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ROCKFORD, Mich. (BUSINESS WIRE) Feb. 7, 2000 is building on its 117 year heritage as the top selling brand of work boots in the country, stated Ted Gedra, Vice President and General Manager of the Wolverine Footwear Group. goal always has been to pursue the footwear market aggressively with innovative products, powerful marketing, advertising, and point of sale programs designed to generate sell through at retail. It is very gratifying to see these goals being reached. We owe a great deal of the credit for this award to the consumers who wear our products and to the retailers we've worked with over the years. brand building efforts are very carefully focused, said Mike Donabauer, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Planning for the Wolverine Footwear Group. have maintained a consistent leadership position in marketing within our category emphasizing high profile print, electronic media and retailer support. These efforts, in combination with excellent product development and production teamwork, make it possible to bring the right product, at the right price, to the right place to meet consumer demands. Further evidence of Wolverine Boots success can be found in the January 2000 issue of Sports Trend Info magazine, a weekly point of sale information service that tracks sales of outdoor sports products. Sports Trend Info ranked two Wolverine outdoor sport boots among the top ten best sellers for the week ending December 5, 1999. This sales position was accomplished against the top performers in the entire footwear industry. we introduced guaranteed comfort with Wolverine DuraShocks comfort technology, our momentum in the marketplace has increased dramatically. While we can enjoy our progress to this point, we have some incredible new products coming that are going to have a major impact in our markets. This is really an exciting time for our brand. Women Nike Free Run 2 Drench Blue Orange White ,Nike Roshe Run Men Grey Volt Men Nike Free 5.0 Purple Force Bright Citrus Anthracite Quilted Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Light Charcoal Silver Chrome Yellow Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Pure Platinum Reflect Silver Soar Blue Nike Roshe Run Women Black Grey Volt Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green Quilted Nike Roshe Run Men Royal Volt Nike Roshe Run Women Black Grey Volt Women Nike Free Run 2 Drench Blue Orange White Divisions for males and females are organized by age groups: 13 and under, 14 through 18, 19 through 25, 26 through 33, 34 through 41, 42 through 49, and 50 and older. Also, a family division will pair a runner younger than 19 with a parent or guardian. Trophies will be given to the top three finishers in each category. The top three Berlin residents will also receive trophies. All runners will be eligible for raffle prizes after the race. Prizes include a portable compact disc player/radio, a $50 gift certificate to Hawthorne Inn, a $50 savings bond and a $25 gift certificate to the Civic Center. Registration forms are available at the town's recreation department, the YMCA and MidConn Bank. Participants must return the forms to the YMCA only. The fee is $6 for preregistration or $8 the day of the race. The rain date is Dec. 10. Women Nike Free Run 2 Drench Blue Orange White,Tigard JV White 48, Tualatin JV Cardinal 22 On a perfect fall afternoon the seventh grade Tualatin Wolves faced Tigard, an opponent with a reputation for scoring lots of points behind the strength of its big, fast and powerful star running back. To be successful, the Wolves would have to put together one of its best efforts of the year. Tigard started off true to form, receiving the opening kickoff and quickly jumping to an 8 0 lead on a long run from scrimmage by their featured back. Tualatin responded immediately with a quick three play scoring drive of its own, using three different running backs and outstanding blocking by the front line of Tyler Anderson, Nathan Nelson, Quinn McCarthy, Jaxsen Porter and Isaia Porter. Following productive runs by Derek Leneve and Kyle Dernedde to move the ball to the Tigard 39, back Cameron Springer slashed through a huge hole opened by the line before making a tremendous spin move at the 30 to avoid a sure tackle, keeping his balance and outracing the remaining tacklers for the score. With McCarthy as long snapper and quarterback Bryce Hulse as holder, Dernedde made the PAT kick to tie the score at 8 8. Tigard responded with another quick touchdown, again behind the running of their big back, despite impressive defensive effort by Nelson and Dernedde who showed speed of their own in chasing down the fleet Tigard runner following a long breakaway play. Nelson followed the touchdown by using his height to block the PAT kick to keep the score at 14 8 Tigard. Tualatin again countered Tigard score, this time with a varied 13 play, 63 yard drive that utilized five different ball carriers, two pass completions and outstanding blocking from all positions. Key plays were a 17 yard run by Dernedde, who got an outstanding block from right tackle Isaia Porter to spring him at the line before using a downfield block from Nelson to get extra yards, and Dernedde had another long run of 22 yards, using running back MacGuire Asay block on the corner to spring him and then cutting behind a perfect downfield block by Lucas Diggins to get the final 10 yards. Hulse threw two nice flare passes, first to Springer and then to Leneve, to keep the defense off guard, and Hulse finished the impressive drive by following his powerful lineman across the goal line on a quarterback keeper, giving the Wolves a 16 14 lead following another successful PAT kick by Dernedde. The Wolves lead was short lived, however, as on the first play from scrimmage Tigard big back scored again, and by kicking the PAT the score moved to 22 16 Tigard. Tigard followed with a successful onside kick, recovering the ball at Tualatin 47 and, with their bruising back carrying three consecutive times, tallied another quick score. Tualatin was quickly learning that unless multiple defenders wrapped up the powerful tailback he was likely to break free for a long gain. Nelson again blocked the PAT kick, and Tigard now led 28 16. Tualatin would need to stop the momentum if they were to stay in the game. And stay in it they would. Tigard tried to onside again but touched the ball early, giving Tualatin good field position at the Tigard 48. The Wolves varied running attack again utilized five different backs to keep Tigard defense guessing, and the offense marched down the field to complete an impressive 48 yard drive capped by a seven yard run by Jalen Hale, who patiently waited for blocks to develop from pulling right guard Adam Riehl, running mates Leneve and Springer and wide receiver Cole Spires as he swept left and bolted for the end zone as space opened up. Other key plays on the drive were a 15 yard run by Leneve, who swept right and used Hales block to get outside, and a 14 yard gain by Justin Fisher, who ran off right tackle Christian Slater bruising block to blast up field and get the ball inside the Tigard 10, picking up a key first down and setting the stage for Hales touchdown two plays later. Dernedde PAT kick hit the crossbar and bounced back, and the score was 28 22 Tigard. Tualatin tried an onside kick of its own, but Tigard recovered at the Tualatin 47. Tigard attempted its first pass play, with the defensive line forcing the quarterback out of the pocket and Nelson making a crushing tackle after a short gain. Daniel Sexton and Cameron Boothby then sacked the quarterback on the next play, forcing Tigard to go back to its bread and butter play which amazingly resulted in another long touchdown by their bruising tailback, extending their lead to 34 22 following the unsuccessful PAT kick. Tualatin had one final opportunity to score before halftime as Tigard attempted onside kick rolled out of bounds at the Tigard 42. The Wolves drove downfield, using a variety of runs and passes to get to the Tigard 10 yard line before time expired for the half. Tigard lead remained at 34 22. Tualatin took the second half kickoff and ran for several first downs before turning the ball over on downs to Tigard at Tigard 48. Three plays later Tualatin defense forced a fumble, which was recovered by Nelson, giving the Wolves good field position at its own 46. Tualatin went to work again, putting together another impressive 12 play drive that this time used seven different running backs which, along with continued outstanding blocking from the entire offense, moved the ball all the way to Tigard 11 yard line before the drive finally stalled on downs. The third quarter ended as it started, 34 22 Tigard, but two plays after Tigard took over early in the fourth quarter their big back scored his final touchdown of the game on another long run, making the score 42 22 following its successful PAT kick. Tualatin took the following kickoff to its own 30, and after Hulse fired a bullet to Diggins for a 9 yard gain Tigard intercepted on the next play and returned it to the Wolves 14 yard line. The defense put up a good stand, forcing Tigard to run five plays before allowing the final touchdown of the game, moving the score to 48 22 following the missed PAT. Tualatin mounted one final drive, getting inside the Tigard 20 before giving up another interception, at which point Tigard ran out the clock for the 48 22 win. Tualatin made a good showing, especially in showcasing its multi faceted offense, but Tigard exceptional running back proved too much to overcome as he ran for an impressive six touchdowns.

Buy Online Womens Women Nike Free Run 2 Drench Blue Orange White,Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Medium Purple Electric Green Volt NAIROBI, Kenya Helicopters circling overhead, Kenya military launched a major operation Sunday at an upscale Nairobi mall and said it had rescued "most" of the hostages being held captive by al Qaida linked militants during a two day standoff that killed at least 68 people and injured 175. The military assault began shortly before sundown, with one helicopter skimming very close to the roof of the shopping complex as a loud explosion rang out, far larger than any previous grenade blast or gunfire volley. "This will end tonight. Our forces will prevail. Kenyans are standing firm against aggression, and we will win," Kenya National Disaster Operation Centre said on Twitter. The Kenya Defense Forces later said it had rescued "most" hostages and had taken control of most of the mall, though it did not provide details. Many of the rescued hostages mostly adults were suffering from dehydration, Col. Cyrus Oguna, a military spokesman, told The Associated Press. He refused to say how many hostages were rescued or how many were still being held. He said some of the attackers had "most probably" been killed in the operation. The assault came about 30 hours after 10 to 15 al Shabab extremists stormed the mall Saturday from two sides, throwing grenades and firing on civilians. Loud exchanges of gunfire rang out from inside the four story mall throughout Sunday. Kenyan troops were seen carrying in at least two rocket propelled grenades. Al Shabab militants reacted angrily to the helicopters on Twitter and warned that the Kenyan military action was endangering hostages. Kenya Red Cross said in a statement, citing police, that 49 people had been reported missing. Officials did not make an explicit link but that number could give an indication of the number of people held captive. Kenya Red Cross said the death toll rose to 68 after nine bodies were recovered Sunday. More than 175 people were injured, including many children, Kenyan officials said. Somalia al Qaida linked rebel group, al Shabab, claimed responsibility for the attack that specifically targeted non Muslims, saying it was in retribution for Kenyan forces 2011 push into neighboring Somalia. ambassador. had no reports of any American deaths. Earlier in the day, al Shabab said on its new Twitter feed after its previous one was shut down Saturday that Kenyan officials were asking the hostage takers to negotiate and offering incentives. "We not negotiate with the Kenyan govt as long as its forces are invading our country, so reap the bitter fruits of your harvest," al Shabab said in a tweet. Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, who lost a nephew and the nephew fiancee in the attack, reiterated his government determination to continue fighting al Shabab. "We went as a nation into Somalia to help stabilize the country and most importantly to fight terror that had been unleashed on Kenya and the world," said Kenyatta. "We shall not relent on the war on terror." Although this violent attack had succeeded, the Kenyan leader said, the country security forces had "neutralized" many others. Former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga told reporters that "quite a number" of people were being held hostage in two areas of the sprawling complex, which includes stores for such retail giants as Nike, Adidas and Bose. Many hostages were believed to be in a grocery and general department store called Nakumatt. Kenyan security officials sought to reassure the families of hostages but implied that some of those being held could be killed. "The priority is to save as many lives as possible," said Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Lenku, adding that more than 1,000 people escaped the attack inside the mall on Saturday. "We have received a lot of messages from friendly countries, but for now it remains our operation," Lenku said, adding that Kenyan forces controlled the mall security cameras. Westgate Mall is at least partially owned by Israelis, and reports circulated that Israeli commandos were on the ground to assist in the response. Four restaurants inside the mall are Israeli run or owned. In Israel, a senior defense official said there were no Israeli forces participating in an assault, but said it was possible that Israeli advisers were providing assistance. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was discussing a classified military issue, would not elaborate. Israel has close ties to Kenya going back many years. In recent years, Israel has identified East Africa as an area of strategic interest and stepped up ties with Kenya and other neighboring countries, due to shared threats posed by al Qaida and other extremist elements. In 2002, militants bombed an Israeli owned luxury hotel near Mombasa, killing 13 people, and tried to shoot down an Israeli airliner at the same time. Kenyans and foreigners were among those confirmed dead, including British, French, Canadians, Indians, a Ghanaian, a South African and a Chinese woman. Britain prime minister, in confirming the deaths of three British nationals, told the country to "prepare ourselves for further bad news." Kofi Awoonor, a Ghanaian poet, professor and former ambassador to Brazil, Cuba and the United Nations, died after being wounded in the attack, Ghana presidential office confirmed. Ghana ministry of information said Awoonor son was injured and is responding to treatment. Women Nike Free Run 2 Drench Blue Orange White Are you one of those people who feels a bit anxious when things get really, reaaaaaallly good? Do you habitually cover your proverbial head, waiting for the other shoe to drop? Ugh. Don't you just hate that? It's one thing to be awake and aware that the unexpected does and will occur, but to go through life braced for it, afraid to risk and truly LIVE? That's debilitating. I call it The Other Shoe Syndrome (TOSS). We work diligently and successfully to create the life we dream of, only to arrive at the door and feel too paralyzed to actually embrace and enjoy it. There seems to always be to do or some thing lurking around the corner that could go wrong. It's sometimes so subtle it's almost undetectable, except that it constantly stifles our JOY. We could be in the best relationship, career, or adventure of our life, and we're so busy preparing for the worst to happen that we hold back, hold on, and hold still when we could be living our bliss! The good news is, The Other Shoe Syndrome is learned behavior and it can be un learned. It may have been installed by someone, somewhere doing their best to protect us and not wanting us to our hopes up or it may have been rooted through our own personal disappointment and failure and we're ducking to avoid the pain again. AND, guess what? It's JUST A SHOE! If something goes wrong, we'll handle it. We always have, because that's what we do. Yes, we have experienced discomfort, disappointment and pain, and we may have had to get help, let go, or start over, but if we're still here, we handled it! And if we used it well, we learned and grew from it, which is meant to be used for the good, not to hide from the bad. Kate Bares Johnson is a Spiritual/Life guide and the founding director of The Center for Well Being in Austin, Tx. Kate specializes in Intuitive guidance and counseling for individuals and couples, Soul Integration Therapy Akashic Record Readings, NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy Past Life and Childhood Regression, Codependency Recovery, and Spiritual/ Life Coaching.

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