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Most tires have a metal wire bead that needs to be cut off. Using diagonal cutters or wire snips cut both metal bands. Please be careful if you do this. Let the glue set up. Now is a good time for a break. Here is the finish product. Note, it isn't pretty, but it works! Place Crocs on your feet and e. Do you have a favorite pair of Crocs that you wear all the time? Do you think that Crocs are one of the best footwear related inventions ever? If you answered to these questions, you are like me. I have worn out more than one pair of Crocs in my time. This being the case, I started buying cheap Croc imitations. They lasted about as long, but were much cheaper to buy. (for the purpose of this I use the term to mean both, authentic and imitations.) The problem I have is that the soles of the Crocs wear out and become flat, slippery, and holes develop. These particular Crocs have just finished a one year tour in Iraq, and are now three months into my current Afghanistan tour. Sure, I could just go but another pair from the PX, but then why waste money, and put these in a landfill (most likely here, they will get burnt and lots of poisonous gases put into the air.) The next problem is that everywhere you go in the Middle East, it tile floors. These floors are mopped constantly. I don have to tell you that "tile + water=ice skating rink!" These tiles are slippery even with brand new soles on really good shoes. I tried a few things to fix the crocs. I cut notches into the sole. I even took a die grinder to the shoe to make new in the shoe. Nothing worked. So enter my current solution. I writing this as I making these, so I not sure how they last long term, but I plan to post my findings as they develop. What we are going to do is to the Crocs with a bicycle tire. The tire I have is the only one I could get. It was destined to end up in the trash, so we are saving another item from a landfill (or more burning.) G31 month agoReply Hi Inchman , my mate gave me a pair of his worn Crocs to try. Must say I prefer Birkenstocks but I'm converted ! Ideal would be both getting together to make best of each others designs ! !!! Anyhow worn soles and slippy surfaces with recent Prostatectomy got a bit hairy ! I'm going to our favourite shoe repair folks in the Market to see what he can do. My mate loves Guinness but I prefer Ales as G. makes my Waste products stink Evil ! regards solutions to an Area that for thousands of years has seen no end of conflicts ? My wife has studied Counselling to level 4 and that has the answers . Check out a book " The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle . Sad truth is everyone is on the Child to Adult spectrum somewhere and sadly some of the most dangerous and capable individuals can be Tormented Child . My Dad . bless him . said to me often ( He grew up post 2nd world War . Born 1937 ) No Good ever comes of Fighting but knowing how to is ! He sheltered me and the only decent fight I ever had was when a group of Bullies at school escalated taking the proverbial until I knocked the toughest one out and broke all his front teeth . All the best mate to all of you out there and God Bless you allbobkoure1 year agoReply Women Nike Free Run 3 Total Orange Silver Platinum Volt ,Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Prism Blue Volt Men Nike Free Run 3.0 Total Orange Neon Reflective Silver Wolf Grey Wmns Nike Free Run 3 Cool Grey Silver Sail University Red Women Nike Free Run 3 Black Silver White Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Wolf Grey Reflect Silver Blue Glow Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Wolf Grey Game Royalblue Wolf Grey Women Nike Free Run 3 Soar Blue Rflct Silver Pro Platinum Volt Women Nike Free Run 3 Hot Punch Neon Pink Volt Quilted Men Nike Free Run 3.0 Total Orange Neon Reflective Silver Wolf Grey That night we go back to Zuckerman's house and set Luke up in the media room. I'm emotionally spent, and when Zuckerman's wife Stephanie asks me how it went, I find myself, for perhaps the first time ever, speechless. Luke is anything but; he runs to the TV screen, naming all the objects that he sees: tree, dog, kite, shade. Suddenly, we can't shut this kid up. He isn't just cheerful or glad to be on land; he's positively thrilled with himself. Snuggling in beside me on the leather sectional, he offers me the back of his head to nuzzle, cackling as I oblige. It is unseemly to kiss your child on another man's couch, and embarrassed, I tender apologies." Please," says Zuckerman. "Look how happy he is. I've seen it over and over: surfing magic." Though the notion of surfing as therapy for autism is so novel that no one has studied it, a number of eminent neuroscientists I talk with later are willing to venture a guess as to why it might work. "We know that motor skill learning has a broad ranging impact on the nervous system," says William Greenough, an expert on brain development at the Beckman Institute at the University of Illinois, where studies of Fragile X are conducted. "There's increased blood flow to crucial neurons, and the reshaping of abnormal structures in the front brain. But beyond that, surfing may be a vehicle to an emotional breakthrough, a way of reaching under the mask and perhaps connecting to kids like these." Peter Vanderklish, a neurobiologist at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, who works on the synaptic mechanisms of learning, offers a slightly more personal take. "I've been surfing for close to 30 years, and my sense is that the sky and sea beauty of the sport turns the focus of these kids inside out. They're pulled out of themselves by having to live in the moment, and all their anxieties are pushed aside," he says. "There's the whole sensory motor thing of being in tune with your body and enjoying the sheer physical effort, but at the end of the day surfing's about self expression, and for a couple of hours these kids can think like artists." Adds Paskowitz, "This is a sport that grounds you in both the spiritual and the physical. You get on that board and suddenly you're part of something bigger. There's no word for it, other than magic." Since the day five years ago when Zuckerman got a call from the mother of a child with autism, he has surfed, free of charge, with dozens of children who run the clinical gamut. Blind kids, deaf kids, quadriplegics he has put them in the water, with grand results. "It's the same thing each time," he says. "They panic at first, then get totally amped on the wave."Zuckerman, who is friends with Paskowitz, drops everything in early September to host the Long Beach leg of Surfers Healing. He places himself, his surfboards, and a dozen or so instructors at the disposal of the daylong event. "It's like nothing you've ever seen before," Zuckerman says, "between the crowds and media, plus the 60 or 80 families with their kids. They can't stop laughing, or hugging you till it hurts. It's by far the best day of my year." He asks us to stay for dinner, but Luke is fading and I need to get him home for his evening meds. Walking to the car, I keep babbling thanks, saying it's been a day I'll never forget. "Oh, and I meant to ask you, what was Luke saying when you guys caught that first wave in?"Zuckerman laughs, his big shoulders rolling. "Well, he was fussing and fighting the whole way out, saying exactly what he thought of old Elliot. But when that big wave came and I threw him on the board, he was yelling, 'Whee, whee, whee!' all the way in." Women Nike Free Run 3 Total Orange Silver Platinum Volt,THIRD QUARTER: Well, now. Do tell. Ravens have a third and six from the Redskins 11, and then Flacco's short toss is deflected and intercepted by one Mr. London Fletcher. THIRD QUARTER: Forbath's 48 yard attempt is good. Ravens 21 17. THIRD QUARTER: Ravens were on the move, especially because of a dumb late hit call on who else? D Hall, but Flacco promptly fumbles. Redskins ball. HALFTIME NUMBERS: Griffin is 10 of 15 for 180 yards and a TD while Flacco is 10 of 13 for 127 yards and THREE touchdowns. The Ravens' Rice has 71 yards on seven carries; the Redskins' Morris, 74 yards on 12 attempts. SECOND QUARTER: Redskins follow with a punt. Ravens apparently will and do run out the clock. Halftime. Ravens 21 14. TWO MINUTE WARNING: After which there will be a Ravens punt. SECOND QUARTER: Redskins had a third and 1 at the Ravens 33 but Griffin and Morris botch a pitch, forcing a Redskins punt. SECOND QUARTER: Ravens make the Redskins pay. Flacco to Dennis Pitta from the 14 for third scoring strike. Touchdown. Ravens 21 14. SECOND QUARTER: Morris stripped, Ravens take over inside the Redskins 15. SECOND QUARTER: Flacco to Boldin for 31 yard touchdown. Game tied at 14. FIRST QUARTER: Ravens respond with a penalty and a punt. FIRST QUARTER: Ray Rice gashes the Redskins defense, and Flacco finally hits Bolden for a 19 yard touchdown. Game tied at 7.

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