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How to Attach a giant slider to zipper chain In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to attach a giant slider to a zipper chain. This task is very simple and fast to do. This zipper is for large materials that can not be enclosed with the regular sized zipper. The slider is removable and able to reattach to the zipper chain. It is very convenient and makes the zipper look more neat. Just set the slider on the top of the connected teeth track and pull it up. Then twist each side and pull down. This video will benefit those viewers who work with sewing and fabric, and would like to learn how to attach a giant slider to a zipper chain. There are many instances where a zipper on a bag, purse, coat, etc. will fail to function or jam. It may be that the zipper needs replacement, but oftentimes it can be fixed using a simple technique. YouTube user MediaMason shows how many zipper problems result from a simple change in the slider structure, as well as how to fix this. He identifies the zipper (the "teeth") and the slider (the pulley). Normally, when the slider is pulled through the zipper, it closes the zipper together. Sometimes the zipper will not close, leaving is open on both ends. MediaMason shows that this is usually. Tired of carrying that purse around while you are trying to have a conversation or dance the night away? How about a cute little handbag to swing around while you maintain your social life. In this video, you learn how to make a silk chiffon handbag inspired by a BluGirl handbag from "Elle Magazine." Adorned with shiny, soft yellow silk and millions of cloth flowers as well as a chain strap that allows you to hook it to your wrist so you can set it and forget it, this bag is chic and functional. These are the tools you need: Seam RipperIn this video, we learn how to make a lariat necklace. First, cut your wire so it 20" long. Then, make a loop at one of the ends and attach a small chain to it. After this, put on the crimp bead and make a loop through the bead. Once finished, take your pliers and clamp it down. Now attach your chosen beads to the wire until you reach the end where the chain is. After this, cut out three pieces of wire and attach them together in a slight v shape. After this, apply beads to them, then tie them off at the bottom. When finished, you will be able to wear your necklace! Enjoy. First of all you need some basic tools like sewing machine, scissors, pins, ruler, measuring tape and thread. You also need a printed knit of size 1.5 yard or 1.4 meters ad a separating zipper of size 18 inches or 46 cm. First you have to start by making the straps and bodice. Cut off two rectangles those measures from the top of your bust to the bottom of your bust. The length should be enough to go all the way around your upper half. Place these two rectangle pieces together. Now separate your zipper and place it between the two layers, with the zipper teeth facing up. Now place it in the. It looks like streamlined skinny jeans are here to stay, at least for a few years more, so if your collection of these skinnies has gotten quite large and all your jeans are beginning to look the same, why not try out a fun personalization project to make one pair unique? The Nirvana chic, grunge style are making a huge comeback on the runways, so take some inspiration from the hottest fashion trend right now and add some zippers to the side of your pant leg. Check out the video for details. 1/8" Basting Tape Foot: Hancock Fabrics. In this video we learn how to make a zipper purse or mini fanny pack for your belt. First, fold a bandanna in half and cut out a rectangle. Then, cut a rectangle out for the belt loop too. Next, take one of the bigger rectangles and cut it about 1.5 inches from the top. Then, sew these two pieces together using a needle and thread with white thread. After this, pin down the zipper to the back and sew up the sides. Then take the other piece and stitch it to the front side of your other rectangle. Turn it inside up and stitch the ends. Then, unzip it and turn it inside out to finish your fanny. 378037 107 Air Jordan 11 Retro Concord 2011 ,Air Jordan 3Lab5 Black Metallic Silver 414571 003 Womens Air Jordan 13 Infrared Black Infrared 23 Black 656503 720 Air Jordan Future Volt White 653972 500 Kobe 9 EM Air Jordan 7 Retro Year of the Rabbit 2011 669809 500 Women Size NIKE KD VI What The KD Hoop Purple Urgent Orange Shark Air Jordan 7 Retro Year of the Rabbit 2011 653996 660 KD 7 Global Game Action Red Metallic Silver Nike Air Foamposite One A white water river rafting adventure for kids is available through Costa Rica Expeditions at the Pejibaye River. It offers Class I II rapids, which even children as young as 5 years old will be able to navigate with your help. For older kids, the Pacuare River yields Class III IV rapids, and is considered to be one of the world's best rivers for rafting. Costa Rica ExpeditionsSan Jose, Costa RicaAn escorted hike through the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve will be as interesting for children as it is for adults. Your guide will help you learn about the ecological makeup of the area, and you also will learn why it is important for conservation efforts to protect and preserve tropical forests in the best interest of the planet. Along with hiking trails, horseback rides through the forest also are offered. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve PO Box 8 3870 1000 Most kids love watching birds, so take your kids on a bird watching adventure to Corcovado National Park. It is home to 367 species of birds, including beautiful Amazon parrots, scarlet rumped tanagers and toucans, as well as many other species that are rarely found anywhere else. The park also is alive with other wildlife, including spider monkeys, howler monkeys, whiteface monkeys and many other animals. Corcovado National Park Andres Vega SJO 2785 1601 NW 97th Ave. Unit C 101 Miami, FL 33102 5216 This tram adventure brings upper region rain forest animals up close. As you travel through the canopy, kids will stare in awe at the unusual animals that stare back at them or quickly scamper away. The tram is equipped with special seats for children under 5 years, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the fun and excitement as much as the older kids. San Jose, Costa RicaWith an experienced naturalist guide to lead the way, a rain forest hike is a great opportunity for kids of all ages to learn about the birds, animals and plants that fill the forest with life. Look for toucans, macaws, monkeys, ocelots, colorful butterflies and many other species. You may even spot a crocodile in one of the shallow rain forest rivers. have professional guides and itineraries suitable for kids. The rain forest hikes are quite muddy, so be sure to take along suitable shoes. 378037 107 Air Jordan 11 Retro Concord 2011,Guest blog byDr Joseph Lightfoot andMr Charlie Fry The recent BMJ publication Facilitated physical activity as a treatment for depressed adults: randomised controlled trial stirred the medical world and the media with the claim that exercise has no impact on depression. This supposedly myth busting paper was shared, tweeted, commented upon and even appeared in a 10 minute slot on BBC Radio 4. However, it also received a large degree of backlash. These critiques are among the comments on this rapid response section of the BMJ website HERE. A letter recently published in the British Medical Journal summarises these critiques which you can view HERE. In summary, the research paper had several major flaws including validity of the exercise intervention and rate of follow up. The only conclusion that can be drawn from the paper is that the exercise intervention they employed had no effect on depression not exercise as a whole. Yet via a press release from Bristol University and as aired on BBC Radio 4, the overriding, propagated message is that "exercise does not appear to be effective in treating depression". As Dr Mike Loosemore, Sports and Exercise Medicine Consultant added: "The paper doesn't show anything of the sort. For example, a paper published in the BMJ in 1985, reported that moderate aerobic activity was sufficient to produce an antidepressant effect at a six and nine week follow up (1). This is supported by another study undertaken between 1998 and 2001 that also found exercise to be effective in treating mild to moderate depression (2). Finally, a paper looking at exercise as an intervention in severe depression, positively associated exercise with significant therapeutic benefit (3). Outside of the debate about exercise and its effectiveness in treating disease, this recent paper and resulting media attention illustrates an important point. In making certain claims we have to understand the impact these widely broadcast messages may have on individuals, including the lay public. The 10 minute broadcast on Radio 4, which you can listen to HERE, reached an estimated seven million people. It contained a very clearly delivered the message that exercise is not good for treating people with depression. No comment was made on the validity of the study design, nor was their mention of the previous research that demonstrates exercise's benefits for helping patients with depression. According to NHS clinical knowledge summaries, each year 6% of adults will suffer an episode of depressive symptoms. Out of the seven million listeners therefore, 420 000 individuals may have suffered in the past 12 months or indeed be currently suffering depressive symptoms. Suppose we assume only 25% of listeners take the advice and adapt their exercise habits, then that's 105 000 people who have altered their behaviour. This is a conservative estimate and doesn't take into account further propagation of this information by individuals to others who might have or be currently suffering from depression. In drawing conclusions and then relaying them to the media, and thus to the general public, we need to consider the consequences of our messaging whatever the topic. The researchers conclusions are heavily questionable, but what is more concerning is the way that bold claims extrapolated from the research were distributed so widely throughout national media. We welcome new research that goes against the grain, and offers evidence to refute commonly held beliefs, but to do so the research needs to be detailed and any conclusions drawn need to have sufficient support from the evidence. The larger issue here is the lack of training about the benefits of exercise (for all conditions, not just depression), and just as importantly advice on implementation. In order for exercise to be utilised as a successful intervention, healthcare professionals require more training. Many healthcare professionals have been campaigning for the increased use of exercise as a treatment modality, and there is ample research that proves its effectiveness not only for depression but also for many other diseases as common as diabetes, and as specific as glioma. The damage this paper has done for the movement to improve people's activity level is hard to predict. Rather than reducing the number of those undertaking exercise, we hope its inaccuracy provides a springboard from which further education of both the medical establishment and the general population, ultimately leading to a happier, healthier nation. (1) Martinsen EW, Medhus A, Sandvik L. 1985. Effects of aerobic exercise on depression: a controlled study. Br Med J (Clin Res Ed). July 13; 291(6488):109. (2) Dunn Al, Trivedi NH, Kampart JB et al. 2005. Exercise treatment for depression: efficacy and dose response. Am J Prev Med. Jan:28(1):1 8. (3) Babyak M, Blumenthal JA, Herman S et al. 2000. Exercise treatment for major depression: maintenance of therapeutic benefit at 10 months. Pyschosom Med. He iscurrently working as a coach and researcher and has worked with a number of international teams, including the England under 19 lacrosse team. He is also the founder and a director of the Move Eat Treat campaign, which is campaigning for an increase in the use of lifestyle advice in medicine. Mr Charlie Fry is a third year medical student at the University of Bristol, currently about to start his clinical placements. He has competed to regional level in hockey, athletics and squash and has undertaken work experience at sport injury clinics since 2010. He hopes after graduation to specialise in sports medicine.

Famous For Selling Cheap 378037 107 Air Jordan 11 Retro Concord 2011,528895 033 Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Green Snakeskin Black Nightshade White Volt Biodegradable shoes, edible shoe cream, indigenous rights, these are just a few elements of Sven Segal's Po Zu brand that make it stand out from other footwear companies. The distinctive design qualities of Po Zu shoes include the latex rubber sole, the comfy coir foot mattress which gradually molds to the shape of your foot, and the cozy wool fabrics and leather detailing of the uppers, all of which can be composted back into the earth at the end of their life. As Po Zu has grown, since being founded in 2006, so have the opportunities for Sven to collaborate with other high profile fashion brands. After great success with last year's designs for uber cool street wear brand Maharishi, now Po Zu has teamed up with Brazilian accessories brand Amazon Life. Sven has chosen to use their distinctive natural Treetap rubber for this season's Well Boot. Amazon Life works in alliance with the Rubber Tappers Association in Brazil, ensuring that the indigenous communities in the rainforest can earn a sustainable living, while preserving their environment and their cultural heritage. It's good to know that a fashionable pair of boots can make this kind of contribution. How did you get into this line of work?In the course of working as a shoe designer for various mainstream brands and visiting shoe factories worldwide, I found myself objecting to certain working conditions and the use of toxic substances. I became increasingly frustrated and furious with companies that clearly turned a blind eye to such cruel practices in favor of higher profits, which drove me to start my own ethical and eco friendly shoe brand. When did the green bug strike?My whole green adaptation was more of a gradual build up or perhaps more like a snowball effect, rather than a flick of a switch. Though probably the biggest impact that I have personally experienced was the strong smell of glue at the shoe factories. Think of the poor workers that are exposed to these toxic fumes all day long, every day, without even being aware of the hazardous health implications. The crazy thing is that I knew it was easily avoidable. Reading about the Bhopal disaster has been hugely upsetting too. Who is your green hero?William McDonough Michael Braungart. Cradle to cradle was probably the most inspiring book I've read. I especially loved the whole biomimicry idea, and the most beautiful description of the life of ants and how they contribute to the health of the natural world. It amazed me how on earth this tiny creature can be more clever then us humans? Surely our IQ is higher?! What is your ultimate green goal?I would really like the shoe industry as a whole to follow in the footsteps of the motor/car industry, and join the green revolution. Eco friendly shoes should become mainstream in the same way as the current strong shift towards producing green cars. Apart from the energy industry I think it's the most exciting transformation happening today. A real clean up on a grand scale! I would say it's more of a vision rather then a personal goal, but I'd really like to contribute towards it as much as I can. What is your motivation?I guess I'm a compassionate being. I'm concerned about global warming, and alarmed by destruction and harm of any sort. What is most important to you, ecologically speaking?I think apart from deforestation, dumping toxic waste in third world countries is the most shocking environmental vandalism played out by our own governments. Eliminating the production and use of harmful substances in the first place, is clearly the only solution. I think governments should also subsidize or reward sustainable practices to encourage businesses to be less destructive, and/or tax polluters. What is the most challenging part of your job?Being commercially competitive without compromising our eco credentials and quality. What is the most rewarding?Making super comfy biodegradable shoes that people enjoy to wear. The amount of positive and wonderful feedback I've been getting since I launched Po Zu. Of the people you have worked with, who impresses you most?Amazon Life. The scale of which they protect the Amazon from deforestation impresses me. Also the way they work in harmony with nature, and the beautiful way they respect and work with the local Indians to preserve their ancient culture. What green thing do you do everyday?I eat organic, local produce, cycle, recycle, and think hard of ways I can reduce my impact further. What is your biggest eco sin?Air travel. I'm trying my very best to minimize it, but find it hard to avoid while running a global business, and also with family living in other countries. What do you wish you could do?Travel by teleportation. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?World peace. Imagine if every country would take their entire defense or military budget and spend it on green technologies. (I think the USA's defense budget is something like $515.4 billion for 2009.) What is your best green advice?I think we all know the triple 'R's by now and that includes my 9 year old daughter (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). Well that's a good start, but try and be more proactive and creative in regards to being green rather then just doing "your bit." Take it as a challenge, and don't underestimate the scale of difference you can make as an individual. Give up the habit of consumption unless it's necessary for your survival or well being. Be content with what you have, because there is so much more to life then the bunch of objects you own, as they do not define your existence. But if you think these objects do rule your life, then I would suggest you visit a spiritual guru, or a curative hypnotherapist as soon as possible. 378037 107 Air Jordan 11 Retro Concord 2011 You know your phone number. You know your PIN number. You can probably even remember the street number of the house you grew up in. But if you don't know the numbers in your life that really count, you could be flying blind when it comes to your health. Just a few key numbers can be a great indicator of your health and longevity. Good numbers improve your odds of living a long life free of disease and debilitating health conditions. And, the good news is, you can improve your numbers through physical activity, making wise choices and weight loss. That is, as long as you know where you start. "Numbers challenge you," says Gerald Fletcher, MD, a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. "To get your blood pressure in a normal range, to get your cholesterol in check." Challenge yourself to lead a healthier life, starting today. Check the list below to see which numbers you know, and which are big question marks. One in four Americans has high blood pressure, a treatable condition, which means the heart is pumping extra hard, putting force on itself as well as the arteries and increasing the chances of damage to both. An excess of body weight, alcohol and nicotine usage, as well as genetics, all play a role in raising high blood pressure. To measure: Your doctor will take your blood pressure using an inflatable arm cuff. The test result is two numbers, one number over the other. Excess visceral fat is linked to increased risk of the metabolic syndrome and diabetes. To measure: Stand up, find the top of your hip bone, and run a measuring tape around your body at that level. A waist measurement greater than 35" for women, or greater than 40" for men (or bigger around than your hips), indicates a dangerous level of abdominal fat. Note: A healthy waist circumference will vary slightly for Europeans, Southeast Asians and others, says Robert Eckel, MD, professor of medicine at the University of Colorado, Denver. Body Mass Index (BMI) The BMI is a measure of your weight relative to your height. Your BMI, along with your other numbers and information on your family history, will help a doctor to assess your risk for developing obesity associated diseases. To measure: You'll need your height (in meters, then squared) and your weight (in kilograms): BMI=kg/m2. You can enter your height in inches and weight in pounds here for a quick result. Blood sugar levels A fasting plasma glucose test reveals how efficiently your body uses glucose. High levels might mean that your body is resistant to insulin, the hormone that moves sugar into cells. High blood sugar damages body tissues and can lead to a variety of health problems. At a certain point, high blood sugar indicates diabetes, a disease in which the body cannot produce or properly use insulin. To measure: The American Diabetes Association recommends that your doctor measure blood sugar via a fasting glucose plasma test. The numbers, milligrams per deciliter, are noted as mg/dL.

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