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Whats the problem? In general, when it comes to a lack of savings, it is often not a question of low income, but a matter of high spending. While its very true that often were put into situations where we must spend money (due to loss of employment, health care bills, home repairs, etc.), for many of us our excessive spending is merely a habit we must learn to break or at least control. But where do we begin? Many people would like to reduce their spending and increase their savings, but it seems like such a monumental task that they simply dont take any steps in the right direction. Sound familiar? If so, dont shrug it off any longer. Saving money can begin right now, and you can start in small ways. Here are several easy ways to increase your savings My grandmother used to use that phrase when I was making a major decision, generally related to a purchase. She would say put it on the mantle, meaning that I should set it aside and think on it. Thats great advice, Gram! When youre considering a large purchase (like a car) or even small (like a pair of designer shoes), try putting it aside, even for just a week or two. Allow yourself time to think it through. If, after that time, you still feel its a good idea, proceed knowing its not just an impulse buy. If not, dont. Most of us have made at least one (and probably more) purchases of this nature that we have later regretted. What if you had the money back for every such purchase? What if that money was collecting interest in your savings account? It could really add up. When you get a paycheck, you likely pay your rent first, your car payment second, your insurance third, and so on and so on. Somewhere at the VERY BOTTOM of your list is YOU. Why are you at the bottom? Probably because you know YOU wont penalize YOU if YOU dont make a payment to YOU. My point is this hold yourself accountable. Start by putting money into your savings account FIRST. Take care of YOU before anyone else, so there are no excuses at the end of the month. Unless your monthly bills are higher than your monthly income, you should be able to determine a set, comfortable amount that goes into savings every month no ifs, ands, or buts. Stick to it! Were all in a hurry, so its easy to grab items like snacks or coffee when convenient. But think about it if you stop at a convenience store for a 12 oz. coffee every morning, thats probably about $1.75 youre spending every day that adds up to over $600 every year! What if, instead, you bought a $10 coffee maker for your office and bought your coffee grounds in bulk? How much money could you save? And how could interest affect what youre saving? If you saved just $600 per year in a basic savings account with a 5% rate of return, after 30 years you could potentially have more than $30,000 and thats after taxes! Start paying more attention to those little expenditures. They can really add up! Secret 4: See your destination They say that hindsight is 20/20. Think about this: if 10 years ago you began saving just $200 per month in a shoe box under your bed, then today that shoe box would have $24,000 in it! Unfortunately, you cant go back in time. But you CAN look ahead. Use a financial calculator (there are free calculators available online) and start plugging in numbers calculate where you could be in 20 30 years depending on how much youre willing to save today. Once you know what you COULD achieve, saving money could become your favorite pastime. A competition (with yourself) to see how much you can increase your future net worth. Have fun with it! Speaking of that hypothetical shoebox under your bed the money in that box might collect dust, but it wont collect interest. And while I seriously doubt that you keep money in a shoebox, take a moment to consider WHERE and HOW you save your money. While a traditional savings account can earn you interest, there are other options available to you that could potentially earn you more. Perhaps youve heard people speak about money market accounts or CDs, but youre not sure what they are or if theyre right for you. Its a good idea to learn all you can and make informed decisions about your money. The best advice I can give you is this speak with a financial professional. While saving money is important, where and how you choose retain and grow that money can have a significant impact on your net worth in the years to come. Air Jordan 14 Low Retro Last Shot 2011 ,Air Jordan 9 Cool Grey 2012 Air Jordan 4 Retro White Cement Air Jordan 13 Black Infrared Air Jordan Spizike Easter Air Jordan 5 Retro Tokyo23 Air Jordan 9 Olive 2012 Air Jordan 11 Low Concord Air Jordan 5 Oreo Air Jordan 5 Retro Tokyo23 After oxygen, your wallet and cell phone, nothing is more vital to the business traveler than wireless Internet. It is our connection to work, home, fantasy sports teams and shopping. On the hotel, cafe or convention center networks, we flip through our online tasks with nary a care. But a care would be a good idea. Jason Glassberg, co founder of Casaba Security, a Seattle based technology security company, said the hazards associated with public Wi Fi networks are so numerous that he does not log on t o them; he connects to the Internet through his iPhone. When he must access the Internet on a public network, he does so through a virtual private network VPN in industry speak that allows him to encrypt his data through a personal server back home. Though Glassberg doesn't encourage everyone to be as cautious as he, he does say the average road warrior needs to pay closer attention to Internet habits. Q: How safe are public wireless networks? A: There are basically two kinds: unsecured and secured. An unsecured has no log in, no password and nothing is encrypted. Those are the most dangerous; if they're free for you, they're free for anybody, and anybody can be on them, looking for people doing online transactions. You should never enter bank account information on that. A secured network makes it harder, but it's not the biggest deterrent. It's another step someone would have to go through, so they'll probably go for one that doesn't have a password first. Q: Would you personally enter banking information on a secured network? A: It's a bit safer, but if I didn't have to do it, I wouldn't do it. Q: Is Internet information theft usually a crime of opportunity? A: It's the car thief analogy: If someone's targeting your car, they'll find a way to get in. Similarly, if someone is targeting you or your business, they'll probably find a way to get in. But a lot of time, people are looking for people who let their guard down. You don't want to be the guy out there laying yourself bare. Q: How easy is it to pick off information from someone on a public network? A: Very easy. The largest theft of credit card information was by a guy sitting in a parking lot, picking up the information through an unsecured network. He was able to pick up passwords and start his hack. People with virtually no skill can collect the data. Q: Do you need to be more cautious of a public network at, say, a chain hotel in a major city than a rural bed and breakfast? A: Cybercrime is an equal opportunity pain. It boils down to who's doing what, when and where. In the middle of nowhere Iowa, maybe people are bored and pass the time this way. It's easy to do with tools that are very easy to acquire. Air Jordan 14 Low Retro Last Shot 2011,So you're new to the web low cost lead generation traffic game. That's good. That means you're ready and willing to take on the internet one network marketing lead at a time. 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Where Can i Buy Cheap Air Jordan 14 Low Retro Last Shot 2011,Air Jordan 10 Cool Grey It was the feel good story of the University of Nebraska spring football game, but the story has gotten even better this fall. Eight year old Jack Hoffman, the Nebraska Cornhusker fan turned running back, has been battling pediatric brain cancer, and, with cautious optimism, his family recently announced that his tumors have stabilized. Jack condition is not the same as a diagnosis of remission. Jack father, Andy Hoffman, spoke with HLN on Monday and said the family is cautiously optimistic. doing great, but the thing that doctors have warned us about is that even though his residual tumor is stable, the reality is that half of kids with Jack illness relapse in the future. and his parents are ready to face those odds. After all, the little boy has already captured hearts across the nation, and his touchdown run won an ESPY award for the best moment in sports. Air Jordan 14 Low Retro Last Shot 2011 With pens to paper, and fingertips to keyboard, teachers and students alike took time out of their busy academic schedules to commit to a free stream of uninterrupted thinking. 7. Writing prompts were offered, and a website was set up to display submitted work. "Good writing skills are essential for students to participate in all learning activities regardless of subject," Gevalt said. "Good writing skills also add to a student's confidence, critical thinking and ability to express themselves. I like to write because it's fun, she said. "My mom likes to write, too, so, at night, we sometimes write to each other," she said with a big smile. "I've done quick writes like this with my class before," she said. "The whole school did it together today. The kids really like the idea of doing something with the entire school at the same time." Students in Ankerson's classroom wrote, nonstop, for seven minutes. "Creative ideas come up that way," she said. "That was evident today when we shared our work. "Students were concerned with the right and the wrong of it, and I told them that the only concern was to keep the pencil moving, and thoughts flowing, for the whole seven minutes." Her class also took time to share their work with each other. "It's important to write," Larrabee said. "Everyone has a story to tell. There is value in active writing and the written word. Peanut collectingJerry Russin on A passion for Mr. Peanut collectingAviation and Aerospace Careers Class mvu after school on Highgate center provides kids options in aviationnike free run 3 on Milton teen swims across the lakeArchives

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