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Tools for Decorative Leather Studs. Adding studs to leather items can transform your clothes and accessories into original items. Whether you customizing. Leather Marking Tools Leather Marking Tools. Leather crafts can produces items that are both functional such as clothing or a horse saddle or decorative like wall art. Workers. What Is a Shoe Sole Plate? A sole plate is the component of a shoe that lines the bottom, or sole. The sole plate is one of the. How to Harden Leather Leather can be hardened or softened depending on the treatment it is given. Leather will become harder and stiffer if it is. How to Make Leather Disc Handles for Knives Leather disks compress into a lightweight, comfortable knife handle that you can custom fit to the shape of your hand. You see rich tooling on ancient Roman armor, as. Leather Braiding Tools Leather Braiding Tools. The Conquistadors, who came from Spain to North America with Hernan Cortes, were skilled in braiding rawhide (an untreated. How to Clean a Circle Y Saddle Circle Y saddles are a brand of Western style saddle founded in Texas in 1960. As with any saddle or leather product,. How To Remove a Depression Mark From Faux Leather Faux leather is used to create shoes, accessories and home furnishings, and is easier to care for than the genuine article. When. 308497 028 Air Jordan Retro 4 Fur Chicago Bulls Red White Black ,Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Home Air Jordan Spizike New York Knicks Orange Air Jordan Spizike Challenge Red 528895 033 Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Green Snakeskin Black Nightshade White Volt Air Jordan 3 Black History Month Black Metallic Gold 308497 103 Nike Air Jordan 4 White Cement 2012 Air Jordan 3 Retro 88 White Cement 136064 002 Nike Air Jordan 3 III Retro Black Cat Black Dark Charcoal Black 378037 006 Women Size Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue 2013 Tour operators report tourists unharmed in China quakeOlympic venues avoid damageBy Michelle Baran In the aftermath of the massive earthquake that hit China's western Sichuan province Monday, operators said that tourists in the country remained safe but that travel to the quake ravaged region was not advised. On Monday, a 7.8 earthquake hit about 100 miles northwest of the Sichuan capital of Chengdu, killing more than 12,000 people, according to the Chinese state news agency Xinhua. "Clients currently traveling in China, as well as our staff members are unharmed," Pamela Lassers, director of media relations at Abercrombie Kent, wrote in an e mail. "We have also checked with our local office in Chengdu who report that Chengdu was not badly hit and that road conditions and buildings are fine." Several other operators, including China Travel Service and Asia Transpacific Journeys, also reported that travelers in China were safe. Nevertheless, A said that for the next two weeks the operator does not recommend bringing clients to the Sichuan province, as roads will be under repair. Meanwhile, as preparations continue for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Xinhua news agency reported that no damage was found at the 31 Olympic venues throughout Beijing, located 900 miles from the quake's epicenter. Organizers said six other venues outside Beijing were also unscathed. The earthquake did however complicate plans for the Olympic torch relay, which returned to mainland China on May 4. The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games announced Tuesday that the relay event, scheduled to go through Ruijian in Jiangxi province on May 14, will be scaled back and that relay participants will observe a moment of silence for the victims of the quake. Donation boxes will be set up at the starting and finishing points and along the torch relay route to encourage people to help with the relief work, the BOCOG said. On the Tibetan front The Olympic torch relay has been marred with setbacks, including pro Tibet demonstrations that disrupted the relay in London, Paris and San Francisco. International pressure on China in the critical final months leading up the Games has mounted since violence broke out in the Tibetan region of China on March 14, when tens, if not hundreds, of Tibetan protesters, civilians and police officers were killed, according to news reports (Chinese and Tibetan officials dispute the death toll). Tibet remains closed to foreign visitors, and only just recently reopened to some domestic travelers, according to operators, many of which were forced to cancel itineraries through May. 308497 028 Air Jordan Retro 4 Fur Chicago Bulls Red White Black,Dance the night away as a '20s flapper girl. Flapper girls were easily identifiable with their short hemlines that hit just at the knee, free flowing fabric and bare shoulders. The dress, which can be found at vintage stores or created yourself, was a sleeveless, straight dress with a dropped waistline to the hips. It was made of silk and contained tiers of fabric that shimmied and shook whenever the woman moved. The flapper girl always wore silk or rayon stockings held up by a garter belt under her dress. Pair the dress with closed toe, kitten heel shoes, a newsboy hat and layers of beaded necklaces for the costume. Show off your gangster side by dressing like a female version of the typical '20s gangster. The basic gangster outfit consisted of a pinstripe suit, white shirt, tie, overcoat and hat. Bring femininity to the masculine role with a black or grey and white pinstripe jacket, tight pencil skirt, white blouse and coordinating fedora with a black feather. Wear white, black or nude stockings and tall black heels, preferably shiny. Pair your outfit with layered necklaces, a '20s staple on women, and bangles. Bring back the typical '20s woman in style with an era appropriate dress. Women enjoyed glamor and would wear dresses both in the house to clean and out to run errands. Choose a dress with a dropped waist that hits just at the hip line and has a boxy silhouette with a scalloped hem. The dress, which can be silk, cotton or rayon, can contain detailing, tiered fabric and a pattern. The dress should have a jewel, V neck or cowel neckline with a deeper than normal cut. Other options to wear with the costume include short driving gloves, newsboy hat, sash and bow around the waist, strands of pearls and a small purse. Turn your debutant dream into a reality by dressing like the fashionable debutantes of the '20s. Debutantes, or Debs, were presented to society by their parents through balls or private gatherings. Debs wore different dresses depending how they were presented. Wealthy women were given a lavish ball, in which the Deb wore a white ball gown, accented with silver, crystal and lace. She had her hair in an updo, pearls around her neck and coordinating gloves. Women presented at a small gathering typically wore an evening gown in a pale color such as pink or peach. They also wore pearls and short gloves. How to Create a Costume for Women The 1920s flapper is a stunning hit at any costume party. Although she appears glitzy, her look is simple, with only a. Ideas for Homemade 1920s Halloween Costumes for Women The image of the flapper with the short fringed dress and feathered headband dominates the cultural iconography of the 1920s woman. While. Unique Costumes for Women Halloween or otherwise, women costumes have fallen into a predictable pattern. Stores and online shops abound with getups for naughty nurses, pregnant. About Fashion for Women in Their 20s In your 20s, the fashion game can get confusing. It a transition period where most women are moving from college kid to. 1920s Costume Ideas The Roaring during the time when women fought for equality, the country economy suffered greatly and the prohibition was in full. About Costumes for Women The 1920s were a revolutionary time in many ways, including in the fashion world. The modesty displayed by earlier generations began to. Men Caps From the 1920s Men Caps From the 1920s. . Whether you designing a nerdy Halloween costume or embracing your inner geek, a propeller hat is. How to Make a Newsboy Hat Find medieval costume patterns for the style of clothing you want. You can find basic medieval costume patterns in the catalogs of. Costumes From the 20s The 1920s marked a victorious time for women suffrage when women were able to visit voting booths for the first time. Speakeasies. The flapper aesthetic consisted of knee length sleeveless dresses, fishnet stockings, high heels, . About Costumes for Women. 1920s Gangster Parties A 1920s gangster party is a fun theme for a birthday party, a costume party or a Halloween celebration. . Homemade 1920s. How to Create a Costume for Women Create 1920s women costumes, like a flapper costume, by sewing strips of fringe or fabric onto a dress. Make 1920s women costumes.

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I feel so fortunate to get a bright one. Get a copy at Zazzle for yourself in Paperfacets Cards and Sentiments. My walking route is in the neighborhood along the sidewalks, past a few yards with barking dogs and a thoroughfare with cars going about 40 miles an hour; not too many cars, about four a minute, after everyone is home from work. It is suburbia, after all. What is pleasant about the walk is views of mountain ridges, a well kept neighborhood, and a pair of my best walking shoes. The outer sole includes nonskid bottoms with floor grabbing ovals. The rubber sole wraps up around the toes for ease of stride, and protects from shallow amounts of water to keep feet dry. A must for my foot wear is a bendable flat bed. Most Privo Styles have that. I did buy mine at the Nordstrom's Rack a couple of years ago and Amazon has only two sizes. If they were my size I would buy them, because they are wonderful shoes. Would have been nice to replace mine, they are only good enough for neighborhood walking now. Too messed up for a photo here. I wear 7.5 and this shoe is an eight. Sizes may be a tad small. a/o June 2, 2013. I am glad to report that I found "like new" size 8 shoes on ebay exactly like the pair I already have. I bought them for a total price of $23.50. Now I have a clean pair for vacation that is coming up at the end of June. I will need them for a daily walk on the beach walkway. The Slip On Walking ShoeThe slip on Privo shoes are attractive and I use them as an air travel shoe and feel confident that my feet are comfortable and well covered. Easy off at the airline check points, that is a plus for convenience. Some of the slip ons are available in bright colors for those that favor color or something to match an outfit. It is surprising how a bright green or mustard color can go with many outfits. Privo Slip Ons for Women Clarks Women's Clarks Haley Lark Skimmer Buy Now Looking east there is another ridge that is in the city of Claremont. All the ridges, at one time or another, were impacted by wild fires. Claremont lost homes one year. Our neighborhood has escaped damage by wild fire. Property owners need to build around old growth oak trees. This oak canopy covers the width of this property. Daily Walking Route20 years ago I walked by time, between 45 60 minutes and I could walk up and down hills fine. At retirement age it seems every time I start up walking again I need to work up to the stress gradually, the reason why I have a fixed walking route. If I keep up the effort I can add a couple of property lengths each week and not feel super stressed by the time I get to the front door again. A plus with this route is all the way back home is various levels of up grades, a good stress workout. I hope the pictures and captions give you some idea of what one part of LA county is like. Every year in the dry months we, in SoCal, endure the forest and wild fires consuming chaparral, trees, homes and dry brush. The other part of the year we hear about every drop of rain that falls here, in radio news, TV and the newspapers. Browse All Styles of Walking ShoesI like the slip on shoes because I tend to get swollen feet if I stand for a long time, but Privos come in lace ups, Mary Janes and sandals. privo Women's Poppy Bloom Fashion Sneaker Buy Now New and Slightly Used PrivosI searched for size 8 at eBay. Put in your size in Ebay's search box to narrow your choices. I hate to see what I missed because it is not my size. I have seen many slightly used shoes I would buy for half price or less. Like I mentioned above new shoes from eBay can be very affordable. If the inserts for your Privos are worn out, consider buying a whole new shoe. The pair I bid for in June fit identical to the old pair. I will have no problems breaking in the new pair. I found that with all the choices of athletic shoes I still had problems when it was time to wear them and actually do some walking. I believe the socks, the lace up to the ankle, and the heavier weight just added up to: uncomfortable. I am a big barefoot person, anyway. Let's face it I am never going to run in my life again. Do you wear athletic shoes for walking? No Sometimes would not wear anything elseSee results without voting 308497 028 Air Jordan Retro 4 Fur Chicago Bulls Red White Black LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNALInside South Hall, all the big names are present: Chase, McDonald's, Cinnabon, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Bass Pro Shops and Ace Hardware. Real estate agents, developers, shopping center marketing staff and potential franchisees are walking the floor and making their appointments.It's RECon 2013, and about 35,000 retail real estate professionals are in Las Vegas through Wednesday to make deals, visit old friends and learn about the latest industry trends. The annual International Council of Shopping Centers convention attracted about 1,000 exhibitors this year covering roughly 1 million square feet of space at the Las Vegas Convention Center's North, Central and South Halls. Attendance is up over 2012's 32,000 but not quite back to the pre recession "healthy" levels of 40,000, council spokesman Jesse Tron said.In the North Hall, service companies are exhibiting and attracting mall marketing staff, maintenance and other retail center professionals. The hall is a mix of everything from liquid fireworks to driveway repair and lighting companies.Real estate agent Bill Conlin attended RECon for his first time this year, and called the convention "a little overwhelming." For the most part, he came to attend the numerous educational programs the show offers, and he watched a couple of the industry speakers during his time at the convention center."I wanted to attend because there were a few programs I thought would benefit me. I'm just getting into commercial real estate so here I am," Conlin said.In Central Hall, developers and real estate companies manned their booths, trying to attract tenants and establish new real estate partnerships through scheduled meetings.In South Hall, smells of fast food took over as lines of attendees formed in front of exhibitors such as Jersey Mikes Subs that give away free samples. Just near them, Carvel gave away samples of ice cream, making the rear of South Hall look like a crowded train station.Other exhibitors didn't bring food but brought big guns of another kind.Bass Pro Shops brought its exhibit that replicates its retail outlets but on a much smaller scale. The space featured a bowling ball return, race car, pool table and boat. Other big brands like 7 11, Yum and Wendy's were represented, each of their booths consistently full with bodies during the show.Sport Clips Haircuts, which just held its annual meeting in Las Vegas, also exhibited at RECon. and is expecting to open up to 200 locations this year and reach 2,000 locations in five to six years.Spirit also exhibited, featuring a photo booth and haunted house theme faade outside its booth. The 30 year old brand focuses on temporary Halloween stores and senior vice president Tony Detzi said business is good. Spirit will open 1,050 stores this Halloween season, with five in the Las Vegas area."We've increased every year since we've done this," Detzi said.Each year the company attends 25 trade shows, but Detzi said RECon is the most important. This is Spirit's sixth year exhibiting."This year, surprisingly, we're as busy as we've ever been," Detzi said. "It's very, very encouraging."At Speed Queen's booth, the retail Laundromat had a handful of meetings early Tuesday afternoon."It's going incredibly well. We've had a very steady flow of traffic with folks coming in specifically interested in speaking to Speed Queen about putting the Laundromat in their retail locations," Becky Dunton, Speed Queen's spokeswoman, said.

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