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Nike basketball shoes come in many colors, sizes, and styles. Made from a variety of materials, many have special designs tailored to any of the certain particulars of the playing. It is possible to buy basketball shoes with the swoosh at stores everywhere. Official Nike stores are found in big cities and are obvious places to buy these shoes. However, popular shoe stores, whether online or at the local mall, are also prime places to buy Nike shoes for your basketball game. Nike creates, designs, and sells shoes that are specific to NBA players. These usually include stars, superstars, and those considered among the elite in the game. Players such as Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James are examples of megastars with their own shoe. For example, in 2011, the sportswear maker will sell the sixth version of Zoom Kobe Bryant, the eighth edition of the Air Max LeBron James, and the third incarnation of Zoom Kevin Durant. As in the past, each of these lines is expected to be released starting in late 2010 and continuing throughout 2011 in a variety of colors and patterns. The most popular shoes, however, continues to be the Air Jordan, regardless of how many years Michael Jordan has been retired. In 2010, the 25th Air Jordan was released, keeping alive the tradition that started with the first Jordan shoe. A 26th Air Jordan incarnation is expected to release in 2011. It all started during the 1984 85 season in the NBA. It was then that basketball kicks began its rise to iconic status. Until that season, white shoes were the norm and Nike was not the dominant entity it is today because adidas and Converse were just as popular, perhaps even more. The original Air Jordan sneaker exploded on the scene and the industry never looked back. The Jordan came in several colorways, one of which had very little white in its scheme. Mostly red and black, the NBA fined Jordan each time he donned them. 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You need to use level A protective clothing when you need the greatest level of skin, respiratory and eye protection against hazardous substances; there is a measured high concentration of atmospheric vapors, gases or particulates in the air; or when there is potential exposure to unexpected vapors, gasses or particulates. Level A protection is also necessary if highly hazardous substances can possibly be in contact with the skin or the operation is done in a confined and poorly ventilated area where the hazards of the substance are not known. Level A protective clothing includes a chemical protective suit, coveralls, long underwear, gloves with outer chemical resistance, gloves with inner chemical resistance, chemical resistant boots with steel toe and shank, hard hat and disposable protective suit, gloves and boots worn over the chemical protective suit. 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Buy Online Stylish Trendy Air Jordan 10 Doernbecher,Air Jordan 5 Laney The large scale project CLIMAITE, led by Ris DTU, has published its first synthesis paper in the renowned journal Global Change Biology, and the conclusion is perhaps a little surprising that the predicted increase in plant growth, due to more CO2 in the atmosphere is noticeably limited when combined with higher temperatures and especially summer droughts. In contrast to the increased growth in plants that scientists have often seen in studies with elevated CO2, the first synthesis paper on the comprehensive CLIMAITE project shows that the combination of summer drought and potential plant growth promoting factors such as higher temperatures and increased CO2 together limit the effect of CO2 increased plant growth significantly. "When you've previously seen a significantly higher plant growth at elevated CO2 concentrations, it is typically because it has been controlled studies, where only the CO2 concentration was changed. CLIMAITE is a Danish research center that investigates how climate change, as they probably appear in 2075, affects biological processes and ecosystems in nature. Data from the first two years are underlying the scientific paper, and results clearly indicate that we will not get the predicted increase in plant growth in our latitudes in the future. Out in the wild The core of CLIMAITE's activities is a common field scale experiment, in contrast to many other experiments conducted in laboratories under controlled conditions. Climate manipulations are still conducted with both CO2, temperature and rainfall by for example using CO2 jets and curtains that keep the rain away. "We have set up the experiment, so that there are plots that are exposed to either increased CO2, heat or summer drought alone, and plots that are exposed to all possible combinations of these three climate variables. In this way we can see how the ecosystem is affected by each climate variable, and what happens in the combinations, "explains Klaus Steenberg Larsen. The world's largest set up The research area is located in the military training area near Jgerspris. Here CLIMAITE has built a facility where they can make experiments at field scale with elevated CO2 using the Free Air Carbon Enrichment (FACE) technique. The elevated temperature in the ground at approx. 1 degree is achieved by passive nighttime warming and altered rainfall or drought are obtained by means of roller blinds in periods of 4 6 weeks over the summer. In total this gives 8 different set ups in the total 48 plots. And thus CLIMAITE is one of the largest facilities of its kind. "We measure things such as nitrogen in precipitation, plants, soil fauna, microbes and soil water. Nitrogen is often a limiting factor for plant growth, and absolutely essential for how ecosystems respond to climate change, "says Klaus Steenberg Larsen, and continues: "The results in the paper cover the years 2006 2007, and the experiment will run until 2014. But it takes time to gather the results from the 20 30 people who interpret and analyze the results from the many types of equipment that are set up. However, we can clearly see that especially the drying of the soil has a significant negative effect on nitrogen production and thus on the possible plant growth even in those areas that are exposed to increased CO2 and warming." Results from field trials as these are important for future policy decisions and actions to be taken to counteract or directly prevent climate change in the future. And the first step would be to have this knowledge built into global climate models. In this case, for example, on interactions between the different climate variables that is the result of the CLIMAITE experiment. Air Jordan 10 Doernbecher (AP) Tennessee came to Tobacco Road and turned it into "Raleigh Top." Jarnell Stokes had 17 points and a career high tying 18 rebounds, and the Volunteers denied Mercer a second straight upset in the NCAA tournament by routing the Bears 83 63 on Sunday night. Josh Richardson had a career high 26 points and Antonio Barton had 18 for the 11th seeded Vols (24 12), who outrebounded Mercer 41 19 and kept the Southeastern Conference perfect in the tournament. They joined Florida and Kentucky in the round of 16 the first time three SEC teams made it that far since 2007. Tennessee will face second seeded Michigan (27 8) in a Midwest Regional semifinal Friday night in Indianapolis. Stokes broke his 2 day old school tournament record for rebounds. Langston Hall had 15 points to lead the 14th seeded Bears (27 9). They knocked off Duke in the signature upset of the tournament but couldn answer Tennessee size. CLICK ON THE WIDGET ABOVE TO SEE THE LATEST VIDEOS AND PHOTOS FROM RALEIGH! Mercer trailed by double figures for the entire second half before the Bears threatened to give themselves yet another fantastic finish. They had the ball down 12 with about 2 1/2 minutes left when Jakob Gollon one of the heroes of the Duke upset two days earlier threw the ball away in the lane, then fouled out a few seconds later. Jordan McRae hit two free throws, and Richardson added a fast break layup to push the Tennessee lead to 77 61 with 1 1/2 minutes left. McRae finished with 13 points for the Volunteers, who have won eight of nine with the only loss coming to the top ranked Gators in the SEC tournament. They are in the round of 16 for the fourth time in eight years, and the third team to go from the First Four to the Sweet 16 since the introduction of the extra round in 2011. They also got a bit of payback: Mercer ended Tennessee season last year with a 75 67 win in the first round of the NIT. Congratulate the Mercer Bears on their run on the FOX 5 Atlanta Facebook page Ike Nwamu scored 12 points, Anthony White Jr. had 11 and Daniel Coursey added 10 for Mercer, the plucky Atlantic Sun Conference school trying to match Florida Gulf Coast run last year to the regional semifinals. The Bears drew a perfect matchup for their first game and couldn have had a worse one for their second. They were bigger, more experienced and more precise than a Duke team loaded with high school All Americans and a leaky defense, carving them up down the stretch in a 78 71 victory that ranks among the top upsets in the history of the tournament. Mercer starts five seniors and has seven on the roster but the Bears were down one with 6 foot 11 Monty Brown out with a possible concussion. Even with him, a Tennessee team with Stokes who set the school short lived NCAA tournament record with 14 rebounds in an 86 67 rout of Massachusetts was going to be a challenge. Without him, it was nearly impossible. GOT PHOTOS OR VIDEOS TO SHARE WITH US? JUST CLICK THE GREEN MEDIA BUTTON ON THE WIDGET TO GET STARTED! Tennessee never trailed and held a 24 4 rebounding advantage in the first half. Richardson scored 10 straight points midway for the Volunteers to turn a tight game into a double figure lead. His 3 from the right wing made it 29 18 with 6 1/2 minutes left. Meanwhile, Stokes and Maymon effectively turned Mercer into a jump shooting team: The Bears managed just one offensive rebound in the first half and didn attempt their first free throw until there was just 8:40 left. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Playoff contending Braves best Strasburg, Nats 6 2Playoff contending Braves best Strasburg, Nats 6 2 Aaron Harang outdueled Stephen Strasburg, Justin Upton drove in three runs and the Atlanta Braves avoided a series sweep in Washington with a 6 2 win over the Nationals on Wednesday. Aaron Harang outdueled Stephen Strasburg, Justin Upton drove in three runs and the Atlanta Braves avoided a series sweep in Washington with a 6 2 win over the Nationals on Wednesday.

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