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The setting said it all. At The Woman's Club of Minneapolis, a hub for powerful women in the Twin Cities since 1928, Voices for Conservative Women hosted its first networking event.Sipping on wine and nibbling on cheese and chocolates, 75 women mid twenties to middle aged chatted and mingled Tuesday evening. On hand were former Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, Assistant House Majority Leader and radio magnate Ginny Hubbard Morris.The atmosphere was cordial and warm, but the talk was serious small business concerns, the economy, and the main topic of the evening: how to encourage conservative women to run for office."Just like liberal women, we are women who deal with issues like aging, education, business and finance," Koch told the group. "But we do it with a different, conservative perspective.", president and founder of Voices, believes that women, and especially conservative women, know better than anyone how to maintain fiscal order. But until recently, there was no organization here to support them.Former Minnesota Senate Majority LeaderAmy Koch"Does the common sense, pocketbook woman have a place and home?" she asked as she explained to the group her drive to create Voices. "As the women of the right, we could do better."Voices' founding principle is to endorse women candidates based primarily on their views on fiscal issues. Voices' endorsees are all Republicans, but DeJournett insists that party affiliation is not a litmus test.Neither are social issues, which are strictly not part of the agenda for VoicePAC or the group's education and advocacy arm, which sponsored the networking event.Judging by the conversations at The Woman's Club, Voices has correctly identified the concerns of many of today's conservative women."Business is good," Koch was saying to two women. Her utilities services business was busy, a sign that development is picking up, she said."But people are still unsure," replied Laura Tomczik, who works for a small insurance company. "The cost of health care is a major issue."Courtesy of Comments like that reinforce DeJournett's contention that women in office can better make the case for legislative change. Rep. Loon agreed: "Women, by far, can tell you when the rubber hits the road in public policy."Loon and others offered a hint that conservative women share some common ground with their liberal counterparts, mainly in their belief that women have the potential to be better leaders than men. "Women invented the word multitasking," she said.State Rep. Carol McFarlane, who is not running for re election, is now helping other campaigns. She summed up why she supported women in office: "We don't do it the same way as a man. We don't rant and rave and wave our fists, and we don't always have to take credit."It was the line that drew the loudest applause and the most knowing smiles.Just anecdotal and probably a generalization but the women managers I've worked for seem to be more sensitive to how people perceive them than the men I've worked for. It presents itself in how they dress, how they present themselves, their grammar, their writing. Men are terse and abrupt in giving orders, women approach with "what do you think of this?"Good leaders gather enough information to make an informed decision and stand up and fight for it. Men tend to ignore the emotional side of an issue where a women will take other's feelings into account.There is no Good or bad in this. Just my experience.but based around women. And about as likely to be successful. Unless these women are willing to dedicate themselves to specifically restricting the basic rights of women and undermining services for women and children, they won't have a place at the boys' table of the GOP.Unfortunately, a lot of women just don't believe this is happening. They're in denial. Unless you're a Michele Bachmann type who is willing to turn her own life into performance art for the benefit of powerful men, the modern conservative movement isn't welcoming, and is in fact growing rapidly more hostile. These ladies will be expected to do as they are told.When what's being dealt with is strictly fiscal policy, there might be (rare) circumstances when I might even agree with "conservative" women. Not often, however, does the fiscal not at least touch upon social and educational issues, and the fact that VCW studiously avoided those kinds of issues at its gathering doesn't make the organization immune from them.Once those issues surface, given the sustained and malevolent attacks on women that have come from "conservative" males in legislatures across the country, including Congress, over the past year or two, I'm a little mystified as to how those fiscally conservative women will be able to maintain their "conservative" stance. Possibly Allen Quist's "genetic disposition" has somewhat moderated in the 18 years since he made that suggestion, but I have a hard time seeing any of the people pictured for the article meekly agreeing to be silent because the husband/boyfriend has basically said, "Shut up."Once we get away from the strictly financial and money seeps into every corner of the society, so it probably can't be done entirely the very notion of "conservative women," especially given the past couple of years around the country, seems just a little oxymoronic to me. 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Eye pleasing products include flowers, creepers and other decorative items that are natural and praised due to the inexplicable natural beauty. On the other hand various diesel run equipments are the examples of products that are the result of technology advancement. The eye pleasing products fresh cut flowers, strawberry runners etc. are widely demanded in the market due to the unmatched quality, natural beauty and elegant look. Moreover, these are widely used for the decoration and embellishment applications. These are available in huge varieties to meet the different preferences of the buyers. Further, there is no customization is possible as these are natural. But, the combination of two or more decorative products could be customized as per one's requirement. Further, the elegant look, pleasant colors and natural patterns are some of the attributes playing vital role in the enhancement of the demands of these products in the national as well as international market. There has been development in the sector of industrial tools and machines. Various hand operated tools and equipments are now developed into fuel run. Hence, this has improved the quality and quantity of the output. The product that has become popular in the market in the recent time is petrol saw cutter machines. These machines work exactly the same as the hand driven traditional saws. But as these are run by petrol, the quality and quantity of the output is relatively high as compared to that from the hand driven saw cutters. There are vendors for both, natural decoration items like the fresh cut flowers, strawberry runners etc. or the commercial products like petrol saw cutter machines. The decoration items are natural thus, the quality does not depend in the hands of vendors. But still they make sure of the availability of the fresh and elegant looking flowers and creepers. On the other hand the petrol saw cutter machines are manufactured using premium quality materials that ensure notable features high durability and resistivity to adverse conditions. Moreover, attributes like lightweight, easy usability, low maintenance cost etc. has also played a vital role in the enhancement of the demands of these saw cutters. Men Nike Free 3.0 Soar Blue Pure Platinum Reflective Silver,There are so many young athletes doing it so well today that it makes me wonder if they too are cheating. As badly as I feel about the situation, I am sure to continue to watch Track Field because I am truly fascinated by athletes. Sent by Jerome 3:13 PM 10 5 2007 Hey Marion I luv you and if you need a shoulder to rest your head on, call me. I glad you came forward and unburden yourself, the next step is to turn in your medals and go on a speaking tour about the use od steriods in sports and write abook about your life as a high profile sport star. Your effort at out reach will be well recived by the public and your book will be a best seller. Go on all the talk shows confess your poor choice and public like me will have nothing but open arms to you. Take your money invest in Belize with a sport program for the childern there and well as in Southern California and teach what you know to young people how to run track. And while your at it get some acting under your belt put some bets in as well as do some fashion work the world will soon be at your door. You are a beautful women and life isn't how high you climb, but when you fall the strenght of character to get up a start again. Not to worry just Belize it, everything is go'in to be alright. Sent by Sanifu 6:13 PM 10 5 2007 I was very disappointed to hear about Marion Jones but it was courageous of her to come forward. We all fall down and I pray she will be able to get up from this. Marion I am behind you!

Order Online Womens Men Nike Free 3.0 Soar Blue Pure Platinum Reflective Silver,Air Jordan 12 Low Black Patent Black Varsity Red With a sticker price of up to $1.6 million, MRI machines were not affordable across much of the developing world in 2007. After all, household incomes are considerably lower than in developed countries, and in India, for example, there is no formal health insurance system to compensate providers for MRI exams. Indian physicians charge about $150 for an MRI procedure, compared to $1,000 and up in the United States. Yet, the Indian market (and others throughout the developing world) is enormous and the demand is real. But a scaled down, low quality MRI unit was out of the question for GE Healthcare. For one thing, Indian physicians know the state of the art of western technology. attend conferences here, they have family here, says Jim Davis, vice president and general manager of GE Healthcare Magnetic Resonance business, who is based in the United States. of them trained here. Besides, he says, are on a mission to provide quality care in all markets. A human being is a human being. We don want to discriminate. GE Healthcare began development of the Brivo 355 and its sister product, the Optima 360, MRI machines for technicians using the technology for the first time. Designed, developed, and built in India and China, the machines don compromise quality but do have an easier to read user interface and are easy to operate by technicians who may lack the degree of training they would receive in the developed world. Davis calls them right machines for emerging markets. And at $700,000 to $900,000, they are the right price. GE Healthcare strategy is a departure from the traditional model where no frills products that were built for the developing world stayed in the developing world. Lower cost, stripped down products that can be sold both in high growth and slow growth markets are one example of how companies are addressing new normal a two speed world with two types of markets, each with different characteristics. On the one hand are the high growth economies such as China, India, and Brazil. With growth rates of 8% to 12% and some 2.6 billion people, these markets are hard to ignore, despite their low average household incomes. and Western Europe, for example with growth rates ranging from 1% to 4%, but relatively high average household incomes. In this article, experts from Wharton and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) consider some of the key challenges that global manufacturers face as they attempt to synchronize their worldwide operations to meet the needs of these two very different markets. To grow, multinationals from the slow speed, developed economies must target fast growing, emerging markets. But to compete against local companies, they need to drive out costs, sharply improve quality or both. In these high growth markets, the challenge for manufacturers is to maintain flexibility and responsiveness while keeping costs down. Whether competing in high growth or slow growth markets, companies need lean products and systems, contends BCG partner and managing director Hal Sirkin. the slow growth world, you need low costs and the ability to respond quickly to customer needs, he says. in the high speed world, you need to be lean to lower your costs, customize products for emerging segments and create the capacity to grow. Companies that cut out waste through lean products and systems have lower costs and are more responsive, with shorter cycle times and higher quality. Benjamin Pinney, a principal in BCG Shanghai office, says that some manufacturers from the slow growth world are responding to market demand in emerging economies by defining a shared platform for production of high end and low end products, often at the same facility. Typically, the high end gets shipped to slow growth Western markets and the low end to high growth, emerging markets. But production can start at the same factory even on the same assembly line with components common to both models. The specifics change by industry and market, says Pinney. automobiles, the common components can be subassemblies or the partly completed chassis. In pharma, it the intermediate chemicals. With assembled goods like mobile phones, it can be partially kitted parts. With electrical equipment, it can be mechanical components for switchgears. all the automotive manufacturers are doing this, notes Pinney. In med tech, many companies are leveraging models for sales aimed at both worlds. Bicycle manufacturers are doing it too, and in the appliance sector, LG is producing frost free and non frost free refrigerators the former for low speed countries, the latter for high speed. But it not simply a matter of making more or different drugs in their current plants for shipment to these emerging economies. Instead, global pharma companies are searching for new ways to organize their go to market model in the new, two speed world. One challenge is how to reconstruct their networks to serve the local markets. and Russia require that pharma companies have local manufacturing operations to access the market, says Farber. several countries, governments say it is critical to the public health and wellness or to create jobs. So, in addition to knowledge of local customs and culture, drug makers and other manufacturers need to steep themselves in the relevant laws. In some countries, a global producer is not allowed to manufacture unless it brings on a local partner. global model, says Farber, more languages, more rules, and different duty, tax and patent issues a new level of complexity that has to be managed. Considering the degree of localization required, bringing a local partner on board might be a good idea even if the law didn require it. a local, act global thing, notes Farber. are regulatory, packaging, and cultural differences. You need to understand local markets and how distribution works. Of course, this has been true all along for multinationals seeking to capitalize on low labor costs by manufacturing in developing nations. But it even more important now that these emerging economies are not just manufacturing hubs but real growth markets and now that there a greater number of small, local companies to compete against. Marshall L. Fisher, a Wharton professor of operations and information management, agrees that what new is that these emerging economies are becoming attractive markets, not just manufacturing bases. emergence of consumer markets is interesting, says Fisher, noting that one of the missions of the Communist Party in China is to develop the country internal economy. think people are saving too much money. has, China has the reverse. The Chinese government desire to grow the internal economy and increase the percentage of income that people spend in China creates opportunities for non Chinese companies to make inroads there. such as Nike, Wal Mart, and Amazon are not the top brands in China. it suggests that you don need to be 1 to be big enough there. China, according to Fisher, tends to be a more fragmented market. But China potential market is so big, there is room to be 10 and still make money. But China also has huge companies with very little global name recognition yet. Fisher points to Foxconn, a $40 billion company with 300,000 employees and a 10 square mile campus. The company makes products for Apple and Motorola, largely for export. but no one has heard of them. Fisher is interested to see what happens to Foxconn as the internal Chinese economy develops. More Than Just Low Labor Costs Companies face a range of challenges as they formulate a two speed strategy for manufacturing, says Michael Zinser, BCG partner and global co leader of the firm manufacturing group. labor costs are lower in developing economies. But companies need to balance the low cost of labor with the added logistical costs and the risks inherent in lengthier supply chains, he notes. Add to that the rising expectations of buyers. don just want the lowest cost, they want to get their products quickly too! The best solution may be for companies in slow growth, developed markets to manufacture in low cost, high growth markets and sell to local consumers as well as to Western buyers. That way, the slower sales growth in the developed markets and the higher logistics costs would be offset by the robust local sales. But it easier said than done. companies first started manufacturing in Asia there were tax incentives, labor rates that were among the lowest in the world, and excess capacity, says Zinser. But some of those incentives have gone away, labor rates are rising (as they are at Foxconn), and logistics costs are higher. said, the cost savings are still there, he notes, you need to be clear about what your objectives are. if you want to tap into the fast growing markets of the developing economies, you might want to set up manufacturing operations there and local sales channels too, he adds. Keep in mind, too, that the no frills products made for emerging markets might also be embraced by consumers in the developed world. Again, this can create more complexity, but more opportunity too. consumers will always want lower priced products, he says. In order to provide both premium and low end products to the domestic market, the company has migrated some production to Mexico. But it has also started manufacturing in Southeast Asia to capitalize on the low labor costs and Asia growing consumer markets. Many companies set up overseas operations to take advantage of lower labor costs, but don take the opportunity to rethink their production processes with an eye toward cutting costs and reducing complexity. Others let quality, health or safety standards slip, says Zinser. A hands off approach in unknown markets can lead to problems. The best way to avoid these problems is to be on site, not on the other side of the world. is no alternative to having feet on the ground, he stresses. have to be there and see exactly what going on. Otherwise, you can end up with massive recalls and a PR nightmare, he says. have to do your due diligence, and you can make assumptions. I seen companies working with contract manufacturers on the other side of the world and forgetting to ask them what their production schedules looks like. But when you there on the shop floor, you can look around, kick tires, ask questions and learn a lot more than you would in a meeting. Wharton management professor Morris A. Cohen was recently in India meeting with Unilever executives. is not much need for marketing in India, he says. is so much demand that companies feel if they can just get their product in front of the customers, they buy it. It not worth spending on marketing. Instead, Unilever in India spends on distribution and consumer education. In some cases, he says, Indian people don know how to use bottles that contain consumer products. Unilever sets up stores run by women in the local villages. It a combination of technology and outreach that meets the local market needs. And knowing what the local market needs at a granular level requires a local presence. Cohen points out that India has significant barriers to entry, such as ownership rules that determine how much of a local company can be owned by a foreign corporation. Other challenges are structural. is an informal economy with lots of little shops by the road, so distribution is an enormous problem, notes Cohen. He recalls meeting with the CEO of a large Indian cell phone company that uses Wal Mart as a distributer, not a retailer, because the Wal Mart name isn well known in India. The distribution challenges are compounded by the country substandard roads and infrastructure. has done a better job of managing infrastructure than India, he says. markets are more easily penetrated because it is easier to transport goods there. depends on where you are selling, says Sirkin. can produce in these markets, sell for less, get your costs down, and take advantage of local market knowledge. and outsource production to companies that are cheaper. and make them in China because, unlike GE Healthcare budget MRI machines, Apple products are the same whether you buying them in New York, London, Mumbai or Shanghai. There is no budget priced iPad designed for developing economies. GE Healthcare, though, has gone through the process of customer segmentation drilling down, analyzing the market data, and coming to a deeper understanding of its target customers buying habits, favorite brands, and perhaps most important their aspirations. Bottom Line on a Two speed World According to Pinney, that are thriving in this two speed world are really good at managing both mass production and just in time production. They able to make fast adjustments up and down the value chain in response to changing market dynamics. And they make smart use of subcontracting to manage capital commitments against different production steps. that want to optimize their operations in the two speed world can learn from those that faced tough economic restraints in the past. is the mother of invention, says Sirkin. Japanese had to compete. They had to keep costs down and eliminate all the waste they could. The companies that got lean produced low cost, high quality products that changed the rules of competition. auto industry. market, and then moved up the value chain to higher end models. country or company that is resource constrained will figure out how to do more with less, as China and India have proven, says Sirkin. competitive markets, if your company doesn come up with a better value proposition, someone else will. Men Nike Free 3.0 Soar Blue Pure Platinum Reflective Silver During the past 100 years, cars have changed immensely. Take the braking systems. Up until the 1960s, drum brakes were the braking system of choice. Disc brakes were seen sporadically but didn't become mainstream until '70s [source: Britannica]. And the two technologies, while they do the same thing, couldn't be more different. Drum brakes use shoes attached to the axles that move out toward a drum attached to the wheels, during the braking process. The friction created by this outward force is what stops your car. But drum brakes can be a bear to change and sometimes may require a brake puller to complete the task. A brake puller is a claw like contraption that uses leverage to pull the drum away from the brake shoes. Usually, a well maintained vehicle won't require a brake puller when doing a brake job. However, an older vehicle might have rusted or stuck drum brakes. A brake puller will help break them free. You also may need a brake puller if the brakes have worn down too far. When this happens, the inside of the drum becomes gouged and worn irregularly and these grooves can prevent the shoes from clearing the drum. Brake pullers get their leverage from a long bolt in the center that applies pressure on the claws or fingers of the puller. As you slowly turn the bolt clockwise, the claws pull the drum away from the brake shoe assembly [source: Kalal]. Imagine facing a wall seated with your knees bent toward your chest and you're trying to remove a lodged object. When you grab it and pull, you can't remove it. But as soon as you push against the wall with your legs, it pops free. It's the same concept. Brake pullers can cost anywhere from $59 on up [source: Bargain Outfitters]. If you're a car enthusiast who collects and works on older cars, you may want to invest in one. But if you just need it for the weekend, you can rent one from a tool rental center or even borrow one at no cost from an auto parts store such as Auto Zone. (You might have to leave a deposit, though). In addition to the puller, you'll need a few basic garage tools to ensure safety. Make sure to use an approved jack, jack stand and tire chocks. Tire chocks are especially essential as they prevent the vehicle from rolling once either the front or rear wheels are in the air. Check your owner's manual for the recommended jack. Floor jacks come in different ratings. Usually a two and a half ton jack is sufficient. If the brake puller has instructions, follow them closely. If not, back out the center nut by turning it counter clockwise until the jaws are opened wide enough to fit around the brake drum. Place the tips of the jaws on the edge of the backside of the drum, then turn the center nut clockwise until it begins to tighten. As you tighten the nut, the jaws will slowly pull the drum away from the brake shoes until it's free. Once you've removed the drum, inspect it closely. If it's grooved or damaged from rust, you'll need to either get it machined or replace it. And if you're going to change one drum, you may as well change the opposite side. Uneven brake wear can make your vehicle pull to one side during braking.

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