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Verify your training needs. Evaluate your running ability and skill, weight and body type, current training regimen and running goals. Athletes training for a marathon or ultra may need to purchase two pairs of cushioned running shoes and alternate usage. However, runners training for shorter distances will get 250 to 500 miles from one new pair. Additionally, examine the terrain you run on. Cushioned running shoes come in a variety of styles suitable for trail, concrete and track surfaces that promote speed, distance and maintenance runs. Research cushioned running shoe reviews. Runner's World magazine puts running shoes through vigorous testing methods to ensure quality and function. Evaluate online and print reviews to learn about the cushioned running shoes available. In depth evaluations are available for each training season. Additionally, consult Consumer Reports, Running Times magazine and Consumer Search for shoe style comparisons. Make a list of your favorite cushioned running shoes, verifying price ranges, features, brands and style updates, and have list handy while shoe shopping. Shop at a respected running store. Local favorites and credible national chains (including Fleet Feet) are excellent options. Sales associates are runners themselves and educated on foot mechanics, shoe brands, style updates and running training regimens. Their educated guidance will steer you in the right direction. Visit the store in the afternoon or after a run (to ensure feet have properly swelled) and wear specialty running socks. Prepare for your feet to be properly measured. Additionally, bring your list of shoe review favorites and your current running shoes for professional inspection. A knowledgeable sales associate will examine the current wear on your running shoes and interpret this information for appropriate shoe recommendations. Judge many different cushioned running shoes. Try on each pair and jog around the store, on a treadmill or even a hill simulator (present at many outdoor enthusiast shops). Determine how soft or firm the shoe feels. Do the cushioning features provide adequate support and comfort? Specifically evaluate the heel and forefoot. Cushioning should be soft but stable. Is the toebox roomy and the shoe lightweight? Ensure the shoe fits properly (even the width) and allow the sales associate to offer additional options, based on your running style and foot shape. Try on cushioned shoes with insoles (if required) and experience various brands and models to allow for an educated buying decision. High quality cushioned running shoes can be expensive but are worth the investment to promote a healthy, productive and pain free running experience. 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Often they are hospitalized due to dehydration, malnutrition or heart and kidney problems. Anorexia has a mortality rate of 20 percent, the highest of any mental health condition. Bulimia nervosa causes recurrent episodes of binge eating, zoning out on food, eating secretly and then getting rid of the food. People who are bulimic may vomit, causing swollen glands at the jaw and cheeks; misuse medications such as laxatives and diuretics; fast; or exercise excessively. They may feel full after even a small meal, with an urge to get rid of the food. Bulimia is a potentially serious condition that disrupts the body chemistries, harms the digestive tract, erodes tooth enamel and creates the risk of potentially fatal heart irregularities. Binge eating means consuming large amounts of food in a short period of time until the eater feels uncomfortably full. Binge eaters may feel that they cannot control what or how much they eat once they start and later feel disgusted with themselves, depressed or guilty. They often eat alone, embarrassed by how much or what they eat. Compulsive overeating means eating when one is not physically hungry. Some compulsive overeaters eat when upset or stressed to get through the day. They may throughout the day as they work. They constantly think about what to eat or not eat, and about their weight. Eating disorders do not go away untreated. It is a good idea to start with intense treatment with experienced eating disorder professionals. This will help the person manage the underlying reasons for the eating disorder and create a foundation for lasting recovery. Rebecca Cooper is a California licensed therapist, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and the Founder of Rebecca House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs She created the first living residence for clients recovering from eating disorders. This program is used throughout the country at addiction treatment centers and is used by therapists dealing with clients who are struggling with eating disorders. Ms. Rebecca also appears on television, webcasts, and radio to promote disordered eating awareness. Ms. Cooper received her Master in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. She is an international speaker who has contributed numerous published articles to the field of Addictions and Eating Disorders. In October 2004, Rebecca was honored as the Rising Star in Business by WomanSage, an event sponsored by the University of California Irvine Medical Center. The award was in recognition to her innovative approach to helping women with eating disorders and her dedicated service of helping others recover. In May of 2009, she was nominated for the Orange County Business Journal's Women in Business Award. 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Nike Air Foamposite One Shooting Stars "Everything we ever do is a competition," said Mitnick, whose business card says "Personal Assistant" on one side and "Special Projects Coordinator" for Williams' Point of Hope foundation on the other. "Everything from playing pingpong to playing basketball, football, baseball. Cards, dominos, whatever. "He gets real mad if I beat him in anything," Mitnick adds, "so I try to help his ego and let him win as much as I can." Mitnick laughs, knowing Williams Jazz point guard, Olympic gold medal winner and today a first time NBA All Star Game participant would chuckle at the assertion even more heartily. Because whatever you do, Deron Williams who'll play for the Western Conference in front of more than 90,000 at the new Cowboys Stadium in nearby Arlington wants to do it better. It's been that way since the two were growing up in suburban Dallas, and it will be that way, Mitnick suspects, long after Williams is done chasing a still unfilled aspiration agenda. For that, the Boo Boo to Williams' Yogi Bear credits D Will's mother, Denise Smith single mom, source of inspiration and middle school basketball coach for a point guard and his good buddy. "I'm one of his biggest fans, biggest critics. I think his mom's probably the only person that's a bigger critic of his his mom and himself," Mitnick said of Denise, who played both basketball and volleyball at West Liberty State College in Deron Williams' native state of West Virginia. "He learned how to play basketball from his mom," added Mitnick, whose own mother is best friends with Williams'. "She taught him fundamentals at a young age, taught him there was more than scoring. And I think he still plays that way today. He'd much rather have 20 assists than 30 points any night of the week." Getting Williams to think pass first, though, was no small chore. "He played on some teams where he was always the leading scorer, but he could have been the only scorer," Smith said. "There were kids that couldn't even make layups and stuff, in fourth, fifth grade. And I was always yelling at him to pass." It's that very way of play that may be behind the fact shooting guard Bracey Wright, not Deron Williams, was superstar of The Colony High School's basketball team north of Dallas. Miles, a few years younger than Williams and Wright when he was just emerging on the Dallas prep basketball scene. "Everybody knew who Deron was, but Bracey Wright everybody said he was the guy." Williams, understand, was good. Miles learned that firsthand when he went to watch The Colony play Lincoln High, a powerhouse from south Dallas that current Toronto Raptor and Eastern Conference All Star Chris Bosh led to a 40 0 record and a No. 1 national ranking when all three were seniors in 2002. "He (Williams) was a little chubby back then," Miles said. "Husky. Let's say husky. But I remember getting there, and the first play I saw was a right to left crossover with him dunking down the lane." Miles asked his coach who that was; Williams was the answer. But Bracey Wright got his name in the paper often. He scored more than Williams. And he had much more expected of him down the road. "Deron," Mitnick said, "was just running the offense." Not everyone had Williams pegged to be an NBA player; fewer still a future All Star. "He was one of the best players, of course, in the city and the state," said Bosh, who prefaced his comments with a reminder that The Colony was one of Lincoln's 40 notches. "I just remember him kind of slowly evolving into a really, really good player." But Raymond Felton, now with the Charlotte Bobcats, chose North Carolina. Salim Stoudamire, who played for the Atlanta Hawks, already was at Arizona. And then Jarrett Jack, now with Toronto, picked Georgia Tech. As Tom Cruise's Joel Goodson said in "Risky Business," "Looks like University of Illinois." Yet even in Champaign, Ill., there was someone nudging Williams to second seat. It was mostly Dee Brown, understandably so, and current Indiana Pacer Luther Head too. That's the price Williams had to pay, Miles said, for always playing "the game the right way." "I mean, he's been able to do some more flamboyant things in the league now. But he knows when to do it, and when not to do it," Miles added. "But in high school and college, he just did what he's supposed to do. He got it done. "People didn't realize he was really the leader of that (Illinois) team. Dee Brown was a smaller guy, fast, lightning. He was an electrifying player, which is what people like. "It was exciting. Nothing to take away from Dee; he's a great basketball player also. But D Will was a big part of that team." As it turns out, Bracey Wright after a stint with the Minnesota Timberwolves now plays in Greece. And Dee Brown whose short NBA stay included one season with the Jazz now plays in Italy.

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