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Mark Mobius, who leads the emerging markets division of Franklin Templeton, spoke via Skype with Rens de Jong of Fund Event, The Netherlands. (See the video interview with Mark Mobius ) "The euro is not the problem, because it has nothing to do with the debt in some countries of the monetary union. The problem is the countries themselves and the people who have bought debt of these countries. Those people are wrong and need to accept their mistakes. " He has high expectations of Germany and Chancellor Merkel, which has now made a clean sweep. This week the German Minister of Finance hinted at a withdrawal of Greece from the eurozone. Mobius expects a haircut coming, which means that the debt is restructured and bond investors will only get back a portion of their debt. has. "There are great interests to continue on this path," says Mobius. He is referring to people in the military, healthcare and education. is large, but with China is less, because the western countries are reluctant to give China the chance to buy companies. Yet this is an important goal for China, says Mobius. By buying up companies and to strengthen China's economic foundation. Mobius believes that China is really developing into a consumer economy. Companies are asked friendly to increase the salaries of employees by 10 percent . As a result, Chinese domestic consumption becomes more important. According to Mobius a positive development for investors who can respond to consumer trends. I selected 5 consumer related stocks that have a BUY recommendation and can profit from a higher consumption in China (South East Asia). Adidas (OTCQX:ADDYY) Second quarter sales rose 5% to EUR 3.06bln, in line with consensus. Net income rose 11% to EUR 140mln, above market expectation of EUR 137.3mln. Full year sales will gain about 10% on a currency neutral basis. Previously the company had targeted a high single digit rate. Adidas expects EPS to rise at a rate approaching 15%, while previously forecasted an EPS gain of 10% to 15%. Sourcing costs will increase significantly compared to the prior year as a result of rising raw material costs and capacity constraints. However, Adidas high exposure to fast growing Emerging Markets (China Q2 sales +31% / +41% currency neutral), the further expansion of Retail as well as continued momentum at all key brands lead Adidas to increase its guidance (Q2: Gross margins by 0.2 percentage point). This is pretty remarkable, especially in light of this year lack of sales related to the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Adidas is benefiting from higher demand at its Reebok unit, which is capitalizing on its growth strategy in the men training and women fitness categories. The market for Reebok toning shoes is stabilizing and toning shoes will continue to be successful, according to the company. Adidas is also expanding in China, Russia and North America, where it plans to generate about half of its targeted 50% sales increase by 2015. Further, the company plans to continue raising prices and streamlining production to increase profitability. Coca Cola (NYSE:KO) Most western companies in Consumer Staples sector have been complaining about the tough operating environment in their respective domestic markets. The reasons are evident: Declining consumer confidence, high unemployment rates, struggling housing markets, government austerity measures etc. The situation for Coca Cola seems different. and Western Europe. Development in emerging markets makes things even better. Growth dynamics are firmly intact, driven by major countries such as China, India, Mexico and Russia. The newly announced investment plan in China USD 4 bln in 2012 2014 (on top of the USD 3 bln in 2009 2011) reflects the company confidence in China consumption potential. treasury yield. Moreover Coca Cola announced to buy back own shares for USD 2.5 bln by year end. Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) Fiscal third quarter revenues advanced 12% to USD 2.93bln, ahead of markets expectation of USD 2.84bln. In the period ended 3 July, net income climbed 34% to USD 279.1mln, or USD 0.36 cents a share, above consensus forecasts of USD 0.34 a share. Starbucks has faced higher ingredient costs during the past year and higher coffee costs will reduce fiscal 2012 profit by USD 0.21 a share. Nevertheless, Starbucks is lifting its clean full year fiscal 2011 earnings to be as much as USD 1.51 a share, up from a previous forecast of as much as USD 1.48 (consensus USD 1.50). These results confirm and show that the company is on track for future delivery. Starbucks is entering the at home coffee market with single serve beverages. This year, the company began selling Via instant coffee packets in China and partnered with Green Mountain Coffee (NASDAQ:GMCR) to make Starbucks brand capsules for Green Mountain Keurig brewer (K Cups). The Via brand should be becoming a one billion business some year in the future. Foods like desserts and "Bistro Boxes" also are working well. China growing middle class is offering a longer term opportunity for Starbucks. Hence, the company is accelerating store opening there and will open 150 new stores in fiscal 2012 (out total 800 net new stores globally). Longer term Starbucks plans to more than triple its store count in mainland China to 1,500 locations by 2015. Drivers include a full contribution from K Cups (Green Mountain), likely further acceleration in store growth, and less commodity drag. Valuation remains undemanding (P/E for fiscal 2012e: 20.5x vs. historical average of 35x). Yum! Brands (NYSE:YUM) YUM! Brands portfolio of restaurants include the popular Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut chains. The company's China division is soaring as the country continues to shift from an export based economy to a domestic consumption economy. China is the company's largest market now, comprising 42% of total revenue. In the second quarter, sales in China surged 33% year over year as same store jumped an incredible 17%. The Chinese apparently love Colonel Sander's chicken, and Yum! has no plans of slowing expansion there. Company Currency Price YTD(%) P/ECurrYr P/ENxtYr ADIDAS EUR 46,47 3,8 14,4 12,3 APPLE USD 384,14 19,1 13,9 11,9 COCA COLA USD 71,17 8,2 17,7 16 STARBUCKS USD 38,92 21,1 24,6 20,5 YUM!BRANDS USD 53,37 8,81 18,7 16,6 Women Nike Free Run 3 Fireberry Electric Green ,130182 101 Nike Air Jordan 9 IX Original OG Men Nike Free Run 3.0 Chrome Yellow Reflect Silver Platinum White 332157 011 Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Dark Army 599873 602 Jordan 1 Fire Red Retro 89 402297 001 Air Jordan 1 KO High QS Black Varsity Red White 136080 701 Air Jordan 16 Ginger White 543390 127 Women Size Air Jordan 6 GS Grape Women Size 616750 001 Nike Air Foamposite Pro Yeezy Nike Air Foamposite Onered Supreme Department of Transportation, a Supergirl comic released in 1986 encouraged children to buckle up. After all, who better than Superman's invulnerable cousin who could easily walk away from a car crash to demonstrate the need for wearing seat belts? And why let a little thing like Supergirl having been killed off the year before stop her from returning to teach a valuable lesson? "Look how well that worked out for me!" To show the harsh consequences of what could happen if you don't wear your seat belt, the creators of the comic chose the most down to earth and relatable plotline they could envision: Supergirl and some children are transported to a world inhabited by characters from nursery rhymes and fairy tales, all of whom are terrible drivers (and just terrible people, in general). For example, Humpty Dumpty is a taxi driver whose eggshell skull gets cracked in a fender bender because he refused to use a seat belt. We guess that's one way to teach kids about deadly cranial fractures. He still fared a lot better in this story than in the nursery rhyme, though. Supergirl also has a run in with the Three Little Pigs, inexplicably dressed like '70s cokeheads, who are launched out of their convertible because they also don't believe in wearing their seat belts. Even more inexplicably, Supergirl doesn't let them die. Yes, that's a self tanning mirror there. It's that kind of comic. Meanwhile, the Big Bad Wolf has a serious case of road rage, and tries to run the Little Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe (but now drives a Honda Accord) off the road. Judging by how wound up the guy seems, he might be on coke as well. In fact, we'll assume that everyone here is, including whoever wrote this comic. Eventually the comic runs out of classic children's stories to ruin, and Supergirl and the children reach their destination, a creepy demolition derby where you get to watch living crash test dummies be sent through the windshield. Don't worry, those kids are never going into a car again after this. So what have we learned? For starters, don't do drugs, or you might make a comic book like this. But more importantly, your treasured childhood characters live in a nightmarish Mad Max like world where you take your life in your hands just getting into a car. In fact, the cover only supports our theory that everyone here is tripping balls: If you grew up in the '90s, you probably remember Captain Planet, that environmentally focused superhero of indefinite powers whose only weakness was the very thing he fought against, namely pollution. Perhaps to take a break from being rendered useless by cigarette butts every week, an episode titled "Population Bomb" focused on the topic of overpopulation. Also radioactive militaristic rat people. This being the '90s, the episode was probably a backdoor pilot for a series of that name. The cartoon opens with Captain Planet saving the day when part of a skyscraper inexplicably collapses. Captain Planet explains that the cause of the near disaster was the city's population growing too fast. Not terrorism or just plain shitty construction somehow having lots of people around causes buildings to spontaneously crumble. "This is all your fault, really, so I should just let this crush you." The Planeteers decide that "Everyone should have fewer children," and praise countries that restrict births . with the exception of Wheeler (the jackass American), who protests that "No one is gonna tell me how many kids I can have." To make sure that the character learns he's a selfish prick, though, he is later transported to a dystopian society ravaged by overpopulation. Except this society isn't in the future, because that would be too unrealistic: It's on an uncharted island ruled by talking rats. We learn that the rats became intelligent (and bipedal) after a nuclear test happened near their island, so they began building their own modern cities and such, but then they started running out of food as their numbers grew and fell into a fascist dictatorship. If they'd just used that guy as the supervillain, it would have been a much better episode. 1. If You Hurt Animals, the X Men Will Mess You Up What do you get when you combine the X Men and Doris Day? Possibly the most deranged and ineffective animal rights PSA ever made. In 2004, the Doris Day Animal League (which in this context sounds like an awesome superhero team, but it's actually a nonprofit animal advocacy group) joined forces with major comics publishers for a program called Comics for Compassion. As part of this program, special animal themed issues of certain comics were produced, including a story where the X Men tackle the problem of animal abuse the same way they'd deal with a Sentinel attack: by using their mutant powers to terrorize a bunch of kids. The story introduces a new mutant named Squid Boy, who has the ability to breathe underwater and, well, vaguely resemble a squid. All the cool fish related powers were already taken by Aquaman. After Squid Boy discovers some mutilated fish by his favorite swimming spot, he goes to Jean Grey, the X Men's resident telepath, and asks her to use her powers to locate whoever killed the fish, but Jean refuses to use her powers on anyone without their permission. Soon they discover a dog that was brutally tortured, and Jean attempts to read the dog's brain to learn what happened, but proceeds to completely lose her shit. We're not sure if Jean's dialogue is supposed to be horrifying or arousing. Once Jean learns that the dog was murdered by some boys who also killed the fish, the rational superhero response would have been to visit those kids and teach them that hurting animals is wrong: they are teenagers, they'll listen to anything a man who can shoot lasers from his eyes and a redhead in tight leather will tell them. But this is the X Men, not the Super Friends, so instead, Wolverine pays the boys a visit in their treehouse and threatens to cut them with his adamantium claws. Before Wolverine can murder anyone, however, Jean Grey shows up and uses her telepathic powers to torture the boys by making them experience all the pain they had inflicted on the animals, including what it feels like to have their arms cut off. Women Nike Free Run 3 Fireberry Electric Green,Mark Johnson, prosecuting, said Rafiq's licence was revoked by the DVLA on October 11 last year and police had written to him on January 18 offering to settle the matter by way of a fixed penalty. He said Rafiq had requested some kind of payment plan but police made it clear this was not acceptable and he was warned if he did not pay in full the case would come to court. The court heard how he already had six points on his license for failing to identify the driver and he was now a "totter" meaning he was eligible for a ban. Rafiq claimed he did not own the car to give information about the identity of the driver and said he had no knowledge of the matter which led to these original six points. He said: "My son, the eldest, he broke his leg last year where a car went over it. He has some appointments coming up and they're planning on taking the rod out." He said a taxi was possible but not affordable. Mark Johnson, prosecuting, said lots of people who lived in this area managed without a car and used public transport but Rafiq said buses were even more expensive than taxis. Mark Johnson said Rafiq's arguments about why he should be banned were based on 'nothing more than inconvenience' rather than on exceptional hardship. Magistrates disqualified Rafiq from driving for six months. For having no insurance he received six penalty points and he was fined 100 and ordered to pay a 20 victim surcharge. He was also ordered to pay 60 costs. For driving otherwise than accordance with a licence he was fined 33 and for driving without an MOT he was also fined 33.

Brand New Authentic Women Nike Free Run 3 Fireberry Electric Green,378037 010 Air Jordan 11 Bred Black Varsity Red Prime Minister Stephen Harper preliminarily signed a landmark free trade agreement with the European Union on Friday, ushering in a political process that could last several years as the deal's nuts and bolts are ironed out and Canadian provinces and EU member states deliberate the pact. The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is being billed as the largest trade deal Canada has ever signed, given that the EU's 28 countries comprise a $17 trillion integrated economy larger than the North American free trade area. Some 98 per cent of all tariffs on goods travelling between Canada and the EU will be removed, and trade is projected to increase by 23 per cent. But the devil, as they say, is in the details, and so far the Harper government has released few details. Reporters got access to some CETA documents on Friday, but they were vague and, in the words of the Globe and Mail's Bill Curry, the documents "don't list what Canada gave up." The Harper government's political opponents are already pressuring the prime minister to release the full text of the trade treaty. "Today's announcement contains a lot of hype. Canadians are still left waiting to read the fine print. Why won't this government just release the text of this deal and let Canadians judge it for themselves?" NDP MP David Christopherson asked. "If this deal is so important, shouldn't Canadians have the chance to accept or reject it?" asked Maude Barlow, head of the Council of Canadians. That may be a little difficult, as Harper signed an "agreement in principle" in Brussels on Friday, and not the actual text, parts of which have yet to be hammered out. All the same, Barlow's group has declared a "two year campaign to stop CETA ratification." But Harper says this sort of thing is folly. "I think anyone who opposes [CETA] will lose and make a big historic mistake politically for so doing," the prime minister said. It may be some time yet before we have all the details, but here's what we know so far: The trade pact needs the consent of Canada's provinces and EU member states to become law. So far, it's looking good on the provincial front: Quebec, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Saskatchewan's leaders have all praised the deal, and Ontario seems open to it assuming it can get compensation for some of its industries that will be harmed by the deal. Pictured: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso shake hands following a joint media availability Friday, October 18, 2013 at the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium. Canada will partially extend patent protection for brand name drugs, which would delay the introduction of cheaper generics by up to two years. Officials say it will be eight years before any impact of these changes show up as higher costs for provincial drug plans. Earlier reports have suggested the cost to the health care system of extended drug patents could run between billion and billion annually. Jim Keon, president of the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association: The EU trade deal will "delay market entry of cost saving generic prescription medicines in Canada in the future, increasing health care costs for provinces, employers that sponsor drug plans for their employees and Canadians who pay for their prescription medicines out of pocket." The federal government has suggested it will compensate provinces for higher costs as a result of the agreement. Domestic car producers will be able to increase sales into Europe to 100,000 units from about 10,000 today under relaxed rules. The EU will phase out its 10 per cent tariff on imports, and Canada will phase out a 6 per cent tariff on European car imports. That could be good news for Canadian fans of European luxury cars, as those vehicles will be cheaper. But that, in turn, could be bad news for Canadian auto manufacturers. Dennis DesRosiers of DesRosiers Auto Analysts: "I don't think anyone can definitively know what the impact of the current EU Agreement will be on the automotive sector. . The [Canadian] industry peaked in the year 2000 and has been struggling since and, indeed, just finished one of its worse decades in history and continues to deteriorate. Was this the long term result of FTA and NAFTA? We don't know but it could be." Canadian beef farmers increase their quota by 50,000 tonnes, in addition to 15,000 tonnes for high quality beef. Pork farmers will see their quota rise to 80,000 tonnes from the current 6,000. But producers will have to convert to hormone free product for the European market, which experts say can add about 15 per cent to costs. Martin Unrau, president of the Canadian Cattlemen's Association: "The removal of long standing barriers in this agreement, such as high tariffs, finally enables Canadian beef producers to benefit from the high value that the European beef market represents." Dairy Farmers of Ontario: "It will take income from Canadian dairy farmers and their communities and give it to the European industry." Companies will be allowed to bid on major government procurement contracts right down to the municipal level. A joint study showed the new access will give European companies leeway to bid on federal contracts worth between billion and billion an year, and municipal contracts worth billion a year. Critics say that, because of the common practice of "hiring Canadian" in government contracts, EU access to them could mean job losses in Canada. Trade Justice Network: "Canadian governments would lose a powerful tool for spurring job creation and economic development." Labour and consumer groups fear CETA could lead to the privatization of Canada's water supply and infrastructure. According to early leaks from the negotiations, Canada did not try to protect water resources as part of the trade deal. The Council of Canadians writes: "This deal will give French companies Suez and Veolia, the two biggest private water operations in the world, access to run our water services for profit. Under a recent edict, the Harper government has tied federal funding of municipal water infrastructure construction or upgrading to privatization of water services. Private water operators charge far higher rates than public operators and cut corners when it comes to source protection." Women Nike Free Run 3 Fireberry Electric Green Some electro mechanical solenoids are equipped with a return spring. This helps the core or plunger inside the solenoid to return to its original position once electrical current is shut off. A starter solenoid functions this way. Other solenoids are equipped with a reversible motor. This helps the plunger inside the solenoid to execute an "order" in two different ways. Automotive electric door locks use this type of solenoid to lock and unlock doors. Still other solenoids may act in proportion to voltage signals for more precise control, like fluid pressure flow inside a transmission. Uses for automotive solenoids may vary widely, depending on vehicle make and model. A solenoid may be part of a relatively simple electrical circuit to engage the starter motor, to trigger engine control devices or act as an interlock device to prevent the engine from starting without the proper ignition key or the transmission in gear other than Park or Neutral. On more sophisticated electrical circuits, a solenoid may act as vibration damper on engine mountings, while others may help regulate oil pressure inside an automatic transmission.

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