We Offer All Kinds Of Classic Men Size Air Jordan 6 Oreo 2014 Every Pair Of Shoes You Purchase. 308497 008 Air Jordan 4 Thunder Black Tour Yellow Mens Authentic Men Size Air Jordan 6 Oreo 2014 With 100% Quality Guarantee And Free Shipping Today I wear the hat of a critic. I will give you my honest (somewhat educated) opinion on five Facebook Ads, and give you a few takeaways from each one to take back to your own ad campaigns. First we go through what makes a Facebook Ad effective, and then we do the ad critiques. If you read all of the best practices and techniques of Facebook Ads, but want to know what they (or people failed attempts) look like, then you in the right place. Before we jump into the ad examples I want to give you the three characteristics of an effective Facebook Ad. This will give you an understanding of what each of the examples should contain and allow you to test your knowledge on them before you make your own ads. 1. A Clear Simple Call To Action Nothing makes people skip over an ad more than an unending wall of text. The shorter you can get your point across the better. If you can get your ad point across to a person in mere microseconds, it needs to be shorter, because that all the time they give you before moving on. 2. It stops you in your tracks An ad, by design, is meant to stop a person from their current activity and take an action. It not offensive, mind you. Offensive ads may grab someone attention, but they never click. Worse, they may report it as offensive. No, these ads make you stop and think. They play on your fears and make you question whether you really doing the right thing or have the right answer. This is how you stop someone in their tracks. 3. Its Value Proposition is worth a click As I mentioned in previous articles, Facebook Ads are much different than Google Adwords. With Google Adwords your entire value proposition can be that you sell men shoes at low prices. And this works if you serving your ad to a person who is searching for men shoes But on Facebook you don have that knowledge of what people want or need right now. You only know their broad interests and demographic information, so you need to use a value proposition that would get your target audience to click whenever they see it, no matter what specifically they are think about in that moment. So what makes a value proposition worth a click? It needs to solve a problem or answer a question that a person has. It needs to make someone say I did want to learn more about this or have been having this problem. Facebook Ad Examples Now that we know what qualities to look out for, let critique some real Facebook Ads. I give my analysis with each of them in mind, as well as discuss some of the finer details in each individual ad. One thing to note before we start is these are all ads that I seen on my Facebook account. So they should be targeted to a 25 year old male from Canada who likes a lot of online marketing and social media related stuff. Call To Action: Negative words in a CTA like this great. They really play on people fear that maybe they are reselling crappy SEO! Unfortunately the rest of the ad reads like a regular Google Search or banner ad, with a straight product benefits schpeel. To make a more clickable ad, in the description I would say something such as our free ebook on mistakes made by even the top SEOs with it linking to a downloadable ebook. Stopping Power: The red coupled with the words and really made me stop and look. It a complete break from the usual wash of Ads that say your business! with a big smiley face. When used correctly, like this, negativity is great for stopping people in their tracks and seeing what the fuss is about. Value Proposition: As I mentioned up in the Call To Action section, the value proposition here is not something that will get me to click. The ad is trying to sell me a product, which is the wrong move for a Facebook Ad. A greater value would be to offer a free ebook or white paper on mistakes that are causing SEOs to offer SEO to their clients and how to fix them. Call To Action: Oh man I don know where to start. I mean, the arrow isn even pointing to their link. It kind of pointing to the Like button. Is that what they want me to click? And the worst thing is that the image, which is the most engaging part of this ad, is not a link image, it just static. So when you click on it, you open up the Facebook Image Lightbox, as you can see below: Stopping Power: This ad didn give me any reason to stop. It looks like a generic banner ad that I seen a thousand times before of an app in a mobile phone. The pastries are the thing that grabbed my attention the most, which isn good because it gets me thinking of pastries, not about building a mobile app. So I skipped over it quite quickly. Value Proposition: Unless I want to create a mobile app for my right now, the likelihood of which is extremely low, this ad gives me no reason to click. Similar to the PosiRank Ad above, selling a product in a Facebook Ad is the wrong move. Call To Action: The first line CTA did a great job of pulling me in quickly: why Wired Magazine calls Scribd the for books. I a tech nerd so both Wired and Netflix were great for creating trust and an obvious understanding of the service. Stopping Power: While not super loud, I found the image interesting enough to stop. The image of the kid under the covers with the headline Stop Reading brought back some nostalgia and longing for getting lost in my imagination as a child. And the way she smiling and looking down at something outside of the image really draws you in. Value Proposition: This is a great value proposition for a Facebook Ad: A free month of a service. The one thing I would wonder is if I need to enter my credit card to access the free month. If I don it would add punch to say Credit Card Required CognitiveSEO Call To Action: It too long. I only going to read the first 3 4 words of anything before I make my decision to skip it or keep reading. And this CTA fails that initial test: Unique case study I five words in and I don know what you offering me. I gone. Well, they actually put the most interesting part of the CTA at the end, so all we really need to do is change the order (I an SEO, so Google penalties are always a worry in the back of my mind. Especially since the recent RapGenius fiasco). Here how I would change this CTA: Penalties hurting you? Check out a Free, no opt in case study of a Google Penalty Recovery using the Google Disavow Tool. at the beginning this immediately plays on my fear of being penalized by Google, pulling me in, and then gives me the free solution to my worry (I made sure to check that this offering actually is free on their website). Stopping Power: All I can say is AWESOME. I mean a glaring cartoon penguin and a huge red arrow? This one really stopped me during my scroll through the News Feed. I know showing spikes in graphs can look a bit spammy, but the way they used it in this Ad caught my attention in a good way..

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Shop For 100 Authentic Men Size Air Jordan 6 Oreo 2014,543390 439 Air Jordan 6 Game Royal 2014 Women Size Never do something short term that will cost you more in the long term. Believe in yourself and your business and make cost decisions that are right long term. Never spend on things because all your competitors do if you do, you'll get the low margins they have. Don't wait until you are in a crisis or you will not have time to do what you need. Doing this now will stop you needing to take such drastic actions in the future Don't expect your team to volunteer savings If you want to cut budgets and costs, the last people to ask are the ones that own those budgets. They will, of course, tell you they have the best deals and that there are no slush funds left! If you want to cut your costs, use experts to help you get the best deals but don't hide behind them and blame them for how your business behaves. You have to know the deals that are being done and the impact of those on your business. There is nothing worse than a business that needs to cut costs dragging it out. Cut fast and deep and then get on with running your business. Want help improving your profits? FREE reports to help Small Business Owners stop falling for the myths and start understanding the real rules of profits. Download instantly for fast profit results! Kate Marsden is The Profit Mechanic and gives resources, tools and support to Small Business Owners to improve their profits. Read more about The Profit Mechanic here. Men Size Air Jordan 6 Oreo 2014 Life has become swifter than ever. Whenever I am alone and feel like shopping, I prefer to open a shopping website instead of moving from shop to shop. It saves my time and energy both; moreover I can shop online anytime, because things are just a click away. I wonder then, what would have been this life, if there was no website to reach out. We have seen a monstrous development over internet since 1990. Initially there was very few websites and that too presented simpler tools and applications. The web pages used to be easily manageable but today it is foolish to even talk about the number of websites over the web. There are endless of these developed all over the world. You may find a site on everything from needle to shoe and clothes to kitchen articles. Web Development has turned into a giant which controls the sphere of internet. A website allows you to access everything sitting at home with a single touch on your keyboard. The success of internet as media is credited to these online sites only. We all have become so addicted to this new media that it is out of the question today to survive without it. Web development is a process of developing a website using writing markup and coding. The links which take us from one page to another are the product of this coding only. Website design includes client liaison, server side scripting, e commerce development, web server and network security configuration. It is actually the non designing part of a website which takes the help of web development softwares like Adobe Dreamweaver, Netbeans, WebDev or Microsoft Expression Studio, Adobe Flex. All the WebPages whether that single and simple page with plain text having no other landing page or the one which carries so many links, is the product of Web developing tools only. It ranges from developing a static to the most complex web based internet applications, electronic businesses, or social network services. Web development is undertaken with the use of languages such as HTML, XML, Flash, Perl, CSS etc. These are the languages which have some coded meanings to it that are used by a web developer. A web developer who is well versed in the use all these languages is able to play around it otherwise it may be quite a pain to develop a comprehensive website. A layman cannot understand the technicalities of developing process. It is a long procedure which needs expert skills with technical know how. It is evident that web development has lead to the progress in the world of mass communication by creating multiple options. When we switch our tabs from one to another, we tend to overlook the efforts which have lead to the formation of this vast stretched network we call, internet.

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