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SpaceX now tentatively hopes to launch CRS 3 on April 18. Launch is scheduled to occur at 16:58 EDT (21:58 UK time) from Cape Canaveral. As a reminder, this will be the first heavy launch vehicle that will attempt a soft landing back here on Earth and as such, if it a success, this could be one of history most significant space launches. The original story from March, detailing the soft landing, is below. There is also a live video stream of the launch embedded below if you have a few minutes, be sure to watch it; the soft landing should be spectacular. Original storySpaceX, Elon Musk poster child of the commercial space travel revolution, is about to attempt the first ever soft landing of a heavy space launch vehicle. On March 16, SpaceX mission CRS 3 will lift off from Cape Canaveral on a resupply mission to the International Space Station. Usually, the massive primary stage of the rocket would fall into the Atlantic ocean after launch but in this case, it will sprout some metal legs and use what left of its rocket fuel to slowly return to Earth. This is perhaps the single most important step in SpaceX stated goal of reducing the cost of space travel by a factor of 10, eventually leading to the human colonization of Mars. The Falcon 9 is very large. Simply throwing them away into the ocean is rather wasteful. One of the primary reasons that the human exploration of space is moving so slowly is cost. Yes, you can argue that space agencies like NASA and ESA should receive more funding, but at the end of the day it still excruciatingly expensive for humanity to send stuff into space. For heavy lift vehicles, which are required to lift large satellites, equipment, and supplies into space, it costs somewhere in the region of $10,000 to lift a single pound ($22,000/kg) into orbit around the Earth. It costs even more if you want to propel that mass out of the Earth gravity and over to Mars. For sending astronauts into space, though, NASA currently pays around $70 million per seat aboard the Soyuz space capsule. (A crewed version of SpaceX Dragon capsule, DragonRider, is in development, which will reduce the cost per seat to $20 million but it won launch until 2015 at the earliest.) Now, it always going to be expensive to lift stuff off the Earth surface (blame gravity!), but there are some big changes we can make that will reduce the cost significantly such as re using the launch vehicle. Currently, for all space launch vehicles, the initial rockets and fuel tanks are jettisoned usually into the ocean, never to be seen again. This is incredibly wasteful; according to theSpace Development Steering Committee, those rockets cost in the region of $100 million, and we throw them away after a single use. Enter SpaceX reusable launch vehicle (RLV) technology. How to maneuver a very long cylinder with just a single point of thrust: Gimbals! SpaceX originally debuted its RLV tech on the suborbital Grasshopper rocket in 2013 (video above). If the tests were successful which they were the plan was to take the same tech and scale it up to the full size Falcon rocket. Basically, after the first stage detaches from CRS 3, it will use its Merlin rocket engines to slowly return to Earth. For this flight, the first stage will still land in the water but once SpaceX is confident that it can do so safely, future launches will see the first stage fly all the way back to to the launchpad. After that, SpaceX will start bringing the second stage back to the launchpad, too. The eventual goal, according to SpaceX, is to create a launch system that is reusable within hours. Basically, SpaceX would give these rockets a quick once over, fill them back up with fuel and off they go again. The fuel is still very expensive, but it nothing compared to the cost of the hardware. If everything goes to plan, the total cost per pound to launch into Earth orbit could drop to $500 or less one twentieth of what today unreusable rockets cost. Suffice it to say, if SpaceX manages to undercut every other space launch company in the world including the Russian and Chinese governments it could suddenly find itself in a very powerful and lucrative position. The launch of CRS 3 will take place on March 16 at 04:41 EDT (early Sunday morning). There will be a live NASA feed, which will hopefully show the first stage powered descent into the ocean. Tagged InThe shuttle was awesome for what it could do. orbiters was the fault of tank (shedding foam) and solid booster (damaged O rings) issues, and was not the fault of the orbiter design itself. government hadn kept funding so low, forcing NASA to drop clever fly back booster concepts (which operate more cheaply but are in turn more expensive to design and construct). And if the military hadn forced NASA to make the orbiter FAR larger than the Dyna Soar size that NASA preferred, in order to be able to carry Uncle Sam newest schoolbus sized spy satellites, then it could have proven far more efficient to use/reuse. Maybe someday someone will try again and get it right, using lessons learned from the first (and still only) manned winged spacecraft. I actually prefer NASA to a private company like SpaceX. I not saying that there isn a place for privatized space travel but some things are better left to NASA. It all comes down to the motives of each group. The private sector end goal is to make money. That it. If there is no profit to be made the private sector doesn care. In many cases that is totally fine. In other cases isn not. On the other hand, NASA main goal is to expand scientific understanding. That isn always profitable. Take for example, the possible mission to Jupiter moon Europa. There is no profit to be made by exploring Europa so if it wasn for NASA it wouldn happen. The same goes for past accomplishments. Do you think we would have sent out Voyager 1, walked on the moon or sent a rover to Mars with a purely privatized space industry? No way. Somehow I feel you are implying NASA can make use of the tech generated by the private sector (maybe I wrong?). Sure, NASA motivations are different, but if there a cheaper way to send something into space, they can capitalize on it and send 20 things for the current price of 1. Right now, NASA contracts the Russians to use their rockets, what the difference to contract SpaceX? The development of this technology in no way whatsoever changes NASA missions, motivations, or the execution of their plans. It just makes it more cost effective to pursue their scientific endeavors, because even though they don have to turn a profit, they still have to stick to a budget. The more spacial awesomeness that comes out of that budget, the better. I agree to an extent. NASA has come up with amazing things. The problem is that in the past 25 or so years it became a giant government boondoggle. Part of that was because of the lack of a political mandate. Part of it was the Congressmen all wanted things built in their district and added thousands of useless projects as a form of PORK. By offering contracts out to corporate firms, in theory you can avoid this through competition. In reality, that will probably only work for so long, then the companies will become TOO BIG TO FAIL and will be so intertwined with the Government that they become just as screwed up as NASA ever was. But whatever, at least we are getting back on track (for now). That is actually very incorrect. Doing the historical research shows that ALL great exploration has been done for either profit or religious reasons. Columbus mission was privately funded with the Spanish Crown only providing patents on trade routes and the 1400s equivalent of a loan guarantee. The money came from private groups. Lewis Clark were paid by the Government but with the specific mission of finding a route to the Pacific for commercial reasons. the idea of exploring for no reason other than knowledge only came about in the last half century. I a super NASA fan. I agree that a lot of what they do wouldn be done by the private sector because there no money to be made. I hope they continue to do what they do and their budgets are increased. However, hauling cargo into space is a repetitive, costly endeavor. This is the perfect case for letting companies compete to drop costs. If you can halve the cost for NASA to put stuff in space, then they can put double the stuff in space or put the same amount of stuff for half the cost. This will either free up money that would be used to launch more satellites/missions or enable them to increase the size (and therefore complexity) of the satellites/missions they are launching anyway. Also, it lets NASA focus on what they do best, exploration, and leaves the mundane it only rocket science, afterall ;) to a company like SpaceX. Since the other option is paying Russia to launch stuff, I rather see my tax dollars go to an American company that employs American engineers, even if said company did it for the same price as Russia. Luckily, it looks like SpaceX will do it waaay cheaper NASA, like any institution, has its pluses and minuses. One of the minuses is how you join NASA. Unless things have changed, you take a test. You are then scored based upon the results of that test PLUS an added weighting depending on the amount of time you spent in the military. Correspondingly, over the years NASA has become a retirement community for military double dippers. This is hardly the turf you anticipate exploring for new, imaginative, and leading edge thinking. SpaceX is not about the money. Money is the result of creating a successful launch platform. The goal of SpaceX is to advance humanity into space with a long term goal of colonizing Mars. That is why SpaceX is constantly improving their rockets and technology. Other companies and NASA are in the business of making money and hitting budgets. In the space of 10 years, NASA has had 50, SpaceX has already revolutionized the launch industry. If they succeed at reusability then they will have definitely changed the whole world. Other companies are happy to maintain what they know works and don push the envelope. Of course SpaceX is about the money. I not saying good things can happen or going to Mars isn a real goal but that is secondary to making money. SpaceX is a BUSINESSES! Elon Musk is a BUSINESSES MAN. Him saying he wants to go to Mars is most likely true but primarily he is looking to make money. If he can find away to achieve both that is great but if he can profit from it too it is unlikely to happen. NASA goals aren motivated by profit so for many things they are better suited to lead the way. If SpaceX can help that happen for a lower cost and NASA continues to get funding that is equal to our greater than what they have now then great. Everyone wins. Musk makes billions and NASA continues to expand our understanding of the universe but don fool yourself on the actual motivation of a businesses. some interviews of Elon back in 2008 and watch one from 2014, there is little difference in what he says. true. He uses the same exact sound bites. It gets so boring listening to him. He figures out how to answer everything word for word like he has done a thousand times before. It is almost as bad as Winston Churchill who would lock himself away from his relatives for weeks practicing his facial expressions and delivery in case he were asked something. (Or so say his relatives.) He was very and so is Musk. NASA was great in the 60 when it had a purpose. But it performance since Apollo has been a national disgrace. It became a big public works project and lost it focus. The advantage of private companies is that they come and go based on results. Air Jordan 11 Bred 2012 ,Air Jordan 4 Black Cement 2012 Air Jordan 7 French Blue 2015 Air Jordan 5 Laney Air Jordan 10 Doernbecher Air Jordan 4 Retro Fire Red 2012 Air Jordan 1 Black Toe 2013 Air Jordan 5 Black Grape Air Jordan 6 Infrared 2014 Air Jordan 10 Cool Grey The secrets just won't stop on "Pretty Little Liars" season four. The girls are still interested in questions like, is Mona (Janel Parrish) trustworthy? Is Alison really still alive? And who was the woman in black at Wilden's funeral? But the real heart of this episode, "Turn of the Shoe," which aired on June 18, boils down to the one thing Hanna (Ashley Benson) wishes it wouldn't: where her mom, Ms. Ashley Marin (Laura Leighton), was the night Wilden died. Who tried to kill Mona? A "PLL" episode isn't complete without a death threat or attempt of some sort. In her constant pursuit of getting the other girls to trust her, Mona takes them to the RV to search, her last "get out of jail free card." Of course, the RV isn't there, because Toby (Keegan Allen) has already moved it. As if Mona's day couldn't get any worse, someone is in the back of her car and tries to choke her before tossing her out. And then, to top it all off, she's almost hit by her own car, except Emily (Shay Mitchell) is there to once again save the day, although she hurts her shoulder in the process. Will Emily get into Stanford? All the girls are starting to think of college on "Pretty Little Liars," but only Emily is counting on her swimming to get her into the elite Stanford. While it seems pretty stupid of her from the get go to take prescription pain medication, "Turn of the Shoe" somewhat shows how desperate she is. It's not that she wants Stanford necessarily, it's that she wants to be with Paige (Lindsay Shaw). And that's exactly why Shauna rival swimmer and Paige's ex gets into her head so much. Emily needs Stanford, so she thinks. Not surprisingly, the swim meet ends horribly when Emily runs her head into the wall. But it doesn't seem like "PLL" fans have seen the last of Shauna either, if only because Emily and Paige are still just as strong as ever. "I want to be with you and only one, just you and me together, safe and starting a real life," Emily declares to Paige. To which Paige says, "You and me already have." No one, not even Shauna, can break these two up but can Emily get her happy ever after with Paige, really? Aria's new love interest After the scare with Mona and nearly getting hit by a car, Aria (Lucy Hale) finally decides to step up her game and learn how to defend herself. In the process, she meets Jake. But while this is the "cute" storyline of the episode, it's short lived. The budding romance will have to wait, because Aria sees Mona talking to the cops, and she wants to know why. Mona claims she was just getting intel, and sure enough, it's big. Wilden was out at the lake the night he died, and he was with a woman in heels. Did Ashley Marin kill Wilden? Something is most definitely up with Hanna's mom Ashley on "Pretty Little Liars" "Turn of the Shoe." Ashley clearly knew her phone was stolen when Hanna returns it, and she has no explanation for why her Manolo shoes are in a bag and covered in dry mud. Hanna doesn't want to think it, but gladly she speaks her worry out loud. Ashley Marin vehemently says she didn't kill Detective Wilden, but then what was she doing out at the lake? Hanna also sets another storyline into motion, but this one is even stranger. Mrs. DiLaurentiis has her mother's parrot Tippy now, one that Alison became "friends" with. When it "talks" it even sounds like Alison, and it has some weird things to say, like "miss me," "hey board shorts," and whistling a tune. But can the girls really get a major clue from a bird? Apparently so. Will Spencer ever not have to lie? After a difficult year, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) shouldn't be surprised to see that she hasn't gotten into UPenn, but that doesn't mean it doesn't sting. And so she writes, with Ezra's (Ian Harding) help, a new college essay about a situation she was right and wish she hadn't been. But Ezra thinks she's being too "honest" about her time at Radley. But, rightfully so, Spencer is sick of the lies and dishonesty. "Why can't I take a risk and be real?" she says. "When has being dishonest ever helped me? Or you? Or anyone?" But she's not done keeping secrets. After Toby reveals that he was the one to move the RV, he comes clean about why: he wanted the Radley doctor's transcript from the last session with his mom, the night she supposedly killed herself. In that transcript, Toby's mom had hope and didn't sound suicidal. He's determined to find out the truth, and he wants no one but Spencer to know. What does the "PLL" bird know? Last but not least is that crazy bird, who, not surprisingly, is driving Spencer nuts with all it's quips and singing. Except then she realizes that it isn't singing a song, but replicating a phone number. She summons the girls to her and they call the number but no one picks up, of course. The, the bird is gone. Who opened the cage? The same person who opened the window. "Pretty Little Liars" "Turn of the Shoe" felt like a random episode, particularly with the bird, but it definitely set up some good mysteries going forward, especially regarding the truth of what Mrs. Marin has been up to, when she claimed she was in NY. Charlie Sheen open to being in 'Two And A Half Men' finaleThe hit series 'Two And A Half Men' is drawing to a close, and fans have been clammering for the return of Charlie Sheen. While many fans would be delighted to see him appear in the finale, there. Air Jordan 11 Bred 2012,It was among the first to have entirely digital telephone exchanges, and it was there that BT trialled its high speed net service. And now the Isle of Man, along with Japan, Monaco and Korea, is one of the few places where third generation (3G) mobile phones are being tested. Existing phones that can make calls and send text (SMS) messages are second generation or 2G, those with colour screens that can send multimedia messages, use Wap and higher speed data services are 2.5G. But third generation phones are supposed to be something else again. The very high data rates that these futuristic networks can handle should let phone firms offer an enormous range of new services. The problem for phone companies, which have committed billions to 3G, is that they do not really know what people will want to do with these futuristic services. And they are still not sure how they should charge people for these services; or if the technology will really work properly. This is where the Isle of Man comes in. Manx Telecom is a wholly owned subsidiary of BT and is the test ground for the 3G services that will be unveiled on the UK mainland towards the end of 2002. On 5 December, the Isle of Man's 3G network was officially switched on and this week BT, or MM02 as its demerged mobile arm is known, showed just what the network could do. MM02 organised a data race between different technologies to show how fast 3G could download data. The theoretical maximum for a 3G network is 384 kilobits per second (kbps), far faster than the 56 kbps possible with a PC modem. The 3G network finished second and beat everything but high speed net access that runs at 512 kbps. Also demonstrated was a van fitted with a laptop that used the 3G network to get hold of information about places of interest it was passing. It quickly pulled up video clips, audio files and detailed web pages that would take hours to download over existing mobile phone networks. Some early 3G handsets were also available to play with. Mark Briers, who is in charge of the 3G project for Manx Telecom, said the handsets were part of a limited production run and were likely to be very different to those launched with the mainland services. Nevertheless, the sleek, silver IMT 2000 NEC handsets are a vast improvement on existing phones with their monochrome screens, terse SMS messages and slow Wap services. A worldwide shortage of handsets that can connect to both 2G and 3G networks is holding back the move to the new networks. When 3G is first launched it is only likely to be available in big cities. But anyone signing up will inevitably want to be able to make calls when they are out of range of 3G; hence the need for dual mode phones. For its 3G trial, MM02 is using a few hundred of the NEC IMT 2000 phones. Most will be given to Isle of Man government workers or businesses which MM02 thinks will be good testers of the service. Over 60 banks have offices on the Isle of Man and many of their staff travel widely and could be well served by a phone that can get at fast data services while its owner is on the move. Up to 10 of the phones will be given out to a few lucky consumers the island has a population of 75,000 chosen by lottery. Even better, anyone who takes part in the trial will not have to pay to use the service until April next year. Mr Briers said Manx Telecom and MM02 were more interested in what people did with the service and what proved useful, rather than what they were willing to pay for. "The plan is between now and the end of March to let customers use it as they want to," he said, "Then we'll sit down with them and they can tell us the value of having the service." One of the headaches for the telecoms companies is knowing how to charge for 3G. Voice phone calls are easy to charge for because they have a definite start and end point. By contrast, data use, which involves shipping around small packets of information, is much more nebulous. Mr Briers said final billing models could be based around the duration of data calls, the volume of data someone downloaded, and how valuable they regarded the content they were looking at. There could even be packages tailored to lifestyles. There are encouraging signs that 3G will be popular. "MM02 now has almost one million Wap users," said Chris Hall, chief executive of Manx Telecom. "The churn with Wap customers is a lot lower than others and the average revenue per user also goes up." But what remains unknown is which of the novel services will be popular, and how much consumers will be prepared to pay for them. If the phone companies get it wrong, then they will be the ones paying for a long time to come.

Here Is Our Online Air Jordan 11 Bred 2012,Air Jordan 5 Fire Red Black Tongue 2013 1985 was the year of world titles for Dennis Taylor and Barry McGuigan, Ireland's Triple Crown, and moving statues at Ballinspittle. It was also marked by what The Mayo News described as "one of the most exciting and keenly contested Mayo Senior Football Championship finals ever". In 1985, Ballaghaderreen were chasing their first title since 1972. Astonishingly, Ballina Stephenites hadn't won the prize since 1966. The final they served up produced one of the strangest scorelines in Mayo club history 4 2 to 1 10. Two people did more than most to break Ballagh' hearts that day. The game was illuminated by an outstanding performance from Liam McHale, and won by a long range free from Kevin McStay. Next Sunday, manager McStay and coach McHale will be hoping their St Brigid's team can get the better of Ballagh' in the Connacht final. "1985 was the beginning of a great time for Mayo," says McStay, recalling the Connacht title and draw with Dublin in the All Ireland semi final. "We had just come through a very exciting summer, and the club scene kinda got lost in it even though Ballina had, for the first time in a long time, started to get a bit of a run. "We hadn't won it since the 1960s, and for a club with our tradition, that was a monstrous break [But] unknown to ourselves, we were winning games. And the old adage was 'if you left Ballina in the competition long enough, they're going to cause trouble'. The place to beat them was early on." That didn't happen the Stephenites beat Ballinrobe, Davitts and Belmullet (after a replay) to book their place in the final. One of their two meetings with the Erris side stands out in McStay's mind, because he had flown from San Francisco to New York to Shannon in the previous 24 hours, having been on an Army tour in America. "I was cuckoo!" he laughs. Ballina had "a great sense that we could win" the final, McStay recalls, "notwithstanding the fact that Ballaghaderreen probably had their best team in a long time". The East Mayo side included two of McStay's county team mates (Dermot Flanagan and Noel Durkin) as well as John O'Mahony, still playing two years after managing Mayo to an All Ireland U 21 title and with whom McStay remembers having "a right good battle" in the final. What of the game itself? "The scoreline always provides a bit of a laugh when we're looking back on it," says McStay. "But it really shouldn't have been such a mad scoreline, because we had an awful lot of misses We had a very strong breeze [in the first half] but we were struggling, we weren't getting scores. But the next thing, we got an avalanche of goals, and that changed everything." Three goals in the space of four minutes, to be precise, which lifted the Stephenites from a point behind to eight in front. And, as Sen Rice put it in the Mayo GAA Yearbook of 1985, these "came more from defensive errors by Ballaghaderreen than from Stephenites' creativity it was as if the gods had conspired against them". McSTAY himself got the first, taking full advantage when given a second bite of the cherry. Brian Williams then punched the ball into the net after McStay's attempt for a point from a sideline kick "didn't make it [and] fell in among 20 fellas". Brian Molloy also goaled after intercepting Pat Towey's kick out. The Mayo News match report notes that Ballaghaderreen felt Molloy's goal should have been disallowed, but McStay says there was "nothing wrong" with it. He adds wryly that the Ballagh' goal (from Tommy McBrien) "didn't even cross the line" according to Ballina goalkeeper Liam Higgins. In the event, both goals were permitted, and the Stephenites were 3 1 to 1 2 ahead at half time. They were in for a battle though. "Ballagh' made a great game of it after half time," McStay says. "All you had to do was get the ball up in the air the breeze was bringing it 60 yards. 'Flanno' [Dermot Flanagan] and 'Durks' [Noel Durkin] started getting back at us and it was getting very squeaky." The gap was back to two before McStay's brother Paul struck for the best goal of the game, a blistering left footed shot which "gave us a breather". But Ballagh' weren't finished yet, and got back to level before McStay's decisive free. "Jimmy Browne was to take it, [but] I was taking frees for Mayo at the time, and I fancied it, really because I was hoping to centre it for Liam [McHale] to get a flick on it," the fomer All Star recalls. "I felt I was more accurate than Jimmy, but Jimmy had more distance than me. I just got it under the breeze, I suppose, and against the wind, it was a fair one to get." Minutes later, amid scenes of elation, Jimmy Browne became the first Ballina captain to receive the Moclair Cup, presented to Mayo GAA Board 14 years previously by Paddy Moclair. McStay remembers "incredible celebrations" and having a few beers in Walsh's in Charlestown, the town where the game was played. "It was an awful relief to have won it after so long," he says. "We had a very good team. I think we were a better team than Ballagh'. But if the goals hadn't gone in, we wouldn't have won it. The two teams were very well matched. I was training in Dublin with Dermot [Flanagan] and driving to all the matches; we were very close. Noel [Durkin] was on the All Ireland U 21 team two years earlier, so I was very fond of him." But it was another Mayo player who literally and figuratively stood head and shoulders above the rest. Writing in the Mayo GAA Yearbook, Sen Rice described Liam McHale's performance as "the cornerstone" of Ballina's victory. McStay wholly concurs, and says that more than any other individual, his brother in law was responsible for clinching a 30th title for the club. "Liam was fantastic. He was only a young fella. He was a sub on that [Mayo] '85 team, and the terrible pity was that just through pressure, the management felt he was too young and too soon on the panel to be brought on. But sure he was the best midfielder in the county. We knew that. That's why we were in the county final. And he had a marvellous final." Air Jordan 11 Bred 2012 The city of Guangzhou in China, known as Canton until 1949 and still referred to that way by many Westerners, is one of the new capitals of global trade. In addition to being the home of thousands of Chinese and multinational businesses, it also hosts the world's largest trade fair, known as the China Import and Export Fair as well as its unofficial name, the Canton Fair. The Fair is held twice a year, and the first one in 2009 will be the 105th in its history. Because it has a trade fair that is world famous and well attended, there is a constant influx of foreigners. While the innate honesty of the Chinese people is well known, there are unprincipled people everywhere, and Canton is no exception. Foreigners are targeted for various scams, one of them is the taxi scam. Taxi scams have become quite common in Guangzhou, especially during the twice yearly Canton Fair, but visiting foreigners are always at risk for this petty deceit no matter when they visit. The drivers quote an inflated price, or take roundabout routes to increase their fares and find other creative ways to charge customers extra. Passengers can end up paying from three to 10 times the metered fare during Fair days, in particular, but overcharging takes place year round. The fact is, overcharging is only one of the ways that cab drivers can defraud foreign customers. Some cab drivers will give change in counterfeit bank notes, while others will not return lost or misplaced luggage to the owners. Almost all visiting foreigners have experienced taxi scams in Canton, many of them during Canton Fair days, but normally they just donot know how to handle the issue. Even if they find overcharging, they might still pay the extra amount since they do not know the Chinese langauge and are unwilling to cause a scene. If foreigners traveling in Guangzhou do not know how to handle this problem, and are affected by the aforementioned langauge barrier, they are easy targets for scammers. Just knowing this much can help suspicious travelers protect themselves from being overcharged. Based in Guangzhou, Wentrip and its Canton Fair Division are staffed by professional service personnel who have mastered all of various fair related issues. They are thoroughly familiar with Guangzhou, its hotels and streets and the way that business is supposed to be conducted. Wentrip offers not only bilingual hotel addresses and maps in English and Chinese, but also such helpful information as the normal taxi fares to various locations (airport, train station, exhibition centers, etc.) from a guest's resident hotel. In addition, Wentrip provides detailed guidance on how to deal with taxi scams, how to mark down the cab driver information, helpful phrases and other advice. In extreme cases, if foreign visitors cannot handle a situation by themselves, they can call Wentrip's local service and get emergency support immediately, even over the phone. In fact, Wentrip local service teams receive phone calls from any number of visitors asking for help to resolve taxi scams. To provide service in this level, a company should have a Guangzhou office or at least, a team that thoroughly familiar with Guangzhou. In addition, all the team members should know all the Canton Fair related issues and speak good English. Wentrip is one such company, and already has a successful solid track record in helping their international guests to their city. Provided that the local service and support team members are familiar with all the roads in the city, and provide this kind of service, Lin says, drivers can do nothing to defraud international visitors. Lin notes that few groups or companies other than Wentrip offer this level of service, as detailed knowledge of the city, the langauge skill and the culture is required in order to advise visiting foreigners on these issues. Wentrip provides information and travel resources in China. Whether you're looking for a Canton Fair hotel, Hong Kong hotel or are traveling to a different city or region Wentrip will help you find the right advice and accommodations fast.

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