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Back to Main MenuCelebrationsFraud PreventionManage Your AdPlace an AdThe Lady Demons, under ninth year head coach Scott Jones, were champions of the Southwestern Conference, district champions and a regional semi finalist. But the path to continued glory will be paved with a demanding schedule.have a very difficult schedule that includes Medina (ESPN No. 1 ranked pre season team in the country), Massillon Jackson, Brecksville Broadview Heights, Warren Howland, Magnificat, Notre Dame Cathedral Latin, Bay and Mentor.Leading the way into that tough battlefield of competition will be a host of returning letter winners in senior forward Kristie Prendergast, junior forward Lauren Wichman, senior midfielder Julie Moroney, senior goalkeeper Stephanie Poeppelman, senior defender Sarah Stachowiak, junior defender Charlotte Tate, senior midfielder/defender Janey Eager, junior midfielder Sarah Stroh, junior midfielder Serena Tabbaa, junior midfielder Rachel Evans, senior midfielder Maddie Jenkins, junior forward Ali Sandhu and junior forward Hayley Smik.Prendergast is a second team All SWC performer, while Wichman and Moroney were honorable mention for the All District team in 2009. Poeppelman was secon team All SWC and a second team All District selection, while Stachowiak was a first team all conference selection last year, the SWC MVP and a second team All District player.Tate was a first team All SWC selection last fall and an honorable mention All District choice, while Eager was honorable mention All District last fall. Prendergast, Wichman, Moroney, Poeppelman, Stachowiak, Tate and Tabbaa are all returning starters for the Lady Demons.of our team strengths has to be our team defense, said Jones. only gave up four goals during the regular season last year. We return two of the three starting fullbacks and the starting goalkeeper. We also return two starting forwards who scored 12 goals each.Newcomers to watch for the defending SWC champions will be senior defender Katie Draper, sophomore defender Maddie Sandhu, senior defender Rachel Essig, senior defender Lauren Poeppelman, junior defender/fullback Tarra Pease, junior forward Erin D and sophomore midfielder Shannon Kruger.will be younger on offense than in the past, said Jones, whose overall coaching record at Westlake stands at 104 38 26. defense, though, is very experienced. We have 12 players returning that have played in a regional semi final game the last two seasons. Hopefully, the team can come together in time for the opener against Massillon.Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy PolicyThe material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Northeast Ohio Media Group LLC. Air Jordan 4 Black Cement 2012 ,Air Jordan Spizike Easter Air Jordan 6 Slam Dunk Air Jordan 10 Retro Stealth Air Jordan 10 Retro Chicago Bulls Air Jordan 10 Retro Stealth Air Jordan Spizike Space Blue Air Jordan Spizike Space Blue Air Jordan 5 Fear Air Jordan 3 Infrared 23 : How to save a badly broken pointe shoe This Instructable works only if you have some kind of shoes. It can be used with Sansha Recital and Premerie. You should see the shank. If not, you can proceed. The red line in the photo is where the stem will be. You can break the.This Instructable works only if you have some kind of shoes. It can be used with Sansha Recital and Premerie. I think you can use with Sansha Futura and Partenaire if you have "super glue".You can't easly ruin pointe shoes. I know that lots of people didn't believe what I do to pointe shoes to prepare them, or that the best pointe shoes (IMHO) have nails in them.But one way to ruin them is breaking in them wrongly. I did it once, with a pair of Sansha Recital. But I've saved them!Use can use this tutorial to re new old pointe shoes that have the shanks too soft. Maybe you won't want to dance on your Premier at the Scala theatre with them, but they'll be good enough to exercise.Please, note that I'm not a native English speaker, so forgive my mistakes (or gently tell me what I've to fix!).If your shoes don't have a hidden space, you can totally break the sole as I did with the ReArt. I did it only once the shoes were totally dead, not for fixing a badly broken in shoe.If the shoes don't have the nails, just tear the glue and re glue them after putting the stems. If they have the nails, you should open the nails and then hammer them back.In the photo you can see a ReArt Smezzata. I used them for a while and the sole of the right one broke, so I totally broke them, put in the stems and re glue them. Air Jordan 4 Black Cement 2012,Apparently his wisdom tooth gives him awful trouble, making it impossible to walk around a golf course and finish his round. That was the reason he gave for walking off at the Honda Classic. Just imagine it you're about to tee off and this pain comes shooting from your incisor, right down your neck and into your arm. Before you can say the words 'two hundred and fifty million dollars', the ache has totally disarmed you and you are left unable to play. And these reasons no doubt are tied into this new life he has to lead, one that is run by the biggest sports corporation in the world. Nike is now Rory McIlroy's employer his boss. They will call the shots commercially. And I wouldn't want that money for all the . eh . money in the world. So far, the young Ulsterman has been skipping through life. A real talent, winning competitions and the heart of one of the top female tennis players in the world. Things have been tickety boo. But a $250m deal with Nike isn't free money. This is money that demands a commercial return for Nike. For the amount given to McIlroy, Nike will a expect a massive return in terms of sales. And those massive sales ain't gonna happen unless McIlroy comes in first all the time. So this money can create huge pressure, one of the biggest pressures that any sportsperson could face. McIlroy is now with the big boys. You think that this sweet young Irish boy is just going to tip along each week, wear a Nike cap, swing a Nike club, and sure if he does well, that's good enough? You have got to be kidding.

100 Finest Grade Air Jordan 4 Black Cement 2012,Air Jordan 13 Squadron Blue It's hard to say. Many kids are pigeon toed or, as doctors say, have some degree of intoeing. Many track and field stars are pigeon toed too, and some sports experts say these runners are faster because of the way their feet strike the track. When you run, the outside of your foot hits the ground first, then rolls inward before propelling you forward again. People who are pigeon toed tend to have less of this roll, so they may be able to spring forward more quickly. "Intoeing won't necessarily make a child a faster runner, but we know that it won't hurt her athletic ability, either," says Thomas Jinguji, a pediatrician and sports medicine physician at Seattle Children's Hospital. In most cases, being pigeon toed is usually mild and something a child outgrows without fanfare. If the intoeing is mild enough, your child can live with it just fine. If your baby's intoeing continues past 6 months, check with her doctor to see if she needs a referral to an orthopedist. If your child needs treatment, steer clear of corrective braces and shoes, shoe inserts, twister cables, exercises, or back manipulations they may do more harm than good. If your child's intoeing is severe and continues until she's 9 or 10, surgery may be necessary. Read more about turned in toes. This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Please review the Terms of Use before using this site. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. Air Jordan 4 Black Cement 2012 If the United States had an official sport, what would it be? Baseball can call itself the national pastime until the sun burns out, but the correct answer is good old American football. Next question: If every state in the union had to choose an official sport, what would they pick? Football, football, lacrosse, football, skiing, football, football . and Alaska gets the one with sled dogs. But what if you had to assign one sport to each state, and could use each of those sports just once? How would you disperse our favorite pastimes among the 50 states and Washington?Now that's a more interesting parlor game. Only 12 states have bothered to name any kind of "official sport," which leaves a lot of room to impose one's sporting will on the American people. Alas, there must be rules, lest this barroom argument descend into anarchy. Here are my four commandants.1. No two states can have the same sport. The most important rule of them all. If we declare that Calvinball belongs to West Virginia, then it's off the board no other state can have it.2. Sports can be atomized. An immediate exception to Rule No. 1. Some states prefer college football to pro, some prefer high school basketball to college. Allowing different states to own different flavors of the same sport reflects the reality of the American landscape. It also makes it possible to create a map without stooping to include "sports" like pinochle and punch buggy.3. A sport can be anything that is plausibly a sport. Yeah, punch buggy and high speed multiplication probably shouldn't count, but I'm no stickler. Competition is a necessity, but sticks and balls are not required. Wife carrying, chess boxing, noodling you're all welcome (at least theoretically) in these United Sports of America. But I draw the line at metaphors. However fitting it may seem, politics is not and will not be the official sport of Washington.4. Official state sports will be honored if possible. But it's not always possible. South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming all chose rodeo as an official sport, but only one state can be America's true rodeo king. (Rodeo fight!)With those ground rules established, I got to choosing, with some help from colleagues. (Still recovering from an email debate that destroyed an entire afternoon of workplace productivity and led one Ohio resident to insist that grievous harm had been done to the Buckeye State.)Surprisingly, we had a bunch of respectable sports left over: pro basketball, swimming, indoor and beach volleyball, softball, bowling, table tennis, water polo, figure skating, fencing, badminton, diving, windsurfing, shooting, mixed martial arts. Want to pop any of those sports in or switch other ones around?Alabama Official state sport(s): noneOur choice: college footballAlso considered: noneLots of states would love to claim college football, but this one isn't much of a contest. Yes, the University of Alabama Crimson Tide (three) and Auburn University Tigers (one) have claimed the last four BCS titles. But the deciding factor here is spring football attendance: What state turns out when the games don't count in the standings? In 2013, Auburn had 83,401 fans at its spring game and Alabama packed in 78,315. The next three contenders for the pointless crowd crown: the University of Tennessee (61,076), University of Nebraska (60,174), and University of Arkansas (51,088). The state sport is mushing. Nobody much cares about it anywhere else. It's all yours, Alaska. Is it defensible? Absolutely. Arizona's Cactus League hosts 15 major league teams each February and March, drawing a record 1.7 million fans in 2013. Spring training baseball is an ingrained part of the state's culture, with ballclubs coming to train in the desert since 1929. (You can learn more by taking a walk on the Cactus League legacy trail.) Though Florida's Grapefruit League has an even longer history, it doesn't make sense to grant spring training baseball to the Sunshine State. To build a sensible map, we need a comprehensive strategy. Florida, everyone would surely acknowledge, could reasonably be granted any number of sports, while the Grand Canyon State is relatively sports poor. Arkansas is one of the few states where greyhound racing is still legal, but Southland Park's slot machines are far more popular than its canine athletes. Sports Illustrated's 50th anniversary sports across America project an invaluable resource for this whole enterprise notes that Stuttgart, Ark., hosts "the world's most resounding duck calling contest." After many minutes of deliberations, I concluded with some regret that duck calling is not a sport. But duck hunting? Sure. Beach volleyball which was birthed in Santa Monica in the 1920s and 1930s is a strong contender but ultimately falls short on account of its relative dearth of competitors. Skateboarding has similarly local origins and is arguably the state's most enduring cultural export. 2) Naming them the "official state winter recreational sports" betrays a disturbing lack of decisiveness. (Should we anticipate that the legislature will soon name Colorado's official state autumn competitive sports?) Our choice: mountain climbing. Colorado has 53 fourteeners that is, 14,000 foot peaks that also have at least 300 feet of "topographic prominence" far more than any other state. Is mountain climbing a sport? I say yes there's a goal, it requires great skill, it's a physical challenge, and there's an international federation that's guided by the Olympic charterConnecticutOfficial state sport(s): squashOur choice: squashAlso considered: women's college basketballNutmeg State residents will argue that Geno Auriemma's University of Connecticut Huskies, the winners of eight national titles since 1995, are the center of the state's sporting universe. That's true and all, but Connecticut isn't the only state that loves women's basketball and UConn, it must be said, hasn't led the nation in women's basketball attendance since 2003. The Trinity College Bantams men's squash team is an even bigger dynasty than UConn women's hoops. And who broke Trinity's 252 match winning streak, the longest in intercollegiate sports history? New Haven's Yale University Bulldogs. The Trinity Yale rivalry has spawned some memorable squash trash talk. (I'm guessing that the phrase "squash trash talk" has never been uttered in any other state.) There are 17 Connecticut schools in the New England Interscholastic Squash Association, the most of any state. And Connecticut also recently hosted the junior nationals and the high school team championships, the world's biggest squash tournament. Not so much to see here. Wilmington hosts an annual grand prix cycling race, but I don't get the sense that the First State loves bicycles. The southern part of the state is, however, the home base for the annual Punkin Chunkin World Championship, a competition to catapult a pumpkin as far as it will go. (The current record distance at the world championships is 4,483.51 feet.) This is Delaware culture at its finest. Seven years later, a new league called DCKickball rolled out its own set of bouncy balls. The case was dismissed in 2008, and both leagues continue to abet the drunken recreation of young professionals. The fastest sport in the world may be barely clinging to life, but near death experiences are the essence of the Sunshine State. Besides, consider this thought experiment: You call a friend and tell him you're at a jai alai fronton what does he say? There's just one right answer: "What the hell are you doing in Florida?"GeorgiaOfficial state sport(s): noneOur choice: tennisAlso considered: high school baseballFlorida plays host to a major international tennis tournament. It's the home of the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy, where Andre Agassi and Monica Seles were molded into No. 1 players. Even foreign stars like Andy Murray relocate to Florida to train. And it doesn't hurt that the No. 1 American man, John Isner, knocked the fuzzy yellow ball around for the University of Georgia. While I considered giving the state outrigger canoeing because, hey, why not surfing is synonymous with the archipelago, and for good reason. The sport was practiced in ancient Hawaii and popularized worldwide by Hawaiians. The state is also home to the world's most legendary waves. Everyone loves the Bulls, but would the state swoon over basketball if the Trail Blazers had drafted Michael Jordan instead of Sam Bowie? The Cubs, too are a local institution, not to mention that the White Sox are also a team that exists. But consider that, owing to the power of radio waves, large swaths of the state root for the St. Louis Cardinals, a fact that I find confusing and frankly disqualifying. And though the Blackhawks have been quite successful in recent years, the team ranked second to last in the NHL in attendance as recently as 2007. That leaves us with 16 inch softball, a pastime unique to Chicago. Also known as mushball or cabbageball, the gloveless game was the beloved sport of columnist Mike Royko. You can make a very strong case for IndyCar racing, which includes a reference to Indianapolis in its name, for heaven's sake. But despite the enduring allure of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the IndyCar series as a whole is an afterthought even in Indiana. The only way high school basketball will be an afterthought here is if an asteroid obliterates the entire state, and even then I'm guessing some kid in French Lick will emerge from the crater and try to dribble what's left of the asteroid. This is the home of Damon Bailey and enormous high school gyms. And Hoosiers. With the sport under siege by the International Olympic Committee, Rep. University of Kansas Jayhawks supporters will see this and crow that they've been anointed the best fans in all the land. That's not what's going on here. Kansas gets the nod because, as opposed to Kentucky and North Carolina, it's otherwise a sports wasteland. It's college basketball or bust here, and this is a parlor game where everybody gets a trophy. Lousiana State University's Tiger Stadium, too, is often cited as the best place in the country to watch a game, not to mention the best place to eat in the parking lot before a game. But such is my intellectual honesty that I can admit that the Pelican State does not deserve a slice of the football pie. It says Sportsman's Paradise on the license plates here, at least until it gets replaced by some quote from Duck Dynasty. As The New York Times noted in 2010, the nonprofit Maine Winter Sports Center is hoping to turn the state into a biathlon mecca. That's a weird thing to hope for, but cold weather makes you do weird things. (Lacrosse was named Maryland's official team sport in 2004.) Considering that the National Jousting Hall of Fame is in Virginia, it's only fair for the governors of those two states to joust for custody of jousting. In the meantime, Maryland can keep its other official sport. The Boston Celtics are also pro basketball's greatest franchise, claiming the most championships in NBA history. James Naismith, though, was born in Canada and spent much of his life in Lawrence, Kan. let's not give all of basketball to the Bay State just because some Canadian physical education teacher happened to be at a YMCA in Springfield, Mass., when he hung up his peach baskets. And though the Celtics are a hot ticket, the Boston Red Sox are clearly a more significant cultural force: There is no Celtics Nation. With pro basketball and pro baseball canceling each other out, I choose to honor the world's oldest and most prestigious annual marathon. The Boston Marathon is New England's largest spectator sport, hosted the fastest marathon ever run, and has taken on even greater significance after 2013's terrorist attack. Ted Nugent also has a farm here, which would be worth a billion bonus points if we were playing Big Buck Hunter right now. But, alas, this complex puzzle demands that the deer must be shot elsewhere. Thankfully, we've got a backup plan. Detroit, like lots of other cities, calls itself Hockeytown. In this case, the name fits. The Detroit Red Wings are one of the NHL's Original Six teams and are always near the top of the league's attendance ledger. It would be reasonable to bestow the entire sport upon Minnesota, but splitting the puck is essential if we want to complete this vexing project. But the latter state's Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks is proud to report that Outdoor Life magazine recently rated the Magnolia State seventh in the nation on its "whitetail scale," which factors in the size of the local bucks, hunter density, cost of outfitted hunts, and "hunter friendliness." As an expert in sadeermetrics, I'd argue that Mississippi should be even higher. 7, but based on my calculations the state is No. 1 in whitetails bagged per capita. Come on down here, Motor City Madman he deer are just waiting to be shot!MissouriOfficial state sport(s): noneOur choice: pro baseballAlso considered: noneCardinals backers love to laud themselves as the country's greatest, most knowledgeable baseball fans. Though I hate to reward such pridefulness, it's undeniable that as compared to promiscuous Bay Staters, who love the Sox, but also the New England Patriots, the Celts, and the Boston Bruins the Show Me State's relationship with the national pastime is a monogamous one. The Kansas City Royals also play here, and as noted in the Illinois entry, Missouri has even succeeded in recruiting much of that state to join its baseball militia. Brainwashing of that order must be rewardedMontanaOfficial state sport(s): noneOur choice: fly fishingAlso considered: six man footballI went to Montana once, and a hotel clerk told me they used to keep copies of Norman Maclean's fly fishing novel A River Runs Through It for guests to peruse. They had to stop, though, because visitors kept stealing them as souvenirs. Montana is also one of the few states that plays six man football. Six man football was invented here, but there are only around a dozen teams in the entire state. And then there's college baseball, a sport that's ragingly unpopular most everywhere else but flourishes in Omaha. The city has hosted the College World Series since 1950 and has a deal in place with the NCAA to keep it until at least 2035. Omaha opened a new ballpark for the CWS in 2011, and the event keeps on setting attendance records. Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield's ear in Nevada, and this is where "fan man" parachuted into the ring during Holyfield's title fight with Riddick Bowe. Please be more specific, New Hampshire you're going to need to share with the other cold states. The Granite State features some of the country's best cross country skiing trails and resorts, and cross country skiing is generally regarded as the flintiest of winter sports. The first intercollegiate match, between Princeton University and Rutgers University, was played here in 1876, and the sport's first domestic governing body, the American Football Association, was founded in Newark in 1884. More recently, Pele and the New York Cosmos actually called New Jersey home, playing their home games at the Meadowlands. Rather than give New Jersey every last piece of the beautiful game, let's salute the state's preeminence youth soccer. The men's national team's rebirth in the early 1990s was fueled by three fellows reared in New Jersey: Tab Ramos, John Harkes, and Tony Meola. The current women's national player pool includes six players from the state, more than any place else save California. Is New Mexico a state? All signs point to yes. Does the Land of Enchantment have a thing for ginormous balloons? It certainly does. But Dyckman is still Dyckman and Rucker Park is still Rucker Park, the place where NBA champs go to prove themselves against the local talent. When Kobe Bryant heads to Tulsa, Okla. to test his mettle, then we can talk about demoting New York. And who can blame them, considering that the Ralph Engelstad Arena known as the "Taj Mahal of Hockey" features leather seats for each spectator. During the 2012 13 season, an average of 11,592 fans per game nestled into leather to watch the team formerly known as the Fighting Sioux. That figure led the nation, outpacing allegedly hockey mad Minnesota by more than 1,500 fans per contest. Ohio has one of the nation's finest high school football traditions, and everyone should please let me know as soon as that tradition is highlighted in a hit book, movie, and TV show in which everyone is always saying "Ohio forever." Cornhole, by contrast, is ascendant. The beanbag tossing game, which some believe arced into existence in Cincinnati, has softly descended into bars, frat houses, picnic areas, tailgates, and backyards nationwide. The Ohio based American Cornhole Organization holds an annual world championship, which drew players from around the country to the greater Cincinnati area this July. To learn more about the people who like to grab enormous fish with their bare hands, check out the documentary Okie Noodling. But there's more to the Sooner State than catfisting. (That's another, grosser name for noodling. Other names for the sport include grabbling, hogging . . .) Oklahoma also happens to be, as Sports Illustrated has pointed out, a gymnastics stronghold. The University of Oklahoma men's team has won eight national titles, and two time world champion and Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller grew up and trained in Edmond. The magazine International Gymnast is also published here, and its offices are located on a street named after 1984 gold medalist Bart Conner. Conner has a gymnastics academy in Norman, where he lives with his wife Nadia Comaneci, the first woman to score a perfect 10 in the Olympics. The importation of Romania's best vaults gymnastics to the top. But Oregon does not belong to MLS or the NBA. Steve Prefontaine was born here and ran at Hayward Field, far and away the best venue for track and field in the United States. The shaggy haired hero helped popularize the running shoes made by Nike, the local footwear concern founded by University of Oregon track coach Bill Bowerman and a one time Oregon runner named Phil Knight. More recently, ex Duck Ashton Eaton was propelled by the Hayward crowd to set a decathlon world record. "This is a magical place," he said afterward. There are more high school field hockey players in the Keystone State than anywhere else, and 12 of the top 25 teams in the 2012 high school rankings were Pennsylvania schools. national team hail from Pennsylvania. People come here to sail, and Newport hosts a whole bunch of races if you're into that sort of thing. The Laser New England Masters sounds amazing. 2 golf state (behind only Hawaii) based on "top public courses per capita." The Myrtle Beach area alone has more than 100 courses, which seems like a massive waste of space. Then again, I don't play golf. Which state deserves to lasso the rodeo crown? I have no idea. What I do know is that there are absolutely no other options for South Dakota. So congratulations, people of Sioux Falls and Pierre you are the winners by default. Yee haw!TennesseeOfficial state sport(s): noneOur choice: women's college basketballAlso considered: noneOn the court, Connecticut leads its all time series with the Tennessee Lady Volunteers 13 9. In the stands, though, the Vols are a dominant force. In 2013, Tennessee averaged 11,390 fans per game, beating out Iowa State, Louisville, Baylor, and Notre Dame for the NCAA women's basketball crowd size championship. UConn, which won yet another NCAA title in 2013, came in sixth. And this isn't an aberration. Tennessee has had better fan support than UConn every year since 2004, and that's despite the fact that the Huskies have typically put better teams on the floor. Connecticut women's hoops fans are complacent

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