead of blue, and every Jackal have a gold shield. This effectively makes them harder to kill and makes them better shots. Tilt or "Steroids" This amplifies enemies' resistances and weaknesses. All covenant armor is strong against bullets but weak against plasma bolts. This means that with this skull activated on legendary mode it will take about 180 shots from an assault rifle to remove a gold Brute's armor, but only one charged plasma pistol shot to do the same amount of damage. It also doubles their health, so it takes twice as much damage to kill them. This allows most enemies to survive a grenade going off right next to them and some Brutes to survive a direct sticking grendade to the head. TO THE HEAD!!!!! this skull makes enemies so broken, it's like fighting an army of Metaknights in Super Smash Bros. Brawl when you are playing as Mewtwo, totally unfair. Mythic or "Good Luck" This skull is the mother of all skulls. It adds an extra difficulty level, Mythic, which is harder than Legendary! The only thing harder than beating a game on Mythic, is beating a game with every one of the aforementioned skulls activated on Mythic, and the only thing harder than that is my cock, which can cut through diamonds. Mythic makes every enemy even tougher, have even more health, and ten times as numerous. Blind or "Look, Ma, No Guns!" This is the first Silver Skull, it turns your weapons invisible so you cannot see which you are using, where you are aiming or how much ammo you have left. Every time you shoot a Grunt in the head with a scoped weapon, he explodes, confetti showers down, and little children scream, "Hooray!" in the background. This made me fall over laughing the first time i saw it in action. It provides endless hours of fun for the whole family, just get a battle rifle and a load of Grunts and you have a party! Also, the explosion caused by getting a head shot can set off nearby plasma grenades casuing more explosions!!! Cowbell or "Fuck You, Einstein" This Skull amplifies the physics in the game. If a grenade goes off near an enemy and manages not to kill them, they go flying. Melee attacks also cause enemies to go farther than usual. A Grunt will go 20 feet, a Jackal 10, and a Brute 5. Also, it increases the explosion radius of the grenades so that they damage more enemies and have a greater chance of setting off other grenades! I Would Have Been Your Daddy or "The Most Worthless Skull in the Game" Ok, i'm going to catch a lot of flack for this, i know, but hear me out. All this skull does is change the dialogue in the game. It IS funny the first few times to hear a Brute say, "You killed my lover" but after that, it gets old. Also, the effort required to get this skull is absurd. You have to jump through a series of giant, holographic hoops to get this skull in a specific order that no one would have thought of on their own. And even if you do that, it doesn't always work. I doubt many people could find this skull without the use of a strategy guide or cheat site. That said, I think you'll agree that the effort required to get this skull is not matched by the rewards it delivers. Nike Roshe Run Men Royal Volt,Are you are looking for that dress for a special occasion? You should have a browse at the classic collection from Karen Millen. Karen Millen dresses stand out anywhere if you want to make an impression on a first date or an event. The cut and design of dresses created by this fashion designer is exceptional and the clothing by this brand is well recognized internationally for their quality of clothing. But they do tend to be on the expensive side so if you are going to buy one of these dresses, it really needs to be for something important. Unless, of course, you generally shop within this price range anyway! Choose a color, shape and fabric that does not go out of fashion so you'll have the dress for a long time to enjoy. A mini black dress from this brand is a great buy as black dresses are always the most versatile. Most of us who work probably don not have time to wear expensive dresses to places. If you are not a dress person, you will be looking to purchase the cheapest option but the same quality of clothing. Here, eBay is very useful. There are loads of pre owned dresses that you may purchase that are still in great condition. Just make sure that the product you are buying is the real thing. Even though it is not common, you will still find fake products being sold on eBay so just double check the history and feedback on the seller of the item. Karen Millen has an extensive collection of dresses so you will be spoilt for choice. The fabrics are beautiful and for a variety of looks you can pick floral prints. Matching accessories and shoes are also a good way to create the look that you desire.

Cheap Authentic Mens Nike Roshe Run Men Royal Volt,Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Red Exodus 3 v 14 "And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shall thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you." Romans 10 v 15 "And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET OF THEM THAT PREACH THE GOSPEL OF PEACE, AND BRING GLAD TIDINGS OF GOOD THINGS!" Sunday morning, May 7, 2006, I went to the nursing home in Waycross, Georgia to preach. I have been going there for about 19 years. As my friend Nancy and I arrived, we were warmly greeted by Brother "Hoppy", and the few others who had gathered for worship; only about five residents were there. We sang other songs, and more residents came, some rolling in on their own in their wheel chairs, some slowly walking in, and some assisted by the staff. Most all were joining in the singing and the Lord's presence was precious and sweet. While Nancy was preparing to sing, I had them all join in in singing this chorus, "God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He is so good to me. God answers prayers, God answers prayers, God answers prayers, He is so good to me. O come let us adore Him, O come let us adore Him, O come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord". The singing was sweet as birds singing on an early spring morning. Nancy sang a couple of songs, one was "It's Shouting Time in Heaven", about another sinner being saved. She also shared some scripture. Sister Smith was not with us, she has also been going to the nursing home for almost 19 years. Her health is not so good, and she recently had a stroke, but overcome that and is usually with us on Sunday morning. Today, she had pain in her knees, and had to stay home. She lives about five miles from the nursing home and drives herself. She is 82. After the singing, all was quiet as I opened the scriptures. The Lord had given me a message from Exodus Chapter 3. Everyone was very attentive, despite their physical afflictions. When Moses turned aside to see the burning bush, the Lord saw that he had turned aside, and then begin to talk to Moses. We all need to take time to turn aside and hear God. He then told Moses, to put off his shoes from his feet because he was standing on holy ground. I just imagine the Lord saw Moses feet, and thought they were beautiful. After all, them feet was going to carry Moses and the children of Israel out of bondage and into the promise land. Those sent by the Lord have beautiful feet! I then preached on the Exodus, and how God was with Moses, how enemies were in the land, and how Moses had help. I then relayed how God sees our afflictions and sends deliverance in His time. I also talked about hope, and the expectation of what lies before us. I used an example from my own life. As a teenager, I used to help a local farmer. He grew tobacco, and we had to harvest it. We each had a row to pick, and the work was dirty, hot and backbreaking. At the end of the row, we would get to rest, and get to drink some cool refreshing water. We knew what was at the end of the row. On my row, I sometimes encountered rattlesnakes, spiders, and other enemies. I had to be alert to see these dangers. Sometimes, I lagged behind the other workers, and they would help me catch up. Sometimes, I was ahead, and I would help them. Our Christian walk is like harvesting a row of tobacco. We sometimes get tired, encounter enemies, but others help us along (and we help others). It requires a team effort. I preached some on Psalm 42 v 5 "Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted in me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him for the help of his countenance". I relayed how the children of Israel had hope in the Lord while in bondage for over 400 years, and God heard their cries and sent deliverance. I told the congregation that God would hear their prayers and send help to them. I talked about King Hezekiah, how the prophet came and told him to get his affairs in order because he was going to die. Hezekiah prayed unto God, God heard his prayers and saw his tears, and gave him 15 more years to live. I then quoted Hebrews 11 v 1. This great service and worship of the Lord came to a close, we sang "Til we meet, til we meet, God be with you to we meet again." Nancy and I then went to a homecoming service at Martha Memorial United Methodist church, about 24 miles away from the nursing home. The nearby Baptist pastor brought the message, and we then had a great homecoming dinner. I saw some old friends (I had preached there as an associate for four years), and it was good to see all of them. Nike Roshe Run Men Royal Volt With the name of sandals for a special occasion, one immediately thinks of high heels and stilettos. But they are not the right choices as they leave you stuck in sand for every step you walk in them and you may also trip to fall in them thus spoiling your impression in the crowd. Well, for beach wedding, you have numerous choices of beach wedding shoes ranging from ornamental flip flops to embedded thongs cater to your comfort and fashion requirements. This article will take you through some buying guidelines for shopping this footwear more easily in less time. So, scroll through the below mentioned factors that should be considered while shopping this footwear; Browse for some styles of this footwear on web. You can find beach bridal shoes especially meant for beach weddings. They are the ideal choice that provides great comfort and appearance to you. If you don't want to go too simple in your wedding with flat sandals, then a pair of elegant gladiator sandals paired with flowing wedding gown will work out wonders for you in the ceremony. Flats are not a bad option for this ceremony. They are a great comfort for beach wear. If you want to stay in style with good comfort, then shop for flats embedded with some ornaments like pearls and stones or any designer works. Such ornamental flats will give you a great appearance in the crowd. If you are unable to resist yourself from wearing heel sandals, then go for a pair of elegant wedge or platform sandals. These shoes well balances your feet on the sand thus satisfying your style needs. Even flip flops and thongs are a great style bet for your wedding ceremony. Comfortable and stylish flip flops and thong sandals are available in wide varieties for beach weddings with beautiful colors like ivory, white, gold and silver. You can even go for these shoes designed with pearls and Swarovski diamonds in leather, nubuck and woven fabrics that will gain you a heck lot of beautiful appearance.

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