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My DD is 10 and got her first period the day after Halloween. I will tell you, if she has hair "down below." That is a good indicator of when AF will begin. I had my DD at a urologist LAST March and when examining her, the Dr. said, "I see she has a few hairs down here!" I had no idea. It was only a few, but she told me I'd better have "the talk" with her. and yes she plays BBAl and is fairly good DD wears a 14/16 long and some of then are getting to small. her legs are better but thick. I think she if going to start her period sometime in the next 6 mos b/c 1 she has zits every ehre, 2. she is very moody adn defiant and 3. around the same time iu get my period she says that she feels sick but its near the pub area as opposed to the tummy region, we have had the talk and have supplie ready and I got her a book that I had when I was young and learned so much. I have never not told her anything even whne she was 3 and wanted to know why mommy needed mommu diapers, I told her that there is a blanket in side mommy's special tummy that is waitng for a baby and since there was no baby there it needs to come out, simpl;e vague yet she was happy. now whe know excatly why I have mommy diaper and what they are for. SNiff I never thougt that these days would come so fast Her last weight check was a few months ago and she was 54lbs. I was really proud of my DD for "catching up" to some of the kids in her class. Although she is still much shorter and smaller than the rest, she doesn't "stick out" as much in her current size. Her paternal grandmother and aunts are all 5'1" (they say I would guess Nana at 4'11") and don't top the scales at more than 110 lbs. I always feel like I have to explain that to people when they see that my DD will be 10 on 12 14. She's petite and she comes by it naturally. . 308308 161 Nike Air Jordan 2 Iiretro White Varsity Red Black ,Nike Air Foamposite One Supreme 385475 153 Air Jordan 2 Retro Concord White Concord Black 402297 110 Air Jordan 1 KO High White Black Varsity Red Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR Black Red Nike Air Foamposite One Knicks 646701 413 Nike Kobe 9 EM Game Royal 2014 646701 413 Nike Kobe 9 EM Game Royal 2014 Air Jordan 6 Rings Venom Green 656503 401 Air Jordan Future Varsity Royal Varsity Royal White Looking back into the 70 we think about the different colors, the flowers, the tie dye, the bell bottoms, the disco ball, the disco music, and everything else in between. We see it personified on television and sometimes we see the fashion statements presented then turned into renovated fashion trends. The look has not lost its groovy sense with today teens. Bell bottoms are still worn just as well as the simple scarf around the head or the ribbon embroidery tide about the head. With this style never ending and ever emerging into something better why not embrace it. We like to add the tie dye pattern with the bohemian style and sometimes we link it to certain cultures with their colors or certain musicians but it is without doubt a tie dye shirt within the monster of our closets is excepted. This look is great for casual wear and most recently with shirts you can create a number of different styles and looks. With tie dye t shirts you can also create a fun and productive activity for yourself and children. This activity is experienced for some at summer camp or during any school activity as it can be easily done. It also relatable to bleaching or stripping your jeans. It a fun yet creative way to make the best of a plain white t shirt or any solid color. But tie dye doesn just stop at t shirts it also enters the realm of delicate dresses and fancy hats but make no mistake that this style is still booming during any season. 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(1) condensed hydrocarbon gases and steam which have been fed to the flare; (2) liquid carried over from high pressure plant when rapid acting emergency depressurisation valves are opened; and (3) dense phase mist flows due to two phase flashing relief flow where only large liquid droplets are separated by the knock out pot, or where simultaneous vapour and liquid releases can occur and the vapour entrains small droplets before entering the main flareline. 3 It is generally considered impractical to design the supports and restraints of flareline systems to cope with the large mechanical reaction forces which arise when liquid slugs of possibly several pipe diameters in length are driven into bends at vapour release velocities. It is therefore vital that no gross liquid slugs enter flarelines. The knock out pot facilities should therefore be designed, instrumented, and operated so that they can never become full of liquid if there is a possibility of vapour flow occurring which might scoop up slugs of liquid. Plant instructions should prohibit start up or other significant changes unless the full knock out pot capacity is available, and the knock out pot should be run at the minimum level to give the operator the maximum amount of time to respond if it does start to fill. 4 The conventional, and preferred design, is to slope the flareline down to a knock out pot before the flare stack. This is not always possible and local knock out pots should be provided when suitable slopes cannot be incorporated. It should be noted that such pots are likely to be needed to handle liquid carryover during emergency depressurisation. If they are not fitted occupiers must demonstrate that liquid carryover from the process plant is not possible, or that its potential effects can be accommodated by the plant. 5 If carryover is not possible then simpler drainage arrangements may be acceptable. In these circumstances the following principles should be adhered to: (1) drainage pots and lines should be designed so that the chances of blockage are minimised. Large diameter lines (200mm diameter or over) and lines connected to the side of sumps might be appropriate; (2) an easily operated and effective means of checking that drain lines are free should be provided. Bleed valves are a simple way of achieving this, although it is important to be aware that small bore bleed valves can become blocked. It may be possible to fit a second valve plus a pressure gauge, together if necessary with an inert gas supply to the inter valve space, so as to be able to test the line for freedom from blockage; and (3) inspection of drain lines should be routinely undertaken and the results formally recorded. 7 The design codes state that it is not necessary to assume the simultaneous occurrence of 2 or more unrelated events. Additionally it may have been assumed in the design that only one relief valve would lift, but the dynamics of process upset may be such that 2 relief valves lift in close succession. The interpretation of "unrelated" needs careful consideration. A "relation" may not, for instance, be due to the process characteristics or to a common utility failure, but may instead be caused by operator overload when the plant is in a very upset condition. Action by inspectors 8 Flare systems are provided as a last line of defence against a major accident. Adequate design and maintenance, particularly where low points exist, is an important topic which it may be appropriate for inspectors to select for inspection. 9 Prevention of liquid accumulation is central to safe operation. The following should be regarded as matters of serious concern: (1) The lack of knock out pots without detailed justification; (2) The presence of small bore drains. In particular those less than 75mm diameter should be regarded as suspect. (3) The lack of regular formal checks on drainage arrangements. 10 It is vital that no gross liquid slugs enter flarelines. Managers should be able to demonstrate that credible near simultaneous vapour/liquid releases have been assessed. 11 It is important that the knock out pot facilities are designed, instrumented, and operated so that they can never become full of liquid if there is a possibility of vapour flow occurring which might scoop up slugs of liquid. Plant instructions should prohibit start up unless the full knock out pot capacity is available. 12 Managers of sites with flarelines should be asked to take account of these factors when carrying out risk assessments and deciding on the appropriateness of their control measures. 13 FCG assistance may be required particularly where knock out pots are not provided. The Chemical Manufacturing NIG, Area 17, should be informed of any problems Inspectors come across when pursuing such issues. 26 November 1993APPENDIX 1: Incidents (para 1) 1 Sections of flarelines at refineries have been partially or fully displaced from their mountings. Incidents of this type have the potential to result in major accidents. These occurred: 308308 161 Nike Air Jordan 2 Iiretro White Varsity Red Black "But does it run Minecraft?" Yes it's the tamer version of the age old Crysis question, but it's an important one given Minecraft's amazing success. While mobile gamers have access to Minecraft: Pocket Edition, those who own DIY Raspberry Pi boards have been out of luck. But, thanks to the hard work by the developers at Mojang, that initial question above can soon be answered with a resounding "Yes!". It's important to note the "official" distinction here. This isn't the result of someone just fooling around with the RPi who manages to get Minecraft to run in some sub par way. Rather, it's ported over by the guys who know how to pull it off successfully. The RPi is hardly a powerhouse, but when software is specifically tuned for it, any lacking performance doesn't have to shine through. Dubbed the "Minecraft Pi Edition", this version will carry a revised feature set, although it hasn't been mentioned at this point what that actually entails. The mobile version of the game is often lagging behind the full desktop version features wise, so it could be that the "Pi Edition" will follow in those footsteps while also shaving back a little bit of what has to be in order for it to run smoothly on the RPi. Draw distances are likely to be one major feature impacted. Perhaps the best part about all this is that Minecraft Pi Edition will be free so you don't need to feel like you're getting ripped off if you already own the other versions. Could Minecraft now become the RPi's killer app? I kind of confused, and I may be incorrect. However, wasn the Raspberry Pi original use to be a very portable computer, mostly for students to carry around, and use as their portable computer for typing up projects? At my school we have a giant bandwidth problem to the point Google wont load. And why? Because all of the kids in middle school are playing minecraft online with each other, when they are on break, or instead of doing their work! Now I know I shouldn bring all of this onto Raspberry Pi, but it just seems kind of ironic that this new piece of technology, bringing the ability for students like me to get our work done on the go, is bringing in support for the very game and reason, that I cannot complete my projects at school.

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