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First came the woman on a Sydney train calling a bloke a who could get a gook for a girlfriend. As if public transport isn unpleasant enough. Then there was the video of a bouncer out the front of a Darwin strip club telling a young fellow he was not Australian because he even fing white and that he should go back to where he came from. No points for originality there, champ. And then there a selection of comments courtesy of our Federal Government. The recent highlights package includes Tony Abbott claim that he was being blackmailed by suicidal female asylum seekers and that Australia was not settled until the British arrived; and Scott Morrison can barely get through a day without contributing some Pythonesque double speak to the debate. A telling sign that we seem to have reached the height of dickheadedry is that we live in a country that has to advertise on television that racism isn cool. It like advertising that killing puppies isn great. No kidding. But what all of these recent episodes have shown is that Australians generally are becoming less tolerant. Of racism. And NAIDOC Week is the perfect time to draw attention to the groundswell of humanity that has arisen as more Australians seem to be standing up and saying racist behaviour is unacceptable. As the buffet of bigotry continues to serve up dishes seasoned with hate, these last few weeks I have begun to notice more fair minded people taking a stance. While these awful episodes of enmity saturated the media, so too did comments of outrage and anger that racists were wandering around free in society disguised as normal people. Or the Prime Minister. Darwin is a strange mix of acceptance and alienation. On one hand we embrace our multiculturalism and are a laid back and tolerant bunch. On the other hand there is a terrible tendency for some to apply appalling stereotypes to those who are more local than most of us could ever possibly be. Many Territorians have at least witnessed racism in this town, if not been a victim of it. No matter how tolerant and loving your friendship circle, it likely you would still have found yourself feeling slightly uncomfortable at a barbecue when a casual acquaintance who up until that point had been masquerading as a decent human being declares themselves as a dickhead through a series of prejudiced and misinformed comments. And, as footy legend Adam Goodes says in that anti racism ad, sometimes it hard to know what to do when confronted by a racist. fun to make fun of people being horrible, he told me. what I love about the Left: we a bunch of funny smartarses as opposed to a bunch of terrified bigots. is our superpower and that what we need to communicate. might not really seem fair to have a battle of wits with unarmed people, but Andrew has a point. And he acting on it with a brilliant plan to make up anti racism bumper stickers to counter the sadly more common pro racism ones with hilarious intellectual slogans like off we full intending to create an add on that says racist dickheads And a positive one reading are awesome that can be stuck right over the top of those charming xenophobic messages. Sadly, the suggested heart Today Tonight sticker will not be going into production for fear the message is too subtle. Andrew says: need to point out how ridiculous this stuff is. people are dumb and loud. We need to be not dumb, and louder. This could be Scott Morrison legacy making people awesome. has long been an effective racism fighting strategy. ABC recently aired The Redfern Story, which touched on 1970s Aboriginal comedy series Basically Black. A skit showing an Aboriginal cape and tights wearing superhero fighting against racism was pretty excellent. As were the two Aborigines watching the First Fleet arrive, one saying to the other: know what, in the long run, I reckon we be better off with a more restrictive immigration policy. one of the great things about satire and ridicule I think it great stuff, Dr Foley said. And earlier this year, comedians Charlie Pickering, Libbi Gorr and Meshel Laurie, along with activist and filmmaker Richard Frankland, put on an anti racism comedy event Racism the New Black? in Melbourne, using humour to talk about the sensitive subject. Lyn Brodie from the Lowitja Institute, who hosted the event, said: about racism will ensure that there is a voice that provides an alternative thinking. Those who have experienced racism will no longer feel alone and bring to the fore ways to change our society for the better. will find new ways to address racism and promote diversity within Australia. I am naively optimistic, but I like to think that Deranged Train Woman, Bogan Bouncer and Tony the Terrible have all, while showing the worst of some of us, brought out the best in the rest of us who can no longer sit quietly and pretend this isn happening. Speak up against racism. Use your humour. Be awesome. 308308 141 Nike Air Jordan 2 II Retro Carmello Anthony Melo White University Blue Varisty Maize ,528896 101 Air Jordan 11 Low White Varsity Red 543390 127 Women Size Air Jordan 6 GS Grape Air Jordan 6 Rings Venom Green 136064 120 Jordan 3 Fire Red Retro 2013 Women Size 656503 004 Air Jordan Future Wolf Grey Wolf Grey White 638471 101 Air Jordan 1 KO High OG Chicago 656503 501 Air Jordan Future Dark Concord Dark Concord White Air Jordan 6 Olympic Gold Medal Pack Air Jordan 6 Olympic Gold Medal Pack I of the ilk that kids should be comfortable in what they wear both physically and esthetically. My reasoning is that the pride of ownership far outweighs a few color flaws. But today oh my, today. It was broiling hot out. I said, get dressed. Pipsqueak: I wear anything? Me: But not a bathing suit. And no princess heels. And no sweaters. It hot. thought I was being clear. Apparently next time I need to remind her about tights. And not wearing silk crop pants with rainbow cotton sparkle tees. And let not forget about the finishing touch a leopard skin faux fleece winter hat replete with ears. keep the sun off my face! she quipped. Anyone remember Pippi Longstocking? I going to start calling her Pipper Longstocking. It just makes me laugh. Now lest you think you think I have no boundaries, rest assured that at special occasions or holiday time she wears matching shoes. At least matching animal prints. (Hee hee.) I even try to go with white for spring and black for winter. Today? Rainbow plaid. I guess that covers both. What about you? Are you a stickler for your child matching or do you let it go? What are the possible evils I creating by letting her dress like a carnival ticket taker? (Wait, don answer that Pipsqueak today. On my floor. Enough said. Want to see more pics of kids who dress themselves? Check out our Photo Gallery I am soo looking forward to dressing up my daughter in a million adorable matching outfits and the works from the day she is born until she can make it clear she wants to have a hand in dressing her self. From there, I firmly believe that it is an important part of childrens developing creativity and self esteem to be able to dress themselves however they wish (within reason, sweats and snow suits are outta the question in hot weather as are bathing suits and like summer clothing during the colder times). Andrea, I love that your daughter is given the freedom to dress herself as she likes, and just wish more parents could be that way. You only get to be young and completely excused from so called fashion donts for such a short period of your life as a kid, we as moms might as well encourage some fun and flexibility while we can! Oh and the pic. TOTALLY CUTE!! I am proud to say that most of the time, left to her own devices, my 3 year old can put together a matching outfit complete with matching shoe(flip flops). She better at it than her 12 year old sister. However, there are the times that we have the matching shorts and shirt with tights and black patent leather shoes. Looks cute though, I have lots of pictures. I must say that I am a little disappointed that she almost never wants to wear the adorable precious outfits that fill her dresser drawers but instead wants to wear the same few dresses day after day. I guess next season I have to have more adorable precious dresses and fewer outfits. Sometimes she lets me have my way.;) I agree with the letting them pick out what they are going to wear. I believe it teaches independance and self esteem. But ont the other hand I have always been a clothes horse and spent tons of cash on adorable outfits for my 2yo daugheer. I found a way around it though! I just started buying outfits that I could mix and match and giving here a choice of 3 outfits all when mixed and matched would be season appropriate and coordinated! When I ask her what shirt and shorts or pants she wants to wear she eagerly points out her choice! We both win; she gets to dress herself and I get a matching appropriately dressed little princess! My 2 1/2 year old daughter LOVES shoes. When we around the house I let her wear whatever she wants she mostly chooses her green froggie rain boots. Crocs are also popular with her as they so easy for her to put on herself. When we going out, I usually try to steer her choices by holding out a few more appropriate ones and letting her choose from them. The same goes for shirts, which all have one word descriptions if she could wear her shirt every day she would. I like that she already wants to express herself, and, well, at least at this age, it a pretty safe venue for individuality. Pip looks adorable :)! I think it is wonderful to let children dress themselves because that is how they start making decisions for themselves; if they choose inappropriately for the weather conditions, then we, the parents, are there to remind them and help them. My children loved dressing themselves too; they chose everyday clothes for themselves. I would help them choose special occasion clothes, though. One even wore some clothes, especially socks inside out as the tags and stitching were bothersome for a few years. We would just joke about that and say that we had real feet just like the princess who could feel the pea under all her layers of mattresses. On another subject, I loved your article on all the egg replacement options I couldn believe where xanthan gum comes from! I do love the flax seed idea and every batch of Chango Bars I made came out fantastic(I made 15 batches and gave them all away had to make sure that the results were repeatable :0). Am I the only one with a son who insists upon picking his own clothes? Since he was about 18 months, he has had to pick every outfit, every day. I used to be able to get away with offering two choices, but no longer. (He is 2 now). There are screaming fits if I suggest shorts would be a better option in the summer pajamas would work better at night. So I figure, as long as it is clean, or nearly so, who cares? And with his messy eating habits, he goes through about 3 outfits per day, and always wants a new pair of socks with each clothing change. His newest kick is he wants to match his Papa, so has to wear clothes the same colour, if possible. He just as picky about his footwear, and has 4 pairs of shoes, and 3 pairs of boots in rotation. My mother tells me that he is going to run my life, but I could care less if he wants to choose his clothes. This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. 308308 141 Nike Air Jordan 2 II Retro Carmello Anthony Melo White University Blue Varisty Maize,Are you suffering from knee pain as a result of running? Running is an enjoyable and healthy sport, but it can be tough on the body, including the legs, feet and especially the knees. You may feel fine during the actual activity, but after you stop, knee aches can chase you down, fast! Knee pain problems after jogging are common and can happen in one leg or bilaterally. The sensation may vary from a mild ache to an excruciating pain. Knee aches and pains, as a result of running can last for a few minutes, or they can last for hours on end. Regardless of your particular symptoms, if you experience knee aches after running, you probably just want some relief. Period. Knee pain problems after exercising can stem from a number of conditions. These pain issues may come from a chronic condition such as degenerative arthritis, or they may be the result of a misalignment of the kneecap, a prior injury, or any number of troublesome conditions. Only a qualified doctor can definitively diagnose the source of your knee aches after running. But regardless of the particular condition, the root cause is likely to be stress on the knees. You can treat the symptoms with home remedies such as ice/heat or anti inflammatory medications (all medications to be discussed with your physician). Question: Would it be preferable if you could stop the pain problems before they ever started? There are several steps you can take to make sure you are lessening the shock to the knee joint as much as you can. A.) Your Shoes : You should assess your footwear to ensure that it is providing the proper support for running. There are shoes designed especially for running that help keep the foot properly aligned and this, in turn, will improve your gait and help take some stress off the knee joint. 2.) The Surface You Run On : You can also try changing the surface you are running on. For example, many individuals go running on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. Running on these types of surfaces can cause a jarring impact to the knee with each step and increase the incidence of knee problems after exercising. Thus, consider running on a specifically designed track or on a treadmill, or even a dirt path instead of the sidewalk. 3.) Improved Stability With A Knee Brace : Most importantly, though, to help avoid knee aches and pains after jogging, you should consider wearing a knee brace on one or both knees. Take this moment to think about it. Knee supports are available to anyone and they are something that you can use right away to help add meaningful support to your knee. Since they do not generally have to be custom made, you do not have to mortgage your house to afford one. A well designed, light weight knee support can really be helpful when you are out there pushing yourself to the next level. As a result, a knee support can help to reduce the likelyhood of knee pain problems. Supports can come in a variety of sizes and styles, several of which are quite compatible with running.

Buy Cheap 308308 141 Nike Air Jordan 2 II Retro Carmello Anthony Melo White University Blue Varisty Maize,378037 117 Kids Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue White Black Legend Blue There will never be one shoe for everyone even if you will be using it for the same purpose. The first consideration should be, how will I use it or for what purpose will I use it. Many types of shoes are manufactured. Will I be running, walking, playing soccer or just want a comfortable shoe. When purchasing a new pair of shoes many items must be considered. Not every brand of shoes fits everyone. The toe box may be too small for your foot or it may run too narrow. If you are a runner you will want a pair of very light weight and flexible shoes. The surface you will run on must be considered. How thick is the sole. Is the toe box comfortable. Is it wide enough does the heel slip? If you are a runner, the inside padding needs to be thick enough for comfort. The heel should fit snug around the heel of your foot. Is the shoe stable or does it roll to one side or the other. As you run is the toe box comfortable and not jamming your toes to the end of the shoe. The arch should coincide with your arch. However running shoes usually don't have much arch support. Always have both feet measured when buying. Your feet change and shoes also change. Shoes that are too short will cause blisters on your toes and cause more serious problems as you age. You will need at least i/2 inch at the end. Try on with the socks that you will be wearing with the shoes. Buy your shoes near the end of the day as your feet may well slightly during the day especially if you have been running. Speaking of the arches, if you have a high arch you may need some arch support. There are many over the counter arch support. if you need a great fit see your podiatrist. The life span of the shoe should be considered. Usually a runner or walking shoe should have 450 500 miles. After a year it is good to think about a new pair even if they do not have that much time. The glue gets old, your feet may change also. Don't wait until shoes are on sale and buy several pair. AS I pointed out before your feet may change sizes or the glue tends to dry just laying in the box. I can definitely vouch for that, I have 2 3 pair that do not fit now. It is good to have another pair to change out every other day. When walking or running there are rules we should for our safety and our health. Drink plenty of water, drink a glass before and after your run or walk. Drink at least a cup every hour if you or endurance running or walking. If you are a large person, it may take more for you. Do Not drink any alcoholic drinks or caffeine. before, during or after your walk. These drinks dehydrates you too much. If walking in a marathon use electrolyte sports drinks. As well as comfort shoes, wear comfort clothing in layers very light weight. Walking or running at night be dangerous if not on a track. Wear a reflective type clothing or reflectors on your shoes for your protection. Watch the weather you may need rain proof clothing. Look straight ahead and take deep breaths, it helps you relax. Always remember good posture. Your arms should be at 90 degrees and not hanging at your side. Foot exercises may help to keep your feet in shape. They will also help you warm up for your run or walk. You need your run or walk shoes on. Stand on a ledge or stair and rock or bend back on the heel several times. Write the alphabet in the air with your foot. I personally think this helps me. It strengthens the ankles. I keep my walk shoes on during this exercise. Also standing on your toes rocking up and back helps. These are just a few ideas to assist you prepare for your walk or run. The exercises could also strengthen your ankles for high heels or low heels. It also exercises your calf muscles. As we age we should never quit walking, if we do it is very hard to get back into your routine. We all need some exercise. Glenda Ward: After several years of owning a retail shoe business, I decided to retire from the business world. This was my 3 4th time of retitement. It gets in your blood, you just must go back to the business world. This go around I decided to try the internet. I dearly love the computer hope to love shoes on the net. 308308 141 Nike Air Jordan 2 II Retro Carmello Anthony Melo White University Blue Varisty Maize Here are some reasons why. The sun beating down on the pavement is reason enough for you to change from wearing nothing for your feet to wearing shoes with extra padding to keep your legs safe from the heat! Without those shoes, your legs would probably suffer from blisters! This is the reason why the shoes take such predominance. These days however, shoes are not only about the comfort and protection, it is also about style. It is about the recent change of accessory. Getting the next new hot release from any of the top shoe shops in the world will make your girl buddies swoon like crazy and the boys totally congratulating you! What can be new to most Indian customers that they needn't always go for the international brands to look "cool". There are several Indian brands out there that are making news all over the world and what is more, they come at an affordable price! So why bother running behind international brands when the Indian ones are so much affordable for the same "oomph" factor? Here are some of the brands that you know are quite popular Campus, Egoss and Converse. Converse shoes are shoes that were released into the Indian market some time back but have become quite popular and are a lot more affordable than ever before. There are various kinds of shoes from the Converse brand. Each of them spells one word through and through COMFORT. The very reason why this brand caught on all over the world is because of the comfort factor. The other thing to be considered is that these shoes come in various colours so it is so nice to have a known brand with various colors matching your various outfits! The Campus shoes brand is another brand that caters to everyone men, women and kids. The men and women get shoes according to the use, and the children get the comfortable shoes! These shoes were released by the Action Group, which had released their own shoes and had become quite popular in India primarily for school shoes! And finally, the Egoss shoes! These shoes are so elegant and classy and also so affordable, one should think twice before thinking about another brand! What about the shoes price list? Are they affordable, you ask? Yes, they are! They range from as low as 1000 to as high as 3000 INR only! You can even buy them from the online stores! So go ahead and but these shoes!

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