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One such item is the boat shoe, and traditionally we see a few variations on the brown boat shoe. However the selection of boat shoes and boat shoe hybrids now available resembles a Jolly Rancher color wheel, as shown in a recent issue of GQ magazine (see pic at right). Gucci Lace Up Shoes This shoe is patriotic with an Italian flair. Crafted in blue and white leather with red suede trim. $455.00 Limited Edition Gucci Ronson Lace Up Sneakers This limited edition was a collaboration with Mark Ronson, and features special silver collector's box with New York city map tissue paper. The shoe is dark blue leather and orange canvas. $530.00 Calfskin Leather Boat Shoe Classic boat shoe design with a calfskin upper, and leather lining. $98.00 Quoddy for UO Blucher Moc Hand sewn in Maine by . Created in exclusive collaboration with UO. This blucher moc features a rust suede upper with brown leather laces. $220.00 Anchor Canvas Green Boat Shoe A classic boat shoe simplified with a low profile design. $38.00 Jack Purcell Blue Boat Shoe This shoe combines the durability and versatility of a sneaker with the good looks of a boat shoe. $70.00 Sperry Top Sider Sneakers This shoe is a throwback from the Sperry archives to celebrate it's 75th anniversary. $88.00 Sperry Top=Sider Authentic Original Broken In Chino Boat Shoes The original improved with partially chambray lining to complement the cotton twill uppers. $118.00 Sperry Top=Sider Authentic Original Broken In Boat Shoes This shoe features a custom coloring for each pair with exclusive off white soles. $98.00 The versatile boat shoe is a definite spring essential which can be worn with denim, seersucker, khakis, and shorts. One quick way to shut down the boat shoe is by wearing it with sock. The shoe is best worn sans sock unless you are a skilled dandy with signature style. With his unique vision as the award winning Director/ Producer of First Street Films, Michael Joyner brings his unique fashion sense for all to share. Gifted with pattern mixing and his visually arresting color sense, Michael is poised to cut 'his mark' into the conservative fabric of Washington, DC's fashion scene. The DC Men's Style Examiner is currently launching a clothing line, 'Silas Sam', with his business partner, Derrick Cooper. The line will debut with custom tailored shirting infused with 'authentic sartorial swagger.'Contact meOutdoor exercise tips: What to wear for cold weather workoutsWhen there is a chill in the air, it's easy to think you'd be better off to put in a workout DVD, take your daily walk indoors at the local mall, or better yet, skip it all together. But as long. Tips for moving houseplants from outdoors to indoorsMany gardeners keep their houseplants outside during the summer and move them inside for the winter. Typically this is a good strategy but with moving plants in during the winter the plants. Roshe Run PRM Men Hazelnut Oxford Brown Anthracite Sail White ,Women Nike Free Run 2 Black White Anthracite Women Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black Red White Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Grey Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Blue Nike Roshe Run Men Black Volt Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Grey Gym Red Nike Roshe Run PRM Women Red White Sail Quilted Men Nike Free Run 3 Gym Red White Reflect Silver Volt Nike Roshe Run Women Grey Pink With student achievement becoming one of the driving concerns in many school district action plans, parents are often encouraged to "do their part" in supporting school efforts to boost their child's test scores. The fact is, there is no way you can guarantee any particular score or increment of growth for your child. But there are many ways you can ensure the optimized learning and enhanced mastery of grade appropriate skills and content efforts that are sure to result in the highest possible test scores. Arm Your Child with Test Taking Strategies When it comes to doing well on tests, there's no substitute for learning. After all, standardized and criterion referenced tests are supposed to assess student mastery of what is being taught in the schools. Nevertheless, familiarizing your child with test taking strategies can reduce missed items that are caused by such controllable factors as carelessness and misunderstanding of test format. Here are a few guidelines that will help anyone succeed on a test: Don't Rush Many careless mistakes can be avoided by reading the question carefully and thinking about each answer. Don't Belabor If you find yourself spending too much time on question, mark it and come back after you have completed the rest of the test. (Your child will need to follow the teacher's instructions regarding marks on the test. While he can probably mark the test booklet, the test answer sheet itself needs to be free of any stray marks that can cause problems when scoring automatically.) Do Follow Directions Make sure that you listen carefully when the teacher reads the directions. If you don't understand something, make sure you ask for clarification. Chances are good that if you did not understand, someone else didn't either but was afraid to ask. Do Be Confident Read the question, then think up the answer before you look at the offered responses. Your first guess will often be the right answer. Do Be Careful After completing the test, go back and double check to make sure you have answered every question. Also check to make sure that you marked the answer that you meant to. If you run out of time before you get to do this, don't worry you probably already have this covered if you were following the other do's and don'ts. Help Alleviate Test Anxiety Believe it or not, a certain amount of test anxiety is good; in its best form, this type of anxiety is called "level of concern," and it can result in a child paying more attention and attending more closely to the task at hand. Test anxiety is not good, however, when it results in too much stress and perhaps even manifests itself in physical symptoms. Here are a few things you can do to help your child alleviate unhealthy levels of test anxiety: Take the Mystery Out of Testing Sometimes anxiety is caused by simply not knowing what to expect from the testing experience. Find out what type of exam it will be; will the answers be multiple choice, true and false, or short response? Check to see what the data will be used for, and reassure your child that these tests are not normally used in grading on the report card. Post the dates of the testing period prominently to reduce feelings of uncertainty. Don't Feed the Fear Discuss test anxiety with your child, but be careful not to instill it. If you provide the opportunity for your child to express his concerns, he probably will. Then you will be able to address them specifically. Deep Breathing Encourage your child to take a few deep breaths when he is feeling anxious. Deep, focused breathing is an excellent stress reduction technique, and it provides a bonus: an oxygenated brain functions best. The reason behind many schools providing breakfast in their cafeterias is based on plenty of solid research that backs up the importance of breakfast each day. Children who eat breakfast perform better on tests involving math processes, matching figures, and vocabulary; they demonstrate improved attention and memory; they make fewer mistakes; and their reaction to frustration (an important trait when dealing with especially challenging material) is healthier. When planning meals or providing snacks, knowing what foods enhance or hinder brain functions can help you make choices that maximize learning for your child. Antioxidants The brain uses about a fourth of the body's oxygen intake. This means that the brain is also highly susceptible to oxidation or deterioration caused by free radicals, one of the byproducts of using oxygen. Antioxidants help protect cells by interfering with the damage caused by free radicals, and in turn help improve memory a critical brain function when it comes to learning. (New research indicates that antioxidants' protective qualities in the brain can also prevent Alzheimer's disease as we age.) Antioxidant vitamins include C, E, and beta carotene (a specific type of vitamin A), but it is much more preferable to obtain these nutrients from food rather than by supplements. Kid friendly foods that are good sources of antioxidants include blueberries, strawberries, oranges, red grapes, and red apples. Onions, broccoli, and spinach while perhaps not as high on children's dietary preferences lists are also excellent sources. B Vitamins Foods that are rich in B vitamins can help preserve the fatty myelin sheath that covers nerves and is so critical to their correct performance. These vitamins B 1, thiamin; B 6, pyridoxine; and B 12, cobolamin also help with neurochemical reactions in the brain. High levels of B vitamins are found in nuts, seeds, dairy products, lean meat and poultry, seafood, eggs, whole grains, and broccoli. Folic Acid One of the brain enhancing powerhouses in the B vitamin lineup is folic acid, also known as folate. Folic acid helps improve memory, and it also speeds up processing of information. Its impact on the brain is so significant that health experts recommend its use in treatment of chronic depression, and also urge expectant mothers to take in plenty to ensure healthy development for their baby. Excellent sources of dietary folic acid Romaine lettuce, spinach, orange juice, white beans, black eyed peas, lentils, broccoli, spinach, and papaya. Omega 3 Fatty Acids More than two thirds of the brain is composed of fat, so it requires a steady amount of dietary fat to function at its best. Some fats, however, are better than others, and omega 3 fatty acids which have been proven to improve attention, focus, and concentration by more than 30 percent appear to be among the most beneficial. A common source of omega 3 fatty acids is fish, like salmon, sardines, herring, and tuna. (Back in the 1950s, English children were routinely administered a daily dose of cod liver oil at school.) Vegetarian sources include leafy green vegetables, walnuts, and flaxseeds. (One study of more than 300 children ages six to nine found that flax seed oil taken in conjunction with vitamin C decreased symptoms like restlessness, inattention, and learning problems that are often attributed to Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.) Some companies are feeding their chickens special flax rich diets to produce eggs that are rich in DHA and other omega 3 fats Chocolate Your child might be relieved to know that not all brain friendly foods are green. Chocolate contains chemicals that increase verbal and visual memory, enhance mood, and improve the amount of work one can do in one sitting. Drink Plenty of Water Our bodies need water to perform correctly, and the brain is no exception. Research shows that drinking water enhances mental coordination, improves concentration, and sharpens implementation of academic skills. Some nutritionists recommend one eight ounce glass of water for every 25 pounds of body weight so a 75 pound third grader should be drinking about three glasses of water each day. Certain factors, such as exercise, stress, and physical condition, can impact our body's water requirements. Infants should obtain their liquid in the form of breast milk or formula, and too much water can actually hurt a person of any age; so, when in doubt about how much water is right for your child, consult with your family healthcare provider. Avoid Sugary Drinks The occasional soda is fine for a treat, but allowing your child to rely on sugary drinks as a daily beverage mainstay can do more harm than good when it comes to school performance. A recent study evaluated subject test performance 80 minutes after ingestion of a sugar packed beverage; subjects demonstrated impaired observation skills, decreased alertness and attention span, and slowed reaction times in mental processing. Ample Sleep Research shows that sleep really does matter. Children ages five through fourteen operate best on 9 to 10 hours of sleep each night. When children get under nine hours of sleep, they experience a decrease in the brain functions that support learning. Volunteer While most schools truly value every parent's input and opinion, your say may carry more weight if you volunteer in a leadership position with your school's site based planning committee or school site council. Quite often these organizations are instrumental in discussing the school's vision and mission statements, budgetary allocations, and other administrative concerns at a policy level. Many of these concerns like hiring more teachers to decrease class size, or deciding whether to install a soda machine on campus can directly impact your child's performance. Play with Your Child Studies show that nurturing parents who spend time interacting with their child have a far more powerful impact than any number of commercial programs, books, tapes, or CDs. By familiarizing yourself with what your child is doing in school, you can even tie home activities into the curriculum, strengthening what he is learning at school. Attendance Your child is more likely to master the skills and concepts needed to do well on a test if he is in school every day. Movement Certain body movements enhance brain function. Activities that cause the extremities to cross over the midline of the body, like crawling and skipping, encourage integration of the right and left brain hemispheres; this has been directly linked to reading achievement. Some research has found that video games like Dance Dance Revolution, which integrate whole body movement with rhythmic tapping, improve a variety of brain functions, including concentration, attention, math and reading fluency, and language processing. Roshe Run PRM Men Hazelnut Oxford Brown Anthracite Sail White,THE race to be crowned the Club Stars Mayo Senior Championship 'Footballer of the Year' begins this week with three of the biggest names in the county going head to head for the prestigious accolade.Ballintubber duo Cillian O'Connor and Alan Dillon, plus Castlebar's Barry Moran have all been selected for the senior shortlist by the Club Stars judging panel of John Casey, Austin Garvin, Sean Rice and Eamonn Clarke.Now the rest is up to you!The winner of the award will be revealed on the night of the seventh annual Mayo News/O'Neills Club Stars Banquet at Knockranny House Hotel on Saturday, December 10.There is sure to be huge interest in the competition over the next ten days with all three players enjoying consistently excellent campaigns.Cillian O'Connor (19) was recently named the national 'Young Footballer of the Year' after a stunning debut season with Mayo and he carried that form into the club championship.Alan Dillon (30) hardly out a foot wrong either during yet another superb season with Ballintubber. The 2006 All Star, who has been a regular on the Club Stars XV for the last six years, pulled all the strings for the county champions.And Barry Moran was back to his best for Castlebar this year. An injury free run coincided with a string of eye catching displays at midfield as he inspired the Mitchels into their second successive county final. He also produced a big game on the big day, earning the 'man of the match' award.The nominee that receives the most votes on The Mayo News website will be declared the Mayo SFC 'Player of the Year' and receive the Willie McNeela Perpetual Trophy, which is dedicated to the late, great Mid West Radio sports broadcaster.Last year's winner of the award was Castlebar's Richie Feeney.Meanwhile, ticket sales continue to be brisk ahead of the seventh annual Mayo News/O'Neills Club Stars Banquet.The awards ceremony, which is being held in association with AIB, will see the 'Team of the Year' and five replacements revealed, plus presentations will be made to the 'Manager of the Year', Anthony McGarry, and the Junior and Intermediate championship 'Players of the Year'. To avoid disappointment please call 098 25311 or e mail

Store Online Womens Roshe Run PRM Men Hazelnut Oxford Brown Anthracite Sail White,Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Blue Instead of old fashioned crisscross laces, try lacing up with a bar formation. Not only do bar shoe laces look clean, but they can also be more comfortable to wear. A great look for casual sports shoes and boots, bar lacing is simple to execute and fashionable in appearance. Entry level skateboarders, take note: bar lacing not only compliments the look of the shoe, but can help out in a sticky situation. But here how to explain the task. How to Lace Your Shoes With Straight Bar Laces While shoes by themselves are common fashion statements, you can also add personality to your feet by the way you lace your. How to Tie Ribbons and Lace Ribbons and lace can add a touch of color and elegance to any decoration. You can use these items to make simple. How to Tie a Granny Knot With Craft Lace Craft lace, also called gimp or boondoggle, is a string made of plastic that is often used for craft projects like lanyards,. How to Do Bar Laces Are you searching for a nice looking and comfortable way to lace up a new pair of shoes? Bar lacing is also referred. How to Bar the Laces on Converse Bar laced Converse shoes look neat because the shoelaces run straight across opposed to on the diagonal. This variant of straight lacing reduces. How to Tie Running Shoe Laces Many runners have a problem with their shoe laces coming undone when they are on a track or trail. Loose shoe laces. How to Lace Shoes Skater Style Lacing a pair of shoes "skater style" is actually not as hard as it may sound at first. A style used by. Roshe Run PRM Men Hazelnut Oxford Brown Anthracite Sail White You first met Chris "Drama" Pfaff on MTV's reality hit "Rob and Big." The Akron, Ohio, native worked for his cousin pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek as a dog walker, skateboard builder and all around verbal punching bag for the crew. But with the launch of Dyrdek's next show, "Fantasy Factory," Drama stepped up his game. He started his own music studio and production company and launched his own clothing line, called Young Reckless. For Y spring 2010 line, Drama designed an exclusive T shirt in honor of NBA phenom Kevin Durant. Page 2 asked why. "Dude is young and killing the game right now," Drama said. "I'm a big fan of young people doing big things. He was on my radar when he was at Texas, too. First freshman to win the Naismith Award. Big things!" Another KD, Kevin Delaney, introduced the pair. Delaney, the brand manager for Young Reckless, is friends with the Oklahoma City Thunder's young phenom. "Drama and Kev's brand images fit together perfectly," Delaney said. "The two hit it off from the get go and have been buddies ever since." We asked Drama what made him want to design clothes in the first place besides Rob's taunts, of course. "I've always had an interest in clothing and the clothing business," Drama said. "I realized the advantage with our TV show to promote and market, and figured there's no time like right now." The shirts, available at the Young Reckless Web site, come in traditional All Star colors, blue and white. There's also a special, very limited run in the Oklahoma City Thunder's colors. How limited? Only 35 were made in honor of Durant's jersey number.

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