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Air Jordan 4 Cavs,Well, I went to Stride Rite and they measured Charlie's feet, and though they didn't have the sneakers he needed in stock the extra wide they had them sent from another store to my house. Cute little sneakers. They don't fit. They don't go over the ring that holds the velcro on the side of his AFO's. If I force it, they just look so strangely distorted. This is completely ridiculous, but I want to cry. I called Shriner's and spoke with the SB coordinator who mentioned "special shoes". I know all about special shoes, but I don't want special shoes, I want normal shoes. I have had good luck finding sneakers at stores like Payless, Target, etc. They actually had better fits for us than the more expensive shoe stores. The key for us, too, is to take the insole out! It just gives the shoe that extra room and depth needed and we always find several options at stores by going a little big, taking out insoles, and going with velcro or ones that have an elastic/stretchy lace area. It is hard and I have cried in the shoe store, too, my fellow mommy! My daughter wanted a pair of cowboy boots. Really, really wanted some. She loved boots. She never asks for anything, really she is the least demanding child I know as far as "wants". But she wanted a certain kind of boot. We went to several stores and could not find any that worked. I was a mess. She on the other hand was very stoic and just said "maybe someday they will make some that fit me". There will be those "moments" when things bother us and get to us and that is ok. Compared to the 99% of the time that we are we are happy or at least manage to keep it together it is understandable that sometimes we get a bit upset. I just looked at the pictures of Charlie in his AFO's. Nick's doesn't have the bolt and ring to hold the strap on. He has velcro backing running around brace and then velcro topping (?) and foam that keep the strap in place. I'm not sure if this is making sense. We just went to walmart and have regular shoes. I do take the insoles out, and we get giant shoes. I also look for velcro or something to keep them open wider. His AFO is cut really long to allow growth, so we have size 7 shoes (I think his feet are actually size 4). But we have backyardigan shoes and toy story shoes and some plain blue shoes that are working for us right now. And now I've been thinking about how to make AFO cowboy boots too! Oh my! We have some Champion's from Payless that worked well, vans work okay, but slip off a little easily. Another off brand that my daughter got at St. Vinny's. What we use the most are her Keeping Pace shoes. They look pretty typical to me, and I do have a pair of mary janes from them too. I think the braces themselves can vary. We never had any metal rings around the foot with either of her AFOs. Her current braces are simply molded plastic around the back of the foot and calf, and a velcro strap that goes around the top of her calf muscle. Her first pair had a figure eight strap over the top of her foot, and that was bulkier.

Real Cheap Air Jordan 4 Cavs,Air Jordan 6 Infrared 23 Reviews Top Categories Phones Laptops TVs Tablets Cameras Appliances Car Tech Audio Desktops Software Headphones Printers Networking Wearable Tech Deals How To Top Categories Computers Home Entertainment Internet Phones Photography Security Tablets ForumsLog In to CNET Join Related Stories Intel to roll out new Itanium chips July 13, 2005 Sun stirs to unify Java June 10, 2003 New cell phone Java holds promise December 18, 2002 Sun serves up Java on mobile phones September 19, 2000 When it was first introduced, Sun Microsystems' Java software for cellular phones was supposed to let developers write a single program that could run on any handset. A half decade later, Sun's Java for cell phones, called the mobile information device profile, or MIDP, is used in half the world's 1.4 billion phones for downloading other bits of software. But writing a program that can run on any handset still isn't possible. It's an odd by product of Java's success in the cell phone market. Ironing out the details of software such as the MIDP takes time, and neither the cell phone makers nor service providers have been willing to wait as they pump out the 700 million or so cell phones sold each year. What's new: Sun's Java for cell phones was supposed to let developers write a single program that could run on any handset. That's never come to pass. Bottom line: It's becoming clear to Sun engineers that the ultimate goal of "write once, run anywhere" may never be fully realized because the cell phone market is simply too diverse. Still, Java has helped the industry make tremendous strides. Instead, Nokia, Motorola and other handset makers have built devices using their own fixes for MIDP. Though that's understandable, since they have to deal with the immediate needs of the market, their actions have played a major role in sullying the "write once, run anywhere" promise of MIDP, say Sun executives and developers of cell phone software. That means that the extra costs and development time associated with creating multiple versions of the same software find their way into nearly every corner of the cell phone industry, from the price of handsets to the price for downloading a ring tone. "Fragmentation is the one major roadblock that could mean the difference between success and failure for developers embracing this market," Allen Lau, chief technology officer at Tira Wireless, wrote in an article in the trade publication Java World. What was billed as an oasis for developers has turned into quicksand, quipped developers attending Sun's recent JavaOne confab in San Francisco. None were louder than representatives of Nokia, which sells about a third of the world's cell phones, nearly every one with Java inside. "Defragmentation remains a major issue," Nokia Chief Technology Officer Pertti Korhonen said during a recent speech to Java developers. "We need to reduce the fragmentation effect because interoperability is critical for today's mass market devices. We need to simplify the standard, and use open, fair and predictable licensing terms for the technology." Though the cell phone industry has made tremendous strides in the last two years, it's becoming clear to engineers at Sun that the ultimate goal of "write once, run anywhere" may never be fully realized because the cell phone market is simply too diverse, said Eric Chu, a Sun senior director who played a role in much of the early MIDP development. Sun's efforts to end the fragmentation problems have so far come up short. Just about every year the company has had another way to attack the problem. The latest attempt involves the Java Verified program, which was created several months ago to certify cell phone software and ensure that it runs on different companies' phones. It's a radical change from past practices, when applications had to be tested by each handset maker in order to ensure the coding was bug free and at a certain quality level. But it's too early to say how well the new program is working. Great promise, mixed results The MIDP standard, based on Java 2 Micro Edition, or J2ME, was developed collaboratively by Sun and more than 20 cell phone companies. The goal was to provide the cell phone industry with a Was Java ever "write once run anywhere"? On desktop it wasn't ever so. Check as an example LimeWire: all major OSs have specialized version. And there is one generic version. Integration with OS is the key. Java integrates with nothing it is OS on its own and, may I add, quite dumb one. () And this collapse of "write once run somewhere" hit me too: I wanted to use some application on my iBook, when it turns out that it requires Java 1.5 and Java 1.5 has new version of bytecode so it will (most likely) never ever run on my iBook equipped with Java 1.4. Sun's JRE doesn't support Mac OS X. Apple going to release Java 1.5 only for Max OS X Tiger, but not for Panther. Go figure who to blame: Sun for its overbloated technology; Apple which has no resources to port another great bloatware from Sun to all OS it supports; or application developers who had fallen into "Java Trap" (c) RMS. Thru all the hype Sun had created, I do not see any good use to Java. On desktop side it is just unusable. On embedded it is just too bloated and slow. Well, on server side people like it. But only with application servers (middleware) most of other applications run much better under specialized systems. Biggest server use case Web seems definitely to like PHP more than Java. Air Jordan 4 Cavs If you ask a married woman if there is any one thing she would have done differently at her wedding, she is highly likely to say the following statement: "I wouldn't have done anything differently, expect maybe to have worn more comfortable shoes". When planning a wedding outfit, style, beauty and originality tend to be the main concerns. However, by the end of a very long day, once the ceremony has taken place, once the speeches have been given and the dance is about to start, such high minded concerns may seem of far lesser importance if your feet are eye wateringly painful. The good news is that you don't always have to sacrifice style for comfort, you just have to think things through carefully and put aside some time to break your shoes in. Breaking shoes in can make the difference between complete enjoyment and happiness and contentment on your wedding day, and near complete happiness, marred only by a rather great discomfort. Well made shoes don't have to feel like they're made of razor blades. If they do, it may well be because they don't fit properly. One of the first and most obvious points to make is that you should spend a good amount of time with a professional shoe fitter who will talk you through all the potential pitfalls in shoe buying. One tip I can recommend, is to go to a very expensive shoe shop and ask to try on a few shoes. The people who work in these shops are hired to know what they are talking about. If they recommend a certain type of shoe that might be the best shape for your type of feet, take note of it. If you can't afford the shoes they are selling, you may well find a much cheaper version, that with a little bit of effort, will have come to you from an expensive expert. Another thing to bear in mind is the possibility of choosing shoes that are specifically designed to look both comfortable and graceful: dance shoes. Have you ever wondered how some ballroom dancers seem able to practically run and do handstands in their high heels? Well, did you know that these high heels can feel as soft and bendable as toffee? Dance shoes tend to have reasonably small heels, however. If you are thinking of wearing heels that are over two inches, you may have to opt for the "breaking in". The general consensus is that wearing the shoes indoors for an hour or two a day in the months running up to the wedding is the best way to wear them in without actually wearing them out.

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