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It's the day of your wedding, and the tips and advice you received from your mother, friends, and loved ones have paid off and you look and feel beautiful. Time has been spent arranging your hair just so, making up your face perfectly, and getting you ready for your big day. Many times, however, brides just consider the big picture and often forget how uncomfortable they may be during the ceremony or reception in a hot, heavy dress with four inch heels. It's a bad scenario, but it happens. To keep you up, dancing, and mingling with your guests, here are a few of the most essential bride must haves for your wedding day. With a little forethought and a carefully packed cocktail bag, you can be prepared for whatever the day has in store with these wedding tips! 1. Comfortable shoes: One of the most essential bride must haves is comfortable shoes. Imagine having to dance and walk around in those four inch heels for a few hours. Sounds painful, doesn't it? Not buying comfortable shoes is the reason that many brides switch to flip flops during the reception. Though a quick wardrobe change is one option, consider testing out the shoes you buy well in advance. One of the more routine wedding tips that experts suggest is to walk around your home to break the shoes in and ensure you don't get any annoying blisters in the process. After all, squinting and wincing in your pictures will not be pretty. And if you're insistent on those pretty, but painful four inch heels, bring along another pair of more comfortable shoes for the after party some simple flats will do the trick! 2. Breathable gown: Much like your shoes, one of the best bride must haves is a wedding dress that moves with you. A constricting dress will make you cringe as much as those shoes do, and tugging and jerking the fabric will damage it, not to mention alert everyone to the fact that you're extremely uncomfortable. Try your dress on beforehand. When trying it on at the shop, if it feels too tight, then your wedding day will be no different. Move around and get a feel for the dress to ensure that you are at ease on your big day. 3. Waterproof mascara: Oh, there will be lots of tears shed by you, your mother, your close friends, and family. But, you'll be heartbroken when you see your mascara making bee lines all over your face. One of my favorite wedding tips is to wear waterproof mascara to combat the 'raccoon look.' Wearing waterproof mascara on your wedding day will keep your makeup looking fresh, and you'll rest assured that you have no smudges to worry about. 4. Long lasting lipstick: From eating to kissing, your lipstick has many opportunities to fade or smear away. Before deciding on one brand or color, try it out for awhile. Wear it while doing all the things you normally do to see if it has the possibility of fading, smudging, or smearing. And make sure you pack the tube of lipstick in your 'bride must haves' bag! 5. Durable antiperspirant: Whether your dress is sleeveless or not, antiperspirant that stands the test of time is an absolute necessity. You want to stay clean, fresh, and sweet smelling throughout the ceremony and reception, and one of the many wedding tips that experts suggest is to use long lasting antiperspirant. The only way to guarantee this, of course, is with durable and/or prescription strength deodorant/antiperspirant. This extra layer of protection will give you more confidence in whatever you're doing. 6. Small compact mirror: Throughout the ceremony and reception, you'll be relieved that you had your little compact mirror on hand. Tucked away in a small cocktail purse with your other bride must haves, it's just a little bit of added confidence. You can quickly check for makeup smudges and reapply as needed or see if any food particles have become lodged in visible places. 7. Aspirin or Ibuprofen: Headaches happen. And so do aching limbs usually at the most inopportune times. And as far as valuable wedding tips go, be prepared by adding a little tube of aspirin or ibuprofen to your 'bride must haves' cocktail purse. Even if you don't need it, someone else just might. 8. Stain removal pen: You can find these handy, little pens everywhere. Plus, they're small enough to be tucked into your cocktail purse filled with your other 'bride must haves.' Just make sure to spot test the pen on a discreet part of your dress before applying it anywhere during the actual event. Some contain bleach, which may harm the fabric. For quick removal of a tiny, but noticeable stain, however, these pens are a god send. 9. Hairbrush/comb: Tame those frizzies and stay beautiful throughout the day. Another of my favorite wedding tips is to purchase a fold up brush, which is ideal for a small purse with precious space. A quick dab of lipstick and one or two brushes through your hair will have you ready to meet and greet with guests. 10. Emery board: There is nothing more annoying than a jagged nail. Keep your freshly manicured fingers looking lovely by taking a quick swipe of the emery board (or nail file) across it should one break or chip. More Than Just Wedding Tips Valuable Advice These ten bride must haves and wedding tips will ensure that you are prepared for your big day. Weather the day effortlessly by testing out your wardrobe, makeup, and hair in advance as well as by packing a little cocktail purse with some of the essential bride must haves listed above, like that tube of lipstick, compact mirror, aspirin, stain removal pen, comb, and emery board. Even if you don't need them, you'll be glad you had them. Think of these bride must haves and wedding tips as a little helpful layer of extra protection. Cherie Johnson is the founder and owner of Creative Wedding Favors, a one stop shop for a large selection of baby and bridal shower, graduation, quinceaera, anniversary, and wedding favors. Cherie's articles have been published on numerous websites including Blissfully Domestic, Dress Up Your Wedding, and Wedding Museum. Since starting the company in 2006, Cherie has helped countless couples and families make their big events a success. Prior to Creative Wedding Favors, she worked as a professional wedding photographer, capturing the most special moments of the bride and groom's big day. Cherie Johnson is the founder and owner of Creative Wedding Favors, a one stop shop for personalized, unique baby and bridal shower, graduation, quincea anniversary, and wedding favors, helping countless couples and families make their big events a success. Before she launched the company in 2006, Cherie worked as a professional wedding photographer, capturing the most special moments of the bride and groom's big day. Black Toe 1s ,Air Jordan 13 Reflective Silver Air Jordan 10 Retro White Old Royal Stealth Air Jordan 4 Retro Military Blue Fire Red 5s Air Jordan 2 Dark Concord Columbia 4s Air Jordan 6 Championship Cigar Air Jordan 3 Infrared 23 Air Jordan 5 Grape 2013 In a brand new interview with Examiner's Jennifer Waite on Nov. 9, RHOBH star Adrienne Maloof shared her thoughts on the new season, drama with co star Lisa Vanderpump and her own exciting business ventures. We also discussed Adrienne's relationships with co stars Taylor Armstrong, Brandi Glanville and RHOBH newcomer, Yolanda Foster, and we asked Adrienne to share her best advice for working mothers. Find all that and more in our Q A series with Adrienne; check out Part 1 below and stay tuned for two additional segments in the very near future! In fact, our time with Ms. Maloof started a bit late due to the unending duties of motherhood; one of her little boys was sick with a tummy bug and she had been up with him all night. Adrienne Maloof, RHOBH: Nice to speak with you! I'm so sorry about earlier, I have a sick son who's been throwing up. Jennifer Waite: The poor thing! No worries at all. I hope he feels better soon. So, let's start with some of your many, many projects. You've been working on Zing vodka, the OMG iPhone cases, your shoes, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 and now an upcoming line of handbags. (Whew!) Tell us a little about the bags. Adrienne Maloof: They're amazing. I say that because it's a line that's affordable luxury. The quality is incredible and of course, being in the shoe business, its a natural fit to go into handbags. You will be seeing them in Spring 2013, exclusively in the Belk stores and then other retailers soon after. JW: What materials and price point can shoppers expect? AM: The price point will be around $120; affordable luxury. Some will be leather, some will be pleather. The embellishments will be [an expression] of my love [for this collection]. I literally went through all of my handbags and met with the design team and told them, "This is what I love about this one, this is what I want on that one" and so on. It really is a labor of love and I'm proud of it. JW: Tell us about the new Adrienne Maloof shoe line. How is it different from previous shoes you've put out, and what is your personal favorite shoe in the line? AM: Well, this new line of shoes is a holiday resort collection based again on affordable luxury. It isn't a collaboration with Charles Jourdan, it's my own line. I designed a very classic silhouette pump [called the Yelena pump]. It's in animal print and that's probably my favorite, but it also comes in nude and black. Check out Adrienne's favorite shoe from her line here at Belk's online store. Stay tuned for more Q with Adrienne Maloof of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 soon, and catch the next episode of the show on Bravo Mon., Nov. 12. Charlie Sheen open to being in 'Two And A Half Men' finaleThe hit series 'Two And A Half Men' is drawing to a close, and fans have been clammering for the return of Charlie Sheen. While many fans would be delighted to see him appear in the finale, there. Black Toe 1s,Action, or better yet, Action, is critical for a successful life. We know that sometimes we just need to get off our butts. Dr. Phil on his TV show says that REWARDS ACTION. That actually one of his life rules. Tony Robbins frequently says that we should MASSIVE ACTION. of my favorite quotes comes from Will Rogers, who used to say, if you on the right track, you get run over if you just sit there THE BIG CHALLENGE and a small BUT BUT, there a big challenge with Action, and probably with all of the steps to success. Everybody knows you have to take action to get things done. That no secret. So we all know it, but most of us don do it. We all know that we have to exercise regularly to stay in shape, but most of us don do it. I want to share with you an unbelievable number. Federal statistics say about 60 percent of American adults are not regularly active, and about 25 percent are totally inactive. They don do anything at all. Think about it. We all know that if we read more, we learn more, but we don do it. We know that we need to take action, but we not doing it. Why not? There are a few reasons. Think about which ones are stopping you. Sometimes, it easier to sit and turn on the TV. If we are in the habit of doing nothing, we keep doing nothing. Many people are of the mindset that they already tried to take action before and it didn work. Why should I do it now? So, we all know that we need to take action. What stopping you? Fear, laziness, complacency, bad habits or despair? Now, I am going to ask you to take a minute to write down what stopping you from taking action. You can write it down on a piece of paper or comment at the bottom of this article. Take a moment to write them down and read them. (HINT: That's where the magic power comes from. If you write it and read it, you can begin to overcome your obstacle. Awareness is the first step.) HOW TO OVERCOME YOUR FEARS Fear seems like a very legitimate reason to stop action. Many people have all sorts of fears, and many times these fears stop us in out tracks. Almost all of us have fears, and some are rational fears, such as going into a high crime rate neighborhood late at night by yourself. That a fairly rational fear. You should be afraid to do that. And some aren quite as rational. We know which ones these are. There is a simple process that you can follow that often helps dealing with fear. When fear is stopping your action, take a cognitive approach. START BY ASKING YOURSELF QUESTIONS QUESTION 1: What is the worst possible outcome of your action, in this situation? What do you really fear? Maybe you lose your job, or lose the woman or man of your dreams. Maybe the presentation won go well, or maybe you afraid that you will just look bad. Take a hard look at your fear. Is it justified? It is rational? Can you live with the outcome? QUESTION 2: Ask yourself what you can achieve by taking this action. What are the benefits? What is the best possible outcome?

Website To Authentic Black Toe 1s,Squadron Blue 13s Open begins today in the noisy New York City borough of Queens. One of the best stories is going to be in women's singles, where 20 year old Californian Lindsay Davenport has a good shot at being the first native born American to win since Chris Evert 14 years ago. In fact, I'm picking her to do just that. Steffi Graf and Monica Seles are the first and second seeds not only officially but in most observers' minds. Davenport has those two looking over their shoulders and has made the press take notice, but her victory over Arantxa Sanchez Vicario in the Olympic final, and her straight set win over Graf at Manhattan Beach, haven't convinced the seers. For example, Charles Bricker of the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel wrote of Graf and Seles but threw in, But lurking behind them is slimmed down, quicker moving Lindsay Davenport. . . .'' Lurk as in lie furtively in wait? Davenport, officially listed as 6 foot 2, is far too big to lurk. Loom, maybe. Lurk, nah. Darryl Richards of the Dallas Morning News likes Davenport, too, but not enough to pick her over Graf, who has won her last five Grand Slam tournaments, and has moved into second place on the all time list with 20 career Grand Slam titles.'' No, Davenport has never won a Grand Slam singles title. But anybody who saw her handle Graf in Manhattan Beach has to believe she will win one and soon. Graf was not at her best in that semifinal. But even if she had been, Davenport would have given her a fine match as she had at Indian Wells earlier in the year or beaten her anyway. The national TV audience, the planes flying overhead frequently, the rowdy New York fans Davenport should be able to handle such distractions. She has played and won in the doubles finals at the French Open. She has represented her country in the Olympics. She has been a pro since she was 16. And she has gorgeous, deep, hard ground strokes. And a much improved net game. And a good coach in Robert Van't Hof. The young woman is ready. Her first Grand Slam singles victory might as well be on that big Sunday, Sept.8. Davenport has been practicing for a week in the East, where she told Robin Finn of the New York Times: I don't know if I'm going to win the Open, but I know I've got a whole new different feeling going into it. What was OK at 17 is not OK now. I won't just be happy to be there.'' She's looming, Steffi and Monica. Watch out. A large Davenport: The imposing Davenport is listed in the WTA media guide as being 6 foot 2. I am 6 2. After the Acura Classic doubles final in Manhattan Beach last week, I happened to walk by Davenport in the passageway behind the Manhattan Country Club. She wore tennis shoes, I wore tennis shoes. She towered over me. I think she must be more like a tough to lob over, tough to pass 6 4. Brotherhood: Leach Leach is a familiar name in the USTA record book. USC men's coach Dick Leach has won a number of national father son tournaments with either son Rick or son Jonathan. Open will be the brothers playing together. Rick had planned to play with Javier Frana, but Frana has a bad shoulder and prefers to be concentrating on singles for this fortnight. So Rick tapped his younger brother. They're a pretty good fit. For one year they were a doubles team for Boise in Team Tennis. Rick is left handed and likes to play the deuce court, Jonathan is right handed and plays the ad court. Jonathan brings fire, Rick brings experience (five Grand Slam doubles or mixed doubles titles, two NCAA doubles titles). And, says their father, Jonathan listens to Rick.'' Add brotherhood: Sometimes in sports, being colorful is more important than being excellent. The Jensen brothers, Luke and Murphy (who also played at USC), won the French Open in 1993, but they're far from another John Newcombe Tony Roche or Peter Fleming John McEnroe. They're a little rock and roll zany in their garb and actions. And Luke has earned the nickname Dual Hand Luke'' because he's ambidextrous. Black Toe 1s Kneel on a mat and walk your hands out until they are directly underneath your shoulders. Rise up onto your toes and hands while keeping your body straight in a plank position. Hold for 30 seconds, breathing normally (do not hold your breath).Sit on a mat with your hands on either side of and slightly behind your rear end. Exhale while pushing your body up on your hands so that your buttocks are a few inches above the floor. Exhale while raising your arms straight out and up and lifting your shoulders and ankles off the ground. You will feel your lower back and hip muscles flexing. Inhale as you lower your arms and feet back to the starting position.Basic Dumbbell CurlsStand with your feet shoulder width apart and hold a dumbbell in each hand at waist level, with your palms facing forward. Exhale and curl the weight upward, keeping your elbows close to your side. Inhale as you return your arms to the starting position.Seated Dumbbell Lateral RaisesSit in a chair with your feet firmly on the floor. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, just above your thighs. (Not sure what weight to use? Read our guide to choosing the right weight for you.) Exhale while bringing your elbows up and out to the sides, keeping the weights level with your elbows throughout the motion. Inhale as you lower your arms back to the starting position.Balancing on one leg, inhale and slowly bend at the knee and hip, carefully reaching across your body to touch the floor or your standing foot. Return to the starting position, exhaling as you go.Front Leg CrossesStand with both feet together. Slowly and carefully, balance on one leg and bring the other leg out to the side. Cross the outside leg in front of your planted leg, exhaling as you go. Repeat with the opposite leg.Stability Ball RollsLie on your back with your arms at your sides for stability. Place your heels on the top of the stability ball and press into the ball with your feet. Slowly pull the ball toward your buttocks, exhaling as you go. Inhale as you return to the starting position.Side Abs StretchStand with feet shoulder width apart or slightly wider. Lift your arms overhead and clasp your hands together. Gently lean to the side until you feel a slight pull in the oblique (side abdominals) muscles. Hold the stretch for 10 to 15 seconds each side, breathing normally.Medicine Ball CrunchesLie back on a mat with your knees bent. Hold a medicine ball above your chest with both hands. As you extend your arms straight up over your head and chest, crunch forward by pushing your lower back into the mat and squeezing your abdominal muscles, exhaling as you go; your shoulders should lift off the mat while you push the medicine ball straight up. Inhale as you return to the starting position.Knee PullsLie on your back on a mat and raise your knees toward your chest. Grasp your knees with your hands and gently pull them toward your chest. Clasp hands together, drop your chin toward your chest and push arms as far out as possible, forming a C curve with your upper back. You should feel the stretch in the middle of your upper back, near your shoulder blades. Grasp the elbow with your opposite hand and gently pull your arm towards your chest. Hold the stretch for 10 to 15 seconds, breathing normally. Repeat on the other side.Cardiovascular Goal: 90 to 105 min.This week, aim for 90 to 105 minutes total of aerobic activity; each session should last 30 to 35 minutes and should safely elevate your heart rate. (Read more about ).

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