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I will always have such wonderful memories of my time in Montreal. It is a beautiful city and McGill is a fantastic university. I was fortunate to find a room in a share apartment overlooking Saint Denis one of the major streets in Montreal, with lots of cafes, bars and restaurants lining the streets. I had a dreamy view over the street, its church spires and squirrel filled trees. I lived with a fantastic group of people my housemates hailed from Mauritius, Canada, Kenya, Italy and Iran. McGill attracts people from all over the world and it is truly the place for interacting with people from a myriad of different cultural backgrounds. I would recommend joining the McGill outdoors club as they go on trips most weekends if you want to take advantage of the beautiful natural parks and outdoorsy activities on offer this is a great and cost effective way to do it. Also, the McGill International Student Society (MISN) organise lots of great trips and tours to nearby cities (NYC, Boston etc). At uni I took advantage of the challenging courses offered by the French Department and signed up for a course on French Literature in the 18th century It was a course geared to French native speakers and I managed to muddle my way though with the help of my kind Prof. If you have a good level of French, I would recommend taking courses in this department as they are of a more challenging level than any of those available at UQ due to the French speaking nature of the region. I also took a couple of Political Science courses that were really fantastic. McGill Polsci courses seem to have a particularly hands on focus with a couple holding 'sims' simulations of real world problems where students represent various countries and organisations and work to support their state interests while attempting to resolve a conflict. If you thought UQ had clubs, wait until you see the number of clubs and organisations on offer at McGill. After getting thoroughly carried away at sign on night I found myself a member of a few different theatre societies, the outdoor club, the drawing society, various musical groups, a couple of charitable organisations and the Midnight Kitchen a student run group that offers free vegan lunches to students every day (the food is usually pretty great this is where I lunched most days head to the SSMU building). Despite being renowned for academics, McGill also has a vibrant arts community and if you watch the boards in the arts building there is a constant flow of plays and auditions on offer. Having joined theatre groups, I found myself auditioning for a few plays and ended up performing in a piece from A Midsummer Night's Dream. It was great fun and I met many more wonderful people. Most notably, I also joined McGill Improv an improvisational theatre group and something I had wanted to try for a while and had an amazing time improvising with them a couple of times a week and hope to stay in touch with many of the friends I made there. While it's not the warmest place during the winter, if you have the right clothes and a hankering to see some snow, Montreal is the place to be. It was so surreal waking up to see a blanket of snow covering everything. I walked to uni most days whatever the weather and would sometimes feel as though the distance doubled due to the amount of snow there was to trudge through but the novelty never wore off. I would strongly recommend staying for the Summer Montrealers live for the summer (which doesn last all that long) and manage to fit hundreds of performances, festivals and street carnivals into two balmy months. Also, If you don mind leaving things a little less planned I would say avoid booking your return ticket too far in advance you might find that your feet are still itching for more travel but your return date is too pricey to change. 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All three paid concerts will be held in Freedom Hall.[PREVIOUS STORY: Safety concerns move state fair concert seating to playing field]Main Stage Concerts at Freedom HallLady Antebellum with special guest Billy CurringtonThursday, Aug. 14: Plain White T's with special guest A Lion Named RoarAug. 15: Morris Day the Time with special guest UnlimitedAug. 16: America with special guest CaribouAug. 17: Oak Ridge Boys with special guest Marty BrownAug. 18: Newsboys with special guest Matthew WestAug. 19: Kenny Rogers with special guest Belles and WhistlesAug. 20: Easton Corbin with special guest Olivia HenkenAug. 21: Happy Together Tour with The Turtles featuring Flo and Eddit, Chuck Negron formerly of Three Dog Night, Gary US Bonds, Mitch Ryder the Detroit Wheels and Gary Lewis the PlayboysAug. 22: Scotty McCreery with special guest Kelsey KAug. 23: Joan Jett the Blackhearts with special guest Devour the DayAug. 24: MercyMeAll Turf Concert Series shows are free with paid admission to the Kentucky State Fair. in Cardinal Stadium at the Kentucky Exposition Center. The only exception is the Aug.Most Popular StoriesMost Popular StoriesMore>>Police: Hartford teen was kidnapped by Colorado manPolice: Hartford teen was kidnapped by Colorado manUpdated: Thursday, September 11 2014 7:28 AM EDT2014 09 11 11:28:01 GMTA Hartford teenager who went missing in August was found in Colorado, the victim of an apparent kidnapping.A Hartford teenager who went missing in August was found in Colorado, the victim of an apparent kidnapping. (name) called the Memphis Police Department when she discovered what happened at theA Memphis mother was horrified after she found out her 4 year old daughter was left in a day care closet. Women Nike Free Run 3 Fireberry Electric Green,A senior executive with the American sportswear company Nike has accused some critics of the company's labour practices in Vietnam of indirectly seeking to overthrow Vietnam's communist government. In a letter to the head of the state controlled Vietnamese Confederation of Trades Unions, the Nike vice president, Mr Joseph Ha, said the company had faced criticism from groups whose aim was, he said, political rather than economic. Nike Director of Issues Management Vada ManagerNike's sports shoe manufacturing business is now indirectly Vietnam's largest single employer. Factories run by the company's South Korean and Taiwanese sub contractors currently employ more than 30,000 people in Vietnam. Last year, however, Nike's labour practices in Asia were the target of criticism from labour groups in the United States. The remarks are an apparent reference to the role in the anti Nike campaign of one specific New York based group, Vietnam Labour Watch, which is headed by an American Vietnamese. However that organisation was only one of a number of labour groups across the United States involved in the campaign. Last year Vietnam's official press also highlighted cases of abuse by Asian managers at factories working for Nike in Vietnam.

Latest And Largest Collection Of Women Nike Free Run 3 Fireberry Electric Green,Men Nike Free 3.0 Soar Blue Pure Platinum Reflective Silver It a great year to get into American Football at Nottingham! > The British Universities and Colleges Sport body (BUCS) have officially inducted American Football into their ranks this year, meaning that we will be used in conjunction with all other current BUCS sports to evaluate the University sporting excellence based on performance (the more matches we win, the more points Nottingham will receive which count to the National Rankings). > This year for the first time we will be competing in the official national season kick off match: xpLosION, hosted by the Birmingham Lions in front of a 6000 strong crowd at which Sky Sports will be filming! > Before our 2012/13 season starts we will be going on a weekend long residential training camp in October, during which we will play practice matches (scrimmages) against two other teams to give everyone a feel for what competitive matches are really like. > Once again we will be kicking off the prestigious Nottingham Varsity series in February, when we play bitter rivals Nottingham Trent at the Harvey Hadden Stadium! > LADIES we are looking to enter two 5 a side teams into the national Women Flag and Kitted football leagues which are being established this year. Female players are eligible and more than welcome to join the full University team as well. > We will also be hosting our annual Superbowl party at our proud sponsor bar Walkabout in Nottingham city centre, which is the biggest student Superbowl party in Europe! Women Nike Free Run 3 Fireberry Electric Green Roller skating as we know it is largely a product of the 1970s, a heady time when people didn't give the tiniest fuck that all that stood between them and having their spine turned into a jigsaw puzzle were two cheap shoes with wheels glued on. John Joseph Merlin invented both roller skates and the attitude that safety equipment and the ability to brake are for pussies when his first demonstration ended with him crashing into a mirror and seriously injuring himself. He was also playing a , which makes us wonder exactly what he was trying to accomplish. Maybe drive by violinings were a thing back then. Skates started to look more sensible after Merlin inadvertently held the world's first X Games. The were patented in 1819, and skates from 1863 don't look much different from the ones we have today: We bet the wooden wheels really brought those cobblestone streets to life. And then, for some unexplained reason, roller skate designs started to look like something lifted out of a satirical cartoon: Masons News Service, via Daily Mail "Yakety Sax" inexplicably plays whenever you're wearing them. These 1897 monstrosities are road rollers, which were used by Victorian businessmen to quickly get across London so they could maximize their time spent being dicks to the working class. Skaters could reach the breezy speed of 16 mph, hopefully while ramping over exploding horses. It's going to be hard to take A Christmas Carol seriously now that we'll picture Scrooge awkwardly sitting on the roadside and tying these to his feet so he could get to the office every morning. Fast forward to 1905, and the world was treated to these bad boys: Pictured: Edmund James Hamburglar Sr. He looks like he's going to skate into a bank, grab a sack with a dollar sign on it, and skate out while shouting that they'll never catch the Four Wheeled Bandit. However, first prize for sheer hilarity has to go to these pedal powered skates from 1910, which resemble something that Tony Stark would have invented had he been a teenage ruffian. Go ahead and take care of that erection of yours, steampunk fans. We'll wait. You actually had to pump air into the tires before each skate, which may explain why the Age of Lunatic Skate Design soon ended and the world went back to models sane people would be willing to wear. But not before old timey skaters filmed their ridiculous exploits: 2. Foxy BoxingModern women fought for their right to fight each other, and thanks to stars like Gina Carano, we now take women's martial arts for granted. But women's boxing used to be a poorly sanctioned fringe sport, and in the 1970s and '80s it was largely restricted to scantily clad women ineffectually swatting at each other in grimy bars while lonely men watched and worked through some weird issues they had with their violent mothers. While we tend to think of foxy boxing as having a history no longer than that time our dad became a big fan after the divorce, women have been taking part in the sweet science since 1722, when the first recorded boxing match between "two of the feminine gender" took place in London. Boxing soon became a popular sport for lower class women, who often fought stripped to the waist, because hey, free tits. If that sounds condescending, consider this boxing was still bare knuckle then, and female fighters could also kick, scratch, and throw. Women actually fought (and sometimes beat) male contestants, and it's hard to think of these fights as sexy considering that they kept fighting after suffering broken jaws and noses, smashed teeth, and swollen eyes. Oh, and sometimes they fought with swords and freaking quarterstaves. Can we bring that back? To, like, everything? It seems like women's boxing has always been torn between being taken seriously and being a form of erotic entertainment for men who get turned on by head trauma. This video from 1931 presents women's boxing as a comedy routine: In heels. Meanwhile, you're going to trip trying to stand up after reading this. While this video from the '40s features two women who, despite being scantily clad, are clearly taking the fight seriously: Although we suppose it's possible that they start making out moments after the film ends. Remember, boxing used to be one of America's three big sports. It makes perfect sense that women would want to compete and male advertising executives would want to exploit their fellow man's love of boxing and boobs.

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