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BIDDEFORD Bobby Cote single home two runs and Nate McKeown smacked a three run double during a six run second inning as Biddeford earned a 9 4 win over Marshwood in an SMAA baseball game Monday.THORNTON ACADEMY 6, SOUTH PORTLAND 0: Jeff Gelinas struck out 10 while pitching a three hitter for the Trojans (3 3) against the Red Riots (1 5) at South Portland.Gelinas was also 2 for 3 with two RBI.SCARBOROUGH 7, BONNY EAGLE 1: Nick Bagley knocked in two runs, and Ben Greenberg had six strikeouts in four innings to lead the Red Storm (6 1) over the Scots (3 3) at Scarborough.CAPE ELIZABETH 12, WELLS 0: Zach Culver needed just five innings to hit for the cycle as Cape Elizabeth (4 3) posted a mercy rule victory over the Warriors (4 3) at Wells.Culver drove in six runs. 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Some of the popular home remedies for this problem which are being used since a very long time and have proved to be quite effective in many cases are: 1. One of the most effective home remedies for athlete's foot is the use of honey and brewer's yeast. All you need to do is apply a mixture of honey and brewer's yeast on the affected area two times in a day. 2. Take some water and then add forty drops of tea tree oil in this water. Now soak your feet in this solution and wait for about ten minutes. Later use a towel to dry your feet and then use a hair dryer to make it completely free from any kind of moisture. This is one of the most efficient home remedies for athlete's foot. 3. Take some hot water and then add half cup of Clorox and one cup of Epsom salt in it. Now soak the affected area in this water for about twenty minutes three times in a day. Repeat this process on daily basis to get better results. 4. You can use alcohol, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or tea tree oil to treat this ailment. All you have to do is take a cotton ball and soak it in any one of these solutions. Now rub the affected area with this cotton ball. 5. Apple cider vinegar is also very effective in treating athlete's foot. Take equal amount of apple cider vinegar and water and mix them together. Now use this mixture to rinse the affected area. This home remedy will kill the fungus responsible for the infection and will prove to be very beneficial in treating this ailment. 6. Cornstarch can also be used to treat athlete's foot. All you need to do is put some cornstarch on the affected region of your feet before putting on your socks and shoes. 7. Olive leaf extract is also one of the most effective home remedies for athlete's foot. It is known to have antiviral properties and can be applied on the affected area on regular basis. 8. Try to keep your feet dry and keep it away from moisture as moisture can cause further growth of the fungus. 9. Garlic is known to have antibiotic properties and can prove to be very beneficial in treating athlete's foot. Just take some raw cloves of garlic and crush them. Now rub these crushed garlic cloves on the affected area and wait for half an hour. Later wash with water. Women Nike Free Run 2 Stealth White Purple Grey,In the early 1990s, there were some very interesting accessories worn by boys. Including calculator watches, light up shoes and soccer shoes. Overall, boys had short hair in the early 1990s, however, sometimes they had mullet like styles with a lot of mousse. The mid 1990s saw boys in Doc Marten shoes, Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers and always toting a skateboard. Long, unkempt hair was also essential to Grunge fashion. The late 1990s accessories were less specific, but most items worn displayed the brand name. 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How to Buy Name Brand Clothes in Bulk There are several reasons why someone may want to buy brand name clothes in bulk. You may want to build your own. How to Wear Cargo Shorts Cargo shorts are among the most comfortable you can buy. They may have enough pockets for you to carry everything you need.

Shopping In Our Store You Can Get Savings Up To 72 Women Nike Free Run 2 Stealth White Purple Grey,Men Nike Free Run 2 Shield Stealth Black Orange White When it was time to replace my daughter sneakers in December, the only store in town that sells kids shoes didn have any styles with Velcro closures in her size. We looked at each other, she and I, with the exact same expression on our faces sheer panic. My kid can tie her shoes. Yes, my daughter is 8 years old, and neither I nor her father have even attempted to teach her to tie shoelaces. My mother in law, bless her heart, gave it a go last May and aborted her mission well before they even got to the words ears. had her try the shoes on anyway, and my big girl really loved them. much more fun. Or so she told me. You know, they big girl shoes. Against my better judgment, she left the store wearing them. But really, what else was I going to do? It was bad enough that her old shoes were an entire size too small. Confession: That was more than a month ago now, and we haven worked on this at all. I could claim holiday madness, but the truth is that I just don want to do it. My girl is extremely smart and with this comes a serious perfection complex. Anything new that she cannot conquer in less than 30 seconds can send her into a frustration tailspin that leaves all of us panting and in need of medicinal chocolate. Every morning when I tie her shoes a part of me cringes with shame. What kind of parent lets her 8 year old get away with not tying her shoes? Then I remember that some battles aren worth fighting. It has been a long, hard road littered with tears, but I have learned that forcing myself and my child into a situation that will cause us both legitimate emotional pain sometimes isn worth it. She will learn to tie her shoes. I know she will, when she is ready, and she will do it in about five minutes flat. But right now, every time I see those shoes on her feet, I feel like such a bad mom. How old was your child when they learned to tie their shoes? Was it hard to teach them? We haven gotten into shoe tying yet, but you make me think of all the things I feel imaginary pressure about for my almost 5 year old, plus the fact she like your daughter a little bit too. When she can get something perfect it useless for us to keep trying with her. So she be 5 in a month and she still can make it through the night without wetting the bed. And more often than I like we are wiping her on the potty. But who pressuring me, only myself. I know full well she do it when she ready. So will yours. =) No. My child is 6 and we haven taught her either. She doesn have anxiety or a perfection complex, just really crappy motor skills. She complains to me some days that her classmates know how to tie their shoes and that she doesn So I always ask her if she wants to learn (she has no lace tie shoes right now), but she does not. When she wants to learn, she will learn. Am I a bad mom for not teaching her? Not in my opinion. We are working on motor skills in other ways, but this just isn practical for us considering none of her shoes are lace tie shoes. When your child wants to learn, she will learn. My kid learned to ride a bike way before her classmates because she wanted to, so win some, lose some. (My son 2 so we not to this point yet, heck he can even velcro them himself yet. Anyhow not try some of the curly shoe laces? You could probably put those in and the shoe would stay tight without having to tie them. Maybe you could find one that works. If she has two pairs of shoes, you could put real shoe laces on the pair she likes better so it encourages her to work on learning to tie them but she could use the others for every day when she just needs to wear them. (Or weekend vs. weekday shoes). Kind of like potty training, we are starting on the early side and just taking it really slow. I don stress about it and neither does she. She got her first pair of tie shoes a couple of months ago, right after she turned four. We showed her how to loosen the laces, get them on her feet, tighten the laces, make a knot, and make a bow. She got everything down except the bow. For now, she just ties a million knots and the shoes stay on. It looks silly, but it gets the job done She get there eventually. I drove myself and my son crazy trying to teach him how to tie his shoes. Almost a year of frustration and hair tearing on both our parts. One day he sat down with a book (no joke) one of those little kid books that have the snaps,zippers,buttons and yay laces on each page and taught himself in 5 minutes. He was a bit younger than 8, but it took a good while after that for him to learn to get the things tight enough to not come apart in 5 minutes He now 12 and has, I think, tied his shoes once the first time he put them on after buying them and just pulls them on and off without undoing the laces at all (drives his dad nuts! :)). Maybe you could have a pair that she wears to school that are pre tied (so to speak) tight enough that they can be just slipped on and off without having to untie/retie them, but also have a pair at home she can practice on. She get it. I think my younger daughter learned to tie her shoes at 7. She is now 9 and JUST learned how to ride a bike makes me feel bad. You are not alone and you should do what works for your family however be careful with the perfection complex because you don want to turn events into a situation where you avoid doing or teaching key things just because it is hard and frustrating for your child. My 11 year old is a lot like that, and it IS easier to just avoid it altogether but I think we all know that what is easy is not always right and what is right is not always easy I have found this out the hard way, lol. Good luck and she will be just fine! My step son is 11 and still can or even button his pants. He is autistic, so this makes it a bit harder, as when he doesn want to learn something, he makes it practically impossible to teach. We had him for Christmas, and I sat down and made him just work on the knot. nothing else, just the knot. one step at a time. he needs to learn, as his feet are now my same size, there are no Velcro shoes left. My other two are getting there my 7yr old can do it himself, and my 6yr old is learning. my 3 yr old doesn register it on the radar yet. No your not a bad mom for that. But you recognize it, and I hope you start soon, but you have more time than those of us with boys. Girls have more shoe options without laces. No, you are not a bad Mom for this. And it is ridiculous for anyone to say you are. My DD is 5 and knows how to tie, but she had an incentive. Her school has the children earn buttons by activities that they can do. Like counting to 100, knowing all capital and lower case letters, and being able to zip and tie. She loves earning the buttons and when she found out she had to know how to tie her shoes to earn that button, she made me teach her. She didn even have tie shoes, so she practiced on mine. Each parent decides what is important for them and learning these things is one of them. My DS is about to turn 3 and I haven even tried to potty train him. Because I know how difficult it was to train his sister, and I know my son and whether he is ready. My 8 year old has just recently learned, too. I work in a therapy clinic and got a great tip from the occupational therapists: let them practice with pipe cleaners. The hardest part for kids is that the laces won stay in place while they trying to figure out what to do with them. Pipe cleaners will stay in the position they bent into, so kids can get the technique down without getting frustrated that it keeps slipping. I twisted the ends of 2 pipe cleaners together then pulled the other ends through holes I had punched in a small piece of cardboard so he had a surface to work against. (I hope this makes sense.) He had it figured out in no time after that. Are you serious? You are really making this about you? Spend more time teaching your daughter to tie her shoes instead of asking complete strangers online if YOU are a bad mom only thing that is making me question your parenting abilities is that you are more worried about YOU than yor child is what is wrong with our country. Why do you need approval from others? You are taching your child that is important to care about what others think more than being herself feeling sorry for yourself and tend to your children like a real mom. Geez. I an elementary school teacher, and assuming typical motor skill development, most kids can tie their shoes by age 6. It is frustrating when they should be able to, but their parents have not helped them to learn. Pausing before physical activities to get shoes tied for safety takes up valuable learning time. Kids often approach the teacher to ask for their shoes to be tied in the middle of learning, because they are distracted by them being untied. I tell my students that they need to tie them or find as buddy who is able to help them, I don tie shoes myself after the first month or so of first grade. In short, I think it an important skill to learn, and for my own kids, I never want them to be learning something if it wasn developmentally necessary. Women Nike Free Run 2 Stealth White Purple Grey Procedures and systems are the core of this time management tip. Now, don get scared and think procedures and systems are complicated and something you can use. Even though you don use those terms you already have some procedures and systems that you follow every day of your life. Don you pretty much follow the same procedure or system every day to get ready for work or to get ready for bed? Because people are creatures of habit you like to do things a certain way, you like consistency, and you like predictability when it comes to frequently required activities. That the whole point of procedures and systems, but there are ways to make your procedures and systems better so you have a more relaxed and enjoyable life. A procedure is nothing more than an established method for doing something. When you look at the things you have to accomplish in a day whether those things are personal or professional in nature if you have a procedure for doing them it makes the accomplishment of those things easier because they become almost automatic. You don have to think deeply about them because you know the procedure and you conditioned yourself to automatically work through the procedure step by step. You tend to be better about having and following procedures in the world of work than you are in your personal life. Yet, there is just as much value to be had from procedures in your personal life as there is in your professional life. As an example, if the procedure when your family gets home at the end of the day is to take your shoes off and place them in the same place each day and hang up your coats in the same place and take any items that you have with you and put them in their place you actually save a lot of time and reduce your stress. No one has to pick up for everyone else. No one is scrambling to find their shoes and coat in the morning when you rushing to leave the house. You aren embarrassed when unexpected visitors come to your house and can enter without tripping over shoes and other things in a heap by the door. A system is formed from the organization of related parts into a way of achieving a desired result. When there are multiple actions to be taken or multiple procedures involved you have a system for doing things. The idea for developing procedures and systems for both your personal and professional life is that once they developed you obtain consistent and predictable results. Plus everyone knows what is expected and how to accomplish and fulfill those expectations. When you have good procedures and systems it just a matter of repeating them to get the results you want. People are the drivers behind systems and procedures. When it comes to any form of time management, procedures, and systems they all involve people, yourself and others. After you developed procedures and systems to make regular tasks more efficient if you find that you have trouble following them you need to figure out why. Is there a problem with the procedure or system that you need to correct? Or is the procedure or system fine, but you and others still have trouble following them because you just kind of choose not to? If that the case you or the other people in your life may have an underlying root cause that leading to your time management symptoms stemming from a lack of self leadership. Self leadership comes from your ability to obtain results from yourself and through others. Most of the time you know how to do the things you need to do and you have the skills and abilities to do them. You may have trouble distinguishing what most important for you now. You may have a attitude. You may allow yourself to excuse your way out of things. These self leadership deficiencies are preventing you from following the procedures and systems that would reduce your stress. And a lack of self leadership is making your time management issues worse. Take a moment a do a quick self check up to see if its procedures and systems you need; or the leadership to back them up so you can rinse, repeat, and get the results you want.

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