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Outdoor cooking isn't for everyone. It takes a person who is willing to put his reputation as a grilling superstar on the line each time he lights a gas grill or tosses a match onto a flammable pile of charcoal. that the people he feeds will appreciate the food he has cooked. Each time he (or she) steps out of his home into his back yard, armed with copper brush, tongs and forks; he faces a challenge to beat his best individual performance on the backyard grill. Most of the outdoor chefs I've run across are men. It seems that women had rather stay in the kitchen. I think it is just a ploy to get the men out of the house for a while. The ladies give them the idea that cooking on the grill is almost important as breathing, especially if it's done by him! That will get the guy outside with his chest puffed up, carrying a can of charcoal starter and a match. First rule! If you're using charcoal and you're using a liquid lighter, know what you are dousing on those briquettes! It is really not the volume of the whoooomp that determines whether your coals will burn consistently. Never use gasoline, lacquer thinner, lantern fluid or any of those things that will blow you out of your shoes. Stick with charcoal lighter. One big tip! Never use kerosene to start your charcoal! No matter how long you let your charcoal burn, no matter how much more briquettes on the coals, your rib eyes will have that subtle aroma and taste of kerosene. Your grill will smell like a piece of construction equipment. It's best to stay with prescribed fuels that don't stink. There are other methods to ignite your charcoal. Use the chimney type device where you put the charcoal in an inverted cone and push a couple of sheets of newspaper in the bottom. Put a match to the paper in the bottom and the draft of the "chimney" will make the coals burn. I have never been able to keep that apparatus around the house for more than a summer due to rust, being stepped on or having the neighbors' borrow it. There is also the electric heating iron category of charcoal starters. Just plug it into an outlet, let it get red hot and stick it under the charcoal. It doesn't take long to get a pile of charcoal glowing and shimmering with heat. You don't have to worry about the whooomp either! The heating iron works well but it's just not the same as seeing flames shoot as high as your house. You only get that with a liquid lighter that you're not supposed to use in the first place. Let's talk about charcoal grills versus gas grills. I use both in my back yard barbequing. Cooking with gas is almost like cooking on the gas stove in the kitchen. Boring! Maybe that's why I prefer charcoal. It's just manlier to battle the flames and rescue a steak just in the nick of time, from being overly cooked. That's the way outdoor cooking is supposed to be; a man conquering the elements! Really, cooking on a gas grill is a nice and comfortable way to grill steaks, chickens, burgers, chops and vegetables. One of the areas in which the gas grills are deficient is smoking meat. As far as I know, you just can't do that with today's grills. You have to have a smoker. I prefer charcoal smokers of course, but I've had excellent results with electric smokers also. Smokers, both electric and charcoal, are set up pretty much in the same way. The ones that I use are tall round ones that have a trap door opening on the side so you can add charcoal or water in the water bowl. There are other kinds of course and you can find them at a hardware store or outdoor market place. The costs are going to range from roughly $75 to $500 depending on the one you choose. I think most of them are good, but you can usually get just as much satisfaction from a cheap one instead of the high priced smokers. Of course there is the prestige of getting one of those sleek, black ones with the chrome smoke pipes. Gives you sort of a chill just to think of owning one of those, doesn't it? Meat smoked on an electric grill is great if you have some wood smoke flavor to make it tasty. I know you can buy little cans of wood chips to add some character to your cooking. Simply pour a little water in the can, set the can on the lava rocks in the bottom of the smoker, and when starts to simmer, you have hickory, cherry or pecan steam permeating your Boston butt! This is the city folks' way of making barbeque. Another big tip! If you've left the electric smoker outside uncovered, check to make sure the lava rocks are dry. If it has rained since your last cookout, chances are that the bottom of the smoker is covered in water. If so, don't plug in the heating iron! It's not a wise move because you will blow the iron up! Drain the water out of the base first, let the lava rocks dry, then have a safe barbeque. My personal favorite is the charcoal smoker. It's really not hard to use, though a lot of people seem to think it's some kind of a miracle that the meat I smoke tastes so good. Some even think there is a secret to my success when I cook a pork loin or Boston butts and wind up with some of the most delicious barbeque you have ever tasted. Some folks even think there is a secret ingredient that I haven't shared with anyone! I usually smoke three or four Boston butts at a time. It's easy. First I load the coal pan with charcoal, and then use a charcoal lighter fluid to start the coals. You could use one of the instant light charcoals if you wish, but just make sure than when you add charcoal, you use the regular briquettes or your meat will taste funny. After the coals are lit and the flames have died, fill up the metal water bowl with about a quart of water. This helps keep the meat moist. Next lay the meat on the two racks of the smoker. I salt and pepper the meat liberally, and then put the lid back on the smoker and I'm finished for about an hour. For three Boston butts, I usually let them cook for about 12 hours, adding charcoal and hickory chunks to the hot coals about every hour and a half. Some chefs soak the hickory in water for thirty minutes or so before adding them to the coals. I prefer to lay the wood chunks on the live coals. The dry wood smoking and burning will give you a mild taste of hickory, not the smell and taste of a burning barn! When the meat reaches 180 degrees on the meat the thermometer, take it off and tear it apart with forks. This way separates the pork easily. You can add barbeque sauce at this time or serve it on the table. There is one ingredient so unique, so necessary to cooking good barbeque. It's PATIENCE! From the moment you light the fire until you take the meat off the grill, allow yourself allow yourself enough time to do the job properly. Most people don't do that. We are a society of instant gratification. If we want something, we want it now! That just won't work when you're trying for the best tasting barbeque you can cook. Bob Alexander is well experienced in outdoor cooking. His southern heritage has led him to become a master in the art of leisure living. Visit his site at:. 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Like denim jeans, sheepskin ugg boots had their beginnings many years ago, long before they became fashion accessories. Originating down under in Australia, Australian surfers have worn ugg boots on cold mornings heading out to catch an early wave for as far back as any can remember. Known for generations by many names ugg boots, ugh boots, ug boots, uggys, uggs, winter sheepskin boots, or simply as sheepskin footwear, Australians still regard the trusty ugg boot to be as much a part of Australian history and culture as Vegemite, AC/DC and a slab of beers slung over the shoulder on the way to a barbie at a mate's house. Now that sheepskin ugg boots are a fashion statement as much as they are winter sheepskin footwear, they're available in many new and trendy variations. In addition to the original sheepskin leather, you can now buy ugg boots in blue, pink, beige, sand, black and chestnut, to match your personality, outfit, or fashion statement objective. 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Struch was named the Regina Pats' assistant coach on Wednesday. He had been a finalist for the head coaching job, which went to John Paddock (who doubles as the senior vice president of hockey operations). "When they spoke to me and mentioned that they were going to go in a different direction, obviously there was disappointment on my side, but they came to me right away (about an assistant coaching position) and I hadn't thought about it. I was just thinking head coach," Struch, 43, said on Wednesday. "When they came back right away, it was instant. Over the course of a couple of days, we discussed it further and here we are a week later." The move takes place more than a quarter century after Struch was introduced to the Pats as an opponent. He vividly recalls playing against notable Pats such as Mike Sillinger and Jamie Heward. "That's a long time ago, but I never would have seen it," Struch said of eventually joining the Pats. "I was a fan of the Saskatoon Blades when I was away playing pro hockey as well. "It's funny. When I agreed verbally with the organization a couple of days ago, there was an injection of Regina Pat pride and commitment. I had no idea that I had it in me. It's quite a feeling. I look forward to outfitting my family in Regina Pat colours. It's a pretty exciting couple of days for me." Struch spent the 2013 14 season as the Blades' head coach after serving as an assistant with the team for the previous seven seasons. His contract with the Blades was not renewed after the team posted a 16 51 2 3 record in Year 1 of a rebuilding mode. The Flin Flon, Man., product made his debut as a WHL player with the Blades in the fall of 1988. Over four seasons, he had 285 points (including 134 goals) in 253 games. Struch is poised to wear a different team's colours after being thoroughly impressed with the team's new ownership group, led by governor Anthony Marquart and president Todd Lumbard. What stood out? "Their passion, even talking with them on the phone," said Struch, who also noted that quality during face toface meetings. "If you can generate that (passion) and you can filter it down through your organization, that's the start you want. Now when you can generate a little bit of success and momentum and feed that into your players and these are young kids, 16 to 20 years old if they get an ounce of that passion and that commitment from your leaders, then they can take off on it." Another drawing card was Paddock, who has extensive NHL and AHL experience. Paddock, for all his hockey expertise, will be a newcomer to the WHL a league with which Struch is well acquainted. "I think obviously knowing the league through my experience, knowing the style of play of some of the teams, knowing the players on the opposition, that will help," Struch said. "In the end, he's going to help me the most. I'm going to reap the most benefit from this whole thing by working with him and using his experience.".

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Air Jordan 13 Grey Toe 2014 On December 31st 2008, when gold was trading at USD$850.00 I predicted it would go to over USD$1400.00. At the end of 2010, gold is now trading at USD$1420.00. At the end of 2008, when silver was trading at just USD$11.00, I predicted it would go over USD$30.00. At the end of 2010, silver is now trading at USD$30.89. Had you invested in gold you would have made a profit of 65% and with silver you would have made a profit of 153%. Let me give you my predictions for gold and silver for 2011: Gold will go to $1800 and above and silver will go to at least $45.00. If you have not yet invested in gold and silver, it is still not too late. Precious metals are yet to become mainstream and therefore have a long way to go. We are at the beginning of a long term bull market and there could be shortages of the physical metals in the future. I predicted that real estate would fall dramatically in the US and it is continuing to fall. I predict that over the next two years, property prices will drop overall another 20% the US and that the Chinese and Australian property bubbles will burst. There will be small pockets of land and real estate that will hold their value even during the economic crisis that still lies ahead, but they are few and far between. In the main, if you are thinking of buying property, think again. You may want to rent for a while to keep your options open. Don t get into something that looks like a real bargain only to find six months later that its price has dropped by another 20%. Stock markets will be more volatile than ever. Between now and 2014, the Dow Jones could still fall to 90% off its all time high. If you are thinking of trading on the markets during 2011, make sure can afford to lose the money you are investing as there will be wild fluctuations in prices and people will become even more speculative than before and bubbles will form and burst in the twinkling of an eye. The US dollar will continue to fall and we will see the start of currency wars, trade wars and cyber wars. Unemployment in the US is at a 26 year high and unemployment among the young is at over 50% in Spain and Italy. During 2011 we will see the schism between the haves and have nots widen with more austerity measures piled onto average person. We ve already had civil unrest in Greece, Ireland and the latest in the UK with the students revolts and an open attack on Prince Charles and Camilla. We will see more bailouts this coming year, governments taking on even more debt and more printing of colossal sums of money. We ve already had QE 2 and I am fully expecting to see QE3 some time in the summer to fall of 2011. The same holds true for Europe where the situation is also worsening. Governments worldwide will be imposing more and more taxes. 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