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Fashion AccessoriesI assume that if you are reading this you have some interest in the world of fashion and would like to know more about fashion accessories. Well you have come to the right place. Keeping up to date with fashion can be quite a time consuming thing as well as frustrating as fashion is constantly evolving and changing. What is fashionable now may not be so fashionable next week. But looking good is becoming more and more important in society today so staying fashionable is important to a lot of people. One part of fashion that people tend to over look is fashion accessories. Fashion accessories come in many different guises. At its most basic level a fashion accessory is anything that can be used to accentuate or draw attention to parts of your overall look or outfit. For example, the right hand bag can accentuate your dress, the right pair of shoes can help draw attention to a great dress that you have. A great pair of earrings can make your latest hair style look fabulous. Even make up is considered a fashion accessory as it can turn a dull and drab look into something fun and funky. Keeping up to date with fashion accessories, takes about as much research as keeping up to date with the latest outfits. If you look in fashion magazines, watch TV and surf the internet there are loads of places that can show you what is fashionable at the moment when it comes to accessories. The most common and best known fashion accessories are jewellery. Jewellery comes in all different shapes, sizes and styles and each one can be used to make your outfit pop! Choosing the right piece of jewellery to go with your style is very important. For example, if you are trying to put together a professional look for the office you do not want to pick out a silver ring with a skull on it (I know it's a stupid example but it gets my point across so it works). When picking out jewellery to go with your outfit you will want to know exactly what you are going to wear and then match the accessories to that outfit. Choose colours and styles that do not clash with the outfit you have chosen otherwise you will just look silly. The following is a list of jewellery that you can use to accessorise your outfit with: There are others but these are the most common. Each piece of jewellery is used to draw attention to a particular part of your look and helps to accentuate it. For example, a bracelet can draw attention to a great manicure that you have just had. There are some fantastic jewellery designs out there any it is really quite easy to find a piece that will suit any style. Another really common fashion accessory that can help give your style a boost is a handbag. To be honest hand bags are very much an accessory for women. Some men do have handbags but not many, man bags are becoming more popular though so over the next few years I think it will become more common to see a man with a handbag. If you were to walk into a shop that sells handbags you will see a huge number of different styles. Handbags are an important focal point for your outfit, the handbag must match your outfit, it must be the right style and the right colour otherwise it will ruin the overall effect that you are attempting to achieve. The vast majority of handbags are worn over the shoulder so choosing one with a comfortable strap is a good idea, also choosing one with a strong strap will mean that it does not break easily and cause embarrassment as all of your personal items fall out of your handbag. Shoes are another fashion accessory that makes your style work. It is stereotypically seen that women have loads and loads of shoes compared to men. Whilst I don't believe that this is a hard and fast rule I do believe that it is more common for women to accessorise their style with shoes. work shoes, dress shoes (sometimes they are the same shoes as the work shoes) and a comfortable pair of trainers for everyday use. It is more common for women to have shoes that go with various different outfits. Shoes come in many different styles and have various different uses. When choosing a pair of shoes to go with your style please remember to choose a pair that is comfortable. Constantly wearing an ill fitting pair of shoes can have drastic effects on your feet, they can become calloused and blistered and in some cases they can even become deformed. Please make sure that whatever pair of shoes you choose fit properly, if they don't have the shoes you want in your size pick a different pair or you may end up suffering. Belts now have a place in the fashion world. Belts were considered to be a practical way of keeping your trousers from falling down nowadays they are a great way to spice up your look. Many women even wear belts with skirts, a fashion trend that wasn't around a few years ago. There are loads of different styles of belts and they are made from a huge variety of materials. Choosing the right belt will help to bring attention to both the top and bottom of your outfit, it will draw attention to your midriff so eyes will either wander up and check out the top you are wearing, or down to check out your trousers or skirt. As you can see fashion accessories are a great way of accentuating any outfit you have and can be used to update your style. Please remember when accessorising thought that you should always ensure that what you are buying fits properly so as to avoid injury. Where to buy fashion accessories?Fashion accessories are really easy to find. There are so many places online that sell really cool fashion accessories that are within anybody's price range. Ebay is a great place to purchase fashion accessories if you have a low end budget. There are amazing deals on there and the products are usually in 'tip top' condition. Ebay is a massive auction house and deals in the biggest range of products so finding that perfect handbag for the perfect price should be very easy. Another great place to shop for fashionable goods is Amazon. Amazon has a fantastic collection of designers who sell their goods through the Amazon market place. The best thing about Amazon is that it always has deals on to make your shopping with them cheaper. This means that if you wait and search hard enough you could get yourself a Gucci handbag for 20, 50 or even 70% off. With Zazzle you are able to take a photograph, upload it onto the site and get it printed on a wide range of products including; t shirts, baseball caps, handbags, buttons and iPhone cases. Not only can you use your own images to customize your items you could choose an item that someone else has customized and placed on the market place. There are a great number of graphic designers who use Zazzle as a way of making a little extra cash and they upload their work and place it on products that Zazzle sell and it earns them a commission. This means that there are some unique and original items for sale on the Zazzle market place. Follow (2)Comments 3 commentsGo to last comment BLING 3 years ago Fashion accessories make one stand out confidently. For me, i only choose fashion accessories that can bring out my taste. It need not be the latest one. 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Outlet Store Offers Various Air Jordan 5 Black Grape,Air Jordan 8 Phoenix Suns IntroductionCrocs (NASDAQ:CROX) is a global leader in casual footwear and has an above average growth rate and below average stock valuation. This gap between the company's valuation and its growth rate doesn't seem warranted and the shares could rise significantly in the next eighteen months, if not earlier. I believe that a dividend or share repurchase program will further help the stock price reach its fair value. In addition to having undervalued shares, Crocs could also be an acquisition target for another company in the footwear and clothing industry or even a private equity firm. Finally, the company is exploring a number of growth initiatives, which offer upside potential with limited downside. Share ValuationCrocs' stock has been pretty volatile in the past 18 months. After reaching a high of about $32 per share in August of 2011, the shares have been trading near the same price levels as the spring of 2011. At the same time, Crocs has made progress in its profitability. The company earned $0.31 per share in the quarter ending on March 31, 2012, a 29% rise compared to the first quarter of 2011. Crocs' management estimates that the company will earn between $0.61 and $0.63 per share in the second quarter. This is usually the strongest quarter, due to the nature of its products. Also this earnings guidance is in line with the second quarter of 2011, when the company earned $0.615 per share. For the entire 2011, Crocs earned $1.24 per share and I estimate that the company will earn $0.40 and $0.15 per share in the third and fourth quarters of this year, bringing the 2012 earnings per share to around $1.47. Thus, the company's estimated 2012 price to earnings ratio is 12.2, which is inline with that of the S 500. However, Crocs has higher growth rate than the average company in the index. It is safe to assume that Crocs will be able to maintain this growth momentum given that the company increased the number of its stores by 68 (18%) in the past 12 months and due to new growth initiatives (discussed later). In addition, the casual shoe category is not that sensitive to economic uncertainties. Crocs was able to grow its sales to over $1 billion in 2011, a 27% increase from sales of $789 million in 2010. In its latest quarter, ending March 31, 2012, sales reached $271 million, a 20% improvement from the same period in 2011. Based on this growth rate, I project that Crocs will be able to reach earnings per share of $1.80 to $1.90 in 2013. At a price to earnings ratio of 12, the stock should trade between $21.6 and $22.8 per share, or 20%+ higher than its current levels. This is a good rate of return for a period of slightly over 18 months. These estimates are conservative and any expansion of the price to earnings ratio would cause even larger capital appreciation. A dividend or share repurchase announcement could also help the share price. While Crocs is able to grow revenues and profits at a decent pace, it is doing so without borrowings and causing strain on its balance sheet. In fact, the company had over $200 million in cash as of March 31, 2012 and no debt. During the first quarter of this year, the company had a small cash outflow from operating activities due to increase in inventory related to new stores, increase in accounts receivable due to stronger sales, and a decrease in accounts payable. CompetitionCrocs' stock has an identical valuation as the stock of another major shoe manufacturer, Deckers (NYSE:DECK). However, Crocs' has an estimated growth rate of 17.5%, which is favorable to Deckers' expected growth rate of 14.4%. In addition, I believe that Crocs is a better investment since it gears its shoes towards warmer weather and Deckers towards colder one. Deckers' major brand is UGG, the well known luxury boots made out of sheep skin. UGG sales represented 66% of Deckers' total sales in 2011. However, the fastest growing markets are emerging markets, those in Asia and the Americas, where the climate tends to be warmer than that of Europe. A tendency toward higher global temperature favors Crocs. Finally, a prolonged economic distress in Europe will likely have worse impact on Deckers, as it is focused more on high priced luxury products. Acquisition TargetIt appears that companies in the shoe industry are undergoing restructurings. Recently, Nike (NYSE:NKE) announced that it will divest its Umbro and Cole Haan brands. Earlier this spring, Wolverine World Wide (NYSE:WWW) acquired Collective Brands (NYSE:PSS) in a partnership with two private equity firms. This was preceded by VF Corp's (NYSE:VFC) 2011 acquisition of Timberland for about $2 billion. Wolverine World Wide and VF Corp paid multiples of 12.3 and 15.2 to earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) for their respective targets. Assuming an EBITDA multiple of 14 and multiplying it by the trailing twelve months EBITDA, Crocs' stock is worth about $24 per share or over 40% higher than current levels. A number of companies could be interested in Crocs. Nike (NKE) already owns Converse, another casual footwear brand, and it will be easy to integrate Crocs. VF Corp, which has a bias towards cold weather products, may also want to acquire Crocs in order to diversify its offerings. Both Nike and VF Corp have growth rates lower than that of Crocs and an acquisition will be accretive to their earnings per share. Finally, a private equity firm could also be interested in Crocs due to, among other reasons, the company's lack of debt. Private equity firms prefer to acquire companies without debt as they can load the company with debt and pay themselves a hefty tax advantaged dividend. SummaryIn addition to undervalued stock and being a possible acquisition target, Crocs will likely continue to grow organically because of a number of growth initiatives by brand licensing. For example, it recently granted a license to a sun glass manufacturer on Long Island to sell sunglasses under the Crocs brand. While the future looks bright, Crocs is certainly not without copycats. A recent start up out of Vancouver, Native Shoes, which makes shoes similar to Crocs, could be a threat. However, Native Shoes is still in its early stages as the company is considering plans to hire a dozen employees and relocate to an office space by mid 2012. In conclusion, the spring and early summer months are the strongest for Crocs' sales. In the past few years, the stock has risen during this period (see charts below) while this year the stock seems to lag. I believe there is not a strong reason for this underperformance and I think the shares will rebound as the company has strong fundamentals and many growth opportunities ahead for its brand. Air Jordan 5 Black Grape Give a gift basket that takes the recipient on a multimedia tour of the 1970s. Start with a bright basket, and fill it with some Simon and Garfunkel, Paul McCartney and Carole King. For the rockers on your list, try some Santana, Springsteen and Skynyrd. Add a movie set in the 1970s: "American Gangster" or "Starsky and Hutch" are good choices. Or put in a movie actually made in the 1970s such as "The Godfather" or "2001: A Space Odyssey." Top off with some Doritos or Pringles, and wrap it in bright colors. When Memphis disc jockey Rick Dees performed this satirical song, it blasted to the top of the charts, sitting at number one for a week in 1976. Create a novelty basket for a 1970s fan using this theme. A yellow basket works well. Add some Village People, Gloria Gaynor, BeeGees and Donna Summer to boost the disco theme. A strobe light or lava lamp is a nice touch; you can find them in most novelty stores. Add the ingredients for a typical 1970s drink, the Harvey Wallbanger: vodka, orange juice and Galiano. Or put in a couple cans of Tab diet cola or Kool Aid and some Fritos instead. Be sure to add a yellow rubber duck. Make a basket featuring the makings of popular 1970s drinks. Examples are the Harvey Wallbanger, made with vodka, orange juice and Galiano; the Tequila Sunrise, made with tequila, orange juice and grenadine; the Tequila Sunset, made with tequila, orange juice and blackberry brandy; the Golden Cadillac, made with white creme de cocoa, grenadine and cream; and the B 5, made with Kahlua, Bailey's Irish Cream and Grand Marnier. You can also add ingredients for black and white Russians, margaritas or pina coladas. Fill a food basket with 1970s classics. If you can refrigerate the basket, add some Swanson Hungry Man dinners, Shake n' Bake and Hamburger Helper. Add Jello, Miracle Whip, cup a soup, and a novelty mug or bowl with a historical brand picture on it such as Kellogg or Campbell's. Other possible additions include chocolate marshmallow cookies, Tang, Carnation Instant Breakfast, Kellogg Pop Tarts, Bugles, or Ritz crackers. Top this basket off with some 1970s recipes such as Watergate Salad, Swedish Meatballs and Carrot Cake. Themed baskets are a great way to celebrate a special day. An "Everything's Coming Up Chocolate" basket might include chocolate fondue, chocolate novelty items, specialty chocolates, Hershey's chocolate Kisses and a cookbook featuring chocolate recipes. For a "Snack Time" basket, choose Ritz crackers, Bugles, Pringles, Frito Lay Chips, Lays potato chips, sunflower seeds, 7 Up, Tab, green and black olives, Pop Rocks, a season of Fawlty Towers, some vintage baseball cards or some 1970s comic books. For "Game Night," include Twister, Operation, Kerplunk, Tip It, Hands Down, Ants in the Pants, Connect Four, Rubick's Cube and card games such as Funny Bones. Hippie Gifts Hippie Gifts. Hippie subculture started as a youth movement in the United States, which eventually spread to countries around the world. The. 70 Disco Party Ideas 70 Disco Party Ideas. If you are looking for a fun themed party idea, get nostalgic with a shindig that a throwback. Popular Snack Food in the 1970s Snack food fads change in the same way that clothing styles and popular television shows do. While Twinkies are still around, they. Drinking Water Plants in Florida Drinking Water Plants in Florida. With its abundant number of naturally occurring springs and multiple aquifers, Florida is home to a number. Gift Ideas for Out of Towners Gift Ideas for Out of Towners. You can wait for your friends and family to visit you before giving them a gift. Snack Gift Basket Ideas Snack Gift Basket Ideas. Gift baskets filled with the recipient favorite snacks are a creative and inexpensive gift idea. With a do it yourself. 1970s Party Ideas 1970s Party Ideas. The 1970s are remembered as the decade that introduced the Hustle, hot pants, platform shoes, disco music, flower power. Hawaiian Luau Gift Basket Ideas Hawaiian Luau Gift Basket Ideas. With tropical drinks, fun games and colorful party favors, a luau can be a fun party for. in 2007. The third week in April. Specifications on Vintage Archery Bows Vintage archery bows are also often referred to as "traditional" bows. Chuck Jones, a long time archery enthusiast who operates Okaw Valley Bows. The Best Birthday Gift Baskets It can be difficult picking out a birthday present for a friend or family member, so consider making your own. Buy a. How to Get on the Mailing List for a Free Kraft Foods Cookbook Comments. You May Also Like. Listing of Craft Shows in Minnesota. Craft shows became popular in Minnesota in the 1970s after local.

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