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You should arrive at the funeral home early, at least half an hour before the ceremony begins. this ensures that the funeral director has time to make alternate arrangements if one of the pallbearers does not arrive. It also gives the director time to speak to you before the ceremony. Locate the funeral home director as soon as you arrive and listen for the specific instructions for what you will be doing. These directions will include where you should sit and when you should move to a specific area in the funeral home. The funeral director will also pin a flower to your lapel, designating you as a pallbearer. The actual physical activities of being a pallbearer may involve carrying the coffin into the funeral home, although many funeral homes do not require this. You will carry the coffin out of the funeral home and place it into the hearse. At the grave site, you will carry the coffin from the hearse to the actual grave. 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Doernbecher 4s,Decide how you want the products grouped within the separate departments. Do not just throw whatever is from the department on the shelf next to the same department. Have certain areas for certain products. For example, in Health and Beauty Aids, have an area where toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash and other dental items go. Group the toothpaste by itself, the toothbrushes by themselves and the mouthwash by themselves but next to each other. If hair care items are to be stocked, put hair spray by itself, put shampoo and conditioner by themselves, and so forth. If there are other employees to merchandise these areas, be sure to make sure they stock the shelves using this method. Assign appropriate people to merchandise these departments and keep them neat. If a person is not good at following this system give them another task such as cashiering or other store activities to keep the system in good order. Nothing spoils this good order system like having people who don't do it appropriately stock and the people who are good at it are stuck cashiering. Merchandising well will promote more sales. If people can find it, they will buy it! Merchandising well is part of customer service. Merchandising well is just as important as quick check outs and friendly employees. At times, perhaps something will come in that can be placed in more than one department. Example: Baby HBA can go with the baby clothes and accessories or in the HBA department. Make a good decision where it will based on the situation. Keep clip strips, side panels, end caps, and j hooks in theme with the department being merchandised. Nothing is more annoying than having to walk halfway across the store to find an item that belongs near a certain department but isn't. How to Display Merchandise at a Clothing Store A successful clothing store has vibrant displays that tune in with the customer base. Displays must gear toward the people that shop. How to Build Better Retail Displays for Merchandise Creating an effective retail display is important to the success of your retail store. A display is meant to act as a. How to Trade Stocks Trading stocks is different than investing. Stock represents part ownership in a company and investors buy shares to exercise ownership rights, collect. How to Get a Job in Retail Merchandising In the past, retail merchandising meant crouching in a storefront window, dressing mannequins in the latest fashions. These days, retail merchandising is. Definition of Merchandising Jobs Definition of Merchandising Jobs. . A merchandiser is responsible for taking note on which items are low or out of stock and. How to Sell Merchandise Online Decide on a web hosting service, domain name registrar and shopping cart software to use to setup your online store. In some. How to Buy Fair Trade Products You can support fair and sustainable farming methods by purchasing products that are Fair Trade certified. The idea behind Fair Trade certification. How to Stock Grocery Shelves The most important part of stocking grocery shelves is making sure you are stocking what people want to buy. Once you have. How to Create a Retail Merchandising Plan Retail merchandising is the practice of acquiring stock that will generate sales and attractively displaying it to let customers find it easily. Merchandising Display Ideas for a Retail Store If you own your own retail store or work in a retail chain store, use merchandising display ideas to build better displays.

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