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Turn a negative situation into a positive experience and you've found the formula for becoming an Inspiring Woman. Add shoes to the equation and you definitely step it up a notch or two. After suffering years of domestic violence, Dianne Samoff walked her way out of her abusive relationship and into a new life wearing a pair of red high heels and a suit she'd been given to wear on an interview. With a new sense of pride and hope, she moved forward and into a bright future. Escaping the abuse was only part of the healing process. Dianne felt a need to extend the feeling of hope to other victims of domestic violence. In 2005 she founded The Society of Women who LOVE Shoes : The Power of Shoes, a non profit whose focus includes donating shoes and other articles to families of domestic violence. Chapters in Houston, Dallas and Miami host networking and social events to raise awareness and promote change for victims and survivors. Contests for ladies in categories such as Sexiest Shoe, Highest Heel and Most Unique Shoe make the events lively and fun. Men who are wearing a tie can be invited to judge the Shoe Contest and can also be judged for Best Tie. Now, how's that for a night out on the town? One event that is close to Dianne's heart is the Texas Independence Relay taking place March 31 and April 1, 2012. Runners are invited to participate in the relay. One runner, Rochelle Frazeur, who chose The Society of Women who Love Shoes as her personal platform to bring attention to domestic violence, is running the full 203 miles from Bastrop, Texas to the San Jacinto Monument in Houston, Texas. Dianne encourages all in Houston and beyond to be at the finish line on Sunday, April 1 at 1:00 pm to cheer Rochelle on as she completes her run. Balloons of purple and white and "The Power of Shoes" signs waving as Rochelle goes by will make for a great finish and certainly emphasize that "Healing Families of Abuse One Sole at a Time" is more than a slogan. It's a commitment. Dianne Samoff, Founder The Society of Women who LOVE Shoes : The Power of ShoesHouston Women Business Examiner Networking events bring Candy Turner in touch with women who have a passion for developing their true potential. Candy believes that the feminine qualities associated with women being termed the weaker sex are the very ones that accentuate her strengths. A balanced woman is as comfortable with her femininity as she is with her expertise, an inspiration for all women. Contact mePennsylvania cop killer Eric Frein in custody, charged with murderAfter two months of evading police, Eric Frein is now in custody. He allegedly ambushed and murdered two Pennsylvania state troopers and could face the death penalty if convicted. Bill Maher completely embarrasses Islamic apologist live on the airWith the rise of ISIS over the last two months, the debate over Islam and Islamic extremists have made headlines in the United States. While American conservatives are mostly lined up on one side. Women Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Orange ,Men Nike Free Run 3 Cool Grey Silver Sail University Red Men Nike Free Run 3.0 Chrome Yellow Reflect Silver Platinum White Men Nike Free Run 3 Chrome Yellow Silver Platinum White Quilted Nike Roshe Run Men Black Solar Red Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Purple Quilted Nike Roshe Run Men Anthracite Volt Quilted Men Nike Free Run 2 Shield Stealth Black Orange White Nike Roshe Run Women Club Purple Pink Quilted Men Nike Free Run 2 Black Gym Red Quilted I'm not sure what the older kids do (I'll need to find out!), but DD is just over a year and wears her little shoes all day they are like Robeez but from Target, so they're really more like slippers and aren't worn outside to walk at all. She's been doing this for a while because the section of the room where they have the kids eat has tiled floor, and this way she doesn't slip in her socks. She wears them at home, too, because we have hardwood floors. We go to an in home daycare and it is mandatory that the shoes come off when they walk in the door. We even take our shoes off when we drop off or pick them up if we have to walk around the house for something. I personally like it. This way the kiddos aren't dragging whatever is on their shoes around the house and it's helping me to "train" the kids to do the same when they come home. They already know when they come home the first thing that they do is take off their shoes, but when they have to do it other places as well, it makes it that much easier for them to remember. Personally, I wanted my baby to be a "barefoot" baby (or at least sock footed) better / natural foot development, but I don't fight them on it. Technically, the daycare is probably quite dirty with all the parents and kids coming and going. Women Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Orange,XFX does AMD, yep, this once NVIDIA only manufacturer now has a thing for that little red minx, Ruby, from ATI. A couple of months ago we got our first look at an AMD GPU powered XFX video card with the XFX Radeon HD 4870 1GB. We found that it performed just as we would have expected and had that oh so familiar XFX look and feel. Nothing was sacrificed, XFX still maintains its unique Double Lifetime warranty with AMD GPU powered video cards. XFX is staying current, offering new AMD GPU powered products as AMD releases them. Recently, the AMD Radeon HD 4770 was announced. We evaluated our AMD supplied sample back on April 28th with Beta drivers. With that early sample we were not able to exceed Catalyst Control Center Overdrive clock speeds for overclocking, and we knew this card had a lot more potential. Now we have a chance to truly test the Radeon HD 4770 with this retail card from XFX. We are going to push it, and we are going to use the absolute latest drivers, Catalyst 9.6 WQHL at the time of this evaluation. We are also going to test under Windows 7 RC x64 for this evaluation and include a new game, Demigod. To get the skinny on what makes the Radeon HD 4770 tick, read the first page of this evaluation. A quick run down: The Radeon HD 4770 provides DX10.1 support in 40nm with 640 stream processors and 512MB of GDDR5. The clock speeds are set at 750MHz GPU and 800MHz (3.2GHz GDDR5) by default. The most attractive part of this video card is that these cards are right around the $100 mark. On its Radeon HD 4770 product page, XFX currently offers two models. There is an "YDFC" and "YDLC" model. The model we have for evaluation today is the dual slot YDFC model. The only difference between the two models is the heatsink/fan combination used. XFX is providing two options; in the YDLC model you can get a single slot video card, with a lesser heatsink/fan unit, which also reduces board costs. The YDFC model provides a dual slot cooler similar to what we evaluated in our initial evaluation. Be careful which model you are purchasing, if you want the ability to overclock higher a beefier HSF is welcomed. Specifications wise both models chime in at the stock frequencies, 750MHz GPU and 800MHz (3.2GHz GDDR5.) Both models require one PCIe connector for power. Pricing may be different between both models. The YDFC model we are evaluating can be found for $104.99. XFX has customized the I/O bracket and provided us red colored dual link DVI ports for that dramatic flair. The black and red color combination looks quite good on this card. Only one power connector is required for operation. The memory modules are exposed on this video card and not covered by the heatsink. We can see that Qimonda IDGV51 05A1F1C 40X memory modules are used. Going to Qimonda website, we can find out a lot of information about these RAM modules. These GDDR5 modules are rated at 1000MHz at 1.5v. Considering our video card comes clocked at 800MHz, there might be some good potential here for overclocking, given the proper voltages.

Up To 80 Discount Off Women Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Orange,Women Nike Free Run 2 Drench Blue Orange White The Metropolitan Planning Organization of Johnson County recently got the go ahead to do just that. They ll begin collecting data and crunching numbers sometime this winter. And if they find that bypassing the city will free up some room for local drivers without causing undue confusion, that s the road they ought to take. Burlington Street and Riverside Drive are both running at capacity for their current designs, MPOJC Transportation Planner John Yapp told us this week. Traffic flows just fine for the bulk of the day, but during peak commuter times things can become a little jammed. Reducing those traffic counts could make things run more smoothly, but transportation planners don t yet know how many of the cars and trucks on those roadways during rush hour or any other time of day are simply passing through. That s one of the first things they ll try to determine. There are other factors to consider as well like what, if any, effect the bypass would have on local business, or if a bypass would confuse drivers looking for downtown or the University of Iowa campus. Even the increase in pedestrian traffic across Burlington, prompted by south side developments like the University of Iowa rec center, will be considered as planners put together recommendations, Yapp told us. Bypassing Iowa City wouldn t cost all that much. Nor would it involve any actual construction. It would just be a matter of changing roadway signs and maps to divert through traffic to another designated route. There would likely be some increased cost to the City of Iowa City for road maintenance, even if the downtown route remained a highway business route. Of course, none of that will much matter if researchers determine that most through traffic already bypasses downtown by using the much faster Highway 218 to Interstate 80. For 85 years, Highway 1 has run from Keosauqua to Jones County right through the heart of downtown Iowa City. Yapp said he s just not sure, especially given the increasing popularity of computer assisted navigation devices, how many drivers even navigate by the old highway system any more. Historically, there s always been a lot of benefit to that, Yapp said. But whether or not the casual traveler still follows those state highway routes we don t know the answer to that. Women Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Orange An evolutionary arms race. Otherwise known as a venemous pissing contest, no species want to be the one with the "sissy poison that hardly makes you go blind at all". Self defense: Since the arrival of the first European settlers, many species have been shot, hunted or worn into extinction. Faced with this type of threat, you'd work on stronger venom and hide in shoes too. The justice of a vengeful God. Something about all those friendly people and architectual wonders just pisses Him right the hell off. Remember, this is the same guy that gave other Australian animals. There are over 160 species of sharks in Australia's waters. We could use this section to tell you about the lesser known but dangerous Bull and Tiger shark species. But come on. Yes, the Great White is found along much of the coast. Enjoy these pants shitting facts: They can live to over a hundred, and they remember prey. So, if you ever have a near miss with a Great White, you can bet it's out there somewhere, waiting for you to get sloppy. Let Marine Biologists sneer, but these death machines DO attack boats on purpose. Possibly for fun. Besides their legendary sense of smell, the White Death also is able detect faint electrical currents, such as that within the racing human heart. Scientists are unable to determine if this is a superpower or not. Sharks are scary, true. They're also obvious. The terrifying secret of Australian wildlife is that danger often comes from the place you least expect. From a place of. What do you hate? Traffic? Physicals? Sure you do. But that hatred is a small, pitiful thing next to the batshit, boiling rage that fills a magpie's tiny brain every time a bicyclist rides past. A magpie is a small, rather pretty bird with an adorable, germ infested, razor sharp beak. When they hear the sweet chime of a bicycle bell, they automatically assume that the fucker is there to steal their eggs, and shoot like a feathered bullet towards the nearest bicycle helmet. If they succeed in knocking down their prey, they have been known to land on its chest and go for the eyes. In conclusion, the only animals in the death continent of Australia that don't want to kill you are the Australian humans who like to watch foreigners get stuck, bitten and poisoned because it's hilarious. Don't play into their hands. Stay home, out of the daylight. Play a video game or something. You're looking way too tan these days. And it's not like it's legal to play video games in Australia anyway.

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