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Joining Davidson will be Dan Russell, former T Bird standout and current assistant coach. In addition, several former and current T Bird players will also provide assistance. "We are committed to giving all campers an enjoyable time at Casper College while teaching them the skills and team aspect of the sport of basketball. Along with stressing the fundamentals several contests and games will also take place during camp," said Davidson.All participants will receive a t shirt and camp basketball. The cost is $75 per person. For more information about the camp, call the Casper College athletic department at 268 3000.Registration is currently being accepted through the Casper Recreation Division for swimmers (11 14 yrs.) who are interested in someday becoming lifeguards. There are two phases to this Red Cross program. Phase I will introduce swimming skills, general physical ability expectations for lifeguarding responsibilities, prevention and response techniques. Phase I must be completed in order to enroll in Phase II.Register at the Casper Recreation Center or call 235 8383 for more information.Children 3 years old through 5th grade are invited on an "Amazing Desert Journey" this summer in Vacation Bible School. Each day students will learn about God's love. They will explore Bible stories, meet new friends, sing songs and make crafts. Register at Trinity Lutheran Church, 1240 S. Missouri, or call the church office at 234 0568. to noon. There will be relay races, games, prizes, fun, tricks, and refreshments each day. This year's theme is "Be All That You Can Be!" For more information, call the church at 266 5417 or Pastor Josh at 315 3701. Networking is a group of men and women that meet the third Monday of each month at noon at the Platte River Restaurant on E Street. Our next meeting today. All are welcome to attend.There are no dues or fees for membership. Our goal is to Keep It Simple to network with each other in an open forum on a monthly basis. This is a great opportunity to share our businesses with each other and with those looking for a business opportunity. Please bring your business cards and flyers to share with the group. For information, please call Mardie at 265 5114.It's time to make sure kids eat healthy while out of school. Natrona County School District announces the sponsorship of the Summer Food Service Program at the following sites. Free meals will be made available to children attending summer school as well as all other children who want to participate in the snacks and lunch program.Boys and Girls Club programs at the Main Branch, Evansville Elementary School, Paradise Valley Elementary School and Mills Elementary School: Daily to Aug.Casper Recreation Center: Daily to Aug.Midwest School: Daily to Aug. and ending at Morad Park. Week 1 will be hosted by the Wyoming Medical Center. Runners and walkers of all speeds are welcomed along with cyclists and those on roller blades. The event is free; refreshments and Casper Area Transportation Coalition (CATC) shuttle service to or from parking areas will be provided.Walks along the Platte River Parkway will be held each Monday evening through August 6. Each walk is approximately 2 miles long. Each week, the event will have a different starting point so that participants will have traveled the entire distance of the Platte River Parkway and the Casper Rails to Trails by the end of the program. Air Jordan 12 Gamma Blue ,Air Jordan 3 Powder Blue Air Jordan 3 Joker Air Jordan 1 Black Toe 2013 Air Jordan 5 Fire Red Black Tongue 2013 Air Jordan 13 Squadron Blue Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23 Air Jordan 8 Playoffs 2013 Air Jordan 10 Cool Grey Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23 jump to contentmy subreddits limit my search to /r/Healthuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. I a recent convert to barefoot running, or rather running with the Vibram KSOs. It takes a little while to get used to it because you have to start off slow, really slow. Lot of walking first and very gradually running more and more. I been plagued by shin splints for the past 10 years or so and had pretty much given up running completely. Since I started barefoot running my shin splints have totally disappeared and my legs feet and ankles feel stronger than ever. Other than a sprained ankle when I was a kid I never had any foot or ankle problems. I think traditional podiatric wisdom has a very good point about barefoot running with a stable foot. Running barefoot takes a while to work up to because our feet and ankles are weak from wearing "supportive" shoes our whole lives. Nobody, not even regular runners, should start doing it immediately. What I found personally was that as I started to walk barefoot over longer distances like a mile, my foot and ankle became much firmer and stronger. My feet want to grip the ground and push off with force. It a different experience the first time you try them on. They were a bit weird at first but after my first long walk I began to love them. I would wear them everywhere if they weren so strange looking. I haven tried regular running shoes since. They gave me terrible shin splints so I apprehensive to use them again but I should probably give it a shot to see how it feels. I try to go for a walk or jog every other day but I working up to a daily jog. Other than that I don play any other sports. As for regular shoes, they don seem very different. Which surprisingly isn bad. When you run without the typical padding in running shoes you become much more aware of how your feet are landing and you adjust your stride for better shock absorption. Because I been using the Vibrams and not actually running completely barefoot the bottoms of my feet aren changing that much. I rock the Vivos by Terra Plana, just because I can wear them everywhere and they look pretty normal versus those wacky Vibrams. Really, some $3 water shoes do the same thing though. As you said, it takes a while to get used to them (wake up dormant muscles!) something like a month or two. But there is significantly less pain in the shins/knees/back while running. I have a pretty normal foot, maybe a slightly high arch. You can really feel the ground beneath your feet; you will automatically tread lightly on hard pavement and adapt perfectly to off road trails. Highly recommended. Air Jordan 12 Gamma Blue,Ever since Michael Jackson's groundbreaking Thriller appeared on MTV, the zombie has been a permanent fixture at Halloween parties all over the world. Whether the character comes with a soundtrack or not, its trademark worn out clothing and tattered shoes definitely add an element of mystery to the character. You don't need to splurge on a killer zombie costume. A homemade one can actually be scarier than those bought in stores. If you're looking for a scary Halloween costume, follow these eight simple steps to create a very convincing zombie a character that you can bring to life with a touch of imagination. Here's how to make a zombie costume. Select a zombie persona. Do you want to be a zombie, basketball player, nun or a living dead girl? These characters are easily recognizable because of their costumes. You just need to make their persona messier and channel in that never gonna stop "I will scare you to death" attitude to make them pass as zombies. Once you decide which persona you want to project, stick to it no matter what. Raid your closets at home. Where else can you find free stuff around? Look for old clothes that resemble your ideal persona. Start from clothes that don't fit you anymore and proceed with those that you can live without. After all, you need to destroy them, in the most literal sense, later on. Use scissors and blades to make the clothes look all worn out. Be creative! To make your costume cutting edge, rub scissor blades against the collars, sleeve edges and hemlines to produce a frayed, modern look. Use the same technique in tearing holes, or in cutting pieces of fabrics. Dab soot and spatter in a little mud here and there for that "I have come out of the grave" effect. Don't forget the leaves and twigs! Glue them on the pants, pockets, etc. Use textile paint on the clothing to make your bloodstains. Use a number of techniques ranging from dabbing to brushing to splattering in order to create a believable set of bloodstains as red as cranberries. Focus on the collars, cuffs, edges and hemlines. Make sure that your clothing has enough red and brown paint. Let them dry before putting in some additional details. Tweak on the designs if necessary. Choose the right shoes that represent your zombie persona. You don't need to destroy them. Smudge some dirt and textile paint on them and you're ready to go! When it comes to make up, the right application is everything. Go for a grayish skin tone by mixing the right amounts of white and black face paint. Apply the grayish "skin foundation" on the neck, arms and hands. To make your skin more sallow looking, dab in streaks of white paint by means of a cotton swab or tissue paper. Put black makeup under each eye to achieve that trademark zombie look in the Thriller video. Remember less is more! To complete the movie star zombie look, mess up your hair! No need to argue. Although you made promises to yourself not to go towards that direction, how else can you scare people? Make your hair as creepy as you can to fit your costume. Smother in pomade, and lots of it too for that stiff "I haven't washed my hair for a thousand years" effect. Add in some mud, leaves and twigs too! Now you know how to make a zombie costume. The zombie, a character immortalized in that famous music video, is now within reach, thanks to some used clothes, gory make up and a spark of ingenuity!

Click Here To See a Great Range Of Air Jordan 12 Gamma Blue,Air Jordan 6 Brazil World Cup With her daughter Eva Amurri Martino expecting her first child, actress Susan Sarandon is about to become a grandma but that doesn mean you can call her one! Like many famous and not so famous women before her, the 67 year old star says she rather her grandchildren not call her grandma. To make matters easier, she gone ahead and chosen her own moniker: borrowed this name from a very dear friend of mine who's from the South, and his grandma was 'Honey,'" Susan tells PEOPLE. "That's what I'm experimenting with, and Eva likes it, so we'll see." Not only does she like the sound of the nontraditional name, she explains that it just makes sense: "I think it's good because this is [Eva's husband's Kyle's parents'] seventh grandchild, so they've established what his parents are called," she says. So what names have other famous grandparents opted for? Well, Sharon Osbourne is Shazza, Lisa Marie Presley is Nona, Blythe Danner is Lalo, Lionel Richie is G Pa, and Martha Stewart is Martha. This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Air Jordan 12 Gamma Blue Regardless of the banal political rhetoric Republicans and Democrats put forth, two things are always true about a minimum wage hike: Each hike occurs because inflation has further eroded the value of money and each hike is disconnected from the value of an hour s work. Balancing the minimum value of an hour s work with a guaranteed minimum standard of living is a basic act of balancing economics and compassion. However, the minimum wage was intended to ensure an income sufficient for one person to feed, clothe and board one person. The minimum wage passes on to consumers such costs. Overstating the intent of the minimum wage (to include the costs of families) passes the costs of poor planning onto consumers. A better solution to increasing the minimum wage is to lower the minimum wage to $5 an hour, do away with the earned income tax credit, and match each dollar earned with $1 of welfare. The net hourly wage would be capped at $10 per hour up to 60 working hours per week. This $1 match would be deducted from the employing company s income taxes. In this manner an individual would be working, the cost of a de facto minimum wage bump would bypass the marketplace, moneys currently paid as earned income tax credits would be distributed throughout the year, and corporate taxes would go more directly into the pockets of low wage earners.

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