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Six teenagers who attacked passengers on a New Addington tram 'like a pack of dogs' have walked free from court. The group cornered their victims, three young Afghan men, and beat them with sticks, poles, and socks filled with ballast in a mistaken revenge attack, which was caught on the tram's CCTV. All the men pleaded guilty to violent disorder, but were spared jail at Croydon Crown Court this week. The court heard that after chasing a number of men from Central Parade into a petrol station on Parkway around 7.45pm, the group armed with sticks and poles assaulted one of them before fleeing as plain clothes Metropolitan Police officers arrived. While the officers tended to the victim inside the petrol station, the group focused their attention on three other men, chasing them onto a Croydon bound tram at nearby King Henry s drive tram stop. As the victims boarded the tram, one of the group pulled the emergency door release, preventing the tram from leaving the stop and causing all the doors to stay open. Over a ten minute period, the tram was repeatedly bombarded with ballast thrown by the 20 strong group, smashing several windows and damaging the tram, while Kieran Hawker ran aboard and threw ballast at the victims. The group then surged onto the tram and began a violent and frenzied assault on the three victims, kicking and punching them and striking them with sticks and socks filled with ballast. Judge Shani Barnes said: "I am not exaggerating when I say that your behaviour on that night was like a pack of dogs." The British Transport Police, said: "This was a callous, brutal and ultimately cowardly attack and we welcome the sentences handed down. "The victims stood absolutely no chance of defending themselves against a pack of individuals who repeatedly took turns to attack, regain their energy and then attack again. "This was also terrifying for the numerous other passengers aboard the tram, who were present throughout the entire ordeal, while the tram itself sustained over 3,400 worth of damage and had to be taken out of service. "Fortunately attacks of this nature in terms of the violence and sheer numbers involved are very rare on the rail network." Kieran Hawker, 18, was handed a 13 month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, an 18 month supervision order, and 100 hours unpaid work. Aaron Henery, 18, was given an 18 month rehabilitation order, an 18 month supervision order, and a specified activity requirement. Robert Elsey, 19, was sentenced to a 15 month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, an 18 month supervision order, and 36 hours at attendance centre. Dean Riley, 19, was ordered to serve a 6 month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, a 12 month supervision order, and to attend offender rehabilitation as directed by probation. A 17 year old boy from Croydon was given an 18 month youth rehabilitation order, an 18 month supervision order, and 100 hours unpaid work. A second 17 year old boy from Croydon was given an 12 month youth rehabilitation order, an 12 month supervision order, and 100 hours unpaid work. A seventh man, Anthony Patton, 27, received a 12 month custodial sentence, to run concurrently with a four year sentence he is already serving for an unrelated offence. 656503 501 Air Jordan Future Dark Concord Dark Concord White ,Air Jordan 11 Low IE White Metallic Silver Black Air Jordan 7 Retro Bordeaux 2011 Air Jordan 5 Premio Black Black Metallic Silver Air Jordan 5 3Lab5 314996 005 Nike Air Foamposite One Concord 653996 146 Nike KD 7 USA Air Jordan Spizike Challenge Red Air Jordan 5 White Varsity Red Obsidian Nike Kobe 9 Low EM Away If you bothered to click into this article, it only means 2 things; you either have congestive heart failure or know someone who has congestive heart failure. Congestive heart failure is not something we think about, it just happens, it sneaks up and attacks, leaving us changed for life. The guardian angel, always present by our side now has a companion. The dreaded grim reaper. He may not be visible, but he is felt, letting us know our mortality has been compromised. He keeps his distance at times but he has become part of us, a constant shadow following us around. We try to make the best of it; try to assume that nothing much has really changed, that with a bit of good living we'll get by just fine. I guess that is the only logical way to react, we keep up a good smile to friends and family, not letting them know how sick we really are and to keep the peace, they go along with the ruse. Doctors are good at keeping up a good front, saying just take your meds, get exercise and you'll be fine. But I've had some of the more non delicate types who break the code of silence, daring to say out loud, "Mr. Verge, you are really living on the edge." Like this is my choice, like I've planned it all. And he had the uncouth nature to say this in front of family, he broke the rules. He dared to tell the truth, not that I really care, but in front of loved ones. Definitely not a charm school candidate. And there are those of you out there that managed to just get the acknowledgement of the reaper, your guardian angels were working overtime. You are class I, head of the class I should say. You can still go out and play, yours was a warning, so behavemy lucky ones. The medical society has grouped us into 4 classes, all written in roman numerals for some odd reason. Class IV, my class, well, I guess you could say the guardian angel was out having a smoke when the reaper came to visit that day. His scythe left us scarred and breathless, forever married to endless tests, doctors, medications and a whole shopping list of worries. We are the bearers of strange devices that keep us going, our invisible guardian angel now has some mechanical help. In my opinion we are the strong ones, because no matter how hard it hurts, we keep that smile going. No matter how out of breath we get, we manage to climb that set of stairs. We keep going despite the odds, we are hopeful and we are determined to beat the reaper. There's no reason for me to go through the basics, we have all arrived here, many through no fault of our own and we are struggling to understand the best way to proceed, to improve, to breathe and to do those little things we took for granted before. A simple walk never became such a daunting task. I'm going on 3 years now, have had 3 different defibrillators/pacemakers and hospitalized 7 separate times just for heart operations. I feel like I have the right to comment, I've earned it, my ticking badge may be internal, but the scars I bear are very visible on the outside. It took me almost 6 months to learn that I had congestive heart failure. For some odd reason I was only told that I had a massive heart attack and should look for a new vocation. None of my questions were really answered; everything was cloaked in some mysterious shroud, the disease that couldn't be mentioned to me. My cardiologist said 'just hang in there" and when I complained about the daily chest pains, he said it was 'probably a touch of heartburn.' At that, the red lights went off in my head. When the coughing of blood became daily, I kissed the old doctors goodbye and headed for the specialists. A brand new world opened up, but the word 'transplant' was the sacred word of the day. A word that would soon come to taunt me. I almost fainted the first time I heard it, I thought the heart could repair itselflittle did I know. Then I saw a congestive heart failure specialist, he said 'transplant'. I went to another cardiologist and again the word 'transplant' crept into the conversation. I went for a 3rd opinion just in case, and again, I could hear the echoed word 'transplant' bouncing off the white Formica in the room. Since then I've read everything I could get my hands on, internet, books, articles, anything. I've heard of all sorts of cures, from heart nets to shrink the heart, left ventricular assistance devices, some type of cuffing and blood pumping system which I can't even remember, ventricular reconstruction to actually cut out the dead scarred section and to sew it back up to endless vitamin and supplement cures. Every single idea I have taken seriously and I have seriously passed these notions by my heart failure specialist and each time, I get that condescending look, with the inevitable shaking of the head. His one comment to me was 'I shouldn't read too much'. HA! the only thing I ever got from him were a few pamphlets telling me what I already knew, exalting the upmost holy trinity of class IV lessons. No salt. Watch the liquid intake and exercise. So my fellow pupils in class IV, how are we to learn to out dance the dance of death? There a few options for us. Of course there is transplant, for some that is the only solution. We can continue with our daily struggle and just grin and bear it, hoping for the best. But for us that still can move about I suggest a newer approach, again something the cardiologists won't mention, a field that has been squashed by the last administration for 8 years. A reason to hope. Don't worry you good Christians out there, the world has evolved and science can now take your cells, duplicate them and make them usable to help repair our broken and damaged hearts. Ain't no baby controversy here for this to even make Fox News. This is a real and growing industry already accepted in many parts of the world as a normal solution to regenerating dead and scarred areas of the heart muscle. It is called adult stem cell therapy . Just think, a disease that kills some 1400 daily can now be reversed. Grekos) the company Regenocyte, a stem cell therapy for heart patients saw an average increase of 21% in ejection fraction rates as well as the patient's heart failure class status. Class IV patients have moved on up to class II within 6 months of therapy. This is not science fiction, this is happening right now. And the word is GLOBALLY. Can you imagine our grand pharmaceuticals giants are probably all champing at the bit to be the first to get FDA approval. And I am sure it is not out of the goodness of the heart. (No pun intended) If you are financially well off and ready to take the leap, there are already many companies welcoming your paychecks. These companies, albeit many having headquarters in United States, do their unsanctioned dealings abroad, escaping the grip and ire of the FDA. Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, Israel, Thailand, Germany. The list grows every day and will continue to grow for people who can afford it, why notit works. The list is as interesting as the countries where they originate, names like Angioblast, Regenocyte, Cellartis, Neurotherapeutics, Vescell, Bioheart , Xcell and Neuronova. Every developed, developing and even so called '3rd world' countries are investing in this boom of the future. In the United States alone, there are 43 separate stem cell research and development companies. The real HOPE in all of this for us 'peons' of class IV is that in the United States, all and every study is still in clinical trial, still not approved by the FDA, although it is being performed throughout the worldand this makes it to our advantage. Need you ask why? There is one simple answer, we are guinea pigs and the price is normally free. I can guarantee you that this will not last long. And for me, it is my only chance to improve from a debilitating state to a semi normal state. No one will rip open my rib cage, I will not have to suffer the trials and tribulations of a heart transplant. I just may be able to out dance the reaper through modern medicine. I am more than ready to start and cheer and put on my sailin' shoes. I am not a medical professional; I am a victim, a patient, looking for answers to help myself. I do not advocate that you run out and do a clinical trial. But I do advocate that you read all of the available information for heart improvement. I have found that the established cardio experts still stick to the old school of methods, that is to say, transplant. I am offering options and knowledge which is often brushed under the carpet when you see your cardiologist. Almost all major medical universities and hospitals are offering clinical trials in adult stem cell research. There is a pharmaceutical race going on, and we may be the winners. University of Minnesota, Cleveland Heart Clinic, University of Pittsburgh, Heart institute of Texas, Mt. Sinai and NY Colombia Presbyterian, just to name a few, are all busy at work with clinical trials. My purpose in this article is to offer hope to those of us who are caught in the grips of the reaper, the dreaded class IV of congestive heart failure. We have the means possible to out dance the grim reaper and to start to take normal walks again with a smiling angel sitting on our shoulders. Almost all of the home pages for the companies listed here can be found in my stumbleupon account, under the name of newayswealth, along with other interesting tidbits. 656503 501 Air Jordan Future Dark Concord Dark Concord White,The traditional gift for a third wedding anniversary is an item made of leather. If you are giving a gift to your spouse, you would probably give him or her something that is a bit more significant than what you would give a couple. If you are trying to find something for your husband, you might consider a leather desk chair, briefcase, luggage, tool belt, designer shoes or clothing. When you are giving a gift to a couple, you will want to select something that they both can enjoy, such as leather home d items or a leather picture frame with their wedding picture in it. If you want to get a jewelry gift for your wife on your third wedding anniversary, the pearl is the "gem" of this anniversary. Pearls can be in several types of gift ideas. A string of pearls, drop pearl necklace, pearl earrings or a pearl bracelet are all appropriate gifts. Take into account what your wife's taste in jewelry is before buying her a long string of pearls or other piece. You may consider looking through the jewelry that she already has, so that you don't buy her the same type of jewelry she may already own.

Welcome To Official Web Site Of The 656503 501 Air Jordan Future Dark Concord Dark Concord White,Nike Air Foamposite One Why is Ibuprofen often recommended as a "therapy" for runners before, during and after training and race events? It is not a HEALING agent; instead it actually inhibits cox 1 and cox 2 enzymes which are necessary for normal healing of connective tissue! Further, why is ice recommended as a therapy for a chronic condition it also is not a HEALING agent. After acute trauma ice may be warranted for up to 3 days (72 hours). After that it is of little use as the acute inflammation process generally ends after 72 hours. When runners and athletes use ice and NSAIDS to complete their runs there is a better than average chance that they will eventually injure themselves in a more sever manner as these modalities serve only to block pain signals thus allowing the runner to continually injure themselves. Instead why not get to the root of the inflammation problem and figuring out WHY the runner or athlete is having the issues they are. Consider examining external variables like terrain, shoes, training regimen and internal variables such as form, orthotics, muscle weakness or imbalances, excessive pronation or difference in leg lengths (anatomical leg length inequality). Here's an analogy you may want to try on for sizeif you were going to kick yourself in the butt again and again, causing pain and swelling, I would ask you this, "Do you plan on engaging in this activity over and over? If you said no then I would recommend 3 days of ice and Ibuprofen. If your answer was yes, then I would recommend that we either find you soft shoes, or stuff your shorts with Charming. With running and other athletics it is imperative that you be able to continue to "kick your own butt over and over". Taking continuous Ibuprofen and icing just does not make any sense, although there are natural alternatives like Pernax (which actually down regulates inflammation vs. inhibiting cox 1 and cox 2 enzymes) and other Omega 3s. Although omega 3 fish oils are popular among baby boomers with osteoarthritis, many elite athletes have found that they speed the healing of overuse injuries. Soren Mavrogenis, the Copenhagen based physiotherapist for the Danish Olympic team, has for several years been recommending omega 3s to Olympians and other elite athletes, with great results. Sidebar: Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplements to Consider VS. In addition, omega 3 fatty acids block the activity of an enzyme that breaks down joint cartilage. Coenzyme q 10 : CoQ10 is used by the body to transform food into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy on which the body runs. CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from free radicals. It helps preserve vitamin E and is the major antioxidant of cell membranes. CoQ10 also modulates immunity. Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps regulate the increase in Cox 2 and prostaglandin E2 with aging. Vitamin E also turns off nuclear factor kB (NF kB) and activator protein 1 (AP 1) compounds that turn on inflammatory genes. (Vitamin B complex, vitamin C and E worked synergistically to reduce inflammation) Disclaimer: I am not a doctor just a die hard adventure racer and fitness fanatic who continually researches, and has had great success miraculous results by implementing an anti inflammatory diet and natural supplementation. 656503 501 Air Jordan Future Dark Concord Dark Concord White The famous Greek philosopher Aristotle taught the following about habits: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." The actions we carry out repeatedly form our habits, and then our habits create our lives. If you put in the effort to create good habits, these habits will help you live your optimal life. On the other hand, if you have negative habits such as smoking, watching too much television, oversleeping, procrastinating, and so on, these bad habits will act as a powerful deterrent to accomplishing your goals. By putting all of your focus into trying to create one positive habit, or trying to break one bad habit, your chances of succeeding are much higher than if you scatter your energy trying to change many habits at the same time. It may seem to be more efficient to tackle several habits at once, but by doing this you become overwhelmed and will probably fail to create any lasting results. It will be much easier for you to adopt a habit if you very clear on why you want to add that particular habit to your life. What benefits will you derive if you adopt this new habit? Write it down. After truly thinking about why you want to adopt a certain habit, you might decide that it not really something you interested in after all. On the other hand, a list of benefits is a strong motivator that will help you to achieve those habits that you do decide to take on. He argues that it easier to maintain something that you done for a period of 30 days, that the 30 days of success will give you the confidence to continue, and that in 30 days you can gather enough feedback to decide what working and what not. Also, it easier to convince yourself to do something for 30 days, as opposed to trying to talk yourself into doing something for the rest of your life. If exercising for an hour each day is too much of a daunting task, start out by exercising 20 minutes a day. You can always increase the amount as you go along. On the other hand, if the task seems insurmountable from the get go you never get started. For example, you can leap from a life of careless spending to a life of frugality. Start off by taking small steps. The bad habit is serving some purpose in your life. By taking it away you creating a void which needs to be filled by something else or the bad habit will simply find its way back into the void. If you smoke to relieve stress, you need to find a more productive way to relax, such as getting a massage or taking up yoga. If you trying to stop eating junk food, don have junk food in the house. If you want to stop watching television, put the television in the closet. If you want to exercise first thing in the morning, lay out your running clothes and tennis shoes the night before so they the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning. Print out a calendar with 30 days on it and every day when you keep to your new habit mark it on the calendar. Follow comedian Jerry Seinfeld advice: for each day he does his task of writing, he puts a big red X over that day, which a few days creates a chain. He adds that you have to make sure not to break the chain. Creative visualization is using your imagination to create a clear mental picture of something you want to create in your life. Your imagination is very powerful, and it can be a great aid if you use it correctly. A very useful tool for applying creative visualization is the Silva Life System. The Silva Life System will teach you how to slow down your brain waves to the alpha level, the brain frequency associated with meditation. It has been shown that the use of affirmations and creative visualization is more effective at the alpha level. If you choose a different habit to work on each month, in a twelve month period your life will be completely different from what it is today. Follow the steps outlined above and begin creating new habits right away.

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