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Hopefully, all civilized people do. This person went on to write that he is offended by the Bush Administration's celebration of the death of Zarqawi. Tom's reply: . ' This is warfare against individuals, not states. We self flagellate over our mistakes committed against individuals and this is right. So is celebrating our victories over individuals.'" Robb's comment [2] is best read for his misunderstanding of grand strategy and his acknowledgement that Zarqawi was not a global guerrilla. On confusing nihlism with design: "In the early phases of the guerrilla war in Iraq, Zarqawi was operational as the commander of a small cell. His group was able, through early large scale attacks, to set a plausible promise (an idea that many other groups could rally around) for the Iraqi insurgency. Namely, that it was possible to successfully fight the US occupation." "His main failure was that he didn't fully appreciate the value of systems disruption. His only attack on a systems target (the Basra terminal) was a failure. He also proved unable to give up operational roles in favor of becoming a strategic communicator (which ultimately led to his death)." PS: Blogspirit filters out html tags in general. This is not a setting I can change. I don't think some people realize that there is a war in Iraq. A war that is part of a much greater confrontation. And why should they? We in the US armed forces and our families are the only ones that seemed to be affected. The rest of the nation is disconnected to our daily reality of scrutinity while under fire. People die in wars. (Duh!) This time it was AMZ's turn. No sane Soldier, Marine, Airman, or Sailor wants to unnecesarily take another human being's life, but like I said, we are at war and getting shot at on a daily basis. I would be pissed if the President was not happy (and demostrated his emotions) concerning AMZ's death. In terms of the troops, we are quietly celebrating, but there's no time to take our guard down. There's a lot of work left to do. One of the background presumptions of the GG thesis is surely "emergence". That a concerted force can emerge out of disperately motivated actions. This is no more a "confusion of nihilism with design" than is talk of an invisible hand or a Hayekian belief in spontaneous order. Robb says that Zarqawi had failures. Including the shift to systems disruption. I don't think that Robb says he "wasn't" a GG. (In fact GG is just a label for a phenomenon; Zarqawi was absolutely part of the expression of that phenomenon in Iraq.) It simply says that Z. wasn't very good at one part of it. And that, ultimately, what had been succesful tactics in one phase became counter productive later on. part of his motivation was that of a sociopathic wack job who was collecting " trophies" of his exploits. Zarqawi's operational extremism, for a time, served a purpose because he was broadening the envelope of the permissable and serving to radicalize the tactics of the other insurgent groups but these things have a short window of opportunity before diminishing returns set in. Reminds me of the post Gulf War documentaries on how it was really won, with those with access to artillery saying it was because of artillery, those supported by GM praising the hummer, etc. What's more interesting about Zarqawi is how he was the dream incarnate of the "carpet chewing, mentally unbalanced, haters of the Bush administration" [1] He was the emotional release of every radical who wanted bad things to happen, whatever they may be, to prove themselves right about the Bush administration. An interesting study could be done on how similar Zarqawi's motivations themselves were. Thus one cannot be a GG, in the way that one could be a 4GWarrior? Does this finally settle that GG is not 4GW or 5GW? The most enjoyable comment I read, and one I cannot re find, said that the killing was criminal, as AMZ was not wearing a uniform at the time, and should have been tried by the law courts. Some have a very restrictive definition of what a "war" is..

St. X's Neil Henley, left, and Male's Trey Ray battle or the ball near the goal. Henley scored the only goal of the night, defeating male, 1 0, (By David R. Lutman, special to The Courier Journal) The Tigers, the three time defending state champions, defeated the top ranked Bulldogs 1 0 at Male on Neil Henley's header with 2:24 to play. Brown was the only full time starter returning to a Tigers team that was ranked No.1 in the preseason poll of coaches. The Tigers beat ninth ranked Greenwood 5 1 on Tuesday. The Tigers' win on Thursday was thanks in large part to senior midfielder Colin Hockenbury's inattention to his coach as he prepared to take a free kick with less than three minutes to play. "But he didn't." Instead Hockenbury, who was standing about 10 yards outside the goal box on the right side, crossed the ball to the far post, where Henley headed it home. "Danny Belza was open on the wing, and I thought about shooting it for a second, but we've got a lot of big guys up front who can put a head on the ball and Neil was there, he was Johnny on the spot," Hockenbury said, It was Henley's second goal this season. "I was just in the right place at the right time," Henley said. "He played the perfect ball to the back post." Up to that point, neither team could turn the lights out on the other although the lights at Male's field went out during the second half in a physical match that featured a double ejection. Both teams had nine shots, but the Bulldogs' first might have been their best. In the fifth minute, Male senior midfielder Dylan Terry made a run down the left side of the field. The Tigers had a similar opportunity in the 27th minute when junior striker Roberto Penne played a ball past Male keeper John Seewer, but Bulldogs defender Josh Eckert was able to kick it out. Male had another chance as the halftime buzzer sounded, but Brown made a leaping save of Terry's free kick. The Bulldogs (3 1 1) outshot the Tigers 5 3 in the first half as Schulten shuffled players. "We're still changing up lineups, and some of these guys aren't used to the intensity," Schulten said. "He's the best player in the state in my opinion," Schulten said of Romero. "That red card was big because it really opened the field up, and it became about who could cover the most ground." 136064 102 Nike Air Jordan 3 Iii Retro White Cement Grey Fire Red ,653996 146 Nike KD 7 USA 656503 010 Air Jordan Future Black Black White Air Jordan 5 Premio Black Black Metallic Silver 656503 720 Air Jordan Future Volt White Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR Black Red 332083 435 Air Jordan 1 23501 Levi Denim Pack 384664 623 Women Size Air Jordan 6 Toro Infrared 23 Black Infrared 23 378037 117 Women Size Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue White Black Legend Blue Air Jordan 6 Rings Carbon Fiber To Buy or Not to BuyShop for flamenco shoes on Ebay, and you will see countless listings. A closer inspection will show one reason: many people buy flamenco shoes thinking they are going to take flamenco dance up as a hobby and give up this demanding discipline within months. Sometimes weeks. A flamenca doesn't stop being a novice for years sometimes and even beginners' shoes are made to go that distance! Learn from the Ebayers: you do not need to invest in a quality pair of flamenco shoes in the first months of your flamenco dance. That said, it is difficult if not impossible for a beginning flamenco student to dance without appropriate footwear. Here are some options. Use a sturdy heel with a strap. I did this the first few weeks (minus the first class when I showed up in a zumba outfit!) Now, any time I'm wearing sturdy heels (boots are best actually), I try a few tacons and a golpe or two to test the sound. It is never the same, of course, but you can get a feel for the movement. Buy a pair of character shoes. These are widely available in dance stores and discount dance websites. They look like flamenco shoes, minus the nails. They are not as sturdy, and they will not do for more than a few weeks, but they are much cheaper than even the lowest level of flamenco shoes. Buy these only if you do not own suitable heels. But a pair of cheap flamenco shoes. I found a pair of Miguelitos for $60. They did not make a great sound, but they were sturdy enough and hand the nails. I practiced with them for months. Utilize your predecessors' mistakes: buy a used pair on Ebay. This can be tricky as sizing is different in flamenco shoes, but, again, the cost is much cheaper than even Miguelitos usually. On the flip side, you may score a high end pair for cheap it's possible! DO NOT use tap shoes. The shape might be the same, but the sound is completely different. If you have been flamenco dancing for a few months and you have withstood the abuse of your Spanish born teacher this long it is probably time to invest in a pair of quality flamenco shoes. Ordering Shoes On LineHow do you feel about ordering shoes on line? It's a great way to choose from a wide variety of shoes. It's fine if you are careful or only order from certain sites. If so, here are some criteria the keep in mind: Look for rigidity. Twist the shoe if it gives, it is not supportive enough for the zapateado (footwork) you will be executing. (NB: You probably shouldn't try this in Spain I've gotten yelled at just for putting my finger on merchandise.) Look for a thick sole. Again, the flamenco dance involves using your feet as percussive instruments you want as much protection as possible! A good sole will be leather with a thick rubber or cushioned covering. Choose a low heel. Unless you are accustomed to dancing in higher heels, choose a "cubano" heel or a low (5 cm) heel. The cubano heel provides a wide base ideal for beginning dancers. Choose leather or suede. It is unlikely you will find synthetic material in a flamenco store, but if you do for some reason, avoid it. The shoes need to conform to your feet, which doesn't happen with synthetic material. Leather is more rigid and will keep its shape longer; suede is easier to break in at the beginning. (I chose suede.) Get nails. They are essential for the tapping sound. They should cover a wedge shape at the toe and completely cover the heel. They should overlap just slightly and be securely set in. Buy black. Green blue red tan is not really the new black when it comes to flamenco. Black is black, and it is always traditional. You can wear them with any costume. (I got blue flames on my toes, and though I love the look, I wish I had black going into my first show. My flamenco teacher, Natalia, was right!) Ordering On LineMost of us are not lucky enough to be shopping for our first proper set of flamenco shoes in Seville or even New York City. If that's the case, you'll need to order your shoes on line. First of all, it is still possible to buy a pair from Ebay. I have seen some of the top names for sale. However, it is not a guarantee for size or quality. Plus, you are buying from a private seller, so you may get ripped off. If the price is more than $150, it is better to buy a pair from a retailer. Here are some brands to consider: Don Flamenco: This brand has a bricks and mortar shop in Madrid as well as their own website. They are also sold on hub flamenco sites such as Flamenco Export. They start at 90.00; hand sewn soles are extra. This is an excellent base brand, and they offer wide widths. Their customer service is also surprisingly friendly when my shoes were shipped, they wished me "happy dancing!" Menkes: This store has shops all over Spain as well as France and New York City. They are also sold on line via their own site and hub sites. They are a little more expensive than Don Flamenco, but that does not necessarily mean they are better. They do offer some more creative styles. Their shoes start at 110; hand sewn soles are extra. They also offer wide widths. The most advances student at my flamenco studio wears these shoes. Gallardo: This high end brand has a bricks and mortar shop in Madrid. It is possible to buy shoes from their website (after sending an email query), but they are also sold on hub sites such as Flamenco Export. Their shoes start at 112, but most styles cost 139 148. These are high quality shoes. My flamenco teacher, Natalia, dances most often in these shoes. Senovilla: These are some top end shoes. While the other brands offer gradations, meaning you don't have to buy professional grade shoes, Senovilla are designed and made only for the professional level. Their price reflects this: their shoes start at 142 but quickly go up. These are the shoes Natalia aspires to buy. There are some other considerations when ordering on line: If buying from Spain, add $50 and a month or two for shipping. My blog of reminisces about my time in Croatia and a story inspired by living in the Mediterranean paradise. Measuring Your FeetIt is possible to buy a pair of flamenco shoes off the shelf, or pre made. However, flamenco shoes are usually custom made; they are all hand made (if buying from a traditional brand). Unless you are in Spain where a professional will measure your feet, you will need to do so yourself. A reputable website will offer instructions. Regardless, here they are: 136064 102 Nike Air Jordan 3 Iii Retro White Cement Grey Fire Red,After years of working to create a slip resistant boat shoe, Paul Sperry, an avid sailor, had an epiphany one day as he watched his dog run across ice without sliding. The dog grooved paws provided grip just what the boat shoe soles needed. According to the Sperry website, Sperry carved grooves in the rubber soles of his shoes and, in 1935, the Sperry Top Sider was born. The shoes became popular among the masses men and women alike, whether they boaters or not and proper care can help prolong the life of your Sperrys. How to Clean Sperrys Since 1935, high performance footwear has been available through Sperry, a company that makes shoes for people passionate about pursuing adventures on water. How to Clean Sperry Tan Leather Topsiders Sperry is a shoe manufacturer that creates boat shoes. The tan leather topsiders are made from finished leather. The shoes can become. How to Clean Sperry Topsider Shoes Sperry Top Siders and other boat shoes are a comfortable footwear choice for active pursuits. It is not surprising that rugged use will. How to Clean Leather Sperrys Sperry shoes, which are also known as top siders or boat shoes, are made from soft leather, suede and nubuck. Sperrys, like most. How to Clean Sperry Shoes With a Stain The Sperry Top Sider, also frequently referred to as the "boat shoe," is a popular brand of shoe that is particularly apt for. How to Clean Your Suede Sperrys Sperry suede shoes are made out of stain resistant and water resistant suede leather. Although they are resistant to staining, these shoes still require. How to Wash Sperry Shoes The traditional Sperry shoe is a classic boat shoe with a white rubber sole and leather or suede upper. These shoes are. How to Clean Sperry Top Sider Sperry Top Siders are boat shoes that are manufactures for men, women and children. These popular shoes come in a variety of styles. How to Get Mud Off Sperrys How to Clean Sperry Topsiders; Comments You May Also Like. How to Clean Mud Off Shoes Boots. Sometimes it inevitable that. How to Repair Sperry Shoes My Boat Shoes: What is the Best Way to Clean My Sperrys? Resources. Read this Article in Spanish; Read this Article in. Care of Sperry Shoes Sperry shoes are known for being particularly long lasting and durable. . Remove the laces from the shoes and apply the leather cleaner. How to Clean Canvas Top Siders Sperry Top Siders are popular boating shoes that have found their way into the wardrobes of landlubbers. With tightly woven, colorful canvas uppers. How to Clean Top Siders Boaters choose Sperry Top Siders for their durability and sustainability under tough weather conditions. Top Sider soles prevent slipping and sliding around a boat.

How Much Do 136064 102 Nike Air Jordan 3 Iii Retro White Cement Grey Fire Red,130207 101 Air Jordan 1 94 Retro White Black Red Prevention has always been the best remedy for any kind of ailment or infection. The same goes with nail fungus especially since it takes a long time for nail fungus to be removed. Curing it as soon as symptoms appear will prevent the infection of your other nails therefore saving you of unnecessary pain and trouble. Nail fungus can infect anybody. Excessive sweating on your feet and hands, defects in the nails and people with reduced immune system are susceptible to nail fungus infections. However, it does not mean that you have an immune system problem if you develop a nail fungus infection. Moreover, it is contagious and should be treated as soon as it appears. But do not fret, nail fungal infections are treatable. 1. Wear protective shoes or slippers when you use public facilities such as gym showers, locker rooms and swimming pools. A lot of people use these facilities and you never know if someone infected has just used the shower stall you are using. Remember nail fungus is contagious. 2. Keep your nails clean, short and dry. Trim your nails regularly and in a straight line. Dry your hands and feet thoroughly after bathing especially in between your fingers and toes. Fungi growth occurs mostly on damp areas. 3. Use anti fungal sprays and powders in your shoes or on your feet to eliminate any fungus that might be present. Avoid using the same shoes everyday to give it time to air dry especially if you sweat a lot. Same goes with your socks. If you sweat excessively change your socks and alternate between open toed sandals and closed shoes. 4. Wash your feet regularly and dry them well. Ditch the nail polish to cover up an existing fungal infection. It may look nice but it can trap the moisture and fungus in your nails and make it worse. 5. Go to a reputable pedicure and manicure salon. Make sure that they sterilize their instruments after every customer. Or you can bring your own just make sure you sterilize them as well even if you are the only one using it. It will keep fungal growth at bay. 6. Wash your hands after touching or putting medication on an infected nail. It can infect the other nails on your hands. 7. Don't pick at the skin around your nails or pluck "hangnails" off of them. This might cause the skin to break and give access to germs and fungi. 8. See a doctor at the first symptoms of nail fungal infection. The earlier it is treated the better it is for you. 9. Eat a well balanced diet to keep your immune system healthy. It will help you fight bacteria, viruses and germs that can cause nail fungus. As the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth an ounce of cure". This holds true with nail fungus. It is always wise to stick to some precaution that will bring you relief from nail fungus infection. 136064 102 Nike Air Jordan 3 Iii Retro White Cement Grey Fire Red A black stiletto is a style staple. With these popular styles in a black stiletto in evening, work, and boot styles, your wardrobe will be set with these versatile and unique designs. For a black stiletto that can transcend easily from work to evening, pick up the Nyla black stiletto from Betsey Johnson. In a slip on loafer type style, this black stiletto is anything but typical. Decked out in black patent leather with large pewter hardware, this black stiletto would look amazing with that new black suit you picked up for fall. The sexy stiletto heel on this black stiletto is what really sells them. The slim 4' pewter heel is drop dead sexy. After work, throw on that favorite black dress for a luxurious dinner out with the ladies to unwind. Need a black stiletto to wear to that wedding this fall? It's easy to love the Angel black stiletto from BCBGirls. In glossy black snakeskin, curved straps to reveal your sexy manicured toes, and a staggering 4 3/4' stiletto heel, this stiletto heel will be a show stopper. The wonderful element about this black stiletto is that on a casual day when you need a little 'va va voom!', wear this black stiletto with a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans, a grey v neck tee, and a pair of gold hoop earrings. For the quintessential black stiletto that is suitable for work in every day, check out the Genevieve heel from Pour la Victoire. With a sexy pointed toe, 1' stacked platform, and an irresistible 5' stiletto heel, this black stiletto does NOT mess around. Worn with tailored black slacks, this black stiletto is kept under wraps. With a professional floral dress, this black stiletto demands attention. Be prepared for whatever comes your way in this black stiletto. For a funky chic black stiletto, take a close look at the Iku black stiletto from LAMB. With a 4 1/2' stiletto, this black stiletto is extremely feminine, however with menswear penny loafer styling, this black stiletto has a borderline identity crisis. Excellent for the winter months, pair this black stiletto with a thick pair of wool opaque tights and a short black shift dress. Your look is monochromatic, professional, and extremely cool. Don't save your daring fashion choices for the weekend, with this professionally chic black stiletto, you can keep your fashion adventure going all week long! Want to treat yourself this fall and winter? If so, then this BIG black stiletto purchase from Alexander McQueen is for you. Futuristic in design with moto elements, this black stiletto bootie is dangerously sexy. With full zipper front closure, black leather fold down lapels, and a seductive peep toe, this black stiletto is the epitome of fashion forward. With a high price ticket, don't throw down the bills unless this black stiletto feels absolutely right for you. Sure to last you through the fall and winter, this may be a short run style. Not exactly a versatile piece, this black stiletto is definitely trendy. Perfect to wear with a skirt or pants, this black stiletto is 'to die for'. With these popular styles in a black stiletto, you can find a large number of styles that will suit your evening, professional, and bootie needs. With any of these black stiletto shoe, your look will be fabulously chic and fashion forward.

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