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Sri Lankan beauty and Bollywood actress, Jacqueline Fernandez managed to ward off a major embarrassment at an event recently when the black dress the actress was sporting had a loose strap that kept peeping out from the back of the dress, making the actress very uncomfortable in the outfit. The discomfort caused due to the glitch in the outfit was very obvious as Jacqueline kept on tugging and adjusting the left strap on her shoulder several times that evening!! When questioned about the dress she was wearing, the actress said that considering the summer months that are here, the dress was hot, happening, young and funky! The lady sure knows how to cover up for a wardrobe malfunction! Born in Colombo, Jacqueline Fernandez comes from a Sinhalese family. Jacqueline was crowned Miss Sri Lanka for the Miss Universe beauty pageant in 2006. After competing for Miss Universe and rallying for a couple of social causes, the beauty queen turned her attention to Bollywood. Fernandez made her acting debut in the 2009 Bollywood fantasy movie Aladin directed by Sujoy Gosh alongside Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, and Riteish Deshmukh. She played the character of Jasmine, the new girl in college from America. Her second film in Bollywood, a romantic comedy, Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai was also opposite Riteish Deshmukh. Jacqueline Fernandez will be seen playing femme fatale in the upcoming thriller by the Bhatts, Murder 2. The film is a sequel to the film 'Murder' in 2005 which had Mallika Sherawat and Emraan Hashmi. Jacqueline Fernandez was the first choice for director Mohit Suri, instead of Mallika Sherawat as Jacqueline "fitted the bill perfectly" and the actress has shot some steamy lovemaking scenes with Emraan Hashmi for the film apart from smooches galore. According to director Mohit Suri, who has directed Jackie in the raw sweltering scenes, opted for her as she would add freshness to the film. With Jackie stepping into Mallika's shoes for Murder 2, fans can look forward to some hot and intense lovemaking scenes in the sequel, which is slated for release this year. It is for the first time that Jacqueline Fernandez will be seen in a sexy and sensuous avatar. Let's hope that Murder 2 works the much needed magic for Jackie's sinking Bollywood career! Well, Miss Fernandez better be more careful next time if she wants to remain hot and happening for the right reasons! Take a look at this video which catches Jacqueline Fernandez in the wrong foot only on NyooTV. Viewers can share their favorite videos with their friends on their Facebook walls and Twitter updates. With its all new look and more than 1,50,000 legal videos, NyooTV is the ultimate destination for web entertainment! Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green ,Nike Free 3.0 Light Bone Reflective Silver Iguana Green Men Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Orange Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Green Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Dark Obsidian Silver Soar Blue Quilted Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey Pink White Roshe Run PRM Women Peppermint Candy Sail Men Nike Free Run 2 Shield Stealth Black Yellow Grey Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Green Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Grey On Wednesday Collective Brands, Inc., the parent company of Payless and Stride Rite, posted a loss of $35 million for their second quarter. This resulted in plans to close low sales volume stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. By the end of this year that means 275 Payless and 75 Stride Ride children shoe stores. Of the company current 4,844 stores, 4,461 are Payless shoe stores. Although revenue rose five percent from last year, as of July 30 the company acknowledged that having $234.8 million cash on hand was outweighed by approximately $657 million in their long term debt. Surprisingly, Collective Brand shares showed an increase of over 40 percent in after hours trading after the announcement was made and settled at an increase of 33.3 percent from Wednesday close. The largest shareholder with over 10 percent of the outstanding shares is PrimeCap Management Co. Perella Weinberg Partners and Kurt Salmon have been hired as advisors to review and advise on the options for moving forward. A short duration shareholder rights plan has been adopted to fend off hostile or unsolicited offers and will take effect if there is a buy of more than 15 percent of the outstanding common stock. Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green,During colonial times, nearly every village had at least one blacksmith. Larger villages and towns often boasted several. In the South, there might have been several blacksmiths working on a plantation who often owned slaves. Across the ocean, the Industrial Revolution was beginning, but the Colonies were still more focused on survival. The blacksmith was a major part of ensuring that survival. Anything metal that was used by the colonists, from cooking pots to plows to nails had to be made by a blacksmith. The Industrial Revolution, when it finally did reach American shores, spelled the end of the village blacksmith. By the mid 19th century, the village blacksmith had been all but replaced. A blacksmith typically began training in his early teens by apprenticing to a working blacksmith. The apprentice was commonly responsible for starting the fire, opening the shop and other chores required to keep the shop working. In return for doing the menial work around the shop, the apprentice watched and learned from the master craftsman. Colonial Blacksmiths worked metal by heating it in a fire until it was malleable, then using a hammer and forge and other shaping tools to bend and shape it into functional implements. The Life of a Colonial Blacksmith A colonial blacksmith was a respected tradesman in his community, for he was responsible for creating and maintaining the tools utilized by. Tools of the Colonial Blacksmith Colonial American blacksmiths also frequently functioned as village dentists. They also made axes, plows, nails and hoops for barrels.; Tools Gadgets in Colonial Times; Household Products Some of the most important tools a blacksmith made were household. Facts for Kids About Life in Colonial Times. Permanent European settlements began to appear in America in the early 1700s, . like.

We Provide You With Low Cost And High Quality Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green,Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Purple Quilted Find buy a property in Raworth packages, Hunter Region new house and land or Hunter Region new apartments in our new homes section where you can also view the latest new land estates in Hunter Region. Property data and house prices in Raworth is available as well as recent sold property in Raworth. House And Land Packages NSW house and land VIC house and land QLD house and land SA house and land WA house and land North Melbourne house and land Northern Brisbane house and land SE Melbourne house and land House And Land Spotlight Western Brisbane house and land Wollongong house and land South Western Sydney house and land South West Perth house and land Sourthern Brisbane house and land Popular House And Land Searches North East Perth house and land South East Perth house and land Gold Coast house and land Sunshine Coast house and land Northern Adelaide house and land Western Melbourne house and land South West WA house and land. Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green Custom Orthotics Sarasota PodiatristWhat Are Orthotics?Orthotics are custom made devices manufactured from many types of materials. They fit inside your own shoes and are worn on a full time basis. Orthotics gently and constantly help to control the way your feet function. There are many tyes of orthotic devices. Advances in technology enable your podiatrist to prescribe a device specific to the activities that you participate in the most. From walking to running, or aerobics to basketball, orthotics can help you perform at peak efficiency. Professional orthotics are made from impressions of your feet. The devices are custom made for your feet only. Biomechanical orthotics are prescription inserts made from neutral foot position casts. The prescribing practitioner sends the casts and clinical information to a professional orthotics laboratory, where an evaluation specialist reviews the casts and prescription. A staff doctor oversees the evaluation in the form of a "second opinion." Then a production clinician takes responsibility for fabrication and quality control of the individual prescription. The fabricated orthotics are sent to the doctor to dispense with instructions to the patient. Orthotic treatment may be combined with other forms of treatment, such as injections, medications, physical therapy or surgery. Is There More Than One Type Of Orthotic?Because we are born with different foot types, and because we engage in different occupations and activities, there are specific types of orthotics for individual patients. Orthotics may be used with children, adults, athletes, elderly patients and, very often, with patients following surgery or injury. Orthotics may be rigid, semi rigid or soft (flexible). How Long Will I Need To Wear Orthotics and How Long Do They Last?Orthotics may require a gradual break in period. They are worn in 95% of all walking or standing activities. You may need to wear orthotics indefinitely, depending on how your foot function responds. Orthotics have a variable life span, depending upon your activities. You may need periodic changes in your prescription as your foot function changes. Will I Need More Than One Pair of Orthotics?There are patients who may need one pair for work and one pair for recreation. Women who wear different heel heights may require an additional pair. Your podiatrist may recommend more than one pair, depending on your individual need What are braces for?Some patients have conditions that require more than just an orthotic device. The braces used in our practice support both the foot and ankle.

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