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You know sparklers can add a lot of fun to any type of party or holiday event. Hi I'm Captain Joe Bruni with over three decades of firefighting and emergency medical service experience. One of the common consumer fireworks used during the holiday seasons is the common sparkler. What I'm going to talk about is one of the safety aspects with use of the common sparkler. Sparklers should never be used in bare feet or open toed type of shoes. Some type of hard covering over the foot should be worn at all times with sparkler use. Anyone using open toed shoes or bare feet stands the chance of receiving a burn injury to the foot either from the shower of sparks emitted from the sparkler or when a sparkler is accidentally dropped by the user. Also users stand the chance of burn injuries to the hand. 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Mike Trout, perhaps the top candidate to succeed the 40 year old Yankees captain as the face of the game, seemed ready to assume the role with a tiebreaking triple and later a go ahead double that earned him MVP honors. On a summer evening filled with reminders of generational change, the AL kept up nearly two decades of dominance by beating the National League 5 3 in the All Star game Tuesday for its 13th win in 17 years. Miguel Cabrera homered to help give the AL champion home field advantage for the World Series. No matter what else happened, it seemed destined to be another special event for Jeter. He received a 63 second standing ovation when he walked to the plate leading off the bottom of the first, another rousing cheer when he led off the third and about two minutes of applause after AL manager John Farrell sent Alexei Ramirez to shortstop to replace him at the start of the fourth. As Frank Sinatra recording of York, New York boomed over the Target Field speakers and his parents watched from the stands, Jeter repeatedly waved to the crowd, exchanged handshakes and hugs in the AL dugout and then came back onto the field for a curtain call. While not as flashy as Mariano Rivera All Star farewell at Citi Field last year, when all the other players left the great reliever alone on the field for an eighth inning solo bow, Jeter also tried not to make a fuss. A 14 time All Star who was MVP of the 2000 game in Atlanta, he announced in February this will be his final season. His hits left him with a .481 All Star average (13 for 27), just behind Charlie Gehringer .500 record (10 for 20) for players with 20 or more at bats. While the Yankees are .500 at the break and in danger of missing the postseason in consecutive years for the first time in two decades, Jeter and the Angels Trout gave a boost to whichever AL team reaches the World Series. The AL improved to 9 3 since the All Star game started deciding which league gets Series home field advantage; 23 of the last 28 titles were won by teams scheduled to host four of a possible seven games. Detroit Max Scherzer, in line to be the most prized free agent pitcher after the season, pitched a scoreless fifth for the victory, and Glen Perkins got the save in his home ballpark. Pat Neshek, a hometown favorite whose brother works on the Target Field grounds crew, took the loss. The AL won for the first time in three tries in Minnesota; it lost 6 5 at Metropolitan Stadium in 1965 and 6 1 at the normally homer friendly Metrodome, where not one longball was hit under its Teflon roof in 1985. Target Field, a $545 million, limestone encased jewel that opened in 2010, produced an All Star cycle just eight batters in, with hitters showing off flashy neon bright spikes and fielders wearing All Star caps with special designs for the first time. With the late sunset the sky didn darken until the fifth inning, well after 9 o there was bright sunshine when Jeter was cheered before his first at bat. He was introduced by a recording of late Yankees public address announcer Bob Sheppard deep monotone: batting for the American League, from the New York Yankees, the shortstop, number two, Derek Jeter. Number two. St. Louis pitcher Adam Wainwright left his glove on the mound and backed up toward second, clapping along with the crowd of 41,048. When Jeter finally stepped into the batter box, he took a ball and lined a 90 mph cutter down the right field line for a double. was going to give him a couple pipe shots just to he deserved it, Wainwright said. thought he was going to hit something hard to the right side for a single or an out. I probably should have pitched him a little bit better. appreciated the move, saying him to do that meant a lot to me. Wainwright unorthodox decision was endorsed by Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw. knew he was going to do the right thing, Kershaw said. a class act. the 22 year old Los Angeles outfielder who finished second to Cabrera in AL MVP voting in each of the last two seasons, followed Jeter in the first by tripling off the right field wall. After Robinson Cano struck out, Cabrera lined a sinker over the left field wall for a 3 0 lead just the fourth home run in the last six All Star games. Jeter then hit a soft single into right off Alfredo Simon leading off the third but was stranded. The NL, which still holds a 43 40 2 advantage in the series, came back on consecutive RBI doubles by Chase Utley and Jonathan Lucroy off Jon Lester that made it 3 2. Lucroy run scoring double against Chris Sale tied the score in the fourth. The AL went ahead for good in the fifth against Neshek, the St. Louis reliever who grew up in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Park and started his career with the Twins. Josh Donaldson and Derek Norris hit one out singles, and Trout hit an RBI double down the third base line that was ruled fair by umpire Scott Barry. Because the ball landed in front of the umpire it was real close to the line it was not reviewable under baseball new replay rules by Jerry Layne, the umpire monitoring on video at the Replay Operations Center in New York. Jose Altuve followed with a sacrifice fly off Tyler Clippard that made it 5 3. NOTES: Next year All Star game is in Cincinnati. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. 310004 031 Air Jordan 13 Retro Black Altitude,JACKIE Huggins, spokeswoman for campaign group Recognise and former co chairwoman of Reconciliation Australia, says recognition will strengthen the country's identity and heal deep wounds. "It's also about Australia taking pride," the former deputy director of University of Queensland's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies said. Prime Minister Tony Abbott said in January that recognising indigenous people in the constitution was a"national crusade" that should be important to everyone. He has promised to finalise a draft form of words for changing the constitution by the end of the year, which will be followed by national debate. Dr Huggins joined the movement for recognition more than a decade ago. She says it is time Australia's indigenous history, which began more than 40,000 years ago, is acknowledged and she's optimistic most would vote in favour.

Where Can Buy Cheap 310004 031 Air Jordan 13 Retro Black Altitude,385664 023 Womens Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared 2014 Black Black Infrared Donald Duck first appeared in the short "The Wise Little Hen." It would be years before Donald would again appear in a non Mickey feature. Donald Duck is characterized by his frequent blows up and temper tantrums as well as his speech patterns. Donald Duck has made a surprisingly rich contribution to society. Donald Duck was particularly instrumental in the war effort during the Second World War. Clarence Nash was not only the original voice of Donald Duck, he would also voice the character for 50 years. Carl Barks was an artist as well as storyteller whose rich contributions to Duck lore influenced scientists, comic book artists, and astrologers. Ducktales was largely a result of the work as well as a tribute to Carl Barks. Walt Disney is the aknowledged original creator of Donald Ducks. Many Donald Duck cartoons dealt with heady themes including several that hinted at suicide. A Wise Little Creation Walt Disney himself is the credited creator of Donald Duck. Donald's premiere came in the form of a Silly Symphonies animayed short called "The Wise Little Hen." Clarence Nash was tapped to do the voice of Donald after Disney heard several different voices in succession. Nash would continue to provide the voice of Donald Duck until the early 1980/s with Mickey's Christmas Carol in animated features and shorts. This was a level of distinctive continuity not actually enjoyed by other Disney characters with thier voices. From the beginning, Donald's distinctive personality would begin to develop. There are four major traits to Donald's personality. First, thier is Donald's famously short temper. Second, there is Donald's distinctive voice (which may be referred to as an impediment) that colors his communications. This inability to communicate can sometimes lead to Donald's famously short temper. The third telling part of Donald's personality is his feeling of being a second bannana or secondary character. This is most famously envisioned by Donald's rivalry with Mickey Mouse. However, the put upon attitude can even be seen in films like Who Framed Roger Rabbit? with his piano duet with Daffy Duck. a topic with the importance of Donald Duck really has to be examined decade by decade as well as in the multiple forms of media in which Donald appears. 1930's: Depressing Unless You Have a Spiffy Sailor's Suit. and No Pants After Donald became a success in The Wise Little Hen, the very next feature would force him to share the stage with Mickey Mouse and Goofy. The result was 1934's Orphan's Benefit in which Donald would perform in front of unruly orphans. This is established several key elements of what would make Donald so enduring. Orphan's Benefit was the first time that Donald would have to share the stage with Mickey Mouse. This is also the first time to use Donald's famous 'fighting pose.' Donald's short temper is only matched by his hunger for the spotlight. Donald even comes back on stage to do an encore performance of Mary Had A Little Lamb (which was a touch that Clarence Nash personally added to the character. Orphan's Benefit would be remade from black and white to technicolor in 1941 as Orphans' Benefit. Intermittently, the mouse orphans in the short would also appear as Mickey's relatives in later shorts. 1934 would round out Donald's first year with a third short entitled The Dognapper. The Dognapper would again pair Mickey and Donald in black and white as well black and white's. In this cartoon, they are put against dognapper Pegleg Pete to rescue Minnie's dog Fifi. Eventually, Donald, Mickey and Pegleg are run down by Pegleg's runaway saw which catches Pegleg. Trapped, Mickey and Donald capture Pegleg and the final scene shows a freed Fifi yapping out against Pegleg. 1935 1935 would continue Donald's streak of backing up Mickey Mouse in Mickey Mouse cartoons. One of the most critically acclaimed as well as remembered in the Disney short canon would kick off 1935 for Donald. The short was called The Band Concert. In the short, Donald is an uninvited participant in the act. Donald is seen playing a flute. First, Donald fights off a bee with ice cream. Donald then joins the band as they summon a tornado towards them. By the time the tornado hits, the band is so used to distraction that they continue to play even through the twister. The second short of 1935 was Mickey's Service Station. Mickey and Donald helm an auto repair shop in this one. They are tasked with repairing an apparently freed Dognapper Pegleg Pete's auto from making noise. The noise the car is making is actually a horn that sing Yankee Doodle Dandy. The duo tears apart the entire car and rebuilds the car while the annoyance refuses to stop. The third short of 1935 is Mickey's Fire Brigade. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy take on the role of firefighters in this one with hilariously inept results. After bumbling through the building, the trio realizes that Clarabelle Cow is still inside the building. The problem? Clarabelle is taking a bath and is none to plussed about the intrusion from three male firefighters. Clarabelle never realizes that she is in a burning building or needs saving from the fire. Finally, using Goofy as a battering ram, the trio knocks Clarabelle and her bath down the ladder to safety. Clarabellle thanks the trio by continuing to beat them with her brush in broad daylight outside. Clarabelle still did not realize the building was on fire. The fourth and final short of 1935 is On Ice. On Ice takes place on a frozen lake with Mickey, Goofy, and Donald in seemingly unrelated storylines. Mickey is attempting to skate with Minnie. Donald attempts to put ice skates on the dog Pluto and lures Pluto out into the frozen lake. Goofy is using tobbacco to attempt to fish on the lake. After Donald starts sailing a kite, Donald flies into the air. Mickey attempts to save Donald with grabbing a hold of Donald's sweater which quickly becomes unraveled. The three storylines are finally brought together when Donald lands in Goofy's fishing hole. Goofy continues to fish. 1936 (1836 opens with Mickey's Polo Team. Mickey's Polo Team is an animated short that brings together Walt Disney's love of polo as well as Disney's love and affection for Hollywood stars. Mickey's team consists of Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Donald and The Big Bad Wolf. as a charachteristic slap in the face, Donald is forced to ride a donkey instead of a horse. The Disney cartoon team takes on the Movie Star team . The movie star team has real life comic legends in animated form. The movie stars are Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, and Harpo Marx (riding an ostrich.) The crowd has Disney stars sitting next to real life stars of the day such as Greta Garbo and Clark Gable. Next, Donald would have to suffer through the mouse orphan's again in Orphan''s Picnic. The mischevious little rodent orphans would again torment Donald. The first torment that the Orphans place upon Donald is to eat all of his food. The orphans then hand Donald a flower with a bee inside of the flower. This action leads to the whole bee's nest coming after Donald. Finally, seeing the error of thier ways, the orphans make a concillatory sandwich for Donald. Of course, the sandwich contains a bee insdie of it. The third cartoon of 1936 is a watershed moment in many ways for our lovable rapscallion. The short is titled Donald And Pluto. Although this is listed as a Mickey Mouse cartoon, Mickey never actually appears in the cartoon. This marks the first time since The Wise Little Hen that Donald appears in a cartoon without Mickey Mouse. Also, Donald's neck and bill are both shortened giving Donald the characteristic look that we are more in tune with today. Donald's body is now slimmer and his feet are rounder as well. As a plumber working on pipes, Donald and Pluto face what seems to be an almost sentient magnet attempting to throw pipes thier way. Since Pluto is sometimes seen as Mickey's dog, it can be assumed that this is Mickey Mouse's house being worked on. The respite from appearing with the infernal Mouse is short lived. Donald would next tackle Mickey's Grand Opera. The opera features Mickey as the conductor of the band. The opera is Romeo and Juliet. Donald plays Romeo and Clara fills in as Juliet. Pluto is seen as a nuisance early on by Mickey. Mickey shoos Pluto off stage where Pluto finds a magician's hat. Mickey has a rather famously bad relationship with all things magic. First, Pluto releases an annoying menagerie of doves and rabbits. The carnage continues ala the earlier band when the magic hat falls into a tuba blowing out more carnage as well as more animals. Moving Day attempts to address,albiet comedically, some of the more serious issues of the day with the Great Depression. Pete is trying to move roommate's Donald and Mickey out of thier house. Pete also wants to use all of thier stuff as collaterall for lost rent. Donald and Mickey resolve to pack as much of thier stuff as possible in to Goofy's truck before they leave. This is somehow including a very angry piano. Yes, piano. Donald gets caught between a fishbowl on his head and a plunger on his rump. Inadvertently, Donald also opens up a free gas line. When Pete comes to sneer and kick them out, Pete makes what should be a fatal mistake of lighting a match on Donald's bill. In the ensuing mushroom cloud explosion, most of the materials inside the house stack themselves on Goofy's truck. As Donald is laughing at and taunting Pete in the final sequence, the plunger lands on Donald's tail re attaching itself. The penultimate film of 1936 is Alpine Climbers. Alpine Climber is a dleightfully slapstick little adventure that features Mickey, Donald, and Pluto as well. climbers in the Alps. The comedic mis adventure mostly centers around encounters with local wildlife up and down the mountain. Most of these entanglements have to do with a nest as well as a newly hatching chick. 1936 ends for Donald in what can be considered to be the horribly mistitled Mickey's Circus. The majority of the action in the short actually centers around Donald. Donald has an act featuring Sea Lions, but one of the young pup Sea Lions continues to try and interupt the show. This leads to a classic Donald consternation and tantrum. The folly of this leads to Mickey and Donald performing an impromptu high wire act as well as getting shot out of a canon. This is all much to the delight of the crowd, who are unsuspecting the shenanigans were not all part of the act in the first place. 1937 Don Donald is a signifigant milestone in many respects for Donald Duck cartoons. First, this is the first animated short to feature a Donald Duck title card. Don Donald , while still billed as a Mickey Mouse cartoon, features Donald in a starring role and not as a complimentary one. Don Donald also features a love interest for Donald named 'Donna' and not 'Daisy.' Donna never again appears in a cartoon but is later seen as a rival to Daisy in other media. The plot of Don Donald mostly falls around Donald's modes of transportation interfering with his love live. Donald starts off the cartoon in Mexico wearing a sombrero riding on a burro. The burro causes Donna to spill into mud which leaves a laughing Donald in the lurch. Donald then punishes the burro by trading him in for a car. Donna runs back to Donald after Donald gets the car. However, the car is not a fan of Donald either. The car breaks down and starts to fight Donald. While Donald is 'fixing' the car, the car takes off on its own and Donna is forced down into the trunk off of the rumble seat. When the car is finally stopped and destroyed, Donna is again embarassed and leaves. The burro escapes from the trading post and laughs at Donald as he winds up taking a mud bath. Magician Mickey brings Mickey Mouse back to a rather unfortunate running connection with magic. Donald finally gets to take some frustration out on his mouse counterpart by heckling Mickey during Mickey's own magic show. Mickey retaliates by using magic on Donald. Memorably, Mickey makes Donald spit out playing cards. Donald responds with anger as well as violence to his heckling having gone awry. Donald takes possession of a flare gun that brings the whole theater down around everyone. Apparently, all had been forgiven by the time of Moose Hunters. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are now hunting moose in the great northwest. Donald and Goofy decide to attract a moose by dressing up as a female moose. They even go so far as to apply 'moose perfume' to thier lady moose. Some pland work out a little too well as they do attract the raging amor, attention , and hormones of a male moose. The 'hunters' are reduced to the hunted as the male moose tries to catch and copulate with the new girl in town. However, while Goofy and Donald are with the fake female moose. Mickey has used leaves to bring another male moose into the equation. The two Moose fight over the female moose until the deception is revealed. The moose then chase all three 'hunters' out of the forest. Modern Inventions follows Donald as he travels through the 'Museum of Modern Marvels.' Many of the inventions shown have either never come to be or are still a bit too futuristic in this day and age. The main running gag of the short is that Donald keeps having his hat removed by a 'helpful' Robot Butler. Most of the inventions in the Museum both rue and loathe Donald almost on sight. The Robot Butler for example continues to put the wrong hat back onto Donald. After many attacks by futuristic equiptment, Donald is finally seated in a robotic barber chair. Of course the chair ends up cutting off Donald's tail feather and giving a nice shoe shine to his duckbill. Donald's next adventure with Goofy and Mickey starts out a bit more enjoyably. In Hawaiian Holiday, Donald and friends start off what seems to be a fun day at the beach. This would be until Donald's hula skirt catches on fire. Goofy is rather determined to master the art of surfing. Rather than mastery, Goofy ends up literally buried by a wave. complete with a tombstone. A true classic to come out of this year was Clock Cleaners. The seemingly fearless ego, super ego, and id trio of Goofy, Mickey, and Donald take on clock cleaning with hilarious results. The short would actually lead to a modern controversy with another Donald. In one xsegment of Clock Cleaners, Donald encounters a spring which irritatingly mimics everything he says. At one point, Donald screams in his broken language "SAYS YOU!!!" To which the echo spring responds "SAYS I!!!" The American Family Association in the 1990s thought the Donald had actually just screamed "F YOU!!!" at the spring and demanded that Wal Mart remove a compilation containing the now foul mouthed duck. Later, the cartoon was re dubbed with the line "Aw, Nuts!!" from Donald's appearance in On Ice. The short was also included on the DVD from The Great Mouse Detective as a bonus feature. Donald's Ostrich would be the first and only theatrical appearance of Donald's pet ostrich Hortense. The ostrich does come with the warning that she will eat anything. Hortense then proceeds to do exactly that. This is more than a minor annoyance that becomes a major problem when Hortense actually ends up eating Donald's radio. Hortense also develops a case of the hiccups. Donald tries to scare the hiccups out of Hortense which ends with her crashing through a door. Hortense spits out the radio. However, Donald is the one that ends up with the hiccups. 1937 ends out the year with a true classic. This is Lonesome Ghosts. This is actually the originator of the line "I ain't afraid of no ghosts.' The lonesome ghosts call up Donald, Mickey, and Goofy's ghost hunting agency because they are tired of having no one to haunt. The three Ghostbusters oblige the Ghost's wishes by showing up and the Ghost's plans are going swimmingly for a while. However, when the three heroes are doused with flower and appear to be a bigger scarier ghost, the Lonesome Ghosts run away from thier own haunt in fear. 1938 1938 kicks off with Donald attempting for the first time to deal with his long standing anger management issues in a short entitled Self Control. In Self Control, Donald is confronted by a radio program attempting to use music therapy to control temper. Donald is confident that he will not lose control. First, there is a fly that lands on his feet. Next, a worm crawls down his leg. Donald is then confronted by a chicked trying to eat the worm. Finally, a woodpecker viciously antogonizes Donald. Donald resolves the anger management issue by taking a shotgun and shooting the radio. Boat Builders sees Donald attempt with Mickey and Goofy to build a boat "so simple a child could do it." Well, someone should have found a brilliant child stat because these three are not about to cut it. Finally, after much predictable consternation, they do get the boat together. Appropiately named the Queen Minnie, the boat collapses into a mess of parts on its first maiden voyage. Donald's Better Self classically introduces the better Donald and the worse Donald. Better Donald is dressed in an angels robes and has a higher female voice. Worse Donald is dressed as a classic devil with horns and has a lower raspy voice. Better Donald wants Donald to simply go to school and be 'good.' Worse Donald wants Donald to sleep in, go fishing, and smoke. Donald gives into Worse Donald but the fishing goes badly and the smoking makes him sick. After a sound thrashing by Better Donald, Worse Donald leaves and Donald goes to school. An early example of the running animation convention of having an arguing angel and devil on your shoulder. 1938 also saw the release of Donald's Nephews which gave us the first appearance of Huey, Duey and Louie. Far from the loveable scamps they will develop into, the primary purpose of the nephew is originally to cause all sorts of havoc and violence in Donald's life. Donald tries his best with Della's children by consulting a book called Modern Child Training to no avail at all. They feed him hot mustard, burst a water balloon on him while he is playing a piano, and play a game of croquet in Donald's living room. After the little hellions leave, Donald sees a page in the book that says "after all, children are just angels without wings.' Donald explodes with frustration and rips the book to shreds. Donald's nephews would appear again in The Good Scouts as well as Donald's Golf Game the same year. The Good Scouts was a particular bit of character growth for both Donald as well as Huey, Duey, and Louie. First of all, in taking the role of a scoutmaster, Donald is shown for the first time in a leadership role. Previously. Donald was only shown as a worker or as a victim of circumstance. The episode also shows the beginnings of maturity for the nephews as well. The nephews bandage up Donald when they think he is bleeding. They also save him from a bear when Donald has wandered into honey. This is all a signifigant departure from the boys who simply destroyed Donald's house and went away. Other shorts in 1938 included The Fox Hunt, The Whalers, and Mickey's Trailer. 1939 Donald would appear in 9 short films in 1939. Of these, the notable ones are Sea Scouts, Autograph Hound, and Donald's Cousin Gus. The others are The Standard Parade, Donald's Lucky Day, The Hockey Champ, Beach Picnic, Donald's Penguin, and Officer Duck. Sea Scouts further alongs Donald's relationship with his nephews Huey, Duey and Louie. Donald is eager to show his nephews his expertise in sailing. After all, he had been wearing a sailor suit for years now. Donald and his nephews all prove to be less than adept sailors but they do manage to not get eaten by a shark. The not getting eaten by a shark is really important to further development. Donald's Cousin Gus (in addition to introducing Gus Goose) was the first pre recorded film to be played on NBC on tel 310004 031 Air Jordan 13 Retro Black Altitude By Liisa Ogburn I fell in love with running in college, or rather I fell in love with someone who was a runner, and laced up my shoes to follow him. When he ran off with someone else, I kept running, and have continued pretty consistently for over 25 years now. Why? It's free. No equipment or special setting is required. While nice to do with others, it doesn't require another person in order to do it. All factors which are conducive to a working or stay at home mother of young children. I remember a long time ago reading an interview with photographer Sally Mann. She was a mother of young children at the time and she was asked, somewhat disdainfully, why she focused her lens on her children. She replied, "I'm working within my constraints. My life right now is about taking care of my kids. They're my most readily available subjects." I have similar constraints, as do most of my close friends, and so while I would love to religiously follow the well known Hal Higdon training plan for the half marathon I intend to run on April 14, I simply can't. I must be flexible. I do my best to get the miles in each week, but sometimes it's not in the neat packages Hal recommends. Sometimes it's beside my daughters as they bicycle to a park "the long way" or ask me to play tag with them (which is, by the way, great interval training because they are much faster than me). Sometimes it's seizing an unplanned run with my neighbor Kara, between projects and while the kids are in school. She always pushes me much, much further than I would go alone. (I could use her help in other areas of my life). Sometimes it's running the loop around the gym at the local Y while one of my children practices basketball. While I might have a lousy day (or two or three) of writing or editing an essay or audio piece, tossing much of my efforts into the trash, running gives me these concrete successes. Hooray three miles. Five miles. Eight miles. At the end of the week or month or year, the miles add up to just about what Hal recommends, and sometimes even more. He cites exercise as one I've found that to be true with running. I know when I'm running, I sleep better, eat better and am "nice mommy" more often. When I'm not, watch out! Liisa Ogburn teaches documentary to undergraduates, graduate students and physician residents at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University as a way to reconnect with the human side of medicine. She is also completing a book on how motherhood changes us. To view more of her work, visit Wired For Stories.

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