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Students build skateboards, design original graphics and work with local artists and businesses that help them market and display their work. Previously unproductive students leave with brimming portfolios, connections and an understanding of how small enterprise works. Founding teacher Craig Morrison grew the concept from a single class with a street art focus, part of the Oasis Alternative Secondary School, to a full program that can earn students compulsory and elective high school credits over one or two semesters. began working on a project with kids building skateboards and quickly saw how successful it was, and how interested the kids were. Skateboarding was not just a vehicle to physically get kids to school, but a vehicle to get them engaged in something, Morrison says. realized there was an economy around this too. I started linking the business of building skateboards to the design element and talking about entrepreneurship. So then I had all these kids who were never hooked into school before and now they were. And we started to link all the curriculum through this cool thing the skateboard. Two teachers oversee the youngsters, who find their way there through counsellors, information sessions, or by word of mouth. The program is currently running at capacity though, and has just submitted an expansion proposal to the school board seeking a new space a working shop front and art gallery with a classroom at the back and room for even more students. Initially it attracted dudes and was all male. But now half of the students are female, thanks to the work of teacher Lauren Hortie. Since Hortie came on board, it been possible to expand and allow kids to rack up all of the all important credits needed to go on to post secondary education. would come to us and be hugely successful. Then they leave to finish in regular school and bomb out. We are skewing older now and act as a bridge between school and college, and the real world. so there no time for kids to lose interest. We keep things moving along, it a really full engaging day. Depending on what going on, students could be working on client projects, making their own personal boards or getting a talk from a small business owner. Obviously, given the nature of the school, kids are often dealing with problems, but Hortie feels the environment allows them to their problems at the door. The kids feel a sense of accomplishment. Of course there is always some spillover, but we have supports too a counsellor and social worker who can help. Students of the OSF have gone on to animation school, comic art design, OCAD or to small business programs. Of course, the expectation is not that 26 students will start 26 skateboard brands, that unrealistic, says Hortie, but they do a lot more work than they would at mainstream school. they learn life skills like turning up on time, being accountable, advocating for themselves, talking to adults, pitching ideas. really like to expand to be a storefront business. It will be a challenge for us, the board is closing schools downtown so to convince them to pay to rent a place will be difficult. Indeed, a big part of the program success relies on collaborations with generous community backers who come on board for individual projects. For example, world renowned artist Kevin Lyons, who has worked with brands like Nike, Converse and Stussy has, with the help of students, made a pair of hand painted skateboard decks to sell on behalf of the OSF. The school has also just signed its first formal partnership with international marketing agency Anomaly. This union includes a mentorship for each student, as well as a learning series aimed to help the students develop entrepreneurial and brand building skills. Anomaly also commissioned the students to create an original art installation for its offices on Spadina Ave. For teens, the process pulls back the veil on business and lets them see how things work, from a small skate shop right up to a corporate giant. Some students even go on to take co op courses with collaborators. Julieta, who hopes to take a business course at George Brown College, worked with customized apparel brand Sugar Bomb on her placement. She helped design shirts and get orders ready for shipping. was such a great experience. I got to see all this cool stuff, things I want to do in the future with my brand..

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Again, I've never heard of this happening, but I would imagine with all the loosy goosy ligaments and suddenly adding extra 5 7lb of weight to every step you take might wear your hip joint out a little. I could be way wrong. It's just in my brain. But, mixing it up would be good. Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Fluorescent Green ,Air Jordan 6 Rings Carbon Fiber Air Jordan 5Lab3 Black Air Jordan 12 Low Black Patent Black Varsity Red Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Premium Laser Crimson Air Jordan 6 Olympic Gold Medal Pack Air Jordan 12 Low Black Patent Black Varsity Red Air Jordan 5 3Lab5 646701 700 Kobe 9 EM Air Jordan 14 Retro White Sport Red Black 1. Cream separated for face, neck and cleavageCream, that you are using her for face, he works just so efficiently on neck and cleavage. If you consider thus good cream face, that he moistens skin of face well and he is protecting her from too early ageing, use her peacefully also on neck and cleavage. 2. 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"The Blue Chip lacrosse experience is definitely one of the best high school lacrosse experiences there is," Runkle said. "Everyone at the camp was a great player and knew the game very well. To perform at a high level with some the top competition in the country is just amazing." Runkle said he's done with fall lacrosse, but plans to attend another Blue Chip camp in June after the high school season ends. In the meantime, he's already gaining attention from big time programs and is scheduled to take visits to Princeton and North Carolina in December. "I've gotten interest from a few D I schools," Runkle said. "Princeton and North Carolina are probably the schools that I like most right now out of the schools that I have had contact with." Eppard echoed Runkle's thoughts on the Blue Chip camp. "I was honored to have the opportunity to go to such a prestigious lacrosse event with such high competition," he said. "Going into the event I was worried the night before about how high the competition would be and if I would be able to compete with them. But I didn't get scored on and really just tried to showcase everything I capable of. It was very rewarding to have a good amount of take away checks and being able to clear the ball well." Eppard is back in action after a knee injury kept him out of sports for six months and saw three senior teammates at STAB Branford Rogers (Rutgers), Ian Robertson (Delaware) and Charles Sipe (Hobart) sign with D I programs on Nov. 9. There's a good chance Eppard will join the Saints' long line of Division I signees next year with Towson, Brown, Dartmouth, Syracuse, Ohio State, Villanova and High Point among the programs he's heard from. "I have always been a huge UVa fan growing up," Eppard said. "However, out of the schools I heard from I would be more than happy to attend any of them. I would just like to play lacrosse at the highest opportunity given to me." 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