Save You Up To 49 646701 001 Kobe 9 EM Sale Online Orders Form Our Store. Air Jordan 6 Rings Venom Green Save You Up To 49% 646701 001 Kobe 9 EM Lower Price,Panic Buying,Free Shipping A dip in the municipal pool and town run summer camps for the kids are costing local residents more this summer as governments raise fees, eliminate discounts and add penalties for late sign ups. Residents who want the best deals must read the fine print in their recreation brochures, but will still face hikes from $10 to more than $100. The town of Eastchester, for example, raised the cost of its day camp for grade schoolers by $25 if parents enrolled them by April 1. That's a month and a half earlier than last year, when the only deadline was in mid May. Another penalty was added June 1, so parents who waited until the end of school will pay $925 $130 more than those who signed up in March. "We got a lot of people to register early," said Sally Veltidi, the town's recreation director. "It gave us a better indication of how many people to hire, how many tickets to buy for trips and how many buses we'd need to transport campers to the pool." The increases in Eastchester, as in most towns, follow a five year trend of rising recreational costs as municipalities try to fund popular programs despite an ailing economy that has squeezed their budgets. Jo Anne Pedersen, superintendent of recreation and parks in Clarkstown, said she was asked to cut $300,000 from her $6.5 million budget for 2012, a challenge when she tries to provide yearly raises to attract reliable camp and pool staff. Two years ago, she was not able to give returning staff the usual 50 cents an hour raise, a perk she plans for this year. "For us to give raises to counselors and life guards costs between $30,000 and $35,000. That's a big chunk," Pedersen said. The cost of camp in Clarkstown has risen $100 between 2009 and this summer while pool fees have risen about $30 in that time. Lizette Donato, 52, a resident of Valley Cottage, called the pool fee increases "ridiculous," while Suzanne Iovino, 36, of New City, deemed them "fair." That mixed view was echoed across the Lower Hudson Valley as residents expressed admiration for their own towns' recreational offerings while wishing the costs could be kept flat. "I always wish it were cheaper, but it's a nice facility, and it seems very well run," said Kerry Stella of Eastchester, at the Lake Isle County Club on June 20 to cool off from the scorching heat. While watching her daughters Chloe, 19 months, and Olivia, 4, frolic in the kiddie pool, she added, "It is expensive, so we cut it down to what we use the most, and that's the pool." Lake Isle, a golf, tennis and pool complex owned by Eastchester, has an a la carte pricing arrangement as well as a comprehensive package. The pool, the most popular offering, costs $640 for residents who sign up in April. After that, it's $690. The cost is just $15 higher than five years ago, made possible by an influx of members from outside Eastchester who pay steeper fees, said George Papademetriou, Lake Isle's manager. Nonresident pool memberships, popular with folks from Scarsdale, White Plains, New Rochelle and Yonkers, cost $1,920 this year, compared to $1,685 in 2008. "The more members come in, the more revenue we generate," Papademetriou said. The town of Lewisboro has also gained revenue by opening its pool to neighboring towns without swimming facilities, including Somers and North Salem. "These towns look to Lewisboro to provide cooling off recreation," said Lewisboro Councilman Peter DeLucia. This year, Lewisboro sold 150 nonresident pool passes at $1,000 per family, more than double the $425 to $475 paid by town residents. That number is up from 25 nonresident memberships just a few years ago. "It's been a great opportunity for neighboring towns and great for revenues," DeLucia said. Free swimming over Memorial Day weekend, an annual tradition, was truncated to the Saturday before the holiday this year. That warm Memorial Day Monday brought in $1,800. "The Town Board said 'opening day free' is generous enough. We didn't want to take that away, but the whole weekend was pushing the envelope," DeLucia said. Meanwhile, Lewisboro has added some perks in response to user feedback, including an attendant to service the bathrooms, a task that had fallen to lifeguards. "Sometimes you have to invest a little more to get more out of it," DeLucia said. Cross River residents Lynne and Robert Tagliapietra, both in their 60s, aren't happy with the hikes in Lewisboro's pool fees for senior citizens, which have risen from $10 to $50 in five years..

Pretoria, South Africa (CNN) South African sports icon Oscar Pistorius broke into tears Friday when a judge officially charged him with killing his girlfriend on Valentine Day. A grim faced Pistorius, dressed in a dark suit, shook uncontrollably with his head buried in his hands during the hearing at a packed courtroom in Pretoria. She did not clarify what the neighbors heard. The track star was arrested the same day. There was no evidence of forced entry at the home, she said. Police gave no motive for the fatal shooting, but said there had been previous of a domestic nature at his house. They did not provide details. A pistol was recovered at the scene, police said. South Africa has a high crime rate, and many homeowners keep weapons to ward off intruders. are 1.5 million gun owners about 3.5 million guns in civilians hands, said Alan Storey, chairman of Gun Free South Africa. Most of the victims of gun homicides are between the ages 20 and 30, according to Storey, who said such deaths are rampant in the nation of about 50 million. tragedy is not more important than others, it is just because of the people involved, he said. Storey said the nation has tough legislation that includes a requirement for a thorough background check for prospective gun owners. The check includes spouses and partners, and is repeated every few years, he said. acquire guns believing they are more safe but they place themselves at great risk, Storey said. made airplanes a gun free zone. We need to bring that logic down to earth. the South African Gunowners Association, a popular gun lobby group, has said citizens have the right to protect themselves from increasingly violent crimes. are already more than enough laws and regulations to control the possession of firearms by private citizens, it says on its website. and less complex laws reasonably, yet properly, applied could achieve the required objective. hero to murder suspect As the shocking allegations reverberated worldwide, stunned South Africans grappled with the news of their fallen hero. When Pistorius was a toddler, his legs were amputated below the knees because of a bone defect, and he runs on special carbon fiber blades. He became the first Paralympic sprinter competing against able bodied athletes at the London Olympics last year. His athletic prowess and prosthetics earned him the nickname Runner. Africans jubilantly cheered him on at the time as his face became a fixture on billboards across the nation. By Thursday, some of the billboards started coming down. His sponsors followed suit. Nike pulled an ad featuring him from its website. It showed him taking off for a run, and the words am the bullet in the chamber. Pistorius sponsors including prosthetics manufacturer Ossur, British Telecom, and Oakley, which makes sunglasses and other products expressed condolences and said they had no further comment. The sports icon appeared in headlines across the nation, overshadowing the State of the Union address by President Jacob Zuma. Boy Loses Shine, blared a headline on the front page of the Sowetan. The Pretoria court postponed Pistorius bail hearing to Tuesday and ordered him to remain in custody until then. Prosecutors will argue that he committed premeditated murder. 646701 001 Kobe 9 EM ,Air Jordan 3 Retro True Blue 2011 Air Jordan 10 Bulls Over Broadway Air Jordan 5 Light Graphite White Wolf Grey Air Jordan 11 Low IE White Metallic Silver Black Air Jordan 5 Premio Black Black Metallic Silver Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Dark Charcoal Air Jordan 6 Rings Carbon Fiber Air Jordan 11 Low IE Black Varsity Red Air Jordan 5 White Varsity Red Obsidian After signing Olympic silver medalist and New York City Marathon champ Meb Keflezighi, Skechers made an impressive entrance into the running shoe market with the GOrun. The new GOrun 2 is Skechers latest minimalist performance shoe. Weighing in at only 5.2 ounces in a women's size seven, the GOrun 2 is light, flexible and fast. The original Skechers GOrun had a rocker shaped sole that some runners found too pronounced. The GOrun 2 still has a slightly curved sole, but it's not nearly as noticeable as it was on the original. The new outsole is curved just enough to promote a midfoot landing and help with a smooth transition through toe off. The shoe is so flexible that you can easily bend of the toe into the heel with your hands. The mesh upper stretches with your foot. Combined with a wider toebox, the GOrun 2 allows your toes to splay, grip and help with push off. Like many "natural running" or barefoot style shoes, the GOrun 2 has very little heel to toe drop, measuring in at only 4mm. While it doesn't have a lot of cushioning, it does offer a responsive ride. But unless you're used to running in minimalist shoes, you might want to save it for shorter runs. If you really like to go minimal, the insole is removable. With a nearly seamless upper and flatlock stitching, the GOrun 2 is comfortable enough to be worn barefoot. The GOrun 2 is priced reasonably at $80, comes in a number of wild color combinations and is available online from Skechers. She's an avid runner and an independent wear tester for a major running shoe company. Kimberly has participated in races all over the country, including the Boston Marathon and the ING New York City Marathon. She was a credentialed reporter at the London Olympics. Contact me Costumed cheerleaders haunt, spook frightfully delight on October sidelinesMany people of all ages enjoy masquerading about in a costume for Halloween. For young ladies, a popular choice throughout the years has been a cheerleader. But what do cheerleaders dress as? TechTechGadgets TechVideo GamesInternetTech GearTabletsiPhoneGoogle GlassWearable TechXbox OnePlaystation 4PhotographyMMOGsHandheld GamesAnonymousSocial MediaConsolesBitcoinGoogle 646701 001 Kobe 9 EM,It is highly recommended that you prepare for a lengthy hike to get to the best areas of the creek, but that is why this area is so unique. It takes someone who is wants to experience nature's beauty and not just party and trash up the place. So it is around a 4 to 5 mile hike that gradually slopes downward as you descend into the Seneca valley canyon. Judy Springs is a good area to camp and have as a goal to reach by mid day if you are hiking with a group or family members. This gives you plenty of time to set up a tent and camping area before dark. The trail is fairly smooth and not hard to walk by any means. You will find that the creek is very small at the beginning and you should keep in mind that you are starting from about 5000 feet in elevation where there is little run off to feed the creek. The Seneca Creek trail is lined with ever green trees at the beginning and becomes more open and scenic as you walk further into the forest. As you reach about 1 to 2 miles into the forest you will notice the creek merges with other smaller runs from the mountainside and the water begins to exhibit the wonderful babbling sounds of a mountain stream. Once you have made it this far you will begin to see some nice little campsites along the trail. The first campsites and hiking areas are very nice but pale in comparison to what lay ahead for the determined nature enthusiast. You will come to the first small waterfall and if you take the time to stop and watch you will see native brown trout swimming in the pool of water below. Fly fishing is the only type of fishing allowed in Seneca Creek so make certain you have your portable fly pole and trout stamp before attempting to harvest trout from this pristine creek as you may find yourself paying a hefty fine to a man in a green uniform. Open fields filled with wildflowers and berries are around every corner. The smell of pollen and nectar fills the air if you are here in the early summer time. It is a good time to gather some berries to eat now or save for later at camp if you have brought a container to carry them. But be careful this area is filled with Black Bear that may want your berries and if they approach you just let them have them, remember this is their home, not yours. You will need to cross the creek a few times and if the water is up at all you will get your feet wet; so hopefully you are wearing boots or at least have another pair of shoes to wear around camp while your boots are drying next to the camp fire. Once you reach Judy Springs you will know for certain that you have reached your destination. The trail opens up into a beautiful field and you feel like you have been a dark jungle for the past 3 or 4 hours that it took for you to get here. There will likely be several choices to choose from where to place your tent and where you will relax. There are campsites on both sides of the creek and there are enough that if you have a few neighbors that have braved the trail around the same time you did will not be too close. A nice wooden bridge separates the campsite areas and gives a pretty view of the creek as it meanders by. You should take a mental note of the trees that are near the tent sites and make use of the methods that others have used to store their food in the trees. Bet you can guess why others have stored their food in the trees? Yep, that's right this is to keep the bears out of your tent at night. They have a very powerful sense of smell and can smell even a piece of bubble gum in your pocket. Remember they have to survive out here. There are apple trees all around the Judy Springs area so if you are here at the right time you will be blessed with the wonderful smell of apple blossoms. There are also several small waterfalls around this area and you must see the amazing Judy Springs that come right out of the side of a mountain. If you hike just a little ways up the mountain you will find some amazing meadows filled with berry bushes and meadow grass, this is the perfect place to just sit and relax. After setting up your campsite, gathering firewood for the night and maybe resting for a little while why not go ahead and continue down the trail before it gets dark? As you walk down the Seneca trail you begin to realize the beauty of this place and why it is highly recommended that you camp around this area. Natural waterslides for playing and swimming are carved out of the rocks and small waterfalls abound each step of the trail. Seats and tables made from rocks are stacked every so often offering a place for you to set and relax next to a creek side fire place. Waterfalls run down the mountainside and flow into the creek with wonderful splendor and grace. The wild rhododendrons line the creek side and waterfalls which paint a picture from the great artist. The water is crystal clear and you can see dozens of native brown trout zipping up and down the stream with swift accuracy. The further you walk the more beautiful the scenery becomes. Again, you will need to cross the creek and get your feet wet and you can hear a rush of water that echoes through the creek valley. The water seems so inviting for swimming and bathing that you simply cannot help to take a dip in the natural made pools of perfectly clear and clean water. Once you cross the creek and continue down the trail a little way you find the most beautiful waterfall you have ever seen. This waterfall is approximately a perfect 25' feet high that spills into a large pool of crystal clear azure blue water. Trout swim all around the area that the water pours into the pool hoping to catch a bite to eat from the rushing water. You completely understand why this place is considered a modern day Eden and begin to only wish that you could stay here forever. There are several other trails that branch off of the Seneca trail which are highly recommended for you to explore while on your stay here. This Includes the Allegheny mountain trail which follows the ridge top above the Seneca valley. Horton trail is one of many favorites that offer a wonderful view of the uninhabited mountainsides. The natural wildflowers and amazing views make this a great place to hike and explore. This trail leads up to Spruce Knob which is the highest point in West Virginia if you follow it for several miles up hill. You should first print out a map of the Seneca creek area so that you can research and plan your hiking nature adventure prior to visiting this area. Even though the trails are marked it is nice to know how close you are to each trail head and where to watch for the trail marker just in case a bear has gnawed up the wooden sign (which you will see). After you pass the waterfalls and swimming areas which are very beautiful and peaceful you may choose to continue and see what else is down the trail. This is highly recommended for explorers and not advisable for the faint of heart or weary of body. As you continue you will see that the trail is quickly beginning to diminish and that there is not much of a beaten path. However, the scenery becomes completely amazing as you see that even those that have hiked the 6 or 7 miles to the end of the well traveled Seneca trail have not continued on through the rugged unmaintained canyon. You should have a good hiking stick, and have at least a couple of friends with you if you are going to go this far. You will not likely see anyone down this part of the creek as there are hill slides and treacherous rocks each step of the way. You will find a man made pole bridge that stretches across a rough hill slide and you are truly thankful that someone has taken the time to build this. Again, you will need to cross the creek if you plan to continue on the pathway through the canyon and this is probably the hardest place to cross as you see that very few have made a place to cross before you. The trail becomes more and more overgrown and may begin to wonder if you should continue. But if you have studied your trail map you will see that further down the creek canyon is a place called The Falls of Seneca. It is no doubt worth the effort to find this place that few have ever or will ever visit in the modern day garden of Eden at Seneca Creek West Virginia.

Hot Sale 646701 001 Kobe 9 EM,Air Jordan 5 White Varsity Red Obsidian It was getting towards the end of the month and even though I did not need a thing, nor did I seem to want a thing, I realized I was getting low on money. What brought it to my attention were all the sales flyers that were coming into our post box. This got me to thinking of our younger days when we were just starting out and really did want or need things and quite often were low on money. How did we manage with 5 kids and ourselves? My father in law used to say that necessity was the mother of invention. I took that to heart and really got quite creative with it. With that in mind, I took a stroll down memory lane as to some of the things we did to "make it nice"! "Make it nice" was and still is a family saying in our house. "Make it nice, Make it nice" was what Carl insisted upon whenever we decided to so an ordinary project. I recalled the time we really needed bookshelves and the only thing we had were long barn boards and a bunch of old cement blocks out in the barn. Well, there you go. We used those shelves for a very long time in two of our homes. We lay the cement blocks so the holes showed out and we used those little openings for knick knack display areas. For book ends we filled quart mason jars with marbles. You might use colored sand, beads, buttons, or shells. On one shelf we used 2 duck decoys for bookends. Don't throw away those old beer steins. They make great bookend. You might have to put some sand or small rocks in the bottom, plus you can stick pencils, etc in them also. These were quite handy when we needed to grab a pen or pencil. You might use some baskets that have some nice gourds in them. (Remember to shellac them.) Or some nice pebbles. How about a couple of piggy banks filled with change, or any kind of old antiques or dolls. I remember one shelf had old antique flat irons on each end. I also recalled one time when we were decorating a bed and breakfast we were building. Money was always a problem then. This place had lots and lots of rooms and lots and lots of windows that needed drapes and curtains. We just did not have the dollars to take care of the problem. The solution was to buy pretty, but inexpensive flat twin sheets. However, we could not buy just the flat sheets; we had to take the fitted ones with them also. We used the fitted ones to make the valances and used the flat ones to make the mid length sides hanging down. They really looked nice and cost about a 10th of what drapes would have cost. Matter of fact they looked so good, we never did replace them with regular drapes. In the event you only needed to cover a few windows, you could probably find some nice sheets at your local Good will store for a really reasonable price. I found some for only $1.00 and $2.00 each. You may not even need to turn over a hem. Your curtain rod may well fit though the folded top part of the flat sheet. A nice tie back could be made from a pair of old leather shoe laces, with a cup hook in the wall to attach it to. For a real dramatic flair, tie them back with some colorful scarves. No money for curtain rods? Well, if you live in the woods or have access to the woods, a fairly long and straight limb will do and it will probably surprise you on how well it will look in your rustic homestead. In the event you like the country or antique look, use an old, but now longer functional, long handled spade, rake, or household tool for a curtain rod. Leaving the utility end on the handle will make an interesting wall decoration. During the time in TN, when we were still dealing with the B B, we needed luggage racks for the guests. Too expensive! So, I scrounged up old piano benches and painted them so they matched the room dcor. They made great luggage racks and would still do well for a guest room in your house. Besides you could store your guest's towels in them and just whip them out before the company arrives. In your guest room you could install a couple of hooks on the back of the door. Just ask your guests to return their towels to the back of the door in order to dry, that way your bathroom is not overloaded with extra towels. One of the things I like to do is to save all the little soaps, lotions, shampoos, conditioners etc that I find in the hotel and motel rooms we stay in now and then. When company is coming, I put them in a little basket with the face cloth and put the whole thing on their bath towel. Then I place it on their bed. It is so thoughtful looking and always gives you an A+ on the hostess side of your universal report card. Back in 1967 we quit our jobs and moved to a farm we bought in Northern New York with the last of our resources. We got quite creative back then. We took one old shed down and we re salvaged enough barn board to make all our kitchen cupboards with it. It was very nice with the grey weathered wood. Our only expense was the black wrought iron type hinges and handles we had to buy. We used old copper pots with holes in the bottom as waste paper baskets. Old galvanized pails that no longer held water were utilized as magazine holders in various rooms. Boys, did people think we were clever! An old copper oval wash tub we found in the field was recycled as a wood holder next to our fireplace. Sometimes I did nothing more than shine them up and put a sealer on them. On the old galvanized pails, I spray painted them flat black and painted a tole design on them. An old steamer trunk found for $2.00 became a great coffee table. I made some great throw pillows from a huge box of old ties that I bought one time at an auction for 50 cents. I opened the ties up, ironed flat, laid the wide ends next to the narrow ends in a style or color that I could live with. Sewed them up and when I had a long enough piece, I folded it over, sewed up two and a half sides, stuffed them with batting and hand stitched the remaining opening. We got lots of compliments on those pillows. One Christmas we really wanted to give some spiffy gifts without the spiffy price tag. We had just acquired a big box of junk at an auction. It had every thing from horseshoes to old silver forks and spoons in it. All for the enormous sum of $1.00! Carl fashioned some really nice money clips out of those antique spoons. He cut off the bowl end, grounded it down, bent the handle into a money clip, and I shined them up. They were beautiful. Each and everyone was a different lovely design and many people are still using them today. For the ladies we took the old knifes and forks and fashioned some great wind chimes. I know several that are still out in people's gardens after all these years. For kids we knew, we spray painted the horse shoes flat black and painted Jamie's (or whatever name was needed) room on them. We attached instructions to each one suggesting they put the horseshoe open end up, so their luck would never run out! Plus, we added additional instruction telling them to ask their parents whether or not they could put these on the outside of their bedroom doors. Carl likes things neat. That includes in his workshop. "Make it nice", always the key words prevailed there also. No matter whether we were flush or flat, each new place we started in had a long 2 x 4 with jar lids screwed onto it. The jar was then filled with assorted nuts, bolts, screws, nails, etc and screwed on to the lit. Prior to screw the jars onto the lids, the 2 x 4 was screwed into the ceiling rafters in the garage or workshop. Screwed, not nailed. Because when we were ready to move onto the next place, Carl just unscrewed the whole thing from the ceiling rafters and moved them to the next place. Don't throw away those old straw hats. Or if you get a chance to buy a bunch of them for 10 cents each, do it! They make great hanging planters. Old work shoes and boots became charming planters in our garden. Just remember to put a hole in the bottom for drainage. Stuff the toes with pebbles or if the toe has a hole in the top of it, try putting in some hens and chicks and a nice geranium out the top of the boot. I remember one time we only had enough money to buy a van with 2 front seats. This made it hard to deal with 7 people and only two seats. Carl made two boxes with a space towards the back to slip another board into it. I cut up an old twin mattress into 4 sections and covered it. With the boards in the slots we had two good seats. When the boards were down and the 4 sections were put back together, it was a great place for the kids to sleep while we drove. Of course this was back before the buckle up law. However, if the problem came up today, one can still find a junkyard and get cheap seats with buckles when one needs them. One time we needed 3 kitchen lights over our island counter. No extra in the kitty for that deal. I purchased 3 large aluminum colanders for $1.98 each, 3 small tart (pie) pans for $1.50 total and Carl electrified the colanders, installed them in the ceiling, (using the tart pans as the ceiling plates) over the island, and he did one extra thing to "make it nice". He put a dimmer switch on the wall. So at full on, we had lots of light and when we wanted atmosphere and dimmed them down, we got the most wonderful pattern of light on the ceiling, not only in the kitchen but out into the dining area of the great room. Talk about a conversation piece. This never failed to charm anyone who came to the house for the first time. Plus we loved it! I could go on and on. I guess what I am getting at here, is that the universe is full of abundance and all you need to do is to think 360 degrees about things and your world will start filling up with so much stuff, it will be amazing. As I reflect on all this, I realize that those things we did in the old days out of necessity are things that are considered charming dcor now. She is a cancer and stroke survivor who is able to strive forward each and everyday to welcome the beauty of this small planet. She also is a China Porcelain painter, Sandblasting Etching, Stained Glass fused glass Artisan. She is one of the six KY Artists who worked 6 months to create the dolls for Journey Jots in 2006 and a Smithsonian Institute art exhibit in 2008. Her published books can be found here . 646701 001 Kobe 9 EM So you watch Food channels on television, you read Gourmet magazines and fancy cookbooks and think you could become a Chef. The food channels are great for inspiration for the home cook who is only cooking for 4 but in reality it is very far removed from a commercial working kitchen. a cafe or a 5 star hotel. Also it depends on what kind of Chef you want to become, a restaurant Chef, a personal Chef, or what kind of area you wish to specialize in, desserts, pan work, buffet work,or a la carte. The areas for specialization are endless, these days however a Chef has general knowledge and experience in all areas but can have a passion or strength for a particular niche and this can become their trademark or point of difference when applying for a job. Being a Chef requires a lot of special attributes that may not be required at other jobs. For starters you have to be able to stand on your feet for long periods of time, so covered sturdy shoes are a must, in fact covered shoes are a safety regulation and you would never be able to enter a kitchen without them. You have to be able to stand the heat in the kitchen, so when someone says "if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen" that is exactly true. You will also experience loud noises, people yelling and sometimes in the heat of the moment fellow staff saying things they regret because they are under pressure. A busy kitchen is a stressful place to work in for everyone involved. When a kitchen is churning out 500 meals a day that's a lot of pressure on everybody. If you're a sensitive type then a fast paced kitchen is probably not for you, as you would be easily offended. I remember when I was working as a prep Chef and the Sous Chef would whack you on the leg or push you aside if you were in his way. He obviously didn't have time or the manners to say "excuse me", but the kitchen staff got used to it and we learned not to take offense, that was just the way he worked. Usually in the kitchen, everyone works at a fast pace during service, things might be said that under normal circumstances wouldn't be, tempers can get heated, but staff all have the same goal, to create a beautiful meal, and have it served in minimum time. There is no time for petty arguments, or grudges, everyone has to pull together in order to have a co operative working kitchen. Then when the service is over that is the time for apologies between staff,maybe debriefing,differences aired,and opinions given,then everything is back to normal until the next service. Though it's a fast paced job at times, it can be so rewarding. The skills learnt are with you for life and you'll never be without a job, as people always have money to eat out and that's just the cooking skills you will acquire. Other skills obtained along the way can be many, these can include 1. Ability to work under pressure. 2. Creativity, as you work with food and put your own creative flair on it. 3. Adapting to different environments, in a kitchen you may move from station to station, or maybe hot to cold. 4. Adapting recipes,learning ways to improvise without affecting the end result. 5. Costing recipes, of course you want to be making money on everything that is produced in the kitchen. 6. Interpersonal and communication skills as you will have to communicate with suppliers and staff 7. Negotiating skills, as you meet with suppliers to get the best deal. These are just some of the skills you can acquire as you learn to become a Chef. The friendships you make are life long, Chef's are very loyal to one another as only they realize the commitment and long hours that go into the job. The opportunity to use your creative skills with food is apparent. If you have a passion for food and for cooking then your almost there. It would pay to get some kind of formal training, though in saying that experience counts for a lot, but it's a good idea to know hygiene regulations regarding food and basic cooking skills and techniques. There are many training schools for Chefs around the country. There are some questions you need to ask yourself. What area do you want to specialize in? Do you wish to become a Head Chef one day? Do you wish to run your own catering business? How committed can you be? Do you have the support of your family? Any Chef will tell you, a Chef's life is not very family orientated, as they mostly work nights and weekends and most holidays. There are ways you can find out if this is for you. Cook for friends, have dinner parties. Get them to honestly critique your food. This way you can truly find out if you have got what it takes. There are many cookbooks and restaurant recipes that you can get hold of to practice with. Be creative in your cooking, use a basic recipe and add your own signature, you may create a delicious dish from this. Most importantly, be passionate about cooking, your creating something that people will love from a list of ingredients. Go for it! Being a Chef can be a most rewarding career.

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