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Journalist COLLEEN FINNEGAN works for the failing Channel 7 News in Chicago. She fears for her job and the state of the news media in general until the night she's visited by a very tiny, handsome, mysterious man (about 5'7"). He offers her scoops on big events, some of which haven't even happened yet, spinning all of her coverage into gold. Suddenly, the station sees ratings like never before as Colleen continually breaks stories before anyone else. But it comes with a price the little man (certainly no taller than 5'8") has made her promise to marry him in four years' time in exchange for all the scoops. Now she's left to wonder about her miniature source (maybe 5'9", but only in certain pairs of shoes), who refuses to give his name. How does he know so much? Is he partially responsible for all the tragedies she covers? Is he a magic imp from the future? Colleen has to put her journalism skills to the test as she tries to unlock the secrets while simultaneously juggling the newfound indulgences and helicopter rides of a famous field reporter. Twenty something CAROLINE moves across the country when her boyfriend, JASPER, is forced to relocate for his job, but during her first day in the new city, she is hit by a rickshaw and loses her memory! As she struggles to piece her life back together and Jasper scrambles to find clues about her disappearance, fate guides them back into one another's arms, proving that no city is too large to conquer love. Once they're back together, however, Caroline immediately starts drinking more and taking dangerous, sexually promiscuous risks. Jasper is clueless to her double life as she systematically seduces and sleeps with each of his friends, even going after his own brother and father. As she spins out of control in a cycle of self hatred and newly awakened lust, concepts like love and integrity collapse around her into vicious jealousy and even murder, but Caroline only watches it all burn and smiles at the devastation for which she is responsible. It is sad and bitter and violent, but it is also a cautionary tale about getting proper treatment after a severe head injury, because sometimes the contusions cause lasting brain damage. Oh, also, they're all goats. Air Jordan 7 Cardinals 2011 ,Air Jordan 2 Dark Concord Air Jordan 8 Playoffs 2013 Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue Air Jordan 10 Retro Stealth Air Jordan Spizike Space Blue Air Jordan 3 Infrared 23 Air Jordan 13 Black Infrared Air Jordan 9 Johnny Kilroy Air Jordan 5 Laney It was during recent Breaking Dawn Part 2 promotion that Robert Pattinson very special relationship with his fans came to light. Always a fan favorite among Twihards, it wasn until his tour for this last film in The Twilight Saga that it became especially evident. According to a report from The Improper, Rob laughed recently about some of the more amusing encounters with Twihards that he had over the past few years. did a thing where I got out of a car and the whole street ran forward, he says. As to fans who have remained faithful to The Twilight Saga throughout each and every film in the series, Robert Pattinson finds them amazing. You can check out some great photos of Robert Pattinson with several Twihards during the Breaking Dawn 2 promo tour. It plain to see how he relates to fans in a much more sincere and easy way than during his very first press tour for the first film in The Twilight Saga. Air Jordan 7 Cardinals 2011,High extensions and split jetes are a common attraction in ballet. If you were not born with long ligaments, muscles and tendons, is ballet a career builder for you? Since you will spending strength on fighting your own tightness, striving for that effortlessness in your ballet shoes and pointe shoes, other very flexible dancers are trying to reign in their movements to maintain form and balance. But, ballet being the way it is, they look better during the struggle than the tighter dancers. Sheesh. What are you going to do if you are not in a full time ballet school with 10 +classes a week? You may be rushing from class to a bus stop, or being driven home to finish your home work. If that means sitting at a desk or a computer station, you may just end up cooling off those muscles and tightening everything up. Going from a neutral situation to a negative. Be solution oriented. If you are in classes that are only an hour long, I think it is better to do the whole class before stretching. If you are in longer classes you might get a break for stretching, or a stretching exercise from the teacher. If you can stay after class, do the following: Sitting on the floor, stretch the legs out in front to stretch the hamstrings one at a time, bending one knee, so as not to stretch the lower back, flex and point the foot. After slow stretching, I recommend completely relaxing the legs and letting the torso sink forward, with a few deep breaths, to release tension before going into a second position split. The second position split should be opened fully but WITHOUT pain. Ideally have your pelvis upright, and your knees facing the ceiling, with the backs of your thighs pressing into the floor. You are mimicking the position your legs/spine would be in, in a standing position. Do not tuck your hip bones under or sway your back and roll forward off your pelvic bone onto your thighs. In this position you will do a side bend toward one leg, hang there, breathing deeply, holding the legs straight but relaxing neck, shoulders, face and arms. Circle forward, hold the abdominals, but allow the upper torso to bend forward toward the floor, keeping the legs with the backs of the thighs pressed into the floor. Circle to the other leg, and pull up into a straight position. You want a stretch but not any sharp pains. You are applying stress to the soft tissues, but never painful or sudden movements. Ahhh the splits. A full 180 degree splits depends on overall extreme flexability. When you are sitting in the splits it is like you are doing a 90 degree back bend. If you can't sit in this position but can only get, for example, down to a few inches from the floor (or halfway or three quarter way down) stretch one leg at a time. Sit down and stretch one leg devant. Let the back leg bend. Keeping the front leg straight and turned out, pull forward slowly, and when you can't go any further, hold your lower abdominals and let your upper torso bend over. Your weight will effect the stretch, breathe deeply a few times, and then come back up to a straight position. Do this four times, and change legs. Next, bend the front leg into a 90 degree angle so you can lean forward over it, and extend the back leg to a straight position. It will probably slide sideways so that it will not be behind the hip as it would if you were standing up. Slowly move upright, stretching the front of the hip, do NOT go to a point of pain. Stretching is DISCOMFORT, not pain. Lean forward releasing the tension, and turn your leg in. Then straighten up again, and you will feel the stretch in a different area. Do this several times and change legs. Eventually your leg will stretch out more behind you. Another great stretch is to do a side bend away from the derriere leg you'll stretch from your thigh through your hip area up the side of your torso. To finally relax, sit in a splits position with both legs bent. Bend forward right onto your front leg and let the weight of your torso press your hip, inner thigh and groin muscles into a relaxed stretch. Then bend back, but in a relaxed manner. Breathe deeply a few times and change legs. If you have any muscles or joints stinging and aching after classes, ice. Get a soft gel ice pack, and you can use it 15 minutes per hour. Make sure the ice pack is wrapped in a thin towel and does not touch your skin. Another therapy is a hot bath with a cup of apple cider vinegar. This draws the lactic acid out of the muscles and is extremely relaxing. Epsom Salts are good too, I think vinegar is better. You won't smell afterwards, honest. If you are a retired dancer, or are on a hiatus from classes and miss that wonderful stretched out feeling, I highly recommend the these Classical Stretch DVD's.

Mens Authentic Air Jordan 7 Cardinals 2011,Air Jordan 11 Low Concord Sometimes, it can be easy to overlook the importance of a clean, well maintained car. Many opt for visiting car detailing cleaning services to have their floor mats, seat covers and windows properly washed. But keeping your ride free of dust and garbage is only half of what you need to do. Most vehicles nowadays have leather (real or faux) covering the steering wheel and this too has to be kept clean. It is easy to forget that the steering wheel can eventually show signs of wear and tear if not properly cared for. Here are good ideas on how to polish your leather steering wheel, to not just keep it nice to look at but also make it last longer as well. The professional way. One way to polish your steering wheel is to trust the restorative cleaning powers of commercially available leather care products. There are two kinds typically available: leather wipes and lotions. Use leather wipes the way you would normally use a rag. Hold the wipe firmly in one hand and with a gentle but deliberate motion; wipe down the surface of the steering wheel. If you can, try to wipe following a single direction (clockwise for example) as to minimize the risk of streaking or marking the leather. A good habit to have is to use leather wipes once a week. When properly done, the wipe coaxes away from the leather any oils and similar contaminants that may have been left on the wheel by your hands. Allow the wheel some time to air dry. On using a leather lotion, be sure to clean the steering wheel to remove excess dirt. Gently wipe the wheel down with a clean rag. Afterwards, apply a small amount of leather lotion to the center of the application pad or to the center of a clean rag. The amount need not be too generous. With a firm but controlled motion, rub the lotion onto the steering wheel. There should be little need to apply again unless you used a dollop too small (around the size of a quarter should be more than enough.) Continue to rub the lotion on to it until there is no longer any visible amount. Then wipe the wheel dry of any excess left with another clean rag or microfiber cloth. Leather lotions need only be used once a month. The home style way. Dilute a small bit of mild soap into a cup of water. Dip the center of a clean rag onto the liquid and wipe down the steering wheel to clean it. Allow the steering wheel to air dry. Once dry, use a microfiber cloth to buff the steering wheel to a nice sheen. If you want to, you can use a very small amount of shoe polish to help enrich the color of the steering wheel. Just be careful that you do not use a polish that is too dark for the leather. While this method may require stronger and longer buffing, it should give your steering wheel a shimmer that you can be proud off. Air Jordan 7 Cardinals 2011 A boy paralysed by a hit and run driver is set to finally receive a potential multi million compensation payout after an eight year legal battle. Daniel Hennessy was just five when he was mowed down and left for dead by illegal driver Sajid Hussain in Rochdale in 2002. A High Court hearing ruled Daniel, now 13, will receive 60 per cent of the settlement paid for by the Motor Insurers' Bureau which awards compensation to the victims of uninsured drivers. Christopher Wilson Smith QC, barrister for the Hennessy family, told the court the decision had been made to ensure Daniel had as comfortable life as possible. He said: "In the light of the limited evidence available, it seems to be right and in the claimant's best interests that the proposed compromise should be approved." He added that many questions in the case remained unanswered such as the speed of the car at the time of the incident and whether Hussain could have done anything to avoid hitting Daniel. Daniel, who lives in Dublin, was visiting his grandparents when the crash took place on Belfield Road, Rochdale. He suffered serious head and spinal injuries and a collapsed lung and faces spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Hussain, who was 16 at the time of the crash, paid just 76 to his victim after winning a legal bid to overturn a compensation order of 2,555. He was given a two year driving ban. But just months later he ploughed into 67 year old lollipop woman Audrey Chadwick breaking her jaw, cheekbone, pelvis and forearm and was sentenced to 18 months in a young offenders institution. In 2007, Hussain, from Rochdale, was then jailed for nine months after being convicted of four counts of driving while disqualified and without insurance. Daniel could receive a multi million pound compensation package, with the amount to be decided following evidence from medical experts. A date for the hearing has yet to be decided. If you feel we have made an error in a report, or have fallen below our usual high standards, please write in the first instance to: Rob Irvine, editor, Manchester Evening News, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 8EP. Free morning newspaper, The Metro, published every weekday, is also part of our portfolio, delivering more than 200,000 readers in Greater Manchester. Greater Manchester Business Week is the region's number one provider of business news andfeatures, targeting a bespoke business audience with 12,687 copies every Thursday.

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