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If you would like to receive email alerts about fashion sales, bargains, and thrifty finds in Columbia, please click "Subscribe" above this article. Tips for moving houseplants from outdoors to indoorsMany gardeners keep their houseplants outside during the summer and move them inside for the winter. Typically this is a good strategy but with moving plants in during the winter the plants. Columbia 4s,We've been smarting over an article from the Seattle Post Intelligencer about the prospects for next season on The CW. TV critic Melanie McFarland says that girls on The CW are going from smart and sassy to dumb and trashy in part because that's what the viewers want. Here's what she says: "It appears that whatever viewers stuck around to watch The CW's shows aren't looking for challenging scripts or college girls with ambition and spine. Heroines getting by on the strength of a high IQ and harsh life lessons are going out of style; surviving makeover rounds and mastering the art of what Banks called the booty tooch that is, making your rump look larger than it really is in cheesecake shots are in." "The idea is fairly nauseating that the death blow to "Veronica" may have been dealt by chicks whose goal in life is to hump the air to disposable pop music in frilly corsets and garters. The Pussycat Dolls professed to stand for empowerment in spite of all this, a state achieved via touching one's knee to one's ear. Indeed, The CW felt empowered to the tune of 3.9 million viewers watching the premiere, a number that more or less held steady throughout its run." McFarland blames the change in CW programming on many things including One Tree Hill: "Television's image of what it means to be a teen in America changed from yesteryear's introspection and the accentuation of qualities like free spiritedness and resilience to coveting the best clothes, purses and, like, stuff." We think McFarland is being a bit harsh there's room on the network for both smart dramas and escapist fare. Who says we have to choose one or the other? And hey, no matter how many people (including us, sometimes) decry reality shows, they do bring in the viewers. What do you think? Are McFarland's criticisms over the top, or is it the sort of tough love the network needs? Can one network provide both smart and silly? Are One Tree Hill and The Pussycat Dolls signs of the decline of Western civilization? Would more shows like Veronica Mars or Gilmore Girls save us? I had look forward to many year of watching great show on my local CW network KTLA with great hit from it WB past like Gilmore Girls and Smallvile family frindly and thoughful show but that over your network is trash with junk like Top Model and Beauty and the Geek. The WB will always have a place in my heart and it show well be found on my dvd racks but i will never watch CW agian u ran GG to the ground and then end it with this lame ass parting you guys killed and i hope your network fails. I look forward to boycotting your networks and call on your sponsor to pull the plug on your junk Trashy is an undeniable side of the CW. there is nothing smart or interesting surrounding shows top model or PCD. But if this network has no objection to being a teen boys outlet when they cant get porn let them do it. I will nolonger sit by and watch. mainly because the only two show I watch on the network are Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls and well the girls are gone and the best damn Privet detective since Magnum really has no chance there is nothing I'm going to be watching. even Supernatural I watch on another network I just have to wait an extra Day (it's the space channel if you were wondering) I just cant wait untill the articule about how the entire network is failing comes out because all I will do is think they asked for it. it's not there was an entire half a brain to combind between the first two networks any ways. I 100 percent agree with McFarland. The CW has turned most of its shows into trash, and these ridiculous shows like The Pussycat Dolls merely perpetuate the objectification of women. Not only are they seemingly getting rid of shows with strong women, they are pushing aside the female characters in shows that also stand for strength and empowerment. IE: Smallville's Chloe has become a plot device, while girls who tramp around and show off their bodies are put front and center. I think this trend definitely has something to do with Dawn Ostroff and the future path of the CW. Most of the shows have turned into soaps. Just watch, next season Supernatural there will be a love triangle between Sam, Dean and some girl who sleeps around and can't decide who she wants. The CW has turned most of the shows that were once good into trash. And they keep on bringing in new trash. IE: Gossip Girl. I think the name says it all. You couldn't pay me to watch that. The CW is all about marketing and promoting women's bodies so as to gain more viewers. I for one am highly considering the possiblity of boycotting the station out of respect for women everywhere. Susan B. Anthony would be proud!!!!! Maybe if more women fought for what is being shown on television like this McFarland, we'd actually have shows with a touch of class instead of a touch of trash! She makes some excellent points. Now with the Gilmore Girls gone, 7th Heaven (which I quit watching this year when it moved to Sunday night from Monday night when I would catch it on, the storylines and new characters were so awful I could hardly watch more than 30 minutes at a time) possibly Veronica Mars going. there really will be no reason for me to be tuning into The CW. If a intelligently written well acted show like GG (well, this year wasn't so great since the Pallidinos left, but I still tuned in to watch) VM is pulled from this network for more Pussycat Dolls type shows, I won't be tuning in any longer. I can see quality programming is no longer a concern to this new network.

Factory Outlet Online Sale Columbia 4s,Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared 2014 Being fashionable is a lot less rigid during the holiday season, no longer are you forced to just wear pastels or even an Easter dress. So, whether you wear something traditional or something casual will be completely up to you. If you want to wear a dress, look for one that has prints on it, such as flowers, so that it will remind you of the springtime. You can also select a dress that has some ruffle or lace on it. With this in mind, you need to make sure that you select a dress that is right for both your body type and your skin tone. This should be something that will highlight your best features while hiding the less desirable aspects. You can go more casual with a pretty floral halter top with a pair of slacks, jeans, or capris. Choose a shoe that matches the style and color of your Easter outfit. Your Hairstyle And Jewelry This Easter You can tie this in your hair any way that you like or use a pretty headband. Next you can begin adding jewelry. You can add big bold jewelry that matches the colors that are found in your clothing or you can go more traditional and wear pearls. Choose an Easter outfit that can be worn throughout the spring and summer. Choosing shoes at Shoes and Accessories will give you a variety of shoe choices for women, men, and children. Columbia 4s The fight was a rematch and the poor bastard Ali's standing over was Sonny Liston. Their first fight had ended mysteriously when Liston refused to come out of his corner. In the months leading up to the rematch, they had a difficult time securing a venue, partially due to rumors of mob involvement, which is how they ended up in Maine. Making things all the more shady, nobody saw the punch that knocked Liston out. While the resulting photograph makes Ali look like he's celebrating in triumph, those who were ringside claim Ali was actually yelling at Liston to get up, presumably so he could at least wait for a more plausible punch before taking a dive. In the seedy world of professional boxing, Liston was perhaps the dirtiest and most mysterious guy in the ring. No one knew, including Liston, when or where he was born. Liston had done time and apparently had underworld connections, including having his contract owned by notorious and prominent Mafiosos. Because of that, there were rumors that Liston bet against himself because he owed money to the mob and really didn't feel like getting fitted with a pair of cliche cement shoes. It wasn't a great moment if you were a Bulls fans, but Jordan's first retirement was one of the biggest and most inexplicable stories of the '90s. He was in his prime and his Bulls were unbeatable. They'd just won their third straight title and showed no signs of slowing down. Jordan is by all accounts one of the most psychotically competitive human beings on the planet and he was in place to challenge the record of eight straight titles. It just made no sense that Jordan would hang up his overpriced sneakers in October of 1993. Well, unless you believe the theory that it wasn't exactly a standard retirement. Some folks claim it was an under the table suspension imposed by David Stern after word leaked that MJ was losing money by the fistful thanks to a crippling gambling problem. Despite his squeaky clean corporate image, Michael Jordan had a few vices. Namely: gambling, gambling, and more gambling (though since retirement he has added 'underwear commercials that make us uncomfortable' to that list). MJ was also no stranger to casinos, even during the NBA playoffs. Far more disturbing were the unsubstantiated rumors that his father, who was killed in a shooting, had been murdered in connection to his son's gambling debts. Wait, you mean this wasn't his idea? Only days after Jordan's retirement, the NBA wrapped up its investigation into MJ's gambling allegations, declaring that Jordan hadn't done anything wrong. Except for, you know, betting a shitload of money on sports. When the question was posed as to whether Jordan would ever consider un retiring, MJ said yes, "If David Stern lets me." The conspiracy theorists pounced on this peculiar statement, noting that if it were a legit retirement, Stern would be batshit crazy not to let Jordan back in the league. In 1951, baseball's New York Giants found themselves trailing the Brooklyn Dodgers by 13.5 games in the standings with less than two months to go. Typically teams faced with such an insurmountable deficit call it a season and start stocking away grain alcohol for those long winter months. But with the possible exception of Philadelphians, no one likes losing. So, the Giants decided to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, try extra hard and play great, fundamental baseball. When that failed they decided to just cheat their way back into contention. How did they do it? Well, believe it or not, Bill Belichick didn't invent signal stealing. Except, when the Giants cheated, they won. Allegedly during their home games, the Giants would send a coach out to center field armed with a telescope and electronic buzzer with which to steal and relay the other team's signs to the hitter. Since it happened in the black and white era, we're forced to assume this led to Three Stooges style slapstick shenanigans; a buzzer malfunction leading to some good old fashioned genital shocking, if we had to guess. In February 2001, NASCAR fans lost their most legendary driver at their most legendary event when Dale Earnhardt was tragically killed during the last lap of the Daytona 500. In June of that same year, NASCAR returned to Daytona and what transpired resembled a Hollywood ending, only without slow motion and melodramatic music. Earnhardt's son Dale Jr. found himself in seventh place with only six laps to go, but somehow, miraculously, managed to come from behind for the storybook victory at the racetrack that claimed his father's life. Many fans and rival drivers have been vocal about Junior's win being just a bit too perfect, and hinted that NASCAR may have been pulling some strings in order to give Junior the emotional win and, presumably, their sport a ratings boost. Either that or the drivers who had been ahead of Junior suddenly developed the driving habits of elderly women. From May of 2000 until his win at Daytona in June of 2001, Junior had won exactly zero times, a span of 36 races. Keep in mind that this is a sport where your success is largely determined by how fast your car goes. Unless you're driving the little engine that could, inspiration can only take you so far. But driving the car that was on a 36 race losing streak, he somehow passed six cars in two laps, which is a feat only repeated by Ricky Bobby as far as we know. Some have suggested that the drivers ahead of Junior eased back to let him win, while others have speculated that NASCAR gave Junior preferential treatment in his car's inspection, . Even racing legends like Bill Elliot, Richard Petty, and Richard Petty's mustache believe that something is fishy with NASCAR. Elliot in particular has been vocal, suggesting that

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