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I really highly recommend the book "Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood." It gave a great example for this that really worked for us. First, when you wake her up, show your child what time you are serving breakfast what it looks like on a clock. Say, "Breakfast will be served til 7." At 7 stop serving breakfast. You might have to take food away from her if she's still eating. DON'T berate her. Say, "Breakfast is served til 7. Looks like you didn't make it today. How sad. I love you sweetheart." If she whines that she's hungry, just repeat it. "Breakfast is served til 7. Looks like you missed it. How sad. I love you, honey." DON'T give her extra food. It won't kill her to miss breakfast one day. She'll have a snack in a couple of hours. You might need to tell her care provider about this explain that she is learning to get up and get going on her own and that she might be hungry today but you know that she'll be making a better choice tomorrow morning. If you can say this within her earshot, she'll hear your confidence that she is going to make a better choice! If brushing teeth and getting dressed is next say, "The car leaves at 7:30. What do you need to do before we leave?" Let her answer "Get dressed and brush my teeth." Let her figure it out. You can prompt her but don't give her the answer. Say, "I give treats to little kids who brush their teeth." If she does brush her teeth, make sure she realizes that watching her favorite show or eating dessert is her treat. If not, withhold a treat. If she is not dressed, pack her clothes in a bag. DON'T berate her. Tell her it's time to go. If she starts fussing that she's not dressed tell her that she can get dressed in the car. Say, "Looks like you missed your chance to get dressed at home. How sad. I love you, honey." Put her in the car. Don't get mad. Keep your mouth shut and repeat the time requirements. Tell her you love her too much to argue. I was really nervous about trying this, thinking that my son's daycare teacher would think I was a negligent mother. I had to get over my own worries about everything before trying it, but it took us ONE day using this to change all of the crying, fussing, yelling, and nagging habits from both of us. Occasionally, I have to say, "Will you be wearing your clothes or taking them with you?" My son always gets dressed, pronto. The key is to not rescue them, DO NOT berate them or nag them, and make sure that you empathise with their difficult situation (saying "How sad.") and most of all, affirming your relationship ("I love you, sweetheart.") Read the rest of the book it's great!!What my husband and I have tried lately is letting our 15 mo old twins sleep until about 30 minutes before we need to leave in the morning. Then we get them up and get them dressed, give them breakfast (which has been prepared before they wake) and clean them up and get out the door. If they wake up earlier than that they will start playing with their toys. If they get to playing then it takes forever to get out the door! The key is to have everything ready to go from having their clothes picked out the night before, everyones' lunches packed, and then spend the last few moments concentrating solely on your children I found that this alleviates some of rushing my boys around in the morning. Good luck!Welcome to world of toddlerhood, where a single flower can cause a pitstop of 5 minutes or more, and don't get me started on a line of ants! The only thing to do that won't take away your daughter's newly grown sense of independence and exploration is to plan time for these things in advance. If you know it'll take her 30 min to get dressed, plan for that instead of trying to get her to hurry up. Toddlers don't understand the concept of time at this point, and the only thing you do by telling her to hurry up is aggravate yourself. I am the parent of a professional lollygagger a kid who takes 25 min. to get dressed, runs away when I try to comb her hair or brush her teeth, starts a game of hide and seek when I need to put on her shoes, takes 10 min. per bite of food for breakfast. Allowing extra time in the morning only exacerbates the problem. She takes it as a challenge: "Can I go even more slowly to make us late even though I have an extra half hour in the morning? Yes! I know I can." What didn't work: letting her know where we were going, explaining why we had to be on time, giving her a heads up as we transitioned between tasks, calling out remaining time, making up games, etc. What finally worked: an elaborate chart with pictures of each task and suggested time limits used with the Time Timer to show how much time we had left per task. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Please review the Terms of Use before using this site. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. Air Jordan 4 Thunder 2012 ,Air Jordan 5 Grape 2013 Air Jordan 10 Retro Chicago Bulls Air Jordan 13 Black Infrared Air Jordan 4 Green Glow Air Jordan 6 Championship Cigar Air Jordan 3 Wolf Grey Air Jordan Spizike Easter Air Jordan 9 Slim Jenkins Air Jordan Spizike Bordeaux SpaceX now tentatively hopes to launch CRS 3 on April 18. Launch is scheduled to occur at 16:58 EDT (21:58 UK time) from Cape Canaveral. As a reminder, this will be the first heavy launch vehicle that will attempt a soft landing back here on Earth and as such, if it a success, this could be one of history most significant space launches. The original story from March, detailing the soft landing, is below. There is also a live video stream of the launch embedded below if you have a few minutes, be sure to watch it; the soft landing should be spectacular. Original storySpaceX, Elon Musk poster child of the commercial space travel revolution, is about to attempt the first ever soft landing of a heavy space launch vehicle. On March 16, SpaceX mission CRS 3 will lift off from Cape Canaveral on a resupply mission to the International Space Station. Usually, the massive primary stage of the rocket would fall into the Atlantic ocean after launch but in this case, it will sprout some metal legs and use what left of its rocket fuel to slowly return to Earth. This is perhaps the single most important step in SpaceX stated goal of reducing the cost of space travel by a factor of 10, eventually leading to the human colonization of Mars. The Falcon 9 is very large. Simply throwing them away into the ocean is rather wasteful. One of the primary reasons that the human exploration of space is moving so slowly is cost. Yes, you can argue that space agencies like NASA and ESA should receive more funding, but at the end of the day it still excruciatingly expensive for humanity to send stuff into space. For heavy lift vehicles, which are required to lift large satellites, equipment, and supplies into space, it costs somewhere in the region of $10,000 to lift a single pound ($22,000/kg) into orbit around the Earth. It costs even more if you want to propel that mass out of the Earth gravity and over to Mars. For sending astronauts into space, though, NASA currently pays around $70 million per seat aboard the Soyuz space capsule. (A crewed version of SpaceX Dragon capsule, DragonRider, is in development, which will reduce the cost per seat to $20 million but it won launch until 2015 at the earliest.) Now, it always going to be expensive to lift stuff off the Earth surface (blame gravity!), but there are some big changes we can make that will reduce the cost significantly such as re using the launch vehicle. Currently, for all space launch vehicles, the initial rockets and fuel tanks are jettisoned usually into the ocean, never to be seen again. This is incredibly wasteful; according to theSpace Development Steering Committee, those rockets cost in the region of $100 million, and we throw them away after a single use. Enter SpaceX reusable launch vehicle (RLV) technology. How to maneuver a very long cylinder with just a single point of thrust: Gimbals! SpaceX originally debuted its RLV tech on the suborbital Grasshopper rocket in 2013 (video above). If the tests were successful which they were the plan was to take the same tech and scale it up to the full size Falcon rocket. Basically, after the first stage detaches from CRS 3, it will use its Merlin rocket engines to slowly return to Earth. For this flight, the first stage will still land in the water but once SpaceX is confident that it can do so safely, future launches will see the first stage fly all the way back to to the launchpad. After that, SpaceX will start bringing the second stage back to the launchpad, too. The eventual goal, according to SpaceX, is to create a launch system that is reusable within hours. Basically, SpaceX would give these rockets a quick once over, fill them back up with fuel and off they go again. The fuel is still very expensive, but it nothing compared to the cost of the hardware. If everything goes to plan, the total cost per pound to launch into Earth orbit could drop to $500 or less one twentieth of what today unreusable rockets cost. Suffice it to say, if SpaceX manages to undercut every other space launch company in the world including the Russian and Chinese governments it could suddenly find itself in a very powerful and lucrative position. The launch of CRS 3 will take place on March 16 at 04:41 EDT (early Sunday morning). There will be a live NASA feed, which will hopefully show the first stage powered descent into the ocean. Tagged InThe shuttle was awesome for what it could do. orbiters was the fault of tank (shedding foam) and solid booster (damaged O rings) issues, and was not the fault of the orbiter design itself. government hadn kept funding so low, forcing NASA to drop clever fly back booster concepts (which operate more cheaply but are in turn more expensive to design and construct). And if the military hadn forced NASA to make the orbiter FAR larger than the Dyna Soar size that NASA preferred, in order to be able to carry Uncle Sam newest schoolbus sized spy satellites, then it could have proven far more efficient to use/reuse. Maybe someday someone will try again and get it right, using lessons learned from the first (and still only) manned winged spacecraft. I actually prefer NASA to a private company like SpaceX. I not saying that there isn a place for privatized space travel but some things are better left to NASA. It all comes down to the motives of each group. The private sector end goal is to make money. That it. If there is no profit to be made the private sector doesn care. In many cases that is totally fine. In other cases isn not. On the other hand, NASA main goal is to expand scientific understanding. That isn always profitable. Take for example, the possible mission to Jupiter moon Europa. There is no profit to be made by exploring Europa so if it wasn for NASA it wouldn happen. The same goes for past accomplishments. Do you think we would have sent out Voyager 1, walked on the moon or sent a rover to Mars with a purely privatized space industry? No way. Somehow I feel you are implying NASA can make use of the tech generated by the private sector (maybe I wrong?). Sure, NASA motivations are different, but if there a cheaper way to send something into space, they can capitalize on it and send 20 things for the current price of 1. Right now, NASA contracts the Russians to use their rockets, what the difference to contract SpaceX? The development of this technology in no way whatsoever changes NASA missions, motivations, or the execution of their plans. It just makes it more cost effective to pursue their scientific endeavors, because even though they don have to turn a profit, they still have to stick to a budget. The more spacial awesomeness that comes out of that budget, the better. I agree to an extent. NASA has come up with amazing things. The problem is that in the past 25 or so years it became a giant government boondoggle. Part of that was because of the lack of a political mandate. Part of it was the Congressmen all wanted things built in their district and added thousands of useless projects as a form of PORK. By offering contracts out to corporate firms, in theory you can avoid this through competition. In reality, that will probably only work for so long, then the companies will become TOO BIG TO FAIL and will be so intertwined with the Government that they become just as screwed up as NASA ever was. But whatever, at least we are getting back on track (for now). That is actually very incorrect. Doing the historical research shows that ALL great exploration has been done for either profit or religious reasons. Columbus mission was privately funded with the Spanish Crown only providing patents on trade routes and the 1400s equivalent of a loan guarantee. The money came from private groups. Lewis Clark were paid by the Government but with the specific mission of finding a route to the Pacific for commercial reasons. the idea of exploring for no reason other than knowledge only came about in the last half century. I a super NASA fan. I agree that a lot of what they do wouldn be done by the private sector because there no money to be made. I hope they continue to do what they do and their budgets are increased. However, hauling cargo into space is a repetitive, costly endeavor. This is the perfect case for letting companies compete to drop costs. If you can halve the cost for NASA to put stuff in space, then they can put double the stuff in space or put the same amount of stuff for half the cost. This will either free up money that would be used to launch more satellites/missions or enable them to increase the size (and therefore complexity) of the satellites/missions they are launching anyway. Also, it lets NASA focus on what they do best, exploration, and leaves the mundane it only rocket science, afterall ;) to a company like SpaceX. Since the other option is paying Russia to launch stuff, I rather see my tax dollars go to an American company that employs American engineers, even if said company did it for the same price as Russia. Luckily, it looks like SpaceX will do it waaay cheaper NASA, like any institution, has its pluses and minuses. One of the minuses is how you join NASA. Unless things have changed, you take a test. You are then scored based upon the results of that test PLUS an added weighting depending on the amount of time you spent in the military. Correspondingly, over the years NASA has become a retirement community for military double dippers. This is hardly the turf you anticipate exploring for new, imaginative, and leading edge thinking. SpaceX is not about the money. Money is the result of creating a successful launch platform. The goal of SpaceX is to advance humanity into space with a long term goal of colonizing Mars. That is why SpaceX is constantly improving their rockets and technology. Other companies and NASA are in the business of making money and hitting budgets. In the space of 10 years, NASA has had 50, SpaceX has already revolutionized the launch industry. If they succeed at reusability then they will have definitely changed the whole world. Other companies are happy to maintain what they know works and don push the envelope. Of course SpaceX is about the money. I not saying good things can happen or going to Mars isn a real goal but that is secondary to making money. SpaceX is a BUSINESSES! Elon Musk is a BUSINESSES MAN. Him saying he wants to go to Mars is most likely true but primarily he is looking to make money. If he can find away to achieve both that is great but if he can profit from it too it is unlikely to happen. NASA goals aren motivated by profit so for many things they are better suited to lead the way. If SpaceX can help that happen for a lower cost and NASA continues to get funding that is equal to our greater than what they have now then great. Everyone wins. Musk makes billions and NASA continues to expand our understanding of the universe but don fool yourself on the actual motivation of a businesses. some interviews of Elon back in 2008 and watch one from 2014, there is little difference in what he says. true. He uses the same exact sound bites. It gets so boring listening to him. He figures out how to answer everything word for word like he has done a thousand times before. It is almost as bad as Winston Churchill who would lock himself away from his relatives for weeks practicing his facial expressions and delivery in case he were asked something. (Or so say his relatives.) He was very and so is Musk. NASA was great in the 60 when it had a purpose. But it performance since Apollo has been a national disgrace. It became a big public works project and lost it focus. The advantage of private companies is that they come and go based on results. Air Jordan 4 Thunder 2012,A rogue trader caught selling more than 20,000 worth of counterfeit goods on Facebook has been sentenced following a dawn raid on his home. Nigel Booth, 40, from Turf Hill Road, Turf Hill, used the social media site to offload fake versions of designer labels such as Ugg, Adidas, Nike, Pandora, Paul's Boutique, G Star, Ralph Lauren Polo, True Religion, Lyle and Scott, North Face, Superdry, Henley, Franlin and Marshall, Louis Vuitton and Monster. Around 450 items were found stacked in boxes within the rooms of his house in December 2011 and police and trading standards officers removed three car loads of fake Louis Vuitton earrings, Ugg boots and gloves, Adidas tracksuits and hoodies, Nike Air Max trainers, Pandora jewellery and Superdry hoodies and T shirts among other items. Booth pleaded guilty to 15 offences of breaching the Trade Marks Act at Bury and Rochdale Magistrates' Court and was ordered to complete 80 hours of unpaid work and pay 500 costs. Coun Jacqui Beswick, cabinet member for internal and environmental services, said: "I'm delighted that our trading standards team have secured a conviction in this case. "Counterfeit goods are a blight on our economy and they take money away from honest local businesses which are often already struggling." Mark Widdup, director of economy and environment at Rochdale Council, said: "Most offenders don't realise that we are able to monitor social media channels if we suspect any criminality. We take the selling of counterfeit goods very seriously and we will not hesitate to take enforcement action, regardless of whether it is against an individual or organisation. If you feel we have made an error in a report, or have fallen below our usual high standards, please write in the first instance to: Rob Irvine, editor, Manchester Evening News, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 8EP. Free morning newspaper, The Metro, published every weekday, is also part of our portfolio, delivering more than 200,000 readers in Greater Manchester. Greater Manchester Business Week is the region's number one provider of business news andfeatures, targeting a bespoke business audience with 12,687 copies every Thursday.

Welcome To Official Web Site Of Air Jordan 4 Thunder 2012,Air Jordan 4 Toro Bravo SHANGHAI Joost Luiten was first alternate at the British Open, and he wasn't very happy when Peter Hanson played only five holes before he withdrew with a bad back. Hanson knew he couldn't finish the tournament. He felt he had to tee off so it would count as a start toward the minimum 15 required to remain a PGA Tour member. "Those things are always tough," Hanson said. Luiten found that out for himself last week at the BMW Masters. He had a shoulder injury and felt he couldn't play. Justin Walters of South Africa was the first alternate who desperately needed a start. The problem was a European Tour policy that requires players to compete in two of the three events in the Final Series to be eligible for the season ending World Tour Championship in Dubai. Luiten's best chance of getting to Dubai was to count the BMW Masters, take off two weeks to heal his shoulder, play in Turkey and then be eligible for Dubai. He is No. 14 on the money list. Among the players he sought for advice? Hanson, of all people. "In the locker room, he's asking me, 'Should I play or should I not?' We had a laugh about that," Hanson said. Luiten hit a weak tee shot with his driver on the first hole and withdrew. He got credit for the start. Walters is likely out of the Race to Dubai. In Hanson's case, his only other option was to take a minor medical exemption, which would have given him low priority for the 2013 14 season. He felt bad about his WD at the Open, but it worked out well. He managed to finish his next two events (Firestone, PGA Championship) to reach 15 starts, and he finished at No. 125 on the money list to keep his card for the next season. "He was first alternate at the Open, and I don't blame him for being upset," Hanson said. "But like I said, I wanted to keep my job. And my best chance to keep my job in America was to tee it up. In the end, you have to look after yourself."RYDER CUP: Padraig Harrington winced when asked if he would like to be a vice captain next year in Scotland at the Ryder Cup because it brings up the possibility the three time major champion might not make the team. "If I didn't make the team, I would be delighted to be a vice captain," Harrington said. He said he has not spoken to European captain Paul McGinley, and McGinley hasn't said anything to him. It's a conversation he hopes doesn't take place. The perks they offer are different. The winner gets an invitation to the Masters, but only a spot in the final stage of qualifying for the British Open. With the changes to Open qualifying, that means Lee Chang woo will be exempt into a tournament in Thailand where he will try to be among the top three finishers not already eligible. "I want to see that maybe the winner of this Asian Amateur Championship can play directly over there as they can play at the Masters," said Kwang Soo Hur, president of the Asia Pacific Golf Confederation. Perhaps that day is coming. The Masters has the smallest field among majors fewer than 100 players and has room for an extra amateur. The Open is a 156 man field, with an alternate list. Plus, it was hard to predict the quality of the competition when this event began five years ago. The previous three winners all made the cut at Augusta National. "It's become very, very evident from the champions that have been produced through this championship that they are of a world class standard, and I think this is something that we and the R will continue to consider," R chairman Wilson Sibbett said last week. "We haven't a plan as yet for direct entry, and so at the moment, it would still be through qualifying. But it may well be that in the future, that may change. Amateur and European Amateur champions. The PGA champion first went to Australia for a Nationwide Tour event. He played a Tour de las Americas event in South America. He was the "other American" who received a sponsor's exemption to the Australian Masters in 2009 when record crowds watched Tiger Woods win at Kingston Heath. "I've always wanted to go play different places in the world," Dufner said Tuesday at the HSBC Champions. "Some of the guys I looked up were world players Gary Player, Ernie Els, Vijay Singh, guys like that. I think it's important for the game of golf. And now that I'm a higher ranked player, it would be selfish for me not to do it. The game needs us to play more." Dufner even is contemplating European Tour membership for next year, though it might be too much on his plate. He already plays two events in the Middle East. He can count the four majors and four World Golf Championships. The problem might be finding two more events in continental Europe. Air Jordan 4 Thunder 2012 A lot of people phone me as adults wanting to start ballet classes and always ask if it is too late to start. I always tell them it is never too late, and anybody can benefit by learning the art of Classical Ballet. Anybody old or young can learn ballet and reap the benefits. Although for most a career in professional ballet dancing will be out of reach, there is still a lot that you can get from attending a regular ballet class. 1. A ballet class will give you a great all over workout. You will gain strong and toned muscles, as well as see an improvement in your fitness levels. You will also improve your flexibility, which is important as you get older. 2. Believe it or not, your brain will get a good workout too, as you will not only need to concentrate on the sequence of the steps, but also on technique and holding your body correctly. 3. Dancing is a great stress reliever, and it will transport you away from your problems. 4. Your poise, posture and alignment will be improved, and you will walk taller and learn to hold your body correctly. 5. You get to feel like a princess for an hour, and you can let your imagination fly. 6. Learning ballet is a lot more fun than working out in a gym. When you start to take a ballet class, you need to ask yourself what your goals are going to be. Do you want to do exams, progress to pointe shoes, or merely do it for fun and exercise. There are plenty of resources that you can purchase on the net to supplement your learning, and you can use these to practice at home. Although as an adult you may be allowed to attend class in your gym wear, it is always better to purchase ballet gear as this will make you feel like a dancer and perform better. The teacher will also be able to see if your muscles are working correctly. A leotard, tights, a chiffon skirt and ballet shoes should suffice. Now is the time to take that first step and start ballet lessons like you have always wanted to. Don't sit on the fence, or you will spend your life wishing that you had taken that leap into the wonderful world of ballet.

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