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I liked Greg Mottola as a director, and I loved most of the cast, but mainly I was excited because it was about a scrawny, curly haired kid with a stutter who took a crummy summer job at an amusement park while he figured out what to do with his life. The preview presents him as a nervous and awkward guy who doesn't seem to know how to talk to women. Now, I never worked at an amusement park, but I did work a crummy summer job at a summer camp when I was a scrawny, curly haired kid with a stutter. I was nervous and awkward, and I barely know how to talk to women today, 10 years later (you aim your words at the face, right?). I saw Jesse Eisenberg's character and thought, "Yes, this is going to be great, this will be an authentic representation of my awkward summers. We are the same, Jesse." I was expecting a movie about an awkward guy stuttering and fumbling around for a few months, striking out with girls and finding joy in hanging around his other awkward friends, making jokes about Star Wars. If you haven't seen Adventureland, forgive my spoilers: Jesse spends the entire movie getting high and juggling relationships with the two most beautiful women at the park. And if you haven't seen my life, forgive my spoilers: That's not what being awkward is like. Jesse, no! YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE! Don't get me wrong, I still really like the movie, it's just always frustrating when you think things are going to be one way and then it turns out they go the other way. Every movie that's allegedly about an awkward kid (Superbad, I Love You, Beth Cooper, additional Michael Cera movies) inevitably involves the main character going on a CRAZY ADVENTURE and then ending up with his dream girl. There wasn't a second of Adventureland dedicated to Jesse's uncontrollable sweatiness or his fear of being touched by anyone or about how he never knows where to put his hands at any given time, and those are the awkward guy hallmarks. There was a show on MTV called Awkward and the arc of the first season involved the main character gaining popularity on her blog and secretly having sex with the most popular guy in school. At the risk of being redundant, no. No! I thought Jesse's time at the kid filled amusement park would be like my time at the kid filled summer camp. For an awkward person, working with kids is actually great, because children haven't yet developed the social graces to realize what a clown shoe disaster I was at interacting with regular, functioning human beings. Awkward people are terrible around babies, sure, but working with kids is easy it's like bowling with bumpers on. Children say exactly what they're feeling so you don't have to rely on being able to pick up on complicated social cues or worry about violating any unspoken rules of conduct. The kids just wanted to run around in the sun and pretend they were being chased by monsters, which was great, because I could totally handle that. But I guess a movie about Jesse Eisenberg stuttering and chasing a bunch of second graders isn't as compelling as one about Jesse Eisenberg hooking up with the chick from Twilight. 1. Awkward People Aren't Looking to Be Rescued There's a character in Can't Hardly Wait, William, who spent his whole life as a shy, awkward, quiet nerd who liked school and talking about science fiction with his two buddies. By the end of the movie, he sang and danced in front of his school, hooked up with two beautiful women, partied harder than he ever had, ran from the cops, and was, temporarily, the most popular guy in his school. I know this is going to be hard for dynamic and interesting extroverts to believe, but some people are happy being introverts. Shy people don't stay in on a Friday night because they're broken, they stay in because they get more enjoyment out of reading at home than they do out of going to a sweaty bar or crowded party or loud concert or violent, I don't know, quinceanera. Quiet people avoid talking in large crowds not because they don't know how to talk, but because they prefer listening. Shy and awkward people are not looking for you to save them because they don't need to be saved. Why do we throw around the phrase "She really helped him break out of his shell" as if that's a good thing? If a turtle breaks out of his shell, he will die. I talk about awkwardness a lot, but at the end of the day, it's not a disease. As paradoxical as it might sound, I'm actually super comfortable with my awkwardness. Even in high school. I wasn't cool; I played clarinet in the marching band, but that wasn't as cool back then as it is now. Line up, ladies. Form a single file line so that you can, one at a time, kick my ass. Even though I was the opposite of cool, I still had my little gang of similarly awkward people and had a blast. I didn't want to spend my weekend nights crowd surfing at some big house party like the reformed nerd in Can't Hardly Wait; my nights were spent at diners with my buddies, trading jokes and talking about pop culture. Awkwardness wasn't something that needed to be fixed, and I was never waiting for some free spirited hippie chick to break me out of my awkwardness and turn me into the kind of guy who sings Guns N' Roses at parties. Extroverts look at introverts and think, "That poor thing; he just needs me to pull him out on the dance floor so I can teach him to let his hair down and enjoy the exact same version of fun that I enjoy. He's been waiting his whole life for someone like me to turn him into someone like me! I will save this lost lamb." No thanks, lady, we're fine. Stop trying to convert introverts into extroverts; you don't see us telling you to "shut the hell up once in a while." Women Nike Free Run 2 Pink White Quilted,Some costumes need shoe covers in order to make the illusion complete. For example: an animal has furry feet that do not look like shoes, or perhaps a gentleman in full traditional dress needs spats and a particular kind of shoe. Those are hard to find! Or perhaps a medieval jester needs his upturned boots. Shoe covers can be an economical and easy way to supply the illusion of fancy footgear. The easiest way to make shoe covers is to look for costume patterns that include them. Furry animal patterns usually include them. If your pattern does not, or you don't have a pattern, these instructions should help. You will need to 1 yard of the fabrics you want to use according to the size shoe cover needed, 6" of elastic at least " wide, a couple of yards of narrow Velcro, a few sheets of plain white paper or graph paper, a tape measure, and a sewing machine or needle and thread. Also any embellishments you would like to add to the finished items, such as buttons, ribbon or even sequins. Measure a foot of the person you are making the shoe covers for. Remember to have the person wear the shoes they plan to wear when wearing the costume! You will need the length and width. Add " for a standard seam to all measurements. Now decide how your shoe cover is going to look. This is going to require some creativity. You can use historical costume references if needed. Perhaps you could even blow up a photo to use as a pattern guide. You will need to draw a side view of what you want onto the paper to use as a pattern, using the measurements you have. Cut out the pattern you have created, and place it on the fabric, which is folded in half. Cut out two sets of two pieces of fabric. You will have four pieces, two for each shoe. Sew two of the pieces, right side in, along the front sides. Sew a narrow hem around the bottom and the top. Sew a regular hem along the back of each shoe cover. Attach the narrow Velcro to both sides of the long back seam of both shoe covers, the "fuzzy" strip on the outside edge of one seam, and the "hook" strip on the inside of the other seam, so that they overlap.

We Aim To Provide You a Wide Range Of Marvelous Women Nike Free Run 2 Pink White Quilted,Men Nike Free Run 2 Shield Grey Black Turquoise Grey If you are from Australia or anywhere in the world where people wear warm boots to keep warm, then you have probably heard of ugg boots. The name is an Australian term for sheepskin boots that has been around since the cultivation of sheep, though it was not until the 1950s or so when the Aussie name stuck. Due to their soft outer shell and their all natural fleecy lining they are both extremely comfortable, and thermostatically beneficial to your feet. These boots were originally popular with World War II aviators, planes then did not have the modern conveniences of heating that we have today. Also hardcore surfers that loved the speed their feet got warm after being in the ocean during the cooler months. If you happen to own a pair of these fuzzy wonders, you may even be wondering how to clean them. To clean you will need a mild sheepskin cleaner like Woolite or the UGG Autralia Sheepskin Cleaner, or you can also try using an all natural cleaner that is safe for wool and other delicates. Be sure to dilute your cleaner in cold water according to the instructions for Woolite use 2 tablespoons for every two cups of water, for UGG Australia cleaner mix at a one to one ratio, and for an all natural cleaner like Ecover Delicate Wash, mix only a third of a capful with about 2 1/2 liters of cold water. It is best not to use shampoo as you do not want to eliminate all the natural oil that is part of your sheepskin boots. Next use a cloth soaked in cold water to dampen the outside surface of your boots, being careful not to soak through the entire sheepskin. Apply a small amount of your cleaner to a sponge, and gently scrub the entire area in small circles. For tough stains or hard to reach nooks, try using a toothbrush just be careful not to damage the material. Rinse off the cleaning solution with your cold wet cloth, stopping to rinse and ring it out as you go. Stuff your boots with recycled paper towels to allow them to keep their shape, and leave them to dry in a clean warm place. Avoid direct heat sources like a fireplace, radiator or even direct sun, which can cause the sheepskin to pucker or crack. For any bad odors in the boot when they are dry sprinkle a couple tablespoons of baking soda inside then give them a shake and letting them sit, should kill any odors overnight. Be sure to gently brush the outsides of your Ugg boots with a suede brush to restore the pile. By giving them a clean from time to time they should last nearly a lifetime. Women Nike Free Run 2 Pink White Quilted Sometimes we want something so badly, and we work so hard to get it. We struggle and sweat and pour our entire beings into it until it happens, it's reality, and it's part of our world. And sometimes it's completely worth it, and it's exactly what we hoped it would be. If it's a job we fought hard to get we saw ourselves in this position, and now that we are here we see that it's even better than we hoped it would be. If it's a relationship that we yearned for we met that special someone and are living in happily ever after every day. If it's a pair of shoes that we saw in the store window that we just knew would be perfect for that new outfit we just bought and sure enough, we tried them on and they fit better than we even imagined they would. And it's wonderful when life works out like this. It's amazing when everything fits together in a perfect package with the most beautiful bow on top. We deserve this life we are worth having everything fall into place where it can flow easily. And we are also worth recognizing if and when things stop flowing and start bringing us down. It's okay to let go of a dream, relationship, job, or anything else if it no longer fits us. Not everything is going to feel exactly like we hoped it would when it was just a dream. But if you don't go for your dream, you will never know. And sometimes it will feel exactly right at first or even for awhile. And then one day you wake up and realize that you have grown out of it. It's no longer your dream. When this happens (if it happens), take a deep breath and begin to let this dream go. Begin the process of moving on. Take the experiences with you take the lessons with you and move forward to your next dream knowing how truly grateful you were to have gone for it and lived with it and be on the other side of it now. If your dream no longer feels like your dream, know that it's more than okay to let it go. There are plenty more out there, and I know that you'll find another one that fits you and feels just right for where you are right now in this moment.

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