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70 Off Free Shipping 653996 840 Men Size Nike KD7 35K Degrees 2014,646701 700 Kobe 9 EM It was far more interesting that I thought it would be; it was a pretty straightforward drug possession case, but even so, it raised some interesting issues about searches and evidence that took us some time to go through before we reached a verdict. Watching how the lawyers laid out their cases was also quite fascinating (though not as fast paced as what you'd see on TV!). But I don't really want to talk about the case. It was that first day, the jury selection day, that was interesting and disturbing. For those who've never been, here's what happens: you show up downtown in a kind of jury holding room. You're then broken up into panels (they were all 60 people each) and sent off to a courtroom, where jury selection takes place before a judge and the lawyers in the case. In our case, we were marched down the street to the criminal court building and into a courtroom, where the judge, a country prosecutor, and a defense lawyer awaited. The next thing that happens is a process in which the judge and each lawyer in turn gets to talk to the prospective jurors about points of law relevant to the case, and ask questions to determine who understands and can apply the law and, of course, who might be more or less sympathetic to each of their sides in the case. The judge can reject jurors who cannot understand or apply the law, and then each lawyer can reject a certain number of jurors (10) for any reason at all (in other words, they think that juror might not be open to their arguments). And that's when the games began. Most people do not want to sit on a jury, and I was no different. Being away for a couple of days was quite disruptive (and this was a very short trial). Everybody has other things they want to do. And that's fine, but it was amazing to me how many people there started spouting rationales that clearly were designed to get out of jury service. "I couldn't possibly convict someone based on proof beyond a reasonable doubt it would have to be absolute proof." Well, by that standard, nobody's even getting convicted. "If a police officer testified, I would believe him no matter what!" You couldn't evaluate what was being said? I have great respect for police, but let's face it, like any other group of human beings, some are not credible. The judge a cranky guy who was substituting for the regular judge that day was having none of it. The people saying this stuff got brought up, one by one, to discuss it with him. Now, there are people who legitimately hold those views. It was painfully obvious that most of these folks were not among them. One woman kept saying, "I can't be impartial!" "Why not?" "I can't be!" "Why not?" "I just can't!" The worst was a 20 something woman who approached the bench, and after some muttered conversation we couldn't hear in the back of the room, was sent away by the judge with a quite audible dismissal "Just go be seated!" and came back to where we were sitting with a smirk on her face. Ha ha, I got out of it! And while we all would have liked to have gotten out of it, the reality is that if we want to live in a country where we get a trial by a jury of our peers whether in a criminal or civil case somebody's got to sit on those juries. If not us, then who? It's one thing to be honest about your biases. It's fine to honestly say, "I do not understand what that law you're describing means." But to sit and just spout crap to get out of it marks you as somebody who doesn't deserve the benefits of our system of justice. You can't give up a few days of your life? Go find a nice dictatorship where, if you run afoul of the law, you'll be tossed in prison without the niceties of a trial. It is apparently what you prefer. Perhaps someday Ms. Smirk a lot will find herself or a family member in court, hoping for sympathetic people to sit on the jury, and watching them weasel out of it. This also means, of course, that those of us who are willing to do our part will on average have to do it more often. A friend mentioned to me that Suffolk County in Massachusetts (Boston) is about to run out of jurors, which means that people will be called more often than every three years (which was how it worked when I lived there). The reward for being a good citizen is, apparently, having to be a better citizen and give up more of your time. Sixty people were brought into the room in order to get 12 jurors and alternate. The last person picked was number 43. At the start of the proceeding, the judge mentioned that years ago, it only took a panel of 40 to assemble a jury. That's a depressing statement about the state of civic responsibility in our society. Great post. I have sat on 2 juries in the past 5 years. Both capital cases that more than a month each. Both times I witnessed exactly what you are talking about, and it made me sick. All they ask in the court during selection is that you answer their questions HONESTLY. I was disgusted by the outright lies being spewed by some of these people just to get out of jury service. Did I want to spend several days a week for more than a month going to the courthouse and sitting thru sometimes boring, sometimes gruesome, heartwrenching testimony. NO. But like you say, this is a duty in our democracy, and people should take it seriously. While it was very difficult to have a persons fate in your hands and making tough decisions that will affect not only the defendant, but the family and the victims family, I am very proud of my jury service. When called again (I don say if becuz I sure it will) hope I don have to serve, but I will at least provide hones answers to the judge and lawyers. Partially, I think serving your civic duty wouldn be such an inconvenience if employers were more forgiving and actually paid you to do your part. Some do, but most do not and people cannot afford to miss work when they have families to care for and bills to pay. Society as well as life responsibilities and obligations have changed dramatically since the foundation of our trial by jury system. My father sat on a jury in a federal case that went on for four months and ended in a mistrial over of all things potential jury tampering. Thankfully, his employer paid him a full wage during his absence for his jury service pay wouldn have covered half of one month bills. And the schedule for the trial itself was a major hassle with the judge making it up as they went along. And lawyers on both sides were showing up for court and asking for postponements and causing multiple delays. Many times my father would commute from the outer reaches of Harris County all the way downtown each morning only to have to turn back around and go home when he got there. Last summer I was excused from serving because I stayed at home with my young daughter and had no childcare options that would free me for jury duty. Thankfully I was able to mark my reason for exemption on the jury form and was excused. I didn have to go all the way downtown and give some lame excuse for why serving jury duty would impose a hardship. Naturally, the system is not perfect; I do believe everyone deserves a fair trial, but you can blame someone for trying to evade jury duty these days without knowing the pressures that life has put upon them. Jury duty is very tedious and, given some of the criminal cases, can be more than a little scary. Citizens no longer have any sense of the meaning and obligations of citizenship. It the reason voter turnout is lousy and the reason so many people lack the first clue about how government actually works (read the comments on Chron articles and on these blogs for more than ample evidence). I served on a capital case jury once myself, sure that the lawyers would excuse me, but neither did. It was one of the most important events in my life and showed me the fearsome power of a prosecutor (we found the guy not guilty, wondering why he had even been brought to trial.) John said I should be clear that I am NOT talking about people who have hardships such as child or elder care, etc. who can ask to be excused before even being put on a panel (by mail ahead of time, as noted above) and should do so. I used the mail option a couple of times no avail. The judges in both cases simply did not get the fact I was resisting serving not because I had a diability at the time, but because I wasn comfortable exposing the consequences of my disability to 11 others in a closed room or a courtroom full of spectators. All that aside, do you really want the woman John described as saying can be impartial! not? can be! not? just can on a jury judging you or one of yours? Not me. I had jury duty about a year ago (I didn get selected, fortunately) and what I found interesting was: 1. People volunteering information towards the end of the questioning. Nobody actually put their hand up and said a Nazi but it was pretty close, including the person who waited until the very end to tell the judge they couldn get off work (judge said too bad you should have spoken up at the very beginning when we asked). 2. How you could start to put the case together just by the lines of questioning during the jury selection. 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