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A few weeks ago I wrote an article on Why You're Getting Nowhere at the Gym, and How to Fix it. One of my key points was that most people don't challenge themselves enough with the amount of weight that they lift. People are seemingly happy to go through the motions of simply being at the gym without truly putting in the effort required to make any sort of progress. To many, ignorance is bliss so you can stop reading here if you're happy with your waning results. But here is why your workouts will be much more rewarding if you learn to push yourself at the gym. What does intensity truly mean? In most cases, intensity can be described as one's perceived effort, but for lifting weights in the gym, intensity refers to the amount of weight lifted. Increase the weight, increase the intensity. It's as simple as that. In regards to aerobic exercise where there are no weights involved to determine the intensity (I'll use running as an example), sprinting is far more intense than jogging. Doing as much as possible, as close to the maximum exertion you can put out, is intense. Why does intensity matter? Intensity matters because oxygen consumption correlates directly to calories burned. According to The Essentials of Sports and Exercise Nutrition by John Berardi, humans typically consume about 3.5 mL of oxygen per kg of body weight per minute, and our bodies burn about 4.8 calories per liter of oxygen consumed. This is how we calculate daily caloric requirements for sedentary individuals. When exercise is introduced into the mix, we consume more oxygen and therefore burn more calories. Are you more out of breath after walking, or after sprinting? After lifting a 5 lb weight or a 50 lb weight? This is why intensity is important. The harder you push yourself, the more oxygen you require, the more calories you burn. The argument could end there, but oh, there's more. When you exercise intensely, not only do you burn excess calories during the activity, but you'll end up burning calories at a higher rate even after the workout is finished. We owe this to the concept of EPOC. What is EPOC? Excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) refers to the increased rate of oxygen uptake by our bodies after performing an activity (again, see John Berardi). When we exercise, our bodies require more oxygen than when we are at rest. Even at a low intensity, exercise will create an oxygen deficit in our bodies, but it is indeed the level of intensity that determines the magnitude of this oxygen deficit. Since we cannot immediately provide the oxygen needed by our bodies during exercise, we continue to require extra energy post workout. A low intensity activity walking, jogging lightly, doing a few casual sets on the calf raise machine at the gym will result in a short and unsubstantial EPOC, whereas a highly intense activity lifting heavy weights, multiple bouts of sprinting, etc. will result in longer and much more significant EPOC, which is when we can truly capitalize on our workouts. How do we benefit from EPOC? EPOC can remain elevated for minutes or hours, but it is directly proportional to the intensity of the activities performed. Some research shows that EPOC remains significantly higher within the 3 hours post workout, but some suggest that intense exercise can lead to an increased metabolic rate for up to 38 hours. Essentially, your body will be scrambling post workout to do several things: metabolize additional nutrients, replenish energy stores, reload oxygen stores in your muscles and blood, and decrease your elevated body temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate. Translated more simply: Your body will still be working very hard after an intense workout and will continue to burn calories at an elevated rate. If you don't push yourself, you'll burn fewer calories while at the gym, and fewer after the fact as well. First of all, if you have any sort of pre existing injury or health problem, make sure to consult a physician before engaging in any intense physical activity. Heavier weights require good form, and it takes time to master multi articulated exercises like the squat, deadlift and upper body pushes. Prior to implementing high intensity weightlifting programs, it is important to have mastered these exercises to prevent injury. It is also important to note that you will require more recovery post workout with these types of programs as well; this entails better nutrition, increased rest, and attention to muscle and joint mobilization. Push yourself, and you'll be amazed at the results! About 38 percent of the health apps that smartphone users download are fitness based. And that number is only going to get bigger one estimate from market research company Abiresearch suggests that the fitness apps market will grow to million by 2016 up from just million in 2010. That means we'll total nearly a billion downloads over the next three years. And given how effective those apps can be, if used correctly, doctors may start recommending them for increased fitness that'll particularly help the baby boomer generation, who are more likely to download a health related app that has been recommended by their doctor. Self monitoring formerly the purview of data nerds and navel gazing techies will go mainstream this year, thanks to an increasing number of smartphone apps that help you easily store data on your own behavior and a collection of wearable devices, from Nike Fuel to LarkLife, that do all the work for you. What is self monitoring? It's keeping track on the minute data of your day things like what you eat, how well you sleep and how much you move. Download the data and analyze your own behavior on a spreadsheet. Gluten free foods are necessary for the nearly two percent of the population who suffer from Celiac disease and the estimated 10 percent with a non specified gluten allergy. But somehow, thanks to highly visible gluten sensitive celebrities and fashionable, charming gluten free bakeries like Babycakes, eating without gluten is all the rage. While it may not lead to weight loss, it does have a side benefit of increasing demand for a gluten free options that make eating easier for those with Celiac and other sensitivies. But you don't have to go to a specialty shop for your pastries sans gluten any longer: now giant, national chains like Domino's Pizza are offering specifically gluten free fare. They might be the first, but they won't be the last. The kind of juice that won't stay shelf stable for a year? That's the stuff that will invade your supermarket, your mall court and your Starbucks, if it hasn't already. With billion in revenue this year and projected growth of four to eight percent, healthful, all natural and raw fruit and vegetable juices (think Organic Avenue, Cooler Cleanse but also Jamba Juice) will explode onto the mainstream market. And that growth projection may even be conservative: Starbucks' CEO Howard Shultz vowed to sell juice "in the same tonality that we have reinvented, over the last 40 years, the basic commodity of coffee," reported Barrons. Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Medium Purple Electric Green Volt ,Nike Roshe Run Men Black Grey Volt Nike Roshe Run Men Royal Total Orange Quilted Men Nike Free Run 2 Stealth Black White Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Royal Blue Nike Roshe PRM Women Aubergine Sail White Electric Green Men Nike Free Run 2 Turquoise White Orange Nike Free Run 3 Anthracite Gray Reflect Silver New Green Women Nike Roshe Run Men Volt Cool Grey Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Dark Grey Reflect Silver Black I'm in the same boat, and posted a bit ago about this, but haven't really gotten many responses. I did get on google and read a bit apparently, from what I've read, your cervix is posterior (tilted towards back) your pregnancy. When you are getting ready to deliver, it tilts anteriorally (towards the front), and begins to efface and dilate. So it basically means that you're not ready to deliver yet. I was told that I'm already starting to dilate and efface, though, so my doc made it sound like I'd go quickly once I did tilt towards the front. Rhea, mom to Sara, 3 and baby Daniel on the way 1/13/09!! The cervix does not drop into the vagina. think of it like the top of a knit bag that is drawn closed with a string (minus the actual string unless you've had a cerclage!). you soften, the little "neck" made by that drawn closed part gets thinner, and as you dilate the opening gets bigger and bigger. you open the bag (uterus), the cervix does this thinning and opening (effacing and dilating) until it is all the way up and out of the way big enough for the baby's head to fit through and enter into the vagina. that your cervix is posterior is just one way of saying that the cervix is just not in position for labor yet it should not cause you any worries! I had a talk with my midwife about this today. I am 3cm and 80% effaced, but my cervix is very posterior. SHe said that it's not uncommon, and some women have a posterior cervix until they are 8cm dilated! So, it doesn't really mean anything as you can be in active labor and still have a posterior cervix. Also, it doesn't mean you can't dilate, it's jsut harder to do it. My boy baby is currently at a +1 station, which is very low, but I am still posterior. So, no big deal, it will eventually come forward. Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Medium Purple Electric Green Volt,All around the world, the word play is significant in the life of the individual. In fact it has been discovered that any person or individual who is not playing is not happy. Hence the popular saying, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." However, the word play means something greater and perhaps something different for children. Playing is especially important for babies. Actually, playing may be the most important thing on a baby's mind; unlike their parents or even their older siblings. It has been found that playing is an essential part of a baby's development, because playing is a great part of their communication as babies. Playing with the baby can create a deeper bond between the baby and the parent. In playing, the baby is able to see the parent on their level. Parents are perhaps a major greatest playmate. Parents have a major role in the child's life, and this role may become even greater through safe play. Playing with your child and showing them how to play safe can make the child more willing and more eager to play, especially with the parent. It is important for the parent to appear to be enjoying the play time as much as the baby, as this will teach the baby how to interact with others while showing them the loving side of playing with another person. Sample different types of games because the child may not enjoy everything and parents must perform proper observation to determine what the child likes and dislikes. It is not always good to assume that the child likes all types of games since they have preferences. By trying different types of games, the parent will be able to learn more about their child, while encouraging them to play and be free with them. Encouraging safe games requires parents to take an active role. Parents need to know how their child plays, where they play and how they like to play. Taking an active role begins by simply observing the child. Parents can practice observation, by placing the baby in the middle of the floor and placing some toys around them. During this process the parents will be able to observe the baby's habits during play while learning what toys the baby likes and does not want and what toys are effective at helping him or her learn. Playing with the parent can prepare a child to play with other children their own age. So parents should always play safe with their baby, and ensure that the child does not develop any bad habits such as throwing toys or hitting with them. They say the richest play occurs when parents take an active role. It's good to encourage safe play by showing your child how to play with respect, but it's also a good idea to create a safe area for children to play in. The area the baby plays in must be baby proof to be sure to be free from accidents, as babies are free in their play. Selection of toys is also a major consideration. Parents should choose toys carefully, and should be sure to read the age requirements on toys while making sure toys don't have small objects or sharp edges that may harm babies. Each toy is not perfect for all children, so parents should consider all points before they buy their baby a new toy. Babies can be a handful, but they can also be very enjoyable. A playful parent can encourage a playful and happy baby. Although there are many unforeseen dangers out there, parents can ensure that their child is as safe as possible by encouraging safe play, and practicing safety themselves. There is no happier scene than when a parent plays with a baby, and there is no greater joy for the child than to play with their mom or dad. So parents should show their children how happy they are to have them by playing and encouraging safe play with their baby. Through his interest in his family's well being and his wife's profession he has acquired an interest in healthy products and practices for children. Please also read his blog Parenting Tips For Baby's First Year.

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