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Place the hot boxes in direct sunlight and take temperature readings every minute for 20 minutes. Record your results and plot two separate graphs for each box. Plot time on the X axis vs. temperature on the Y axis. Based on your observations, conclude why one box may get hotter than the other. Conduct a research project on whether solar heaters are worth the effort for your house. Determine how much money it would cost to have a collector system installed in your house, and then how long it would take to pay that cost off. Keep in mind that solar energy is free once the collector system is installed, while other means to heat your home, such as gas and electric, cost money over time. Research the cost to the environment of heating your home with gas and electric versus using solar energy, such as the depletion of coal, gas and oil reserves. Present your findings to your classmates and discuss the benefits and drawbacks to solar heating. Design a water heating system that uses solar energy to heat water. For this project, you will need a 1 inch thick, 2 by 4 foot Styrofoam insulation panel, three thermometers, three plastic bags of three different colors including black, white and a color of your choosing. Cover the large side of the Styrofoam with aluminum foil, secured with tape. Clip a hole large enough for a thermometer to fit through at the bottom of each plastic bag. Fit the thermometer halfway through each bag and tape the bag around the thermometer. Pour 2L of water into each of the bags. Squeeze out any excess air and tie it closed. Trim extra plastic from the top of the bag. Place your covered Styrofoam panel in direct sunlight, with the colored solar collectors on top of the panel lined up side by side. Record the temperature of the water in each bag at start, after 15 minutes and after 30 minutes. Plot your results on a bar graph with the X axis color vs. the Y axis temperature. Observe which bag kept the water hotter than the others and which kept the water cooler. Test materials in a solar panel for efficiency. Determine what materials will absorb the most heat: rubber, aluminum or copper. Make a solar energy collector using a shallow box with removable lib, and insulate with Styrofoam. Place copper within the solar energy collector and place the box in direct sunlight. Use a thermometer to record the temperature inside the collector. Take the temperature every 5 minutes for 30 minutes and record your data. Repeat these steps for each material. Compare your data to determine which material is the most conductive. You may consider making a graph to compare your results. Solar Water Heater Project Solar hot water systems are fairly simple to build from parts readily available at your local hardware store. The system consists of. Solar Energy School Projects Solar Energy School Projects. Solar energy refers to the radiant energy that the sun emits, which can be transformed into other, usable. Science Projects for High School With Solar Water A high school science class may teach you established principles, but a science project leads you through the process of acquiring actual. Science Fair Project for a Solar Water Heater The sight of rooftop solar collectors sparks children interest in solar energy and leads some to choose solar water heaters as science. How to Make a Solar Panel for a School Project Solar panels effectively convert the sun rays into heat or electricity, resulting in the recent emergence of solar panels as an instrument. Solar Hot Water Heaters Science Fair Project There are several different types of solar energy projects that you might do for a science experiment or class project. Working with. How to Make Styrofoam Decorations Styrofoam is an inexpensive and widely available material. Styrofoam can be used to create detailed and eye catching decorations that will delight your. How to Make Solar Water Panel Solar water panels reduce or completely eliminate the need for grid energy to heat water for the home. The panel is mounted. Federal Grants for a Solar Water Heater Federal Grants for a Solar Water Heater. Department of Energy (DOE) calls solar water heaters "One of the most cost effective. School Projects on Solar Power Solar power is a hot button topic in the modern world of skyrocketing energy costs. From using solar panels to heat entire homes,. Solar Collector Projects Solar Collector Projects. Solar collector projects are particularly satisfying endeavors, creating not only a sense of accomplishment, but of energy independence. Air Jordan 13 Reflective Silver,One of the most important things at a beach wedding is the location. Are you getting married on a beach in Hawaii or Cape Cod? These two locations have completely different atmospheres. The groom's style should adjust accordingly. There are various looks that the the groom can consider for his beach wedding. You can go all out casual: khaki pants, white button down shirt and no shoes. Another casual look for the shoe loving groom could be casual slacks and a stiff white button down and loafers. The groom could even incorporate a necktie in the wedding colors. Bow ties are much too formal for a beach wedding. For the groom who prefers a more formal look for his big day, try light black slacks with matching sport coat and a stiff white button down shirt with one or two buttons unfastened. This look goes well with dress shoes. Now that you have figured out your wedding look, you may want to do something special for your bride or the wedding party. For example, find a shell on the your wedding beach and have it engraved with your names. Do something symbolic like releasing doves. Find beach themed wedding gifts for your groomsmen. Most beach towns have small gift shops near the ocean; check those for ideas. The real something extra that a beach will add to your wedding day are the romantic photos. Make sure you get those shots in the water with her in your arms and kissing at sunset. Beach Attire for the Groom A beach wedding takes place in a relaxed, natural atmosphere. The wedding attire can reflect that mood, or the couple can choose. Beach Wedding Photography Ideas Beach weddings, whether small scale intimate affairs or elaborate events, come with an automatic backdrop suitable for picture taking. Ideas for wedding photographs. Beach Wedding Pictures Ideas According to Beach Wedding Themes, beach weddings are selected for their casual, natural feel. The beach provides a relaxing setting for a. What Grooms Should Wear at a Destination Beach Wedding A popular trend in beach wedding attire for grooms is toward long, white shirts and khaki pants. . Likely, many guests will. Groom Attire Options Men Wearhouse: Beach Wedding What to Wear for Grooms and Guests; Photo Credit Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images; More Like This. Alternative Wedding Attire for. Ideas for Wedding Locations When planning their wedding, couples face the important decision of selecting a location for their special day. Booking a venue requires couples. Nontraditional Wedding Attire for Men The bride and groom can truly wear whatever they please. . Beach weddings call for some attire flexibility. . wear a tunic. Beach Photo Shoot Ideas Beaches are popular locations for engagement photos, wedding pictures and family vacation shots. One reason is that beaches offer great lighting, backgrounds.

Outlet Store Online Clearance Sale 2015 Air Jordan 13 Reflective Silver,Air Jordan 6 Championship Cigar CST. Joining ABC, CBS and NBC, FOX will donate one hour of live simultaneous commercial free primetime for the nationally televised September 10th fundraising special, to be broadcast from Los Angeles. Additionally, VH1, HBO Latino, TV One and G4 have agreed to air the SU2C event. They join HBO, Discovery Health, E!, MLB Network and The Style Network for an historic evening to raise much needed funds for groundbreaking cancer research. "Cancer claims one person every minute of every day in the United States 1500 people every single day. This year it will take the lives of more than half a million people in this country, and almost eight million people worldwide. Cancer is a crisis and we want to convey that ALL Americans can play a role in helping the scientists who are working to end it. delighted that the entertainment community is banding together in such a big way to help us get that word out," said Laura Ziskin, who will produce the September 10th broadcast. Ziskin is a cancer survivor. Her film credits include the Spider Man trilogy, As Good As It Gets, and Pretty Woman; she also produced the 74th and 79th Annual Academy Awards. PDT. The poignant PSA draws parallels between victory in baseball and the triumph of beating cancer through teamwork and collaboration with the message that an end to cancer is now beyond a dream; it is within reach. MLB's partnership with Stand Up To Cancer is unique, as the league was the first donor to sign on with this history making organization. With Baseball's support and that of other organizations, the goal is to accelerate the progress toward cures and life prolonging treatments for all types of cancers. The primary goal of SU2C is to raise funds for groundbreaking translational research to accelerate the delivery of new therapies to patients, getting them from the "bench to the bedside" as quickly as possible. SU2C brings together scientists from different disciplines across various institutions to work collaboratively, rather than competitively, at a critical time in the field of cancer research. Similar to the landmark 2008 broadcast, this year's telecast will feature live performances by legendary recording artists and stars from film, television and sports will present content that provides viewers with insights into cancer. The star studded appeal builds continuing public support and donations for cutting edge cancer research that translates at a rapid pace from the laboratory to treatments and technologies benefitting patients. One hundred percent of all public donations will go directly to cancer research. Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer and Brian Williams, anchors of the CBS, ABC and NBC evening news broadcasts respectively, will host the September 10th telecast. the broadcast will honor the memory of those taken by the disease; it will also focus on surviving cancer and living a full life after being diagnosed with it. year, 13 million people around the world will be diagnosed with cancer and 1.4 million in the United States alone. today. "We've gone to the moon and pioneered a technology that revolutionized the way the world communicates. that same innovation and commitment, scientists are on the cusp of making enormous strides in their efforts to combat cancer, but they need the public's support and additional funding to do that. Through Stand Up To Cancer and the September 10th broadcast, people all over the country can help to whatever degree they can," said Sherry Lansing, SU2C co founder, founder of The Sherry Lansing Foundation and Chair of the Entertainment Industry Foundation Board of Directors. The 2008 telecast was viewed in more than 170 countries and helped raise over $100 million. More than $83 million has since been committed to five multi disciplinary "Dream Teams" of researchers from more than 50 institutions, as well as to 13 young innovative scientists who are undertaking high risk yet potentially high reward projects to end the reign of cancer as a leading cause of death in the world today. The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), Stand Up To Cancer's scientific partner, is responsible for administering the grants and providing scientific oversight in conjunction with the SU2C Scientific Advisory Committee, led by Nobel Laureate Phillip A. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. About the Stand Up To Cancer Initiative Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) a program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), a 501(c)3 charitable organization raises funds to hasten the pace of groundbreaking translational research that can get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives. In the fall of 2007, a group of women whose lives have all been affected by cancer in profound ways began working together to marshal the resources of the media and entertainment industries in the fight against this disease. The SU2C founding members include Laura Ziskin, executive producer of the Sept. 5, 2008 broadcast and the upcoming one, who is a cancer survivor; Sherry Lansing, chairperson of the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Board of Directors and founder of the Sherry Lansing Foundation; EIF President and CEO Lisa Paulsen; Katie Couric; EIF Senior Vice President Kathleen Lobb; Rusty Robertson and Sue Schwartz of the Robertson Schwartz Agency; executive Ellen Ziffren; and Noreen Fraser, founder of the Noreen Fraser Foundation (NFF) and a cancer survivor. SU2C was formally launched on May 27, 2008. Major League Baseball was the founding donor to contribute to Stand Up To Cancer. Other major SU2C supporters include Sidney Kimmel, the country's largest individual supporter of cancer research, Amgen, Wallis Annenberg The Annenberg Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, GlaxoSmithKline, Inter American Development Bank (IDB), Alliance for Global Good, Milken Family Foundation, Philips Electronics, Steve Tisch, The Island Def Jam Music Group, Comcast and many others. The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), which consists of more than 31,000 scientists engaged in the fight against cancer, is the oldest and largest scientific organization in the world focusing on every aspect of high quality, innovative cancer research from the bench to the bedside. Lauded internationally for its scientific breadth, innovation and spread of new knowledge about cancer, the AACR is on the front lines in the quest for the prevention and cure of cancer. Air Jordan 13 Reflective Silver During medieval times, men clothing was characterized by their social status within the feudal system. Peasants typically made their own clothing from. Medieval Clothing Ideas The medieval period of history was a time of feudalism and change. Christianity was expanding, the Crusades were launched, many castles were. Children Clothes of 1909 In 1909, children clothing tended to be somewhat unique. Home sewing, with or without a pattern, was more common and professional tailors. Women Clothes in the Middle Ages Women fashions changed considerably from the early to late Middle Ages in Europe. Until around the 1300s, women clothing was functional. By. The History of Medieval Clothes The medieval period offers a wide variety of clothing styles and types, ranging from simple woolen tunics worn by the peasantry to. History of Medieval Dresses Living during the Middle Ages from 1000 to 1500, women dressed according to class, wealth and country. Wearing two tunics an under and. This 900 year. Guess Clothing History The four Marciano brothers, who were born in Morocco and raised in Marseilles, France, in the 1940s, established the apparel company Guess?. How to Make a Greek Tunic A Greek tunic, otherwise known as a chiton, is a fairly easy costume to assemble. This tunic, which is appropriate for both. Medieval Times History for Kids The Medieval times are also known as the Dark Ages and lasted for about 1,000 years between 476 and 1453. When people. How to Make Medieval Hats for Kids If you are hosting a medieval birthday party for your child, you can make the party more festive by creating decorations and.

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