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You need JavaScript enabled to view it ULTIMATELY, like they are every season, Mayo will be judged on their championship performances. Their days of reckoning for 2012 will arrive in high summer and there are still a little over three months remaining until they begin the defence of their provincial title. However, last Sunday's performance and the manner of this comprehensive defeat to was still a very worrying development. Coming hot on the heels of the recent capitulation against Down, there is an unwelcome trend becoming apparent that will be a cause of real concern to James Horan and his management team this week. "We wouldn't have won a Division Four game today," said Horan afterwards. "A lot of the ball we turned over was unbelievable. We were terrible in every aspect of the game. We got a bad beating today and we need to react the right way to it. It could be a thousand little things. We will have to figure it out. But when you put in a performance like that, something is not right." The statistics (which the manager had seen before he left the field in Ballyshannon) would back up that frank assessment. Despite starting impressively, with a strong breeze at their backs, they let an early five point lead slip, and were outscored by 0 16 to 0 4 over the final hour's play. They also conceded eight points from frees through a combination of fouling, being penalised for dissent, and Marty Duffy's unpredictable refereeing style. Not even the advantage of having an extra man for twenty seven minutes of the second half made any difference to a lacklustre effort from the Connacht champions. had lost Rory Kavanagh just before half time when the midfielder was red carded by Duffy for throwing back his hand after being awarded a free. However, Mayo were unable to make their numerical advantage count in the second half as the tactic of leaving corner back Kevin Keane in the free role failed to cause any problems. Instead, Mayo saw their half time lead of 1 5 to 0 6 wiped out, as the wind assisted locals began to dominate in all the key positions. Mayo also finished the game a man down after Ger Cafferkey was dismissed in the 62nd minute for two yellow card offences; but by that stage the game was up for the visitors as they trailed by 0 12 to 1 5 and were fading fast. were rampant in the last ten minutes and reeled off a string of superb scores from their leading marksmen, Colm McFadden and Michael Murphy, to put the seal on an emphatic win. The dynamic duo hit twelve points between them from play and frees, and punished every Mayo indiscretion from 50 yards in. Our side's first score of the second half came in the 34th minute when David Clarke converted a '45, as the strong gale, 's well drilled defence, and Mayo's anaemic attacking efforts combined to underline the current malaise. There were problems all over the field, and in each and every sector. Midfield was, to quote the manager, "smashed" as Seamus O'Shea and Barry Moran found the going tough against Neil Gallagher, Rory Kavanagh (until his dismissal) and Martin McElhinney. Up front, Mayo's starting forwards managed just 1 2 from play, and that all came in the first sixteen minutes. Where were nimble and incisive, Mayo were clumsy and ineffective. Where had a tangible and defined game plan that they stuck to, Mayo seemed unable to operate beyond an 'off the cuff' approach that has run into serious turbulence against the organised defensive systems that have been developed by James McCartan and Jim McGuinness. Ironically, the day had started positively enough for Mayo. Donal Vaughan, the captain for the afternoon, won the toss and elected to play with the breeze. On a beautiful day for a game, under blue skies and against a backdrop of glorious spring sunshine, Andy Moran was a central figure in the opening fifteen minutes at centre forward. He won breaks and sprayed ball to his colleagues as Mayo raced into a 1 3 to 0 1 lead. Kevin McLoughlin clipped the opening score on two minutes and a well taken goal from Enda Varley eight minutes later, after Conor Mortimer had found him with a 'disguised' pass, sent Mayo surging ahead. Alan Dillon and Mortimer (free) added scores in quick succession and all seemed well. However, that was to be as good as it got. settled into their familiar game plan during the second quarter, defending in numbers, working the ball into the scoring zone, and letting McFadden, Murphy and Patrick McBrearty take it from there. Mayo's defence was battling valiantly but, with the ball failing to stick up front, they were under constant pressure for three quarters of the game. Colm McFadden duly slotted three frees, and Michael Murphy added another, as well as a classy point from play, as kept in touch despite playing against the wind. At the other end, two frees from Conor Mortimer was the sum total of Mayo's efforts before the break, and a two point lead seemed vulnerable given the strength of the breeze.

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