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HomeUndergraduate studyFind a course HUMA2013 How the Arts Work: a practical introduction to cultural economicsModuleoverviewAims andobjectivesSyllabusLearningand teachingAssessmentModule OverviewSouthampton invests more in professional arts programming than any other Russell Group university. We want you to benefit to the full. This Humanities module, delivered in partnership with the John Hansard Gallery, Nuffield Theatre and Turner Sims concert hall, is open to students from all disciplines as a free elective module. Southampton invests more in professional arts programming than any other Russell Group university. We want you to benefit to the full to meet arts managers and engage them in debate, to watch international artists in action on Highfield Campus, to take active part in arts marketing campaigns and to explore some of the academic theory developed to explain patterns of production and consumption in the arts. Teaching will be concentrated in Semester 1 each year. Speakers from the John Hansard Gallery, Nuffield Theatre and Turner Sims concert hall will unveil their programmes for the year ahead, explaining how these were put together and highlighting events of special interest (2 x 2 hour sessions per venue, all facilitated by course co ordinator Professor Andrew Pinnock). You will be expected to attend a minimum of 6 events during the year, and to review them for assessment purposes. Where admission charges normally apply (not in the Hansard), complimentary tickets will be provided subject to availability. Sessions also delivered in Semester 1 and again involving specialist staff from all three venues will cover arts marketing, arts education and the practical application of cultural economic theory. A session on the art of reviewing will prepare you for work on their assignments. 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Rogers left the company for a brief time and returned in March 1994 as senior director of worldwide marketing for Saucony.Rogers is responsible for developing and implementing worldwide marketing strategies for the Saucony brand including market research, product development, media communications and promotions. designs, develops, manufactures and markets a broad line of performance oriented athletic footwear products for adults under the Saucony and Spot bilt brand names and outdoor recreational products for children and young adults under licensed names, such as Barbie, Playskool and Franklin, as well as Brookfield and other proprietary names of the company. The company's Saucony products include running, walking, cross training and outdoor trail shoes. The company's Spot bilt products include footwear for coaches and officials. The principal Brookfield products are roller skates and roller hockey skates for children and young adults. 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Sale Online Save Up To 65 Off Air Jordan 3 Retro Black Flip,Air Jordan 13 Birmingham Barons Moccasins shoes of leather stitched with sinew were the footwear of Native Americans for centuries. European immigrants also adapted the moccasin as they came into contact with the tribes. Just as shoes today exhibit multiple styles, moccasins came in hundreds of forms depending on the tribe or its region. Native Americans wore slippers or thigh high boot forms embellished with bead work, fringe, tin cones or deer hair. The moccasin is still available today, but rather than embark on a detailed work of art, a simple pattern can be used to construct the unornamented slipper style. Stand on a piece of paper that is big enough to trace both feet with paper space to spare. Holding a pencil straight up and down, trace the outline of both feet on the paper. Maintaining an inch between the heels and one half inch between the balls of the feet, draw a vertical center line between the feet from the base of the big toe to the bottom edge of the paper. This should be designated as Point A. Draw a smooth line tracing the toe line while maintaining one half inch space. The line should begin at the top of the centered vertical line (Point A) and end at a point above the little toe. (See Reference 1, See Reference 3) Trim the paper template along the traced lines and place on the wrong side of the leather to trace the pattern using a pen or pencil. Flip the template to create the left and right moccasin. Assemble the shoe inside out by stitching Point A to Points B and Points D to Points C. Once the toe is stitched cut a slit from Points D to Points E. This should leave a decorative heel tab. Stitch up the seam at the tab. Turn right side out and fold over the cuff or vamp of the moccasin. (See Reference 2, See Reference 3) How to Make Native American Moccasins for a Pow Wow Moccasins are one of the traditional types of footwear of Native Americans. They are usually made of soft leather. At Pow Wows,. How to Make Moccasin Slippers Moccasins were a nearly universal component of traditional Native American clothing. However, the style of the shoes was as varied and unique. How to Make Gathered Toe Moccasins Gathered toe moccasins were used by native Americans as protective footwear in cold weather. The gathered toe refers to a style of. How to Make Moccasins for Kids Making moccasins for kids is a fun way to learn leather crafting and master combining different leathers with unusual trims to create contemporary. How to Make a Pair of Moccasins These moccasins are very comfortable and can be made from a variety of garment weight leathers. Once you have worn them a few. Styles of Moccasins The word "moccasin" comes from the Native American language Algonquian, and it dates back to the 17th century. As worn by the. How to Make Sioux Moccasins All moccasins were originally created using soft leather and sinew, according to Native Language of the Americas. While all moccasins were made. How to Make Native Cree Moccasins Moccasins are comfortable enough to wear around the house but durable enough to take outdoors. The Cree were one of many tribes. Instructions for Making Indian Moccasins Leather Indian style moccasins are comfortable and perfect for wearing as house shoes at home or running errands in casual attire. You can. Air Jordan 3 Retro Black Flip Trending on Related Blogs While You Weren Looking, Dell Made Android Tablets Interesting Again4.1k people reading on Gizmodo5 Million Online Passwords Leaked, Check Yours Now [Updated]2.2k people reading on LifehackerThis Is What a Watch Expert Thinks of the Apple Watch1.8k people reading on Gizmodo The Wall Street Journal has gotten its hands on some emails that were sent between Nike officials and the Florida State athletic department, and they demonstrate just how truly insane Nike is about protecting its brand. Right after a game against Miami in November, cameras caught Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher embracing his 9 year old son on the field. It was a nice moment, but not for the soulless corporate creatures at Nike, who couldn't help but notice that young Fisher was sporting an Under Armour sweatshirt. Hours after the game, Nike's assistant director for football sports marketing, Mark Dupes, sent an email to FSU's athletic department decrying the child's disregard for brand synergy. From the Journal: "Hey got a text from the USA Director of Sports Marketing last night telling me of how good things look w FSU and our players and sideline staff, exposure for the Brand was exceptional. Then 5 min later I rec a new messageSaid ABC cameras were on Jimbo and his Son ad end of the gameHis son was Wearing Under Armour FSU sweatshirt! Ouch. Can we please ask Jimbo to eliminate that from the son's wardrobe in the future! Let me know if I can help w anything. Thx guys. MD"

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