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I will probably start again. (Evan Vucci AP) Nene and Trevor Booker will likely miss their third consecutive game on Wednesday as the Wizards play the Indiana Pacers for the third and final time this season. Both big men have missed the past two losses with plantar fasciitis, and while they have been improving, Coach Randy Wittman didn expect to have either of them against Indiana. are feeling better but probably not tonight, Wittman said at the morning shootaround. just have to see their progress. Kevin Seraphin and Jan Vesely will start at center and power forward, respectively, giving the Wizards their least experienced starting lineup two rookies and three second year players for the third game in a row. has been really active, doing a good job on the boards. It a good experience for him. It really good for him to get minutes right now, Roger Mason Jr. said. been playing good the last 20 games and especially since the trade happened. Those guys are continuing to develop and it important for the future of the team. In the past two games, Seraphin and Vesely have combined for 55 points and 21 rebounds, but the Wizards have had problems on the glass and the defensive end. The Raptors and the Bucks combined to outrebound the Wizards, 91 66, and shot 50 percent (80 for 160) from the floor. Milwaukee dominated the Wizards inside with 54 points in the paint and also grabbed 13 more rebounds. difficult. . We get tired, Seraphin said after the Wizards 112 98 loss to the Bucks. miss Nene and Book and it difficult to play like that. has played better with extended minutes and is averaging 12 points and seven rebounds in eight starts this season. Vesely has improved his production in his past two starts, averaging 12 points and four rebounds. He had a career high 14 points against Milwaukee. In his first five career starts, Vesely scored a total of 11 points. Stealth 10s ,Air Jordan 5 Fire Red 2013 Green Glow 4s Taxi 12s Grey Toe 13s Air Jordan 10 Doernbecher Bel Air 5s Air Jordan 13 Black Infrared Air Jordan 5 Bel Air Columbia 4s This month, we are surrounded by many people "graduating" from one level to the next. But in reality, we are always "graduating" from one level to the next. Although we often think of graduation as the conferral of a degree or diploma, to "graduate" really means "To advance to a new level of skill, achievement, or activity." Sometimes we "graduate" out of friendships, marriages, jobs, relationships, houses and levels of income. At each step, we launch ourselves into something new. Sometimes we are prepared for the new level, and sometimes we don't even know we're graduating, and keep on doing things the same way we did before. I know at times in my past, I "graduated" beyond a certain level, but was holding on so hard to the old ways, that I forgot I needed to learn new methods to be able to keep up with where I was now. Graduating to new levels can be difficult. However, the process is part of the growth cycle. When a caterpillar goes into a chrysalis, it seems as if they are doing "nothing" they are simply inactive. But how far from the truth! In reality, this stage of quiet is allowing the growth and complete transformation into something new! However, if you've ever watched a new butterfly emerge out of the chrysalis, it has to fight hard to do so. It cannot emerge without a lot of struggle. In spite of the difficulty, this step in the process is a necessity. For those butterflies that have had the chrysalis cut off from them (seemingly making the process "easier"), they were weaker, their wings aren't ready, and they die. What a metaphor for life. Although cliche, it is so true. This month, as we reflect on our theme of All Experiences Bring You Something, think about where you are in your life. In what areas are you ready to "graduate" to the next level? Where have you graduated to already, and are you embracing those new skills, or holding on to your old methods? I know that I am also continuing to "graduate" from one level to the next continually learning, growing and changing. At it's not always easy! I am chagrined, at times, to see where I have refused to change and grow, and have to remind myself to let go of old habits, patterns and ways that no longer serve me. Aurelia Flores wants to offer a learning opportunity to other women who might find themselves in similar shoes. She strongly believes women can learn from other women, no matter where they are in their career or life path. Aurelia Flores wants to offer a learning opportunity to other women who might find themselves in similar shoes. She strongly believes women can learn from other women, no matter where they are in their career or life path. Stealth 10s,How to Easily tie an ascot In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to tie an ascot. Begin by placing the ascot around your neck. Make the right side just a little bit longer than the left. Then cross the left side over the right side. Now bring it up and over through the middle. Fluff it out to spread out the ascot and then tuck it inside your shirt. Make sure that it is flat and smooth inside the shirt. This video will benefit those viewers who are preparing for a formal dinner, party or special occasion, and would like to learn how to tie an ascot to look formal. Have you ever wondered how to tie a bow tie or an ascot? Well, everydayascots has a video for you detailing it step by step. In the video he shows you different styles of wearing an ascot for different neck sizes and comfort levels. Then he shows you a quick demonstration of tips, like buttoning the top button of your shirt and making the right side of the tie slightly longer than the left before beginning. This is followed by a quick cross of the left over the right, making a bow with the right side, bringing the left over the top and through the hole and you will have yourself a bow tie in. This video illustrate us how to tie an ascot. Place you tie around your neck. Make one side longer and one side shorter. Then you will criss cross the two sides of the tie, with the longer end being placed over the short end. Take the long end and loop it around the shorter end. Then you will take the longer end and bring it through the little loop that you have already formed by looping the end around. This will give you the ascot. To do a scrunchy tie, take the ends and pull them through the loop that has formed, and then you will have a scrunchy tie. This video shows the viewer how to tie a scarf in an 'Ascot'. Allegedly this is a preppy look and should appeal to young people. The knot is tied by placing the scarf around your neck, one of the lengths should be slightly longer than the other. Wrap the longer length three times around the shorter one before taking it behind the shorter length and pulling it over the 'knot'. This end is usually the spread out to display the pattern of the scarf. It is suggested that this look is unisex and that the loose end can be tucked inside a shirt or dress. For more information and an instructional. This video shows how to tie a scarf three different ways. The first way to tie a scarf involves a square silk or chiffon scarf. Fold it and wrap it around your neck, then tie it to one side. This is like an ascot tie. The second way to tie a scarf requires a long scarf. Tie it around your waist like a belt, with the ends dangling down your side. This creates a scarf belt. Finally, choose a shorter scarf. Tie it around your head with the tie in the back. You can tie it over your hair. Or you can create a pony tail and tie the tie underneath your hair. That how to wear a scarf three different. Linda shows us how to easily tie a tie for a woman. To tie a tie: Start with the wide end of your necktie on the right. make sure that it is longer than the one with narrow end. Then cross the wide end over the narrow end. Turn the wide end back underneath the narrow end. Do steps 2 and 3 thrice. Then, pull the wide end up and through the loop around your neck. Hold the front of the knot loosely with your index finger and bring the wide end down through the front loop. Lastly, remove your finger and tighten the knot carefully to the collar by holding the narrow end and sliding the knot up. This video by Beau Ties Ltd, Vermont explains how to tie a bowtie in steps. The person who actually demonstrates the procedure is Evan Burnett of Vermont.

All Orders Free Shipping Stealth 10s,Air Jordan Spizike Easter LONG BEACH One thing is for certain, the Poly High boys basketball team isn't going to need a lot of prep time for its next opponent. Some 72 hours after securing their Southern Section Division I AA crown at the Anaheim Convention Center, the Jackrabbits were back in Ron Palmer Pavilion Tuesday and wasted little time in dispensing with their first obstacle in Division I Southern California Regional play. Palisades, whose last game was a Feb. City Section semifinals at the Galen Center provided the opposition but not a lot of it as Coach Sharrief Metoyer's team cruised to a very eased up 77 46 victory. Next up for the 30 1 Jackrabbits? If you glanced at the 16 team regional bracket when it was released Sunday afternoon, you shouldn't have to wonder. Etiwanda the team the Jackrabbits beat (60 53) in the I AA semifinals in Anaheim eight nights ago took a trip to Fresno Tuesday and returned to the Inland Empire with a 69 49 victory over Central Section champion Bullard. So that means the Eagles and Jackrabbits will have a rematch Thursday night at Long Beach City College in the regional's second round. Technically it will be a "rematch of a rematch of a rematch." A year ago with both squads boasting basically the same personnel they put on the floor now, the Eagles (29 3) edged the Jackrabbits, 58 55, in a I AA semifinal at LBCC. Two weeks later the Jackrabbits traveled to Etiwanda and returned with a 67 64 victory in a second round SoCal Regional semifinal. "It seems any success we have has to go through them," 6 foot 8 Poly senior Ryan Anderson said, smiling, after hitting all four shots from the field and all four from the free throw line in the first quarter for 12 of his team high 17 points. Metoyer conceded he was worried about the figurative "hangover" effect after the 64 48 victory over Corona Centennial Saturday night. "But this is a very mature group," he said of his team, which starts four seniors and a player (Roschon Prince, who added 16 points) who started a year ago as a freshman. "And, to their credit, they came out and took care of business." Forward Chris Camper added 15 points and USC bound point guard Alexis Moore, despite picking up a couple of quick fouls, added 10 points, four steals and seven assists. Prince was the only starter on the floor in the fourth quarter as Metoyer used eight reserves, including junior varsity call up Marcus Buggs who scored his first varsity points late in the contest. "Hopefully we'll be playing three games this week," Metoyer said, alluding to a regional semifinal the Jackrabbits would play host to at LBCC Saturday night if they prevail Wednesday. "I wanted to try to give the guys (regulars) as much rest as possible tonight." Gahr 89, University 65: Davon Potts scored 19 points and the Gladiators (25 7) rolled to a win in the first round of the Division II regionals. Mayfair 76, Tulare 59: The Monsoons (27 6), behind Dion Wright's 20 point performance, advanced into the second round of the Division II regionals on Thursday against Gahr. Clovis North 57, Compton 51: The Tarbabes (21 7) were upended on the road in the first round of the Division II regionals. Stealth 10s If you're experiencing a little bit of pain and irritation in the toe but it doesn't look like it's swollen or draining, you may be able to prevent the nail from becoming completely ingrown. This is usually done by gently coaxing the nail to grow outside of the skin rather than into it. The best way to do this is to soften the nail and keep the area clean by soaking the affected foot in warm water mixed with a small amount of Epsom salt. It will also clean it, preventing infection. Dry the foot after about 20 minutes or so and completely disinfect your hands. Place a piece of dry cotton underneath the corner of the nail to encourage it to grow away from the skin. This may be enough to keep the nail from becoming fully ingrown. In most cases, a truly ingrown toenail can become a recurring problem. Some people's nails just naturally curve on the sides, leaving them more prone to grow into the skin. Even if a current irritation is treated, chances are it will happen again. Most doctors will recommend surgical removal of either part of or the entire affected nail. Though it is officially considered surgery, the process is quick, can usually be done in the doctor's office and only a local anesthetic is required. Most times, you will have to go to a podiatrist, because they have a special chemical that keeps the removed part of the nail from growing back. The toe will be numbed with an injected anesthetic. Then the podiatrist will remove the section of the nail that is the problem. Then a special chemical will be applied that kills part of the nail bed, keeping the cut away area from growing back. Then the toe is bandaged for a few weeks until it is completely healed. An ingrown toenail can create undue pain and swelling on any toe, but is most common on the big toe. This surgery includes removing a section of the toenail, . Fungal toenail infections are typically . Care of an Ingrown Toenail After Removal; ; How to Determine if Surgery is Necessary for an Ingrown Toenail;.

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