Come To Outlet Store Online To Buy Air Jordan 12 Retro Cool Grey Team Orange Shoes For You With Fast And Free Shipping To Your Home. Air Jordan 9 Birmingham Barons Save To 70 % Off Air Jordan 12 Retro Cool Grey Team Orange Become An Essential Fashion Part I would love to have an audience with the Minister of Transport, his respective Ministers of all nine provinces, and all the Heads of Traffic. I want an accurate list of all the active traffic officers of all the Metro and regional traffic departments, and would like to know the following: a. How do they keep each traffic officer efficiently and effectively productive for 8 hours per day, 5 working days per week or 40 hours per week'? What are they doing with their time to earn their salaries, because I hardly ever see them being productive. b. How do they actively and proactively enforce all road laws, not only speeding? c. How do they contribute to the safe and expeditious flow of traffic? (With emphasis on "FLOW") d. What do the traffic officers do to educate drivers while in motion, to add value to the road users without necessary pulling drivers off and fining them, or disrupting traffic? 2. I have plenty ideas for the traffic and transport sector, that relative to the cost of the carnage on our roads, cost peanuts. 3. With regard to the speed limit: Utter rubbish, on Discovery Channel a programme was once shown that proved that people driving faster, without cell phones and BBM, make up and the like (emphasis included by me), have better concentration and problem solving abilities, this was done by doing brain activity scans, while drivers were driving fast and while driving slow. 4. Chance of death does increase with speed, but is not the root cause of the carnage and road deaths on South African roads. If the Ministers and law enforcement agencies would collect and analyse proper road death toll statistics they would clearly notice the root causes of the carnage and deaths. 5. Most law abiding road users that observe the chaos on our roads will clearly agree that the following are the root causes of the mess on our roads:b. Lawlessness and total disregard of signage and road markings and rules of the road. c. Unlicensed, and forged licenced drivers. Reckless Driving. Reckless Driving does not necessary mean driving fast (within the speed limit), but includes some of the follow habits seen way too often on South African road on a daily basis: i. U turns on highways. ii. Crossing 3 to 4 lanes at the last moment to take off ramps or to drop off or up load passengers with our without indication. We won't even mention the fact that pedestrians are illegal on highways. iii. Passing over solid white lines, often in the vicinity of "no overtaking boards", and the forcing into traffic. iv. Passing in yellow lines and forcing into traffic. v. Overtaking in dangerous places and forcing into traffic endangering the lives of others and forcing them to take evasive action. vi. Going straight in turning lanes, or similar offences. vii. Not stopping at traffic lights and stop signs. This includes blatantly ignoring three phase traffic lights' turning phases. 6. These days the average South African road user is to blame, for the above mentioned offences. Eventually we run out of luck and kill someone else (murder) or even better ourselves, then at least there is one less lawless, reckless driver on the roads. 7. We need hard core, corruption free policing and law enforcement. Prison time, with revocation of licences must the mandatory punishment for accidents caused by blatant lawlessness, recklessness and un roadworthiness, especially when it causes deaths. When a head on collision is caused by crossing solid white lines and/or in areas of no overtaking signage, prison time must be the mandatory punishment. Accidents caused by people overtaking in the yellow line and pushing in should have prison time as the mandatory punishment. There must be no, not even a remote, possibility of squashing fines or bribing a corrupt officials for offences like these. Only hard core law enforcement with scare the senses back into this lawless nation of ours..

We all have it in our closets. Black the universal color that mixes and matches with anything. Black makes us look good, while covering up figure flaws. And that's good. Black has its place in our fashion hearts. But, now it's time expand our wardrobe options into colorful uncharted territory. Are you ready, ladies? Here are the new color combinations that will spice up your wardrobe and get you away from reaching for black when you may be in a mood for something a little more adventurous. Brown is a great alternative neutral to black. A brown pair of pants or a brown skirt with a pink top is a nice feminine look that is warm and inviting. Chic Color Combo: Navy and Orange Navy is traditionally paired with white or red. But let's think outside the box a bit and go for a navy suit with an orange blouse or tank top. Wear navy shoes for a traditional look, or shoes with orange accents for a little fun. Chic Color Combo: Burgundy and Red For a casual look that has a wow impact, pair a burgundy top with a red sweater, jacket or hoodie. Wear with jeans. Chic Color Combo: Charcoal and Yellow Charcoal is a dark gray color that's a step away from black. It goes great with cool toned colors but I bet you never thought about pairing it with yellow. Try a yellow sweater or sweater set with charcoal pants or skirt. Chic Color Combo: Chocolate Brown and Baby Blue Baby blue is a nice, soft blue color that looks good on most people. You can wear a baby blue top under a chocolate brown blazer or sweater. Soften that brown suit with a baby blue blouse or knit top. Air Jordan 12 Retro Cool Grey Team Orange ,Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue Air Jordan 5 Oreo Air Jordan 8 Playoffs 2013 Air Jordan 12 Retro Playoffs Air Jordan 8 Phoenix Suns Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared 2014 Air Jordan 5 Fire Red 2013 Air Jordan 5 Grape 2013 Air Jordan 6 Slam Dunk SAN ANTONIO Something was up when Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra subbed out superstar LeBron James with 7:03 left in the third quarter. James normally plays for a longer stretch at the start of second half. But with the air conditioning on the fritz turning the AT Center into an uncomfortable sauna and James' history of cramping in similar arena conditions, the move foreshadowed what would happen later. James was in and out of the game with severe cramps in his left leg and did not play the final 3 minutes, 59 seconds in Miami's 110 95 loss to the San Antonio Spurs. "It's frustration and anger," said James who played 32:53, nearly seven minutes fewer than he normally has played in this postseason not counting his foul plagued Game 5 against the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference finals. James walked out of the arena surrounded by security and a Nike executive, and this story line will dominate the next two days until, and perhaps even during, Game 2 Sunday night in San Antonio. Following the game, news reporters crowded James' cubicle in the Heat locker room, but a Heat media relations official said it was not known how long James would receive treatment, which included intravenous fluids. "I'm feeling better than I did when I came off the floor," James told a pool reporter, the only one allowed to interview him. "So, doing better." James said he wanted to return to the game, but Spoelstra shot down that plan. He left for good shortly after a driving layup cut the Spurs' lead to 92 90 with 4:09 remaining. He failed to make it back down the court following the shot and was carried off the floor by his teammates. Miami faltered without him in the final minutes. "I was going to try to give it a go and Spo said, 'No,' " James said. "It sucks at this point in time in the season." Heat trainers did what they could, including leg massages and ice treatment, and that staff will be under pressure to prevent James from cramping in Game 2. The conspiracy theorists will put on their tin foil caps and try to claim subterfuge by Spurs. Spoelstra shot down that idea, too. "No, that would take an incredible mind to try to plan that for both teams to be able to go through that," he said. "Both teams are trying to manage it the best you could. We were going deeper into our subs, quicker subs than you're used to seeing." But the conspiracy theorists weren't the only ones out in full force. The Internet trolls, from Spurs fans to ESPN pundits to Gatorade, had a field day mocking James. But severe cramps are painful and debilitating. "Cramps are involuntary and often violent contraction of a muscle," athletic trainer Jeff Stotts told USA TODAY Sports in an e mail early Friday morning. James was likely experiencing what is known as a tonic spasm in which the muscle contraction is unrelenting and the player is unable to get it to relax. "Overexertion, fatigue and an excessive loss of fluids and electrolytes can all cause cramps to occur," Stotts said. "In LeBron's case it was probably a combination of all or some of these factors. For a player with his body type, the associated pain and limitation was likely considerable." This isn't the first time cramps limited James. In Game 4 of the 2012 Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder, James had to sit because of cramps. But he returned, made a big three pointer late in the game and helped the Heat take a 3 1 series lead. Stotts, who tracks player injuries, said James also cramped up at least three other times. Preventative maintenance, he said, is the best way to avoid cramps. "Players (who) go into a game knowing the temperature will be higher than normal will load up on electrolytes and additional fluids to insure their bodies are better prepared," Stotts said. "LeBron and the Heat, and San Antonio as well, didn't have that privilege. "However once a player begins to experience a cramp, it can hopefully be managed by relaxing the area. Gentle massage and mild, steady stretching often help. Applying ice or even ice massage can also reduce the spasms. Moving forward the Heat will likely force fluids and take the necessary steps to make sure he's not only re hydrated but his mineral and electrolyte levels are back where they should be." James said he drank the normal amount of fluids before Game 1. "I got all the fluids I need to get. I do my normal routine I've done and it was inevitable for me tonight, throughout the conditions out there on the floor," James said. "I lost all the fluids that I was putting in in the last couple of days out there on the floor. "Drank a lot at halftime, even changed my uniform, just tried to get the sweat up off of you. Our training staff tried to do the best they could by giving us ice bags and cold towels on timeouts, keep us dry. It was an unusual circumstance. I never played in a building like that." Like Spoelstra, James gave the Spurs credit. "They moved the ball extremely well. I think they had 30 assists," said James, who had perused the box score. The good news for the Heat: The air conditioning is expected to be fixed by the start of Game 2, and James has two full days of rest. "I need it, I need it, I need it," James said. "We're going to start tonight, continue to get the fluids in me and get me ready for Sunday. Thankful for the fact that I can get on it tonight, and put myself in a position where I can be out there for my team for the long haul. And sitting on the sideline if I'm not in foul trouble is not good for us and not good for me. Look forward to Game 2 and go from there." Air Jordan 12 Retro Cool Grey Team Orange,When it comes to anyone aspirations of playing pro basketball in the NBA, they likely realize one of the major skills required is ability to jump. There are now a pair of new APL shoes apparently give that skill to people in the form of these special sneakers, priced around $300. Due to that advantage, the NBA has chosen to ban the shoes from its courts. league rules, players may not wear any shoe during a game that creates an undue competitive advantage. ago, Reebok introduced the Reebok pump which allowed players to up air into them on the courts. However there were no reports of an unfair advantage gained by any basketball stars. On the contrary, an old Nike commercial starring Spike Lee as Blackman and Michael Jordan claims gotta be the shoes. That was a good marketing campaign, and people still do believe that Jordan had an unfair God like advantage in basketball. It wasn the shoes, and the NBA certainly hasn banned Nike Air or Air Jordans. Now the APL shoes enter the picture. Finally it sounds as if the NBA buys into that concept, and judging by all the free publicity people may soon be buying into the Concept 1 by Athletic Propulsion Labs. See the official APL Basketball sneaker at the Athletic Propulsion Labs website, complete with giant red BY THE NBA banner. Would you buy a shoe if it was proven to make you jump higher? Do you think NBA players should be allowed to buy these shoes until it proven they really do the job?

Save Up To 70 Off Discount Air Jordan 12 Retro Cool Grey Team Orange,Air Jordan 5 Fire Red 2013 There are over 23 million American with diabetes, and another 57 million with pre diabetes. Many argue that diabetes is becoming an epidemic. As technology continues to advance the efficiency of our world, it also takes away the need for physical exertion. In order to get the exercise necessary to stay healthy, we have to "go work out." Most of us are dropping the ball on this; and thus, America is gaining weight. This combined with fast food and fat filled diets are causing diabetes to be on a continual rise. Unfortunately, many underestimate the severity of the disease. Diabetes is a very serious condition that has many complications which includes blindness, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, and foot ulcerations. These complications are acquired over time and greatly increase mortality rates. A person diagnosed with diabetes before the age of 40 will lose 15 20 years of their life! Out of all of the complications linked to diabetes, the complication that causes the most hospitalizations is foot ulceration. Many of these ulcers may lead to amputations and this greatly increases the mortality rate. A person has a better chance of survival with colon or breast cancer than they do having a diabetic amputation. There are several reasons why diabetes has such strong effects on the feet; all of these complications combine into a formula for disaster if one does take proper measures to protect their feet and their health. Causes of foot ulcers: 1) Macrovascular/Microvascular complications. Diabetes is the inability of the body to control blood glucose levels. The rise in blood glucose, or hyperglycemia, is when there is excess sugar in your blood stream. This can facilitate clot formation and increase your chance of heart attack and stroke, but more commonly leads to micro vascular complication that decreases your blood flow in small vessels and in your extremities. A decrease in blood supply in an area, such as the foot, makes it difficult for your body to keep those tissues healthy. 2) Foot deformities. The excess sugar in circulation can deposit in tissues and joints and lead to foot deformation. Diabetics may see changes in their foot structure or feel pain with motion. In very serious cases, the foot develops Charcot's foot. In this instance, the bones in the foot are actually being destroyed. The deformity is often described as the foot becoming a" bag of bones." These deformations change how forces are applied across the foot. Normally, when walking, weight is nearly evenly distributed across your foot, deformations cause increases in pressure at certain areas. This facilitates tissue break down 3) Peripheral Neuropathy. Neuropathy is the loss of nerve function. The nerves most commonly affected are sensory nerves. Over time, diabetics experience nerve damage due to the increased levels of sugar. Initially, this damage presents as tingling and burning but eventually leads to loss of feeling. Thus, diabetics lose the ability to feel pain, the body's natural warning sign. It is very dangerous for diabetics to be unable to perceive a problem in the foot. For an example: If one steps on a piece of glass, they would be unaware and walk around on the glass all day. Preventing Ulcers 101: 1) Controlling your blood sugar levels with diet and exercise is the best way to prevent all diabetic complications. When diet and exercise is not enough, there are medications that can assist your body in maintaining appropriate amounts of sugar in your blood. 2) Inspect your feet regularly. Look in between your toes under and all around. Watch your feet for any changes in appearance, temperature, and feeling. Before or when changes are noted, contact a podiatric physician. A podiatric physician can help prevent and accommodate changes in your feet due to diabetes. 3) Avoid walking around barefoot, in sandals, or any other open shoes. This leaves your feet vulnerable to getting cuts, bruises, bumps, and infections. Diabetes is a multisystem disease that can cause many complications. Foot ulcers are highly prevalent, but also highly preventable. It is important to consult your physician to help you control your blood sugar levels. Podiatric Physicians are foot specialist that have extensive training in diabetic feet and wound care. They will provide you with the best care to prevent foot ulcers and amputations, the leading cause of diabetic hospitalizations. Air Jordan 12 Retro Cool Grey Team Orange A immediate change through running is weight loss, and besides there are also many advantages in it. Moreover, supposing you get thinner, clothes would like to be purchased easily, physique will be healthier, and you will get rid of some diseases, such as high blood pressure, fatty liver, hyperlipidemia, high blood sugar as well as cerebral hemorrhage, and then make you have more confidence. If you insist with persistence, you can explore the energy in the secret zone of your body. It is said by some runners that this is the religious saints "a peak experience of runners". Running would like to exercise your brain and let your mind be focused. Noah said, the running of Dharuk Mura kami may have influenced some people, including himself. Running habit and joy can be fostered by everybody, whatever a tiny activity, from it some analogous perception will come into being so long as you insist day by day. For this procedure, however, it is going to be exceptionally tortuous. Dharuk told a story, "I asked:'Soto Gu, you are a long distance runner who has high levels, but will you meet the situation that you do not want to run today, feel annoyed and just want to stay at home for sleeping'". Soto Gu answered me with a pair of angry round eyes as well as with a similar tone, which was 'What a stupid question' and replied me:"There is no use asking such a question, for the occurrence of such a kind of thing is normal". I am aware of the thing that it is a real foolish question when I rethink it profoundly now. At that time, I also understand, however, I still want to hear the answer from his mouth. Even though the exercise amount and motivation are different, I still wondering when get out of bed in the early morning and fasten jogging shoes' shoelaces, will he and I have the same opinion. The answer of Soto Gu made me feel relieved from the bottom of my heart. People are all the same as I expected. A story was told by Chuangbei that Quanming Zhao who was a marathon master in domestic areas once was disqualified to his physical class, so in a day he planned to run for ten kilometers. Consequently, he got good performance when marathon turned to be a fashion. There was a plummet of his performance, and the reason was that he has corrupted for two years for the sponsorship from brands. But in this year, he came back. It is an easy thing to develop the habit of persevere in running, however, due to your excuses, it can be a hard thing as well. Sometimes it is an intermittent running, but as long as you go stick to run. Some people like to listen to music while running, but I can not approve. A real runner will listen to music rarely, because when you run up, you will have your own rhythm and pace, like music. As long as you insist on running every day, and also feel the day changes of your body structure, and then your heart will be full of joy.

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