Now You Can Enjoy 75 Discount Air Jordan 3 Black History Month Black Metallic Gold Running Shoes For Cheap But Real. Air Jordan 11 Low White Black Red Low Price,Up To 68% Off Air Jordan 3 Black History Month Black Metallic Gold Online With Big Discount And Fast Shipping Ulster Ravens head coach Allen Clarke has made two changes to the team that suffered a 41 22 defeat to Ayr in Millbrae last weekend, with David Busby and Paul Jackson called off the bench to start at right wing and hooker respectively. Busby is joined in the back three by Ricky Andrew and Peter Nelson, while the experienced Paddy Wallace combines with Stuart McCloskey in midfield. Matthew Rea and Marc Campbell are picked in the second row but swap numbers, with Rea wearing the number 4 jersey and Campbell donning the number 5 shirt. The back row is unchanged with Conor Joyce and Frank Taggart selected either side of number 8 Adrian Hamilton. Speaking ahead of the game, out half James McKinney said: "Having Paddy beside me was a massive help last weekend, he knows exactly what he's doing, he has been around for a long time. "He was definitely a calming influence in Ayr and has helped me to get over the disappointment of that game and to move on this week. It was great to see him back and it's just a pity on his first run out the team didn't do too well. "The plan for this week is to get the head down and focus, to rectify the mistakes we made against Ayr away and hopefully we can turn things around in front of a home crowd at Deramore on Friday. "We have seen what they can do on the pitch, what their strengths and weaknesses are and it's time for us to get the basics right and make amends for last weekend." If you wish to go along and support the Ulster Ravens, tickets are available on the gate from 7pm. Tickets are priced at for adults, for a family ticket (two adults and two children), for youths and OAPs and it is free entry for those under 12. This match is not included in an Ulster Rugby Season ticket. ULSTER RAVENS (v Ayr): Ricky Andrew; David Busby, Stuart McCloskey, Paddy Wallace, Peter Nelson; James McKinney, Michael Heaney; Kyle McCall, Paul Jackson, Ricky Lutton (capt), Matthew Rea, Marc Campbell, Conor Joyce, Frank Taggart, Adrian Hamilton..

Memory foam is a popular choice for mattresses, pillows and mattress toppers. It cradles the body, alleviating the possibility of pressure points. Made from open cell polyurethane silicon plastic, memory foam was invented by scientists at NASA. It was originally created for space flight, providing cushion for aircraft seats that would minimize the impact upon landing. Memory foam has properties that distribute weight evenly and provide shock absorbency. It soon found its way to use in the home for a good night's sleep. When Swiss engineer George de Mestral went for a summer walk in the Alps with his dog, little did he know that he would come up with the idea for Velcro. Upon returning from his walk, Mestral noticed the many Burdock seeds that had stuck to his clothing and his dog's fur. This led him to note the possibility of binding two materials in a similar way. In 1948, Mestral invented Velcro, naming it after the French words for velvet and crochet. Today, Velcro has many applications in our daily lives, from shoes to wallets to clothing. The first manually powered vacuum cleaner was invented by Ives W. McGaffey in Chicago in 1868. His invention, The Whirlwind, was difficult to operate, as you had to turn a hand crank to provide the sucking motion. All but two Whirlwind models were destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The first electric vacuum cleaner was invented by Hubert Cecil Booth in 1901. His invention, the Puffing Billy, was inspired by the machines used to blow dust off of train seats. Booth saw how reversing the method could be used for cleaning. The Puffing Billy was later refined by the British Vacuum Cleaner Company. In 1871, Seth Wheeler of Albany, New York was awarded patent for the invention of toilet paper, which was later refined by the Scott Paper Company. However, toilet paper itself dates as far back as medieval China. 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Mineral make up is a fairly new creation, but lightweight cosmetics have been around for decades. Many women found that they had two sets of makeup including one for the autumn and winter months, when the weather was colder, and one for the spring and summer months, which included a make up bag that had much less products in it. Switching to mineral cosmetics can erase the need for the two separate make up kits, and can combine the tones and colors into one bag of perfect make up all year long. Air Jordan 3 Black History Month Black Metallic Gold,Dogs and boots for some people this might could be seen as a silly idea. After all, canines have been in existence as long as human beings and have gotten along just fine with what God gave them; a strong set of four paws with protective padding. Yet man used to wander the world barefoot, too, ultimately realized that life can be less difficult and more comfortable with some thing to protect their feet. 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Find The Latest Style Of Authentic Air Jordan 3 Black History Month Black Metallic Gold,Air Jordan 11 Low White Black Red FOR the last three months the Mayo footballers have taken us on an eventful journey through this National League campaign with no shortage of swings and roundabouts. After the high of their semi final victory over Kerry, and the low of the defeat to Donegal back in February, we awaited last Sunday's final instalment of this series with bated breath. With a bitterly cold Croke Park battered by a gale force wind and intermittent rain, there was a wintry backdrop to a finale that developed into the ultimate clich the game of two halves. Without ever hitting too many high notes, Mayo did their best work in the opening period, using the strong breeze to their advantage and leading by four points at the change of ends. Their advantage had been fashioned from a combination of perspiration and inspiration; a Kevin Keane shoulder on Aidan Walsh, some ferocious and disciplined tackling, a flawless display of free taking from the unflappable Cillian O'Connor, and some exciting attacking play immediately spring to mind. However, Mayo failed to reach the standards they have set for themselves after the restart, and Cork prevailed after producing an impressive second half performance that bristled with intensity and physicality. Two goals in the space of eight minutes also contributed decisively to Mayo's downfall as the defending champions free wheeled to a comfortable victory. Mayo's game plan revolves around the team's ability to play at a high tempo, maintain a daunting level of work rate and intensity, and a commitment to defending as a unit. However, against a team of Cork's physique, pace and power, that is easier said than done over seventy minutes. Mayo picked up where they had left off against Kerry and, despite being eclipsed at midfield, took the game to Cork early on. Four frees from Cillian O'Connor left Mayo ahead by 0 4 to 0 3 after 21 minutes as the pace quickened and the rough and tumble began in earnest. Then they harnessed the wind and reeled off three points in the space of two minutes. Keith Higgins got the ball rolling when he made an inspirational burst downfield before hitting the target from long range. Cillian O'Connor swung over a superb score from play seconds later, and Donal Vaughan rounded off the purple patch with an inspirational point after a trademark dash up the middle. In hindsight, Cork's response was a significant statement of intent as two frees from Donnacha O'Connor and Graham Canty into the teeth of the breeze halved Mayo's advantage. Canty, Cork's inspirational captain, almost wrote himself into the annals of GAA folklore when his long range free bounced in 'no man's land' in front of David Clarke's goal, and looked to be looping into the net before scraping the crossbar on its way over the bar. The ebb and flow nature of the half was evident again in the last five minutes before the break as Mayo engineered two scoring opportunities that were converted by Andy Moran and Cillian O'Connor. Bearing in mind the velocity of the wind, Mayo needed a considerable lead to bring into the dressing room at the change of ends. As it transpired, they had to be content with a 0 9 to 0 5 advantage. Little did we know but the defending champions were about to come roaring back into contention and they blitzed Mayo in the early stages of the second half. The signs were ominous when Pearce O'Neill, Patrick Kelly and Alan O'Connor fired over classy points in the opening two and a half minutes. A red tide was starting to sweep towards the Mayo goal and it was no surprise when Donnacha O'Connor tied the game up in the 43rd minute. Cork were in the groove at this stage and they made the decisive breakthrough in the 47th minute when a sweeping counter attack ended with Colm O'Neill drilling the ball into the top corner of David Clarke's net after Donnacha O'Connor delivered an inch perfect handpass. It was a goal of real quality but a point from Kevin McLoughlin, Mayo's first of the half in the 50th minute, suggested that they intended to make a game of it. However, fate conspired against them five minutes later when appeals for a free when Lee Keegan went to ground in front of the Cork goal were dismissed by referee Maurice Deegan. Seconds later, David Clarke was fishing the ball out of his net for the second time after Aidan Walsh reacted quickest when Fintan Goold's shot struck the upright, and Walsh finished to the net from close range. Cork led by 2 9 to 0 10 at that moment, and Mayo were in dire straits. One point in the final 18 minutes (from a Conor Mortimer free) was all that they could muster despite no shortage of honest effort. Air Jordan 3 Black History Month Black Metallic Gold As long as people have had opposable thumbs, music has existed. The picture above shows the first type of instrument that was available: percussion. Though the picture shows a somewhat evolved model, original drums were made by stretching dried out animal hides on top of circular frames, a practice that is still employed. The "drum head" would then be beaten with a hand or a stick like instrument (which was sometimes a stick) to produce a sound. Though primitive, these "membranophones" would become the forerunners for all percussion, and probably a great deal of music as well. Using these crude instruments, the people playing on them would establish what music was all about. One of music's purposes is to convey emotions. The artist's history, emotions, memories, are all reflected in the way that they play their music and what their music is about. You could say that prehistoric men were the world's first musicians. To properly explain how music has de evolved, we need to take a look at music as it progressed through time. Countless genres of music have been created through time, each with their own style of conveying the artist's message. Chances are that if you listen to music, and YOU DO, you're listening to some sort of genre that you can relate to, or at least, some sort of music that has a special appeal to you. There exists more music than can be mentioned in this article, so we're going to cover the big ones. Classical music is the longest existing genre, and is one of the most versatile. As it stands, classical isn't as appreciated as it was back when it originated. To be fair, it was the ONLY genre available for large crowds to listen to, unless you wished to pay the local bard to play at a wine tasting that you had organized with other lords and ladies. "Hail, all my fellows and wenches! The word is, indeed, up!" Back when it was first created, classical music had always been associated with the higher class people, that is to say, people who weren't working, possibly because the people who commonly listened to it thought that the messages and the emotions conveyed were above the interpretation of blue collar workers. As it stands, however, classical music is incredibly versatile, conveying emotions of all sorts, some better than others. If you played in the band at your school while you were in the 6th grade, subjecting your parents and relatives to a collection of cacophonous honks and squeaks, classical music could be considered a "gateway" to different musical genres or a greater exploration on the one you'd been exposed to. To get a feel of the emotions in the music, you can take a look at the some of the artists of said genre. Take, for instance, Henry Fillmore. He wrote many pieces, but was best known for his marches. We'll ask you, what do you think of when you hear the word "march"? How about a parade? What's in a parade? Clowns, floats, bands, local figures, those little dudes who wear a fez and drive around in an undersized car. A parade is fun. A march, is fun. In the military, you could say that marches are used to keep up morale, keeping them thinking about the girl back home, or their families, or how they really wanna have a malt and cheeseburger from Chubby Eddie's Fast Foods. Then, on the other side of the spectrum, take a look at Mozart. An incredibly talented artist, who covered a wide array of emotions in his music, and a piece of particular fame for him was "Requiem", a song he composed during his last year of life. If you get the chance to listen to it, you'll find that the song, unlike the previously mentioned marches, this song is sad. Like, really sad. The full extent of classical music, however, ranges anywhere in between the "Footlifter" march and "Requiem". Though it is not as widely appreciated as it used to be, the wide spectrum of emotions and stories that classical music covers in the genre cannot be denied. King Despite the fact that the first publication of blues sheet music was in 1912, blues has probably been around a lot longer. The blues originated in the Deep South, at a time where slavery was still rampant in the United States. With these things in mind, you can discern two things from blues as a genre without listening to a song. One, that blues is predominantly sad, and two, that the genre comes from a place of pain. The term used to describe the genre, "blues", refers to "the blue devils", small demons from the 16th century that cause sadness, and helped describe what the music of the genre was trying to convey. Blues music features a drum beat, a bass line, and the guitar, acoustic or electric. What you'll also notice is that amongst all the blues artist out there, the race that predominantly performs the blues is black people. This is because they come from the background that music was birthed in. If you took a white blues musician and a black blues musician and had them play "Dallas Blues", you'd notice a definite difference between them, and it's because that one of the artists is unable to better relate to the emotions that the song is supposed to convey. King. Notable artists Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, Thelonious Monk If you were wondering what kind of music people danced to back in the Prohibition Era, this would be the stuff. Jazz was the "club music" of the first half of the 20th, and it is home to a slew of sub genres and the some of the world's best musicians. Much like the blues, jazz's origins are in the South, however, the nature of the two is different. After slavery was abolished, a lot of black musicians got jobs performing low class entertainment. The songs they played at that time came from a genre called "ragtime", which were songs that featured the piano and were originally played in the red light districts as dance music, long before music was being written down and published. As a side note, a notable composer from that time, Scott Joplin, would become famous for two pieces that he wrote during that time. One, the "Maple Leaf Rag", which if you've watched Robot Chicken enough, you would've seen Gandhi playing it, and the other, the "Entertainer", which is the song featured in the 1973 film, "The Sting". Early jazz musicians got their start playing in the red light district in New Orleans. From there, it spread to speakeasies all across the country, turning these drinking sanctuaries into lively venues, where they performed any arrangement of songs that people could dance to. Around this time, we saw jazz singers as well, some of which developed and employed the technique known as "scatting". As more and more jazz musicians banded together, a new sect of jazz emerged. This was known as swing, and in the 1930's, big bands dominated the music scene, and from here, many legendary musicians and band leaders made themselves known. A short list of names would include Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Artie Shaw, Louie Armstrong, and Benny Goodman. From that time onward, jazz kept developing, paralleling classical music in the degree of diversity the genre had, and amassing a long list of artists and musicians that will forever be remembered and recognized for their talent. A jazz band can feature over a dozen musicians, and features, drums, guitar, bass, brass, and wind instruments. For a modern example of jazz, watch an episode of Cowboy Bebop. For those of you have already listened to "Tank!", you'll notice that jazz and blues have a different tone (despite the fact that the two examples given have a good stretch of time in between them). While jazz can also convey the emotions of sorrow and sadness, you generally hear joy, happiness.

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