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Nha Trang is Vietnam's most famous seaside resort town. It's more lively and urban in character than other beach destinations like Mui Ne and Phu Quoc. The French recognized that this beautiful bay, with its islands and white sand beaches, made for a perfect bathing spot, and began the transformation into a resort town. American soldiers agreed, and Nha Trang became a favorite vacation stop during the war. The monsoon season is from October to mid December. Sea winds can be heavy, and sometimes the weather can get pretty chilly. Summer, naturally, brings many vacation goers into town and hotel rooms get somewhat more difficult to find. Nha Trang, like Mui Ne farther South, are very popular with Russian tourists. Consequently, most of the tourist infrastructure is reared towards those and you might find yourself not able to read the menu of a restaurant or check into a hotel, because the staff only speaks Russian/Vietnamese. Get in[edit]Cam Ranh Airport (CXR), built on the grounds of an old American airbase in 2004, is located 30km from the city and serves only domestic destinations and Russia. Taxi fare from the airport to downtown locations is a fixed rate of 380,000 VND, though many hotels have their own buses. Do not offer to go by the meter here as it is about 100,000 VND more expensive than the fixed rate. Try to take a Mai Linh taxi as the Airport taxi drivers will quite often try to take advantage of you in some way. A cheaper option is to take the airport bus at 70,000 VND to the old Nha Trang Airport Tower (closed). They sell the tickets for this 10 12 passengers mini bus at a desk near the exit of the baggage claim. If you go out of the baggage claim area you have gone too far. Get the ticket, go out of the terminal, turn LEFT and the bus stop will be at the end of the sidewalk. The front of the mini bus will have CAM RANH written in white. That is the name of the company, but the destination is Nha Trang; confirm the destination with the driver. The bus company may hire a mini van taxi in case there are less passengers. Once in Nha Trang, the driver may drop you off at the entrance road to the old Nha Trang airport. The old airport terminal is in the city not far from most hotels. The bus office is located at the left end of the old tower building. For your return trip, get there 3 hours before your departure time and purchase your ticket. The bus station only runs when there are flights in/out of Cam Ranh Airport. Most city hotels should be reached by taxi for 40,000 dong or less. Mini hotel alley at 64 Tran Phu costs just 15,000 dong. For the adventurous traveller, take a short taxi ride to a Phuong Trang bus stop in Cam Ranh, then catch the Phuong Trang bus, 40,000 VND to Nha Trang (about an hour). The bus stops and the buses are orange coloured. The railway station is close to the cathedral in the northern part of town. If you want a soft sleeper (the highest class available on Vietnamese trains), book your train ticket directly at the train station as far in advance as you are able. Having a private travel agent book this ticket will quite often result in you paying the agent for a soft sleeper the agent will book a hard sleeper and you will not know until you board the train and it is too late to make changes. This is one of the most common scams in Vietnam! Soft sleeper rooms are 4 berth, hard sleepers are 6 berth. You can sit comfortably on a lower bed in a 4 berth room but in a 6 berth you will have to be very short in order to sit up straight. SNT trains (meaning Saigon to Nha Trang) have similar quality cars but are slower than the SE trains. The TN trains have the oldest and dirtiest cars and are the slowest so therefore are not recommended. Each of the SE, TN and SNT coded trains end with a number. If the number is odd it travels from North to South. If it is even, it travels from South to North. For sorting through the schedules and fares of the different railway lines departing or arriving to Nha Trang, the travel search engine Baolau is a useful tool. It calculates the best route to connect Nha Trang with any other city of the railway network and provides information of the location of the train station and official ticket offices. The journey to Nha Trang from Ho Chi Minh City takes between 6 8 hours on the SE trains (but are often delayed), so a sleeper is not really necessary, a cushioned seat in the AirCon car costs 190,000 dong. Soft seat is 310.000 dong (June 2012) The SNT trains take over 9 hours and travels overnight only. For 535,000 dong (lower bed T1 or 465,000 dong for upper bed T2), you can book a soft sleeper on the SNT1 or SE1, SE3, SE5 or SE7 trains from Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh City. These are the prices if you buy directly from Nha Trang train station. You will obviously pay more from an agent. Prices and times correct September 2012. Hotels will typically be able to buy the ticket for you for an additional 30,000 dong. The scenery on this journey is not that great compared to further north, so you are not missing out too much by travelling overnight. The SE1 train departs Nha Trang at 8.26PM and arrives in Ho Chi Minh City at 4.10AM. The SE3 train departs Nha Trang at 9.42PM and arrives in Ho Chi Minh City at 4.30AM. The SE5 train departs Nha Trang at 12.39PM and arrives in Ho Chi Minh City at 8.00PM. The SE7 train departs Nha Trang at 8.41AM and arrives in Ho Chi Minh City at 4.48PM. The SNT1 train departs Nha Trang at 6.40PM and arrives in Ho Chi Minh City at 5.20AM. The SNT2 departs Ho Chi Min City at 8.00PM and arrives in Nha Trang at 5AM, in March 2013 a ticket purchased same day at the railway station cost 519,000 dong for soft berth sleeper (upper bed) The train station is about 1 km away from the city centre, so you can easily walk. By bus[edit] Most open tour buses arrive from Ho Chi Minh City in the south (10 12 hours) and Hoi An to the north (16 hours). They drop their passengers in the main tourist area around Biet Thu, while the public bus station is at 58, 23 Thang 10, about a 10 minute walk west of the center. North to Qui Nhon 6 hours on Mai Linh Express(115,000 dong) departures at 7.30,8.30,13.00 and 15.30 or 28 hours by TM Brothers bus (400,000 dong). Nha Trang to Da Lat departs at 8.00 AM. Nha Trang to Mui Ne departs at 7.45 AM. If you're booking the open tour bus tickets via an agent, try to find out the bus company being used and avoid TM brothers bus. They have a bad reputation. The owner of TM Brothers bus quoted me 400,000dong and a 28 hour ride to go to Quy Nhon, 220km from Nha Trang. I told him he was crazy and he shrugged and went back to his beer. Some of the TM Brothers seats are broken and you can find cockroach in the bus. However, their bus is usually a few dollars cheaper than other company. Air Jordan Force 5 Black Blue Red ,136064 102 Nike Air Jordan 3 Iii Retro White Cement Grey Fire Red 308308 161 Nike Air Jordan 2 Iiretro White Varsity Red Black 308497 033 Air Jordan 4 Green Glow Dark Grey Green Glow Cement Grey Black 302370 101 Nike Air Jordan 9 IX Retro White Black Air Jordan Spizike Challenge Red 136027 189 Air Jordan V Laney White Varsity Maize Varsity Royal Black 543390 009 Women Size Air Jordan 6 Velentines Day 2014 303891 141 Air Jordan 17 Low White University Blue 308308 001 Nike Air Jordan 2 II Retro Black Chrome You seem like a wonderful group. I am excited to get to know you all. I have a 29 weeker who will be 11 months next week. She is doing really well. But I have noticed some strange things with her feet. One is that she has big blotchy patches of raised skin around her ankle and on the top of her foot. The pediatrician said it is scarring from the IVs. Anyone else's baby have this? Just curious if it will look less obvious over time as her foot grows. Which leads me to question number two. My baby's feet are tiny, tiny tiny. She's barely in a size 1 shoe at this point. I just met a coworker's 7 week old baby the other day and his feet were so much bigger than my daughter's. And my daughter is almost 11 months old!! Is this typical of preemies? They just don't seem to be growing. I keep pulling shoes out of her closet and trying them on but her feet seem to be growing so slowly. The third thing is that my daughter's left foot is constantly curled up tightly and kind of turned inward. You can even see it in every picture I take of her. She does it all day long, when she's sitting, when she's lying down, when she's being held, etc. I just worry there is something wrong with it or that it will cause issues when she starts standing and walking. Any thoughts? My son also has tiny feet, and loads of scars on his ankles. In his case, I know that the scars are from the hundreds of heel pricks they gave him to draw blood. Especially early on when they were unable to start an arterial line because of his size. He doesn't have any on the top of his foot, though they do come out to the sides somewhat. I would guess that these things are common to preemies. In my son's case, it's not just his feet, because all of him is very tiny (he's only 21 pounds at 18 months adjusted, so not on the growth chart). My son used to curl the toes on both of his feet. I mentioned it to his ped early on, and she didn't seem concerned. He has stopped doing it, and I'm not really sure when because I guess I wasn't paying tons of attention to it anymore. DS doesn't really have an significant scars. but, he was born with his foot looking quite deformed. Hard to describe but it seemed bent backwards. He grew out of it eventually, and it relaxed and basically looks normal (maybe a bit bent inwards now at 2, but that is it). Air Jordan Force 5 Black Blue Red,Sell more to each customer. Now there's a simple formula anyone can easily understand. But many entrepreneurs and small business owners fail to capitalize on the "sell more now" strategy to maximize their returns. Yet, it's the easiest way to make more money in virtually any business. Converting prospects to customers is often a difficult challenge. Moving them from a place of uncertainty and indecision to a "yes I'll take it!" state of mind, means using the full complement of sales tools and techniques. But once your prospect has made the decision to buy, the pressure is off. They're relaxed and relieved. That's the time to sell more products and services. What you want to do is encourage the buyer to spend more money through inducements, extras, discounts, and special deals. Make it enticing and you'll sell more goods. Some customers are happy to buy consumable products by the caseload rather than single packages when they could save some money by doing so. Just look at the success of stores like Costco and Sam's Club. Many of their products are bundled into quantities that are larger than those a typical family would buy. Simply making this option available means they sell more goods. Often the price is just too attractive to pass by. People end up spending more cash just to "save" money. Once you have a customer in your store, browsing through your catalogue, or visiting your web site, your task is to maximize the value of their visit. In other words, sell more goods and boost your profits. Make it easy for visitors to buy. Make it easy for them to spend more money than they planned to. Obviously, you want them to do so happily and without regret. After all, you only want satisfied customers. In fact, you should make it an objective of your business to develop life long customers. The profit potential of repeat purchases and referrals are simply unmatched. The more repeat customers you have, the less you'll need to spend on attracting new customers. You'll sell more products at far less effort and expense. Whatever quantity deals you offer should always be in your customer's best interest. It's not a matter of unloading excess inventory; it's about offering superb value. Do so and you'll automatically sell more widgets. Increasing the value of a purchase can be as simple as providing support materials or accessories that are natural and convenient additions to whatever the customer is buying. For example. an electrical supply store could offer booklets that guide homeowners to safely carry out minor repairs and installations themselves. A sportswear retailer could offer socks and underwear in addition to their full line of outerwear, as extra accessories at the point of purchase. The video offer was only introduced after the initial sale had been made. This proved to be an effective technique for increasing the average cash value of a purchase. Offer additional value at the "moment of truth" and you'll sell more now. Scaling down the price per piece according to the amount purchased also helps to stimulate additional volume purchases. This works well with products that have large profit margins and where customers can easily justify getting more than one, as is the case with consumable products and gift items. Give buyers an extra advantage on quantity purchases and you will sell more. One local entrepreneur sells single bottle wine stands at local fairs and shopping mall kiosks. This product is nothing more than a single piece of wood cut on a sharp angle with one hole drilled through, on the same angle. The weight of the bottle balances the board. It's a novel idea one that captures people's attention quickly. This savvy marketer sells one wine stand for $5 or two for $6.50. He sells far more packages of two, than he does single units. Why? It's such a great deal, few passers by can resist. An extra buck and a half is mere pocket change and there's always someone the buyer could give it to. It's too difficult to ignore something like this. Think of supermarket pricing. While shopping for groceries yesterday, the price of bundled green onions were clearly marked at 3 for 99 cents. There was no price listed for just one bunch. Guess what? Most people that were buying green onions yesterday, took 3 bunches. Perhaps it was the perception that this "special price" was only available on quantity purchases. People often assume that they'll get a better price (per piece) on three, than just one. Here's how the thinking goes. " I might be charged 50 cents for one bunch. Buying 3 gives me each for just 33 cents. That's better value, so I'll take 3 bunches". Another way to encourage customers to spend more is by offering an attractive discount on a second, or third similar product. This could work well for businesses whose customers would like to buy more than one. A good example would be a ladies shoe store. This kind of business could significantly increase sales by offering a second pair of shoes at 15% 20% off.

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